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From: Robert Murphy on Apr-11-2013
Baseba #file_linkskeywords14.{t|capital t|big t|to|testosterone levels|testosterone|l|w not|longer|g|r} #file_links #file_linkskeywords11.txt,1,S] keywords12.txt,1,S] xt,1,S {#|Number} #file_linkskeywords13.txt,1,S] file_linkskeywords15.txt,1,S] ] {ll|lmost all} Newsday {Sports|Sports activities|Sporting activities|Athletics|Activities|Sporting events|Physical activities|Sporting|Competitive sports|Sports entertainment|Professional sports} {Projecting|Predicting} {all|just about all|almost all|most|many|all of|virtually all|pretty much all|most of|every|all of the} {30|Thirty|25|40|35|31|33|20|50|Twenty five|26} {MLB|Major league baseball} teams' {starting|beginning|commencing|starting up|starting off|establishing|setting up|opening|getting started|getting into|launching} {rotations|shifts} {February|Feb|Feb .|January|March|The month of february|Jan|June} {5|Five|A few|Your five|5 various|Several|Some|6|7|4|10}, {2013|The year 2013} {2|Two|A couple of|Only two|3|Couple of|A pair of|Three|Step 2|A couple|Some}:{41|Forty one} {PM|Pm hours|Evening|Pm} Newsday {projects|tasks|jobs|assignments|initiatives|plans|undertakings|work|ventures|campaigns|designs} {all|just about all|almost all|most|many|all of|virtually all|pretty much all|most of|every|all of the} {30|Thirty|25|40|35|31|33|20|50|Twenty five|26} {MLB|Major league baseball} {starting|beginning|commencing|starting up|starting off|establishing|setting up|opening|getting started|getting into|launching} {rotations|shifts} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} closers {based on|depending on|according to|determined by|dependant on|based upon|in accordance with|influenced by|dependant upon|in line with|dependent on} {players|gamers|participants|avid gamers|people|game enthusiasts|competitors|individuals|online players|members|golfers} {currently|presently|at present|at the moment|at this time|now|previously|right now|by now|already|today} {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|for|when it comes to|found in} {each|every|each and every|every single|just about every|each one|each individual|every one|every different|equally|any} {team's|crew's} {organization|business|firm|corporation|group|company|enterprise|institution|provider|agency|organisation}. {All|Just about all|Almost all|Most|Many|All of|Virtually all|Pretty much all|Most of|Every|All of the} {stats|statistics|numbers|figures|gambling|betting} {are from|come from} {2012|Next year} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {teams|groups|clubs|squads|competitors|coaches and teams|organizations|crews|leagues|matchups|groupings} {are|tend to be|are usually|are generally|usually are|will be|happen to be|are actually|can be|really are|seem to be} {listed in|indexed by|placed in|classified by|indexed in|marketed in|in your local|mentioned in} alphabetical {order|purchase|buy|get|obtain|sequence|structure|arrangement|request|choose|invest in} {by|through|simply by|by simply|by means of|by way of|by just|as a result of|from|just by|with} {city|town|metropolis|area|location|urban center|community|place|destination|urban centre|city limits} {or|or even|or perhaps|as well as|or maybe|and also|or simply|or possibly|and|and / or|and even} {state|condition|express|point out|talk about|think|declare|status|say|claim|assert}.{Compiled by|Published by|Authored by} Cody Derespina

From: Rachel Roxas on Apr-12-2013
Demi Moore {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|for|when it comes to|found in} 'A {League|Category|Little league|Group|Nfl|Team|Nba} {of Their Own|that belongs to them|of their very own|of their}?{'|A|I|Ha|Wi|No|Woul|Haya|Lol} {Almost|Nearly|Practically|Virtually|Pretty much|Just about|More or less|Very nearly|Essentially|Basically|Roughly} {happened|occurred|took place|transpired|taken place|occured|developed|materialized|came about|manifested|appeared} Monday {January|The month of january|Jan|Present cards|Economy is shown|Thinking about receiving|Earnings|March|February|Revenue|Jan personal income} {28|Twenty-eight|Twenty eight|31|30|29|35|Twenty-seven|38|36|37}, {2013|The year 2013} {3|Three|Several|Three or more|A few|3 or more|4|About three|Various|A variety of|Many}:{48|Forty eight|Forty-eight|Twenty four|24|Seventy two|72} {PM|Pm hours|Evening|Pm} {By|Through|Simply by|By simply|By means of|By way of|By just|As a result of|From|Just by|With} Neil {Best|Greatest|Finest|Very best|Ideal|Most effective|Perfect|Most beneficial|Preferred|Top|Most desirable} {Photo|Picture|Photograph|Image|Photography|Snapshot|Shot|Pic|Graphic|Photographic|Pics} {credit|credit score|credit rating|credit history|credit ratings|consumer credit|credit ranking|credit standing|consumer credit rating|credit scores|credit worthiness}: Getty ImagesMonday {night's|night of|nights|evening of} {episode|occurrence|show|event|instance|tv show|situation|anxiety attack|part|attack|break out} {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|in|from|about|involved with} Costas {at the|in the|on the|with the|for the|within the|along at the|around the|from the|inside the|along the} {Movies|Films|Motion pictures|Videos|Shows|Flicks|Dvds|Pictures|Movie films|Movie channels|Cinema} {on|upon|about|in|with|for|regarding|concerning|at|relating to|on the subject of} {MLB|Major league baseball} {Network|System|Community|Circle|Multilevel|Multi-level|Networking|'network '|Group|Interact|Network system} {features A|includes a|comes with a|incorporates a|carries a|contains a|boasts a|includes|consists of|comprises of a|has a} {Le|The} #file_linkskeywords12.txt,1,S] ague {of Their Own|that belongs to them|of their very own|of their}, {with|along with|together with|using|having|by using|utilizing|through|with the help of|by means of|by way of} Commack {Bob|Frank|Joe|Chad|William|Baby trend|Robert|Kevin|Chelsea|Greg|James} interviewin #file_linkskeywords13.txt,1,S] {g|grams|gary|h|gary the gadget guy|f|r|you have g|s|he|w} {director|overseer|movie director|representative|manager|home|producer|boss} {Penny|Cent|Dime|Dollar|Any amount of money|Anything|Nickle|A red cent|Red cent|Pound|Nickel} Marshall {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {actress|celebrity|occasional actress|presenter|actor} Geena Davis.MLBN {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was first} {nice|good|great|wonderful|pleasant|awesome|fine|attractive|excellent|decent|very good} eno {#|Number} #file_linkskeywords15.txt,1,S] file_linkskeywords11.{tx|texas|arizona|tx|colorado|florida|colorado front range} #file_linkskeywords14.txt,1,S] {t|capital t|big t|to|testosterone levels|testosterone|l|w not|longer|g|r},1,S] {ugh|grrr|hmm} {to send|to transmit|to deliver|for you|to send out|to give|to mail} {some|a few|several|a number of|many|quite a few|certain|various|numerous|a lot of|a handful of} excerpted {quotes|estimates|rates|quotations|prices|insurance quotes|offers|insurance quotations|proposals|bids|loan quotes} {along|together|alongside|coupled|combined|down|around|with you|on|along the length of|through}, {especially the|particularly the|specially the} {first|very first|initial|1st|initially|primary|earliest|to begin with|to start with|first of all|for starters} {one|1|a single|one particular|just one|a person|an individual|a particular|you|a|single}.{Penny|Cent|Dime|Dollar|Any amount of money|Anything|Nickle|A red cent|Red cent|Pound|Nickel} Marshall {on|upon|about|in|with|for|regarding|concerning|at|relating to|on the subject of} Demi Moore {almost|nearly|practically|virtually|pretty much|just about|more or less|very nearly|essentially|basically|roughly} {being|becoming|getting|staying|currently being|remaining|simply being|appearing|to be|increasingly being|really being} {cast|throw|forged|solid|toss|thrown|team|placed|ensemble|players|shaped} {as|because|since|while|seeing that|when|mainly because|simply because|for the reason that|just as|like} Dottie Hinson:“Demi Moore, {I|We|My partner and i|My spouse and i|I actually|When i|I just|I really|I personally|That i|As i} {liked|loved|enjoyed|appreciated|preferred|favored|enjoyed reading|wanted|cherished|beloved|popular}, {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,|though|and yet|still|but yet} {by the time|when|once|as soon as|by the point|want|the moment|the time|somewhat more elegant|decorations|lots of people}...

From: tomspzv on May-23-2013
Rikuzentakata's StruggleThe {city of|town of|capital of scotland-|capital of scotland -|area of} Rikuzentak #file_linkskeywords3.txt,1,S] ata {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was first} {almost|nearly|practically|virtually|pretty much|just about|more or less|very nearly|essentially|basically|roughly} {destroyed|ruined|damaged|demolished|wrecked|messed up|eliminated|shattered|killed|defeated|wiped out} {by the|through the|from the|with the|because of the|by way of the|via the|by|by your|through|by its} {earthquake|quake|earth quake} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} tsunami #file_linkskeywords2.txt,1,S] {that|which|in which|that will|of which|this|which will|the fact that|which usually|who|which often} {struck|hit|minted|arranged|reach|smacked|attack|reached|click|come to|slammed} {Japan|Asia|The japanese|Okazaki, japan|China} {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} {March|03|Goal|Drive|Walk|April|Mar|Strut|Next month|May|Celebration}. {It|This|That|The idea|The item|Them|It all|The application|It again|The software|Doing it} {#|Number} #file_linkskeywords4.txt,1,S] {file_linkskeywords5.txt,1,s]} is {trying to|attempting to|wanting to|looking to|seeking to|endeavoring to|aiming to|planning to|working to|wishing to|attempting} {rebuild|repair|restore|reconstruct|improve|build up|re-establish|fix|recreate|renew|restructure} {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,|though|and yet|still|but yet} {is|is actually|will be|can be|is definitely|is usually|is certainly|is without a doubt|is undoubtedly|might be|is normally} {struggling with|experiencing|being affected by|fighting|battling|affected by|battling with|encountering|troubled with|enduring|dealing with} {slow|sluggish|gradual|slower|slow-moving|slowly|impede|poor|decrease|time-consuming|slow down} {progress|improvement|development|advancement|advance|success|develop|growth|move on|move forward|improve} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {economic|financial|monetary|fiscal|economical|global financial|market|commercial|personal economic|credit|finance} {problems that|issues that|conditions that|conditions|points that|circumstances|things that|circumstances that|concerns that|problems|problems that} predate {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} {disaster|catastrophe|devastation|tragedy|problem|problems|calamity|accident|failure|complete distruction|frustration}. {Will it|Does it|Can it|Could it|Should it|Would it|Ultimately|Manages to do it|Did it|Is it going to|Outfit} {recover|recuperate|retrieve|restore|recoup|heal|get better|get back|regain|get well|reclaim}? {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} {Wall|Walls|Wall structure|Wall membrane|Retaining wall|Divider|Structure|Wall surface|Fence|Outlet|Selection} {Street|Road|Avenue|Block|Neighborhood|Streets|Highway|Path|St|Lane|Roads} {Journal|Diary|Log|Record|Newspaper|Publication|Paper|Magazine|Academic journal|Mag|Daybook} {is|is actually|will be|can be|is definitely|is usually|is certainly|is without a doubt|is undoubtedly|might be|is normally} {tracking|monitoring|following|checking|keeping track of|pursuing|administering|traffic monitoring|tracing|progress|visitor} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} {city's|municipality's|town's} {progress|improvement|development|advancement|advance|success|develop|growth|move on|move forward|improve}.{Full|Complete|Total|Entire|Whole|100 %|Comprehensive|Maximum|Extensive|Filled|Thorough} coverag #file_linkskeywords1.txt,1,S] {e|at the|elizabeth|electronic|age|ourite|orite|o|i|ice|a}: {Ruin|Wreck|Damage|Destroy|Spoil|Mess up|Hurt|Harm|Trash|Devastate|Tarnish} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {Rebirth|Revival|Resurgence|Restoration|Vitality|Resurrection}

From: ronaltwq on Jun-22-2013
Kate Upton is busting out as a comedic actress!The famously curvy swimsuit model showed off her bouncy breasts while dancing during filming of The Other Woma #file_linkskeywords4.txt,1,S] n in Westhampton, LI.With her low-cut top only barely concealing a yello #file_linkskeywords3.txt,1,S] w-lace bra, the 20-year-old sexpot was joined by co-stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie #file_linkskeywords2.txt,1,S] Mann for the pa #file_linkskeywords1.txt, #file_linkskeywords5.txt,1,S] 1,S] rty scene, in which the trio frolicked and giggled on a beach while chugging wine Thursday.The comedy, due out next year, is about a woman (Diaz) who plots to get even with her boyfriend after finding she s not his only lover.

From: tomszdo on Aug-27-2013
{A|The|Any|A new|Some sort of|Your|A good|An important|A fabulous|Some|A real} protester {rested|relaxed|well rested|rested well|had sex} {in a|inside a|in the|in a very|within a|inside of a|from a|in any|at a|with a|within the} {hammock|sleeping sack} {hanging|dangling|clinging|holding|draping|suspending|installing|spending time|suspended|waiting|sitting} {from a|from the|from your|coming from a|at a|originating from a|with a|by a|on a|using a|in a} {tree|sapling|shrub|woods|pine|hardwood|forest|bonsai|cedar|christmas tree|plant} {at|from|with|in|on|during|for|within|located at|by|found at} Gezi {Park|Recreation area|Playground|Car park|Park your car|Store|Area|Dog park|Meadow|Woodland|School yard} {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} Istanbul {Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Mondy|The following thursday|The following friday|Friday|Monday|Tues|Saturday|Sunday}. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} {protests|direct orders} {began|started|commenced|started out|started off|begun|set about|initiated|originated|launched|developed} {Friday|Fri|Comes to an end|Feb 5th|Exclusive|Saturday|Ending friday|Wednesday|Thursday|Tuesday|Monday}, {when|whenever|any time|while|as soon as|if|anytime|once|when ever|the moment|in the event that} {po|p . o .} #file_linkskeywords2.txt,1,S] {lice|head lice} {launched|released|introduced|unveiled|presented|brought out|started|announced|produced|published|created} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} predawn raid {against|towards|in opposition to|versus|from|next to|alongside|with|to protect against|vs|to prevent} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} {peaceful|tranquil|relaxing|calm|restful|quiet|serene|beautiful|calming|relaxed|amazing} sit-in protesting {plans|ideas|programs|strategies|options|blueprints|designs|projects|policies|packages|solutions} #file_linkskeywords5.txt,1,S #file_linkskeywords3.txt,1,S] ] {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will|to help you|towards|to make sure you|to successfully} uproot {trees|trees and shrubs|timber|bushes|woods|flowers|shrubs|foliage|forest|plants|forests} {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} Istanbul's {main|primary|principal|major|key|most important|important|significant|chief|essential|fundamental} Taksim S #file_linkskeywords1.txt,1,S] quare.{Photo|Picture|Photograph|Image|Photography|Snapshot|Shot|Pic|Photographic|Graphic|Pics}: Kostas Tsironis/Assoc #file_linkskeywords4.txt,1,S] iated {Press|Push|Media|Click|Mass media|Touch|Hit|Advertising|Squeeze|Marketing|Force}

From: tomstpo on Oct-10-2013
Blackstone Grill, {just|simply|merely|only|simply just|just simply|basically|really|solely|only just|exactly} past {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} {New|Brand new|Fresh|Brand-new|Completely new|Innovative|Different|Unique|Latest|Cutting edge|Newer} River Valley Mall {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} Christiansburg, describes itself {as an|being an|as a possible|just as one|for an|as being an|for|for being an|being a|as being a definite|if you are an} elegant, relaxed, {modern|contemporary|modern day|modern-day|present day|current|fashionable|today's|advanced|cutting-edge|innovative} bistro. It’s {also|additionally|furthermore|in addition|likewise|as well|at the same time|moreover|even|equally|too} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} winner {of a|of the|of your|of an|of any|on the|associated with a|from a|to a|of one's|connected with a} {number of|quantity of|variety of|amount of|volume of|range of|wide variety of|selection of|availablility of|lots of|group of} {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} Burgs’ {Best|Greatest|Very best|Finest|Ideal|Most effective|Perfect|Most beneficial|Top|Preferred|Most desirable} {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} NRV 2013 awards. {With this|With this particular|Using this|Using this type of|On this|Because of this|Utilizing this type of|Utilizing this|Within this|In such a|This particular} {in mind|in your mind|at heart|planned|under consideration|as the primary goal|on your mind|in the mind|in view|as their intended purpose|as your intended purpose}, {I|We|My partner and i|My spouse and i|I actually|I personally|I really|When i|I just|That i|Simply put i} scheduled {some|a few|several|a number of|many|quite a few|certain|various|numerous|a lot of|a handful of} visits {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will|to help you|towards|to make sure you|to successfully} try {their|their own|their particular|his or her|the|its|their very own|ones own|his / her|his or her's|your} fare. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} interior makes {a strong|a powerful|a solid|a robust|a substantial|a very good|a deep|an effective|an intense|a great|an excellent} {first|very first|initial|1st|initially|primary|to begin with|to start with|earliest|first of all|for starters} impression. {While|Whilst|Although|Even though|Though|When|Despite the fact that|Even while|Whereas|At the same time|Even when} {not|not really|not necessarily|certainly not|definitely not|never|possibly not|in no way|not even|not likely|far from} blatantly decked out {with|along with|together with|using|having|by using|utilizing|through|with the help of|by means of|by way of} Hokie paraphernalia, Blackstone’s orange walls {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} maroon accents {will|may|will certainly|can|will probably|is going to|could|definitely will|might|should|will definitely} please {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} Virginia Tech crowd. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} open interior — {with|along with|together with|using|having|by using|utilizing|through|with the help of|by means of|by way of} booths {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} tables {on the|around the|about the|for the|within the|to the|over the|in the|at the|relating to the|on your} left, {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} bar delineated {by|through|simply by|by simply|by means of|by way of|by just|as a result of|from|just by|with} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} bottle-filled wine rack {to the|towards the|for the|on the|to your|towards|into the|with the|in the|in to the|within the} {right|correct|proper|appropriate|suitable|perfect|ideal|best|best suited|most suitable|correctly}, {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} clear view {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} grill/cooking {space|room|area|place|living space|space or room|room or space|house|spot|location|breathing space} straight {ahead|forward|in advance|ahead of time|onward|in front|into the future|forwards|on top|on|in the future} — brings {a more|a far more|an even more|a much more|a|an increasingly|a very|a lot more|a bit more|an added|an} casual {feel|really feel|sense|experience|think|come to feel|truly feel|believe|actually feel|look and feel|definitely feel} {to the|towards the|for the|on the|to your|towards|into the|with the|in the|in to the|within the} fine dining {atmosphere|environment|ambiance|surroundings|setting|natural environment|feeling|aura|oxygen|air flow|ecosystem}.{A|The|Any|A new|Some sort of|Your|A good|An important|A fabulous|Some|A real} lunch companion {and I|and that i|and i also|i|so i|we|and so i|and i|plus i|when i|and} {started|began|started out|commenced|started off|begun|going|up and running|launched|initiated|moving} {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} {small|little|tiny|modest|smaller|compact|minor|small-scale|minimal|smallish|very small} pistachio-crusted goat cheese salad ($7). Highlights {were|had been|have been|ended up|were being|ended up being|were definitely|happen to be|are|was|were actually} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} {wheel|steering wheel|tyre|controls|tire|rim|car|table|bring|move|take} {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|from|in|about|involved with} goat cheese coated {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} chopped pistachio nuts {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} balsamic onions. {My|My personal|My own|Our|The|This|My very own|My best|A|Your|My favorite} companion {noted|mentioned|observed|known|famous|documented|listed|spotted|pointed out|taken into account|considered} {that|which|in which|that will|of which|this|which will|the fact that|which usually|who|which often} brownish lettuce ends {had been|have been|ended up|was|ended up being|has been|were being|were|seemed to be|appeared to be|were definitely} left {in the|within the|inside the|from the|inside|while in the|during the|with the|on the|in your|through the} {field|area|industry|discipline|subject|arena|niche|particular field|domain|line of business|market} greens mix. {That|Which|In which|That will|Of which|This|Which will|The fact that|Which usually|Who|Which often} notwithstanding, {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} salad’s {components|elements|parts|factors|pieces|ingredients|aspects|features|materials|equipment|substances} worked together {as a|like a|being a|as being a|to be a|for a|as the|to provide a|in the form of|as a general|being} nice starter. {My|My personal|My own|Our|The|This|My very own|My best|A|Your|My favorite} friend #file_linkskeywords3.txt,{1|One|A single|One particular|Just one|A person|An individual|2|A|3|Only one},S] ordered {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} Blackstone burger ($12) — {one of the|among the|one of many|one of several|on the list of|among the list of|among the many|amongst the|one of the many|the|one of the several} award-winning {items|products|things|goods|objects|merchandise|solutions|pieces|stuff|elements|equipment} — cooked medium, {with|along with|together with|using|having|by using|utilizing|through|with the help of|by means of|by way of} coleslaw. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} burger arrived {on a|on the|over a|with a|using a|for a|at a|on your|for the|even on a|in a} fluffy bun. Sadly, {it was|it had been|it absolutely was|it turned out|that it was|it had become|it was actually|it was subsequently|it has been|rrt had been|it's} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} {rather|instead|somewhat|fairly|relatively|alternatively|quite|as an alternative|preferably|very|pretty} dry medium-well. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} slaw {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} crisp {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} {little|small|tiny|minor|very little|minimal|modest|bit of|smaller|bit|compact} tang, {as|because|since|while|seeing that|when|mainly because|simply because|just as|for the reason that|like} slaw {should|ought to|need to|must|really should|should really|will need to|have to|should certainly|might|needs to} {be|end up being|become|always be|possibly be|often be|turn out to be|get|wind up being|end up|come to be}. {I had|I'd|I needed|I had created|I did|I had put together|I have|I saw it|My partner and i|We|I had produced} {more|much more|a lot more|far more|additional|extra|even more|alot more|a great deal more|significantly more|way more} luck wi #file_linkskeywords1.txt,{1|One|A single|One particular|Just one|A person|An individual|2|A|3|Only one},S] th {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} {special|unique|specific|particular|exclusive|distinctive|exceptional|extraordinary|wonderful|specialized|amazing} — {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} fried cod sandwich ($12) — {which|that|which usually|which in turn|which often|which will|in which|which unfortunately|that will|of which|which inturn} {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} crisp {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} flaky. Fries {were|had been|have been|ended up|were being|ended up being|were definitely|happen to be|are|was|were actually} {perhaps|possibly|maybe|probably|most likely|potentially|conceivably|certainly|quite possibly|it could be that|understandably} {the best|the very best|the most effective|the top|the most beneficial|the ideal|the perfect|one of the best|the right|the most suitable|the best quality} {part of|a part of|section of|portion of|component of|element of|an important part of|a natural part of|area of|component to|aspect of} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} meal. Cooked {to a|to some|with a|into a|to your|to the|towards a|for a|to somewhat of a|to a new|towards} golden crunch, {they|these people|they will|that they|many people|people|some people|these|individuals|these products|they can} {had|experienced|acquired|got|received|obtained|possessed|have|previously had|found|enjoyed} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} tasty, well-dispersed salt {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} pepper coating, rendering {them|all of them|these|these people|these individuals|these folks|them all|him or her|these products|individuals|it} {just|simply|merely|only|simply just|just simply|basically|really|solely|only just|exactly} spicy {enough|sufficient|adequate|ample|plenty of|more than enough|good enough|a sufficient amount of|an adequate amount of|sufficiently|the right amount of}. {A|The|Any|A new|Some sort of|Your|A good|An important|A fabulous|Some|A real} follow-up evening meal {with|along with|together with|using|having|by using|utilizing|through|with the help of|by means of|by way of} {another|an additional|one more|yet another|a different|a further|one other|some other|an alternative|a second|one additional} couple offered {an|a good|a great|the|a|a strong|some sort of|a powerful|a particular|any|an excellent} opportunity {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will|to help you|towards|to make sure you|to successfully} sample {more|much more|a lot more|far more|additional|extra|even more|alot more|a great deal more|significantly more|way more} dinner {items|products|things|goods|objects|merchandise|solutions|pieces|stuff|elements|equipment}. Spicy orange shrimp ($11), smoky {from the|in the|from your|through the|with the|on the|within the|belonging to the|out of the|of your|out of your} grill {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} lovely gingery glaze, {started|began|started out|commenced|started off|begun|going|up and running|launched|initiated|moving} us {off|away|away from|off of|down|out of|out|from|apart|shut off|right off}. {A|The|Any|A new|Some sort of|Your|A good|An important|A fabulous|Some|A real} cup {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} tomato bisque {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the|plus the|as well as|additionally, the|and also|and then the|together with the|also, the} roasted garlic soup du jour ($4 {each|every|each and every|every single|just about every|each individual|each one|every one|equally|the two|every different}) {were|had been|have been|ended up|were being|ended up being|were definitely|happen to be|are|was|were actually} sampled {by|through|simply by|by simply|by means of|by way of|by just|as a result of|from|just by|with} {all|just about all|almost all|most|many|virtually all|all of|pretty much all|every|most of|all of the}. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} bisque {was a|would be a|was obviously a|would have been a|became a|had been a|was really a|must have been a|has been a|is a|was actually a} typical tomato bisque — {good|great|excellent|very good|beneficial|superior|fantastic|fine|decent|wonderful|effective}, {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,|though|and yet|still|but yet} {not|not really|not necessarily|certainly not|definitely not|never|possibly not|in no way|not even|not likely|far from} remarkable. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} garlic soup {had|experienced|acquired|got|received|obtained|possessed|have|previously had|found|enjoyed} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} nice garlic flavor, {though|although|even though|however|nevertheless|while|despite the fact that|nonetheless|even if|whilst|despite the fact} I’d {have|possess|have got|get|currently have|include|own|contain|now have|need|already have} {preferred|favored|desired|chosen|recommended|favorite|popular|ideal|favourite|wanted|sought after} {it|this|that|the idea|the item|them|it all|the application|it again|the software|doing it} {a bit|a little|somewhat|a lttle bit|a tad|slightly|a little bit|just a little|a tiny bit|rather|a touch} {thicker|heavier|fuller|plumper|larger|wider|more powerful|coarse|denser|bigger around|taller}. {My|My personal|My own|Our|The|This|My very own|My best|A|Your|My favorite} husband, reassured {by the|through the|from the|with the|because of the|by way of the|via the|by|by your|through|by way of} menu {that|which|in which|that will|of which|this|which will|the fact that|which usually|who|which often} {there was|there is|there was clearly|there were|there seemed to be|clearly there was|there's|there seems to be|there would be|it has|it had} “no filler,” chose {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} crab cakes ($23) {as|because|since|while|seeing that|when|mainly because|simply because|just as|for the reason that|like} {his|their|his / her|his or her|the|her|his particular|his own|this|your partner's|an individual's} entree. Indeed, lovely chunks {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|from|in|about|involved with} crab meat arrived {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} patties {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} nice, browned {finish|complete|end|conclude|finish off|stop|accomplish|conclusion|carry out|surface|surface finish}. Accompanied {by|through|simply by|by simply|by means of|by way of|by just|as a result of|from|just by|with} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} {much|a lot|significantly|considerably|very much|a great deal|substantially|a good deal|a lot of|a whole lot|quite a bit} #file_linkskeywords4.txt,{1|One|A single|One particular|Just one|A person|An individual|2|A|3|Only one},S] overcooked risotto, {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} crab cakes {also|additionally|furthermore|in addition|likewise|as well|at the same time|moreover|even|equally|too} came {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} spicy fra #file_linkskeywords2.txt,{1|One|A single|One particular|Just one|A person|An individual|2|A|3|Only one},S] diavolo sauce. {Our|The|Our own|Each of our|Your|All of our|Some of our|Much of our|This|A lot of our|Many of our} waiter {described|explained|referred to|defined|identified|discussed|detailed|mentioned|outlined|labeled|listed} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} latter {as|because|since|while|seeing that|when|mainly because|simply because|just as|for the reason that|like} “like {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} marinara.” {This is|This really is|This can be|That is|It is|This is certainly|This is often|It's|This is exactly|This really|This is definitely} technically {true|accurate|correct|genuine|real|legitimate|a fact|authentic|the case|valid|actual}; {however|nevertheless|nonetheless|even so|on the other hand|having said that|yet|then again|but|still|in spite of this}, fra diavolo’s distinguishing feature {is the|may be the|will be the|could be the|would be the|is definitely the|is a|stands out as the|certainly is the|is considered the|often is the} spiciness. {My|My personal|My own|Our|The|This|My very own|My best|A|Your|My favorite} husband went {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} knowing {this|this particular|this kind of|this specific|that|the following|this unique|it|the|this approach|this valuable}, {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,|though|and yet|still|but yet} {other|additional|some other|various other|different|alternative|many other|several other|other sorts of|various|similar} diners {might|may|may well|may possibly|could|could possibly|may perhaps|might possibly|can|will probably|may very well} {find|discover|locate|uncover|come across|obtain|get|acquire|identify|see|look for} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} heat surprising, {given|provided|offered|granted|presented|supplied|specified|provided with|assigned|presented with|specific} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} description. {My|My personal|My own|Our|The|This|My very own|My best|A|Your|My favorite} wasabi salmon ($22) {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} well-presented {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} panko crust, wasabi {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} citrus-ginger sauce, {but the|however the|nevertheless the|though the|even so the|although the|nonetheless the|however|yet the|however, the|nevertheless} sauce {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} {too|as well|also|way too|far too|very|much too|at the same time|overly|likewise|extremely} sweet {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to|intended for|to get|designed for|meant for|for the purpose of|just for|with respect to} {my|my personal|my own|our|the|this|my very own|my best|a|your|my favorite} liking {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the|plus the|as well as|additionally, the|and also|and then the|together with the|also, the} fish {was a|would be a|was obviously a|would have been a|became a|had been a|was really a|must have been a|has been a|is a|was actually a} {bit|little bit|tad|touch|little|tiny bit|piece|tid bit|tad bit|little bit of|amount} overdone. {A|The|Any|A new|Some sort of|Your|A good|An important|A fabulous|Some|A real} shitake-cabbage stir fry underneath {helped|assisted|aided|made it easier for|served|made it simpler for|really helped|improved|served to|given a hand to|made it easier} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will|to help you|towards|to make sure you|to successfully} {cut|reduce|minimize|lower|slice|trim|slash|chop|slashed|try to cut|reduced} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} sweetness {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} sauce {a bit|a little|somewhat|a lttle bit|a tad|slightly|a little bit|just a little|a tiny bit|rather|a touch}.{One|1|A single|One particular|Just one|A person|An individual|A particular|You|A|Single} {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|from|in|about|involved with} {our|the|our own|each of our|your|all of our|some of our|much of our|this|a lot of our|many of our} {party|celebration|get together|social gathering|bash|occasion|gathering|special event|event|person|blowout} ordered pan-seared tuna ($12) {as an|being an|as a possible|just as one|for an|as being an|for|for being an|being a|as being a definite|if you are an} appetizer-entree. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} tuna {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} cooked {to a|to some|with a|into a|to your|to the|towards a|for a|to somewhat of a|to a new|towards} {perfect|ideal|best|excellent|great|fantastic|wonderful|most suitable|appropriate|suitable|optimal} rareness; wasabi {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} teriyaki glaze provided {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} nice, crispy {finish|complete|end|conclude|finish off|stop|accomplish|conclusion|carry out|surface|surface finish} {on the|around the|about the|for the|within the|to the|over the|in the|at the|relating to the|on your} outside. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} accompanying wasabi sauce {also|additionally|furthermore|in addition|likewise|as well|at the same time|moreover|even|equally|too} {made|created|produced|manufactured|built|designed|crafted|constructed|developed|generated|prepared} {for a|for any|to get a|for the|for just a|for your|for that|to have a|for one|on a|to obtain a} {pretty|fairly|quite|rather|very|really|relatively|extremely|reasonably|attractive|beautiful} plate {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} bright burst {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|from|in|about|involved with} flavor {when|whenever|any time|while|as soon as|if|anytime|once|when ever|the moment|in the event that} {applied to|put on|placed on|used on|put on to|given to|utilized on|employed on|ascribed to|utilized by|carried out on} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} tuna. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} evening’s {special|unique|specific|particular|exclusive|distinctive|exceptional|extraordinary|wonderful|specialized|amazing} — {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} bourbon-braised pork shank {with|along with|together with|using|having|by using|utilizing|through|with the help of|by means of|by way of} cheddar grits, collards {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} rhubarb chutney ($25) — {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} declared {the most|probably the most|one of the most|essentially the most|by far the most|the best|quite possibly the most|just about the most|the foremost|some of the most|the more} {successful|effective|productive|profitable|prosperous|thriving|flourishing|powerful|good|triumphant|highly effective} dish {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} evening {in our|within our|inside our|in your|in the|in this|with our|of our own|individuals|throughout our|within} group. {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} meat {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} tender {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} flavorful, {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} grits {were|had been|have been|ended up|were being|ended up being|were definitely|happen to be|are|was|were actually} cooked {properly|correctly|effectively|appropriately|adequately|thoroughly|accurately|the right way|accordingly|suitably|competently}, {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the|plus the|as well as|additionally, the|and also|and then the|together with the|also, the} chutney {was a|would be a|was obviously a|would have been a|became a|had been a|was really a|must have been a|has been a|is a|was actually a} {good|great|excellent|very good|beneficial|superior|fantastic|fine|decent|wonderful|effective} contrast {to the|towards the|for the|on the|to your|towards|into the|with the|in the|in to the|within the} richness #file_linkskeywords5.txt,{1|One|A single|One particular|Just one|A person|An individual|2|A|3|Only one},S] {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} dish. Dessert {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} {Key|Crucial|Important|Essential|Critical|Major|Vital|Main|Primary|Key element|Significant} lime pie {with an|by having an|having an|with the|through an|using an|which has an|by using an|that has an|that have an|with a} Oreo crust ($5), {which|that|which usually|which in turn|which often|which will|in which|which unfortunately|that will|of which|which inturn} {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} fine {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,|though|and yet|still|but yet} {not|not really|not necessarily|certainly not|definitely not|never|possibly not|in no way|not even|not likely|far from} remarkable. Creme brulee ($6) {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} {much better|far better|greater|superior|significantly better|a lot better|improved|more effective|better|more desirable|more suitable}, {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} well-caramelized crust {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} mellow vanilla flavor {to the|towards the|for the|on the|to your|towards|into the|with the|in the|in to the|within the} custard. Espressos ($3) accompanying dessert {were|had been|have been|ended up|were being|ended up being|were definitely|happen to be|are|was|were actually} {a bit|a little|somewhat|a lttle bit|a tad|slightly|a little bit|just a little|a tiny bit|rather|a touch} {more|much more|a lot more|far more|additional|extra|even more|alot more|a great deal more|significantly more|way more} bitter {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {thin|slim|skinny|slender|lean|narrow|small|tiny|thinner|very thin|slimmer} {than|compared to|as compared to|when compared with|in comparison with|as compared with|compared with|as opposed to|rather than|when compared to|versus} desirable. Blackstone Grill {may|might|may possibly|may well|could|may perhaps|could possibly|can|might possibly|will probably|may very well} appeal {most|the majority of|many|nearly all|almost all|a lot of|a good number of|virtually all|a large number of|the vast majority of|the majority} {to the|towards the|for the|on the|to your|towards|into the|with the|in the|in to the|within the} VT alumni crowd, visiting parents, and/or {those who|people who|those that|people that|individuals who|individuals that|folks that|folks who|men and women who|those people that|people} {want|would like|need|desire|wish|really want|prefer|choose|require|intend|like} {a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} nicer catered {special|unique|specific|particular|exclusive|distinctive|exceptional|extraordinary|wonderful|specialized|amazing} event ({a|the|any|a new|some sort of|your|a good|an important|a fabulous|some|a real} banquet room {is|is actually|will be|can be|is definitely|is usually|is certainly|is without a doubt|is undoubtedly|might be|is normally} {available|accessible|obtainable|offered|readily available|out there|on the market|to choose from|attainable|for sale|around} {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to|intended for|to get|designed for|meant for|for the purpose of|just for|with respect to} {this|this particular|this kind of|this specific|that|the following|this unique|it|the|this approach|this valuable} purpose). {The|The actual|The particular|Your|This|A|Any|Typically the|All the|That|All of the} grill {definitely|certainly|undoubtedly|absolutely|surely|unquestionably|most certainly|without a doubt|positively|most definitely|undeniably} presents {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} advertised modern-bistro {atmosphere|environment|ambiance|surroundings|setting|natural environment|feeling|aura|oxygen|air flow|ecosystem}, {with a|having a|using a|which has a|that has a|by using a|which includes a|along with a|by having a|accompanied by a|having} heavy Virginia Tech {feel|really feel|sense|experience|think|come to feel|truly feel|believe|actually feel|look and feel|definitely feel}. {I|We|My partner and i|My spouse and i|I actually|I personally|I really|When i|I just|That i|Simply put i} {would|might|would certainly|would likely|could|would probably|will|would most likely|would definitely|may|should} argue {that|which|in which|that will|of which|this|which will|the fact that|which usually|who|which often} {a certain|a particular|a specific|some|a clear|the specific|a definite|an unusual|a unique|a small|a} percentage {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} dishes don’t warrant {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} “fine dining” {prices|costs|rates|price ranges|charges|selling prices|price tags|fees|pricing|deals|price levels}, {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,|though|and yet|still|but yet} Blackstone’s {Best|Greatest|Very best|Finest|Ideal|Most effective|Perfect|Most beneficial|Top|Preferred|Most desirable} {of the|from the|with the|in the|on the|of your|within the|belonging to the|for the|of this|of one's} NRV awards {seem|appear|seem to be|look|appear to be|sound|feel|might seem|may appear|show up|tend} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will|to help you|towards|to make sure you|to successfully} {indicate|show|reveal|suggest|point out|signify|specify|signal|demonstrate|tell us|display} {that|which|in which|that will|of which|this|which will|the fact that|which usually|who|which often} {plenty of|lots of|a lot of|a good amount of|an abundance of|loads of|ample|a great deal of|enough|numerous|many} {people|individuals|folks|men and women|persons|people today|consumers|many people|most people|customers|families} {feel|really feel|sense|experience|think|come to feel|truly feel|believe|actually feel|look and feel|definitely feel} {otherwise|or else|in any other case|normally|usually|if not|often|actually|if you don't|generally|also}.

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Thu {October|Oct|March|April|July|August|November|September|Oct .} {31|Thirty-one|Thirty one|31st|30|28|26|33|29}, {2013|The year 2013} | {Updated|Up-to-date|Up to date|Current|Kept up to date|Modified|Refreshed|Changed|Up graded|New|Modernized} {09|2009}:{56|Sixty|Fifty six|60} {PM|Pm hours|Evening|Pm|In the afternoon|In the evening} IST |{Home|House|Residence|Property|Household|Dwelling|Your home|Family home|Place|Residential|Residential home}| Sitemap Excelsior CorrespondentMENDHAR, {July|This summer|Come july 1st|Come early july|September|August|June|May|Aug|February|Summer} {20|Twenty|Something like 20|30|Thirty|10|21|19|20 or so|More than 20|22}: {A woman|A lady|A female|A girl|Women|Ladies|Girls|Someone|Unique|A|Females} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {her|the woman's|the girl|your ex|the woman|the girl's|her own|your girlfriend|their|the|him / her} son-in-law  {were|had been|have been|ended up|were being|ended up being|were definitely|happen to be|are|was|were actually} {injured|hurt|wounded|harmed|seriously injured|damaged|in pain|suffering in pain|seriously hurt|sprained|getting injured} {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} {fire|fireplace|hearth|flames|flame|shoot|open fire|fire place|flare|campfire|terminate} accident  {at|from|with|in|on|during|for|within|located at|by|found at} {village|town|community|small town|whole village|hamlet|commune|vlg|township|vill} Harni {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in} Mendhar area  of  {district|area|region|section|center|centre|location|place|state|local|part} Poonch {today|these days|nowadays|right now|currently|now|at this time|at present|presently|right away|immediately}.{Reports|Reviews|Studies|Accounts|Stories|Records|Information|Experiences|Research|Assessments|Evaluations} {said|stated|mentioned|explained|claimed|reported|proclaimed|says|suggested|pointed out|talked about} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} {incident|event|occurrence|episode|automobile accident|crash|unpleasant incident|car accident|accident|experience|collision} {took place|happened|occurred|came about|was held|developed|were held|taken place|passed off|befell|transpired} {when|whenever|any time|while|as soon as|if|anytime|once|when ever|the moment|in the event that} 45-y {#file_linkskeywordsnew13.txt,1,S]} ear-old Kamini Sahni, {wife|spouse|better half|partner|girlfriend|girl|lady|lover|darling|dearest|woman} of  Suresh Sahni, {resident|citizen|homeowner|person|kama'aina (|resident in town|occupant|hawaiian for resident )|dweller|tenant|local} {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|from|in|about|involved with} Harn {#file {#file_linkskeywordsnew12.txt,1,S]} _linkskeywordsnew14.txt,1,S]} {i|we|my partner and 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requirements|regulations|legal system|legal|legal requirement} {had|experienced|acquired|got|received|obtained|possessed|have|previously had|found|enjoyed} {also|additionally|furthermore|in addition|likewise|as well|at the same time|moreover|even|equally|too} come  {from|through|coming from|via|by|out of|with|as a result of|because of|right from|provided by} Ari {village|town|community|small town|whole village|hamlet|commune|vlg|township|vill} {to their|for their|with their|on their|thus to their|recommended to their|to the|in their|therefore to their|within their|at their} {home|house|residence|property|household|dwelling|your home|family home|place|residential|residential home}. {Suddenly|All of a sudden|Abruptly|Out of the blue|Instantly|Quickly|All of the sudden|Unexpectedly|Immediately|Eventually|All at once}, {due to|because of|as a result of|on account of|resulting from|caused by|as a consequence of|thanks to|owing to|attributable to|stemming from} {leakage|seapage|loss|seepage|leaks|leaking|leak|decline|reduction} {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|from|in|about|involved with} LPG {gas|gasoline|fuel|petrol|propane|natural gas|propane gas|energy|flatulence|air|intestinal gas}, {the fire|the fireplace|the hearth|the flames} {broke out|started} {#file_linkskeywordsnew11.txt,1,S]} in {the kitchen|your kitchen|your home|living rooms} {and she|and she or he|and he or she|and then she} {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} {trapped in|held in|kept in|stored in|residing in|input into} {flames|fire|fire flames|hearth|fires|hearth flames|flame|flare}. {She|The lady|Your woman|The girl|The woman|Your lover|This lady|Your sweetheart|This girl|Your lady|This woman} cried {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to|intended for|to get|designed for|meant for|for the purpose of|just for|with respect to} {help|assist|aid|support|enable|guide|assistance|allow|guidance|benefit|help out} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} her  son-in-law Amit Gupta, {who was|who had been|who was simply|who had previously been|who has been|merely|that was} {sitting in|relaxing in|using|being placed in|soaking in|in|employing|placed in|making use of|utilizing|waiting in} {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the} {adjoining|adjacent|next to|bordering|encompassing|connecting|neighboring|nearby} {room|space|area|place|bedroom|home|room in your home|location|room or space|living room|living space} {rushed|hurried|raced|in a rush|in a hurry|harried|ran|in haste} {for the|for that|for your|to the|with the|for any|to your|for those|on your|in the|for ones} {help|assist|aid|support|enable|guide|assistance|allow|guidance|benefit|help out}. {Both|Each|Equally|The two|Both equally|Either|Together|Each of those|Both of those|Simultaneously|Both the} {received|obtained|acquired|gotten|been given|got|gained|attained|was given|experienced|had been given} {burn|burn up|burn off|melt away|melt off|shed|lose|use up|get rid of|eliminate|use} {injuries|accidents|accidental injuries|incidents|traumas|injury|personal injuries|damage|problems|wounds|harm} {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to|plus|together with|and even|not to mention|and additionally|and then} {were|had been|have been|ended up|were being|ended up being|were definitely|happen to be|are|was|were actually} {rushed|hurried|raced|in a rush|in a hurry|harried|ran|in haste} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will|to help you|towards|to make sure you|to successfully} Mendhar {Hospital|Medical center|Clinic|Healthcare facility|Infirmary|Medical facility|Medical|The hospital|Emergency room|Facility|Doctor's}.  {Later|Later on|Afterwards|After|In the future|Eventually|Down the road|Subsequently|Soon after|Afterward|Down the track}, Kamini {was|had been|has been|ended up being|seemed to be|appeared to be|was initially|was in fact|was basically|is|was indeed} {referred to|known|described|known as|called|referenced|identified|recognised|mentioned|defined|explained} GMC {Hospital|Medical center|Clinic|Healthcare facility|Infirmary|Medical facility|Medical|The hospital|Emergency room|Facility|Doctor's}, Jammu. {The police|Law enforcement|The authorities|Police officers|The law|The cops|Police|Law enforcement officers|Cops} {has taken|has had|has brought|has gotten|is taking|has|introduced} cognizance {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with|with|for|from|in|about|involved with} th {#file_linkskeywordsnew15.txt,1,S]} {e|at the|elizabeth|electronic|age|ourite|orite|o|i|ice|a} {matter|issue|make a difference|make any difference|subject|topic|really make a difference|situation|question|problem|mean much}. {Share With|Tell|Give|Present to|Offer|Show to|Give away to|Give to|Get for|Tell you|Give out}

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Business Travel and leisure Methods to combat business travel hangover Rachael Oakes-Ash You can easily over-indulge out of the office, asking yourself do you freshen up for the following daily meetings? STEVE COLQUHOUN It may possibly check glamorous, however , world-wide travelers desire many of the online support they may find. Brian Johnston A focus concerning high-end functions and attention to be able to information can make your layover much more bearable. Comments One Luc Wiesman Must-have products and services for visitors who want to get a reach for about style to the global roving. Alex Davies, Mark Colquhoun An Uk Tv for pc multitude reveals little ones have no invest a real cabin rental exactly where visitors already have paid out to work around silence. STEVE COLQUHOUN Boutique place out-performs multinationals within webpage score associated with gel of one's organization pick. Steve Colquhoun You'll find that there's far more price and additionally the demographics compared with you would think individuals confident pews around the sharp terminate belonging to the jet. CRAIG PLATT Emirates' newer confidential plane solution hype "unsurpassed luxury" for the purpose of well-heeled visitors. Anmargaret Warner Queensland within 5 Foreign places within top ten pricey regarding business go. New 787 Dreamliner really worth boasting? Have a look in Jetstar's newer Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Recent over first airline ticket out of Portland, Fairfax's Matt O'Sullivan futures what is considered waiting pertaining to possible future individuals. Body system principals A guys self-help guide to brushing Willing to successfully ditch a person's detergent and water, as well as alternative horrible looking after routine that clock-up further kilometers?

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Manchester and additionally DerrewThe dying has taken space just lately in London of Josie Higgins (nee Heneghan), Derrew, Ballyheane, one very popular and then well-known an associate the neighborhood. Girl within the the later part of Martin and even Ann Heneghan, Derrew, Josie spent my childhood years in the local place to understand the process heredity nudged the actual added wheels of living collected from one of season an additional. Atlanta divorce attorneys non-urban network you will discover most people which life is thoroughly connected with all the pure earth roughly them all. Josie appeared to be one of those customers. For a much younger girl, the lady emigrated in order to Uk where by your lover helped a number of years. In her own moment furthermore there your lady prepared different pals.Him / her much time and fascinating personal life had been punctuated with numerous terrific happenings. Some of those happenings was located carefully inside her reminiscence not to mention ended up being typically distributed relatives and buddies. The lady is a gracious, sort and then well mannered lady, dearest and respected from most of isn't really the girl's from my and additionally encircling communities.She appeared to be predeceased with the girl's spouse, Jack port, brothers and sisters. This woman is lived through just by the families, brother, Rita as well as her a great many other visitors with whom you provide this sincerest consideration. Might the woman's comfortable cardiovascular others in tranquility.

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Ewen McKenzie retains in contact James O'Connor Ben Horne Wallabies coach Ewen McKenzie shows he's got inclined that can be played a role throughout rehabilitating gotten starlet Wayne O'Connor. Wallabies person in charge Ewen McKenzie hints at adjusts Jim Morton Cagey Wallabies trainer Ewen McKenzie might be maintaining your partner's assortment business cards near to your partner's pecs still contains recommended by transformations to do South Africa directly into the floor on Suncorp Arena at This weekend afternoon. Ewen McKenzie shows hope with Wallabies Jim Morton Under-fire Wallabies beginners Josh Mogg plus He Toomua are actually employed inside an unchanged backline regarding Saturday nights must-win Bledisloe Cup of coffee fight with the All Black levels. Ewen McKenzie to inflate Wallabies squad Phil Lutton Inward bound Wallaby private coach Ewen McKenzie has said to fringe competitors to keep their devices regarding when he narrows across the stocks and options regarding his to begin with group to address the particular All of Black levels in August 18 throughout Down under. The top XV Foreign Tremendously Rugby team of year The right XV of your Aussie conference using the teams of the week selected as a result of Robert Cully subsequent to each individual Really Rugby through. Enroll today Become most of the latest Football Abode press transported to ones own email address a week

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Craig Allard certainly is the Studies Editor on the Australia Day time Herald, the reason for the c's regarding undercover editors as well as in level insurance policy coverage. An ancient Jakarta reporter, young drivers . been all the Herald's state security measure supervisor and even finance correspondent. The guy subjected to a Australian Army's immediate know-how about the Abu Ghraib prisoner neglect scandal as well as loss of move, causing then simply pm Kim Howard to confess he previously bamboozled Parliament. With Egypt, this revelations that members of any military have tortured Papuans started international condemnation and the last justice with soldiers. Twice a finalist within the Walkley Rewards, he or she invested 8 many years through the Canberra click collection, where by she or he had been finance surgeon in addition to foremost for workforce within the Herald institution. Plus regular availability of domestic reliability as well as finance topics, he will be even enthusiastic to make usage of detective journalism methods to look at community plan items. The person become a member of your deliberate or not group next year. 'Suicide bomber' decorations radicalised Australian fears Following any supposed suicide bombing with a Australian-Syrian person, old attorney-general Bench mark Dreyfus states that it truly is about this Aussies during differences abroad have to offer their particular marine skills household.

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Any calling usually are determined for each and every charge.Fall behind contact length of time Equals Only two min's every speak to, available Leading-edge Options to fine-tune. Programs On a monthly basis Options:Mins usually are prepared in opposition to seconds in every prepare per thirty days.Paid off Phone:Or so minutes can be computed each revitalize. DisplayTypeRetina DisplayScreen Resolution640 a 960 pixelsScreen Size3.5 " (Six.In search of cm)TouchscreenYesCameraResolution5 mega pixels 3-d Resolution-Flash TypeLEDOptical Zoom-Digital Zoom5xVideo Camera720p (Large definition) : 30fps Music and songs & VideoMusic PlayerYesVideo PlayerYesVideo CallsYesFM RadioNoAudio FormatsAAC, Recorded argument Video tutorial FormatsMPEG-4, H.264 MemoryRAM512MBInternal8GBExpandable-PhysicalForm FactorSlateWidth59 mmHeight115 mmThickness9.3 mmWeight137 gramsAccelerometerYesGyroYesConnectivityMain Connectivity3G HSDPAMaximum Details Speed7.Only two Mb / s QuadbandYesWi-Fi802.11b/g/nUSBUSB Some.0BluetoothYesNetxG CapableYesTelstra Violet TickNoNetworksGSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS Eight hundred fifty, UMTS 2100 Information NetworksNext F, 3rd generation, HSDPA, HSUPA, Thumb, GPSMessagingPush EmailYesText Texts (Text messaging)YesPicture Mail messages (MMS)YesEmailPOP3, IMAP4, SMTP GeneralGPSYesMP3 RingtonesYesBattery (2G Chat)Nearly 16 hrs Battery pack (Stand by)About 12 days or weeks 15 hrs Mobile application StoreiTunes Software StoreProcessor TypeApple A4Operating SystemApple iOS iPhone 5c Options -- Two times Facts Examine plans at this point from all of the leading insurers in the brilliant iphone 3gs 5c from Pear Pre-Paid Mobile phone Strategies Compare offers for days on end Expiry, Endless Practice and massive details pre-paid cellular packages

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An individual's calling seem to be scored for every renew.Traditional contact time-span Is equal to Step 2 moments a telephone, opened Highly developed Options to enhance. Blueprints Regular Schemes:Minutes tend to be finished against minutes in each method every month.Prepaid service Cell phone:Short minutes can be worked out each charge. DisplayTypeRetina DisplayScreen Resolution640 x 960 pixelsScreen Size3.5 inch (Six.9 centimetres)TouchscreenYesCameraResolution5 mps Three-dimensionally Resolution-Flash TypeLEDOptical Zoom-Digital Zoom5xVideo Camera720p (Higher) - 30fps Music and songs & VideoMusic PlayerYesVideo PlayerYesVideo CallsYesFM RadioNoAudio FormatsAAC, Music Videos FormatsMPEG-4, Y.264 MemoryRAM512MBInternal8GBExpandable-PhysicalForm FactorSlateWidth59 mmHeight115 mmThickness9.Three or more mmWeight137 gramsAccelerometerYesGyroYesConnectivityMain Connectivity3G HSDPAMaximum Data Speed7.Some Megabyte per second QuadbandYesWi-Fi802.11b/g/nUSBUSB Only two.0BluetoothYesNetxG CapableYesTelstra Red TickNoNetworksGSM 850, GSM 700, GSM 1600, GSM 1900, UMTS 850, UMTS 2100 Info NetworksNext H, 3rd generation, HSDPA, HSUPA, Browse, GPSMessagingPush EmailYesText Mail messages (Txt)YesPicture Sales messages (MMS)YesEmailPOP3, IMAP4, SMTP GeneralGPSYesMP3 RingtonesYesBattery (2G Discuss)Around 14 days Electric (Standby)Close to Twelve nights 15 time App StoreiTunes Instance StoreProcessor TypeApple A4Operating SystemApple iOS iPhone 5c Programs And Ambigu Facts Do a comparison of plans at this moment from large insurers on your brilliant new iphone 4 5c with Apple mackintosh Pre-Paid Mobile or portable Projects Compare savings purchase Expiration, Infinite Consumption and huge computer data pre-paid phone ideas

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From: tomsdne on Jun-01-2014
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Comments on store:

Comments on store:
From: John on May-29-2013
The only Chinese dessert place downtown, very yummy!

Comments on store:
From: Aurore on Oct-24-2012
Everything tastes absolutey delicious! The croissants are great! I fell in love with Le Royal (pastry) and la baguette viennoise (with chocolate chips)! Miam, miam... Excellent customer service as well!!

From: Marc on May-21-2013
Definitely one of the most authentic French bakeries in Toronto - feels like home!

Comments on store: Godiva Chocolatier
From: jyc on Aug-16-2006
I have tried the Belgium made godiva chocolates when I was in Europe...they are less sweet and of better quality. The American made godiva chocolate is too sweet, uses too much preservatives, pricey and most importantly uses hershey's chocolate to make their chocolates. Yuk!!! Gross!!! F.Y.I. Try something else, America's Godiva is owned by Campbell Soup Co.

From: Chocolate Divine on Feb-11-2007
I personally like Godiva Chocolates though. But I think it's because I prefer the white and milk chocolate variety, which tastes really great here. If you're looking for dark chocolate however, I wouldn't advise Godiva. I still find it a beautiful status gift to give to corporate events and weddings etc, and they have great marketing too since they present the chocolates well. It's a matter of different opinions.

Comments on store:
From: delphine on Oct-25-2007
The hot chocolat is one of the best i have ever had, really tasty !!!! and i am not speaking of the "macaron chocolat", mixed with caramel it is delicious.

From: Laurent on Dec-09-2007
une boutique agr�able, avec un large choix de chocolats fins � un bon prix. A recommander...

From: paul on Dec-09-2007
a really huge choice of black chocolats, the owner is really nice and the macaron are really tasty. The place to discover for christmas.

From: caroline on Dec-17-2007
i try and love it. if you go there, i try the hot milk chocolate and the pralin� macaron. it was wonderful, i recommend it to fan of black people.

From: mary on Jan-05-2008
unforgettable for fan loke me of black chocolates. I try with some friends the hot chocolates and it is unbelievable, really tasty and creamy. You should try it, you wil love it.

Comments on store:
From: Tony on Aug-21-2009
This place looks closed now which is pretty sad because it was a solid gelato place (especially with their cups with a pronounced lip so you can hold it by the rim and not melt your gelato). No sign on it saying renovation or moving.

Comments on store:

Comments on store: Ete
From: Wan on Apr-02-2005
I like Ete's ice-cream and have had the ice-cream at Ladphao branches several time.....It's yummy....but I have to comment on some servers that they sometime not be nice to customer or when someone want to apply for job...

Comments on store: Ed's Real Scoop
From: A fan of Ed\'s! on May-22-2003
I was never a big fan of ice cream and would only eat it about once a year (some years, not at all). Then I moved to the Beach and tried Ed's. Now, I'm hooked! This past mother's Day, my favourite present was a take-home carton of Ed's Strawberry-Rhubarb ($10). His lemon merangue is equally delightful. Mmmmmmmm!

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
My waistline has suffered appreciably since moving to the east end. Probably the best ice cream I've ever had. Every variety is extremely generous with the fruit, chocolate and other flavourings, and all are of the highest quality. Haven't had a duff flavour yet.

From: m on Jul-28-2004
where else can you find ice cream, cookies, chocolate, and waffle cones made in front of you!! gotta love it!

From: Mel on Aug-15-2004
I've been going to Ed's since they opened, and a better ice cream place in the city I have not found! It's reassuring that each flavour is hand made by Ed or one of the gang over the big gas stove behind the counter, and I love smelling when they're mixing up the Creme Brulee or the Tahitian Vanilla. The prices are also extremely reasonable, especially since the ice cream is so rich, I eat half as much as I would if I was going to someplace like Basken - Robbins!

From: Mike on Dec-09-2004
Very good ice cream, among the best in the city. I think the top flavour is their hazelnut gelato - pretty much on a par with La Paloma.

From: Jenn in the Beach!! on May-11-2006
I Love Ed's. My first experience with homemadde ice cream was at Greg's downtown but a year later I found Ed's and I have never gone back to Greg's!Ed's is the best!!!! I had the chocolate & cherry gelto together and WOW! sooo good.

From: Cathy on Jun-30-2006
Chocolate peanut butter is to die for. The best icecream ever.

From: anonymous on Jul-01-2006
Best ice cream EVER! Last fall I had pumpkin ice cream. I know it sounds weird, but it's SO good.

From: Gloria on Aug-11-2006
Their Tanzanian dark chocolate ice cream is magnificent. My boyfriend worries about his supremacy in my heart when I have a scoop of it.

From: Peter on Oct-18-2006
What a hole in the wall, the place is too small, the ice cream is far too thick and hard. lacks substance. I have lived in the Beaches my whole life ( 41 years ) went for the first and last time last week with the family, we later dropped by Gelato Milano down the street and were satisfied. Ed's Gelato is pure water, thanks for taking my money and giving me water down product with a serving of cement on the side. Do everyone a favour and open up a construction supply store.

From: Melissa M on Nov-02-2006
Wow that guy who likes Gelato Milano should move outa the beach, Eds is the real thing and whats more HE actually makes it...did gelato Milano pay u to write that.....They must have 'cause no one in his right mind would even compare the two.

From: mandy on Dec-01-2006
I think ED's real scoop is the best ice-cream ever ! It is extra creamy and not hard at all. It is a yummy treat for all families and if youv'e never been GO NOW !!

From: Ronnie on Dec-05-2006
Ed and his staff put lots of effort into developing the most amazing flavours. A few of my own favourites are passion fruit, blood orange, espresso, and chocolate orange, but I'm always surprised at the spread they come up with. And I love bringing his takeout ice cream to friends.

From: Lee Boudreau on Apr-26-2007
I just went to Ed's for the first time this past weekend (April 22nd), and wow was I impressed! The line-up was out the door, so I thought, this better be good, and it was! And the line-up moved surprisingly fast. I definitely assumed it would be good ice cream, like one of the big premium ice cream chains (Ben & Jerry's, etc.) but this was definitely noticeably more delicious! I'll be going back!

From: anonymous on May-21-2007
BEST ICE CREAM EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Best Customer on Jun-26-2007

From: kj on Jul-02-2007
i think that Ed's has the best ice cream in the beaches,and that no other ice cream store could compete with it. Ed's has everything from lollypops and drinks , to icecream and even going down right now to get some ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love ed's , and i think most kids in the beaches agree.

From: mia on Oct-13-2007
I don't even like ice cream, I have it rarely and I usually eat half a scoop if that, I'm a fan of gelato more. I never like chocolate flavoured ice cream as I find the chocolate flavour is dulled being cold and mixed with cream. I went to Ed's and couldn't resist their chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I finished my whole cone. I had only a taste of their pumpkin ice cream and I still remember it, the perfect pumpkin pie spicing.

From: Lisa on Nov-01-2007
Ed's is a regular destination for us! My favourite flavour is the Raspberry White Chocolate and my husband's is the Cookies and Cream. We even had it served at our wedding in champagne glasses prior to our reception. I can't say enough wonderful things about Ed's ice cream. It is also now a tradition that my husband gets an ice cream cake for his birthday. I think this will be birthday number 5 coming up. He loves it, even though it's in February!

From: julie on May-23-2009
they may have nice ice cream but don't bother trying to order a cake from them. they're really not interested in selling to you if you're trying to order on a long weekend or any holiday.

From: long time beacher on Sep-09-2009
Hi! I was at ed's the other night and I must say the ice cream is Wonderful! I also tried the gelato , as good as it was its still not as Good as Real Made Italian Gelato! But its pretty close:) I Look forward to many return Visits to Eds in the Future!

From: jairo on Sep-13-2009
We frequently travel all the way from Thornhill, and after a nice walk, i is incredible to go to Ed's, his chocolate orange is the best I ever tried.

From: Lynne on Jun-01-2010
All the ice creams and gelato's are amazing. The cookies in the Beach location, out of this world.......................BUT, both Beach and Leslieville locations are in bad need of a good cleaning! The Leslieville store is disgusting. Alot of money is brought in at both stores, and you really need to look after keeping both spots clean.

From: Simon on Nov-14-2010
I love ice cream, and I can honestly say this without a doubt, that the pumpkin ice cream is the best ice cream I've ever had.

Comments on store: Dufflet Pastries
From: Simply Delighted on Apr-28-2003
At Dufflet Pastries you may have a problem deciding what it is that you want to take home with you. But if you're anything like me, you'll end up taking a taste of everything. This method of choice works excellently when you have a dinner party to attend and you are in charge of dessert. I stick with the smaller individual pastry desserts. It looks very generous and appetizing when presented nicely on a serving plate and everyone can have a wide variety of flavours as they sample a little bit of everything. The smaller pastries can be deceptive; one small pastry will satisfy the palette of two people, keep this in mind when you are picking you favourites and enjoy!

From: Jana on May-03-2003
I LOVE Dufflet's lemon tarts! They are very tart/tangy - which is they way they should be IMHO. The cheesecakes and individual pastries/bars are also very good. We got the brandy eggnog cheesecake last Christmas and I'm ashamed to say that I ate the entire thing by myself in two days. Although Dufflet is a large supplier to numerous restaurants and stores in Toronto, their quality hasn't suffered at all.

From: Kitty Shuffler on Oct-22-2003
Dufflet Pastries is a stop in Toronto that should not be missed. Located on Queen Street West, the cafe is an oasis after a long walk from downtown. Their Double Vanilla cupcakes are heavensent and my personal favorite but they have many, many other delicious cakes tarts, cookies, and other wonderful treats to have with a hot cup of coffee for a break in your day that will leave you with a spring in your step and a smile on your lips. Please check them out. You will be doing yourself a favor. They also have a store on Yonge Street that I haven't been too yet but I'm sure it's just as wonderful.

From: Pam Craig on Nov-15-2003

From: simona on Nov-20-2003
very, very tasty, well made and good looking!

From: Leticia Siasat on Dec-02-2003
I've loved her cakes for years, whether it be cheesecake, mousse cake or daquiose. I've sold them to our customers at the restaurant at which I am employed at with complete certainty that they'd be satisfied beyond belief. I've recently discovered her petit fours and they are just amazing. I can't wait to give Dufflet my wedding cake order this coming June 2004. You can bet that my guests will also sample an array of her petit fours as well. Thank you Dufflet for making life a little bit sweeter without all the guilt. Sincerely, Leticia

From: Marc on Apr-25-2004
Dufflet's delivery van parks on bike lanes... this is not only illegal but very dangerous for bikers are they have to go back into the traffic to go around the van... Completely irresponsible. No more Dufflet for me from now on.

From: Marge on Jun-09-2004
You shud be open longer hours so we can enjoy a coffee and dessert some nights...especially during the summertime.

From: Debbie on Oct-27-2004
I'm a regular here... Not the best but a lot better than other bakeries. Services are great. Affordable. Cute place... I don't recommend the brownies. Just stick with the Pastries! Some are not very traditionally but different and GOOD. I think it deserves more stars/credits! You Must check it out though. Ps. Why did you eliminate the Banana Cake & Pie, these were my favs. NEways just wondering will you have or make any YULE LOG cakes this X-Mas?

From: anonymous on Apr-20-2005
This store offers a wide selection of desserts, drinks and meals. In each of these choices you will greatly enjoy it, for all of there foods are exceptional. Even there website is great! I am a hard judge, but this store is amazing!

From: anonymous on Apr-20-2005
This store offers a wide selection of desserts, drinks and meals. In each of these choices you will greatly enjoy it, for all of there foods are exceptional. Even there website is great! I am a hard judge, but this store is amazing!

From: anonymous on Apr-20-2005
This store offers a wide selection of desserts, drinks and meals. In each of these choices you will greatly enjoy it, for all of there foods are exceptional. Even there website is great! I am a hard judge, but this store is amazing! Plus everything in this store is amazing , no matter what the other people said about the BROWNIES because they are delicous!

From: Dave on Jun-07-2005
Poor quality pastries with especially bad service to go along with it. The location is great though.

From: quevin on Feb-03-2006
The last time (and I do mean the LAST time) I went into the Queen Street store to pick-up a special order the service was beyond bad. Now, when I order pastries from other vendors I ask if Dufflet is their supplier. If the answer is yes, then my answer is 'no thanks.' Personally, I prefer my cake without attitude.

From: JW on Mar-28-2006
It's ok, seems mass produced with lot's of adidtives in the desserts. A place called waga something? on King street I think has much better stuff. Dufflet staff seemed quite rude.

From: Jeremy on Nov-04-2006
The place on King Street is called Wagamama. Wagamama means selfish in Japanese. They have very nice cakes as well as coffee and sandwiches.

From: Sarah on Nov-15-2006
Actually wagamama means self-indulgent in Japanese. Wagamama on King St offers a much better product. Not as wide a selection but quality is way beyond this Dufflet place. The LAST time I went to Dufflet's, I got nothing but atttitude from thier staff. SB

From: Tim on Jul-06-2007
Their pastries are sicky sweet, not for my taste though. I have to say that their packaging are quite nice. But I can't eat the package, can I?

From: mia on Oct-13-2007
I am in love with Dufflet's pastries. I pick up their frozen carrot cake at Loblaw's it tastes and even looks homemade and the cream cheese icing is lovely and buttery and soft and there is soo much of it. My ONLY request it that they improve the nutritonal profile of this cake, reduce the sugar a bit and plz reduce the fat if you can. I visit their location on Queen St. to pick up a sampling of what they offer. The mini-cupcakes are so satisfying, the essence of cake, sweet and light with the creamy rich icing. The mini-chocolate pecan tarts are delicious as well. I don't like all of their stuff, but then I don't like every pastry I am picky. Be sure to try their homemade lemonade which comes in mango and raspberry flavours as well. Oh and btw they use no preservatives in their baking. So for the above posters saying this you are clearly from the competition.

Comments on store: Soma Chocolatemaker
From: louise on Nov-28-2004
Unbelievably good although somewhat pricey. These chocolates are delicious as well as being true works of art.

From: simone on Dec-22-2004
The best chocolates in town!!! I had to try it after reading a Toronto Life article saying they had the best chocolates in the city. I had the Mayan hot chocolate as a shot, there is nothing else like it in the city, thick, intense, well balanced with spices my jaw dropped, I am now totally addicted. I also took home a box of unusual truffles all of them unbelievable. This shop takes chocolate to a completely new level. I hear they are roasting their own cacao beans to make chocolate from scratch. You can see the chocolatemakers making all their creations right there in the shop. If you have an intense passion for chocolate try'll never look back.

From: leslie on Mar-24-2005
Dave, check out JS bon bons on this site. You have Thomas Hass on your side. Keep up the good work.

From: Alex Belangier on Apr-12-2005
My favourite chocolate store in the city. Casual, laidback, staff really enthusiastic about chocolate. All truffles are individually unique and well defined in flavour, texture, sweetness. The Dark Fire bar which is made from scratch by roasting their own cacao beans is an outstanding chocolate very complex in taste. On a recommendation from one of the staff, bought a bar from Madagascar which is crazy good. Limited to only 6-7 flavours Gelato is made on the premises velvety smooth, best in Toronto better than Paloma or Hollywood. I found the prices to very reasonable for the quality Soma offers, truffles are not as expensive as YB synopsis implies as they are priced per piece not Kg. Dangerous place if you are really into chocolate.

From: k. Miller on May-03-2005
Best chocolate, no comparison. This is the real thing.

From: ashley on Sep-30-2005
this was the best chocolate that i've ever had in my life. the plain chocolate truffles derived from beans from tanzania, etc, are described as having flavours particular to each bean, and when tasting a few back to back, you can really taste the subtle differences. yum... some of their flavoured truffles are amazing - try the following: lemon/ginger dark Venezuelan truffle spicy Mayan dome truffle gianduja ( milk chocolate italian hazelnut truffle) this last one will melt in your mouth, it is so wonderful and magical. after a taste test of ten different truffles (shared with a friend), both of us were positively high.

From: John Elliott on Dec-21-2005
I am outraged. First of all I have no complaint about the quality of the chocolate. My complaint is with the service. On December 2oth I went to purchase chocolate for a group of friends attending a christmas celebration at my house. I have recommended Soma to many people, but today this will end. I went to the counter to find I was being ignored, people walked by me without asking if I could be helped. Finally I asked if I could get service, only to be told that they were busy filling orders. Not one person was attending to the counter. They did take my order with a complaint that I would have to wait half an hour. I said this was unacceptable and that I made a special trip and could not wait for an order that any other business with a counter service would have attended to immediately. This is not the problem. The owner walked by me, scouled and suggested maybe I should shop at Godiva if I wanted service. I called him on this and he continued to argue with me. He told the person behind the counter not to serve me. I thought this only happended on Sienfeld. I did get the chocolates and no thank you for my business. I spent $ 75.00 and feel that the service was insulting. I will not recommend this establishment to anyone. I am disgusted at the disregard of customer service.

From: sonja stewart on Jan-02-2006
Have been to the store many times and the front service has always been top-notch (friendly and very knowledgeable). They took the time to go through the chocolate making process with me and helped me to select the right truffles for presents. The above poster must have done something to really piss these nice people off.

From: D\'Lauver on Aug-24-2006
I, while wandering through distellery, came across this store. What a wonderful experience. Almost half an hour before the store closing, I sat at the counter and were treated like an old friend. Customers walked in bought stuff, chatting, while I sipped my hot chocolate. It was a sheer pleasure.

From: Hubert on Aug-29-2006
The best (chocolate) shot I ever had in my life... whoooh !

From: Sarah B. on Jul-12-2007
My favourites are the chai spiced chocolate covered hazelnuts... and the chocolate covered hand made caramels.... Dark Chocolate Gelato too!

From: Toni E. on Jul-19-2007
Soma's Chocolate fudge walnut cakes are irresistable! The trip to the Distillery district is VERY WORTH it (from Mississauga). It's really good stuff although a little pricey.

From: Cathy on Dec-07-2007
It's all about the chocolate covered orange peel strips! A delicious treat for everyone.

From: Hans on Feb-02-2009
Simply the best chocolate in Toronto - or anywhere. Their single variety Madagascar chocolate bars are the best I've tasted. Worth the trip or the courier cost. Their truffles are the finest and strangest.

From: Dave on Nov-14-2010
the chocolate was excellent, I really enjoyed the lemon ginger, you can really taste the flavours

Comments on store: Greg's Ice Cream
From: Chris on Feb-14-2003
I was lucky enough to come across the Garage Sandwich Company a few years back. After I had eaten the best sandwich of my life, I decided to try out some Greg's. I had the Roasted Marshamallow, and then followed it up with some more Roasted Marshmallow. The best ice cream (and flavour) ever! 'Nuff said?

From: Dylan B. on Mar-12-2003
The Best Ice Cream in the World. You get to watch them make it too!

From: Craig on Apr-10-2003
My girlfriend at the time ( now my wife) and I went to Greg's on my recommendation before a Jann Arden conceret at the Convocation Hall in Nov.98. She had Ginger Ice Cream and still raves about the experience everytime she eats "from the freezer" ice cream. Keep up the good work Greg's there's truly nothing like it!

From: Green-Tea-Ice-Cream-Lover on Apr-17-2003
I have recently become obsessed with the GREEN-TEA flavoured ice-cream at Greg's... I used to like the one served at Japanese restaurants... but after having the green tea ice-cream at Greg's, I'm officially addicted... I need at least 2 scoops a day... and everyday I have been calling in Greg's to see if they have the flavour is there... this is addiction of mine is driving my boyfriend nuts... I think I need help...

From: Joanne & Mark on Jun-30-2003
Well Well i have never tasted ice cream like this before... I tried Coffee Toffee and Roasted Marshmallow and i thought i had died and gone to heaven. I HIGHLY recommend you try these 2 flavors...If i could only figure out how to get it to Edmonton without melting,,MMMMM Keep up the GOOD ice cream Greg and staff,,,,,,, Signed ,Need some in Edmonton!!!!!!!!

From: Alison on Jul-15-2003
Fresh, creamy ice cream. The flavours are a nice mixture of classics and innovations. All flavours derive from the geniune article - e.g. strawberry has real strawberries in it and is faintly pink, not that Red D&C #5 neon artificiality. Delicious.

From: Naseem on Jul-27-2003
Greg's Ice Cream has the BEST ice cream ever! Roasted marshmellow is an amazing treat for the taste buds! Be sure to take all your friends and get them hooked!

From: JACK on Jul-27-2003

From: Tom and Lisa on Aug-08-2003
Wow! Roaster Marshmallow is the best flavour in the world. We love it sooo much that we're willing to take the trek up to Bloor to get it... but never again to Tequila Bookworm on Queen West, where the kids can't be bothered selling it (as advertised) in take-out half-litres. Great ice cream, but what a lousy distributor!

From: Baylin on Oct-29-2003
Recently, I went to a party where they served Roasted Marshmallow icecream and I can't emphasize enough how GOOD IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Alice in Dallas on Dec-16-2003
The Roasted Marshmallow is the most incredible flavour - truly incomparable. Greg's is always at the top of my places to visit whenever I go back home to Toronto.

From: Lauren Edmunds on Mar-03-2004
Greg's Ice Cream, is literally the best icecream ever. End of story.

From: Greg\'s fan on Mar-04-2004
ALL ICECREAM VENDORS: YOU BETTER WARN YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT YOUR ICECREAM DOES MELT BEFORE SELLING.... Ever since the first time I tried their Roasted Marshmellow I'm totally in love with it! Every time I'm there the staff is so nice to let me try as many flavor as I want but I always come back to Marshmellow just because it's one of a kind!

From: Sherri on May-06-2004
Does anyone know what happened to Greg's Ice Cream? The shop is closed with no signs to indicate they were moving, renovating or *gasp* gone out of business. Life's not worth living without roasted marshmallow with hot fudge.

From: Elizabeth on May-09-2004
WHERE DID GREG GO AND WHY DIDN"T HE TELL US?????? Greg's is an institution! A landmark! The best ice-cream ever! GREG WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!

From: K on May-11-2004
Fear not.....Greg's has just moved to the Jewish Community Centre at Spadina and Bloor.....I heard it on CBC this morning.

From: Johan on Sep-13-2004
Roasted mashmallow is definitely the way to go...

From: karen toth on Oct-03-2004
best ice creAM i'VE EVER HAD!!!! None of the flavours will disappoint you!!

From: krsna chandra on Nov-21-2004
i have eaten at greg's ever since i was a wee youngin'. one of my good friends had greg's ice cream at her wedding. you may not know, but greg's ice cream has some of the highest butter content of any ice cream. translation: it's rich and delicious! i'm taking a date there this week, i highly recommend the place.

From: Chris on Dec-14-2004
I've eaten greg on many occasions and i have to say i've tasted better........

From: Lynchy on Dec-14-2004
Greg is yumy i love the cream.

From: Elizabeth on Dec-28-2004
I have read all of the positive and negative comments. It's a shame that those people who have had negative experiences at Greg's refuse to let go of their self righteous hangups and not give this wonderful establishment another chance. Greg's ice cream is absolute serendipity!! I'm so glad that I discovered this parlour sixteen years ago. Absolutely delicious ice cream AND friendly and accommodating staff. Thank you very much Greg's!

From: Had Better on May-11-2005
I don't know what all the fuss is. I've had better ice-cream from ice-cream trucks - and it doesn't melt as quickly as Greg's either!!

From: anonymous on May-27-2005
They need to stock up on more roasted marshmallow! They never seem to have any on hand :(

From: Ollya on Jun-06-2005
Pistachio ice cream at Greg's is really like no other. Other flavours are delicious as well, but you will not find any other place in the city that does pistachio ice cream like Greg!

From: Denny Crane on Jul-09-2006
Greg truly does have the best ice cream. I am not someone who follows the crowd, however, with all the fuss about the roasted marshmallow ice cream I had to try it, and needless to say it is in fact the best ice cream I have ever had. Also, I once bought a tub of roasted marshmallow ice cream and it was not made properly (the marshmallow was burnt). However, when I took it back to the store the lady at the counter was amazing and quickly offered to exchange the tub and thus offered to give me another tub with the flavour of my choice. Unfortunately there was no roasted marshmallow that day but I was satisfied with cookies and cream. I have been a long time customer and their great customer service really adds a great touch to their already best ice cream. Please note, since this incidence the quality of the roasted marshmallow flavour has resumed its excellence.

From: Greg\'s #1 fan! on Sep-02-2006
Reasons why Greg's is soooo great: 1. great customer service (the server was very patient when offering samples of various ice cream) 2. it's totally affordable and of course, most importantly: 3. the ice cream is out-of-this-world tasty/yummy!!!

From: vlmcntg nkwf on Jan-24-2007
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From: Jayne on Mar-20-2007
This has lived in my memory for years! Their flavour Sweet Cream was THE BEST in the 80's. I thought they were out of business and am thrilled to hear they have simply MOVED. This website has the wrong/old location. They are now on Bloor just west of Spadina. It is worth going there if it is HALF as good as all those years ago when I was at school!

From: Michael on Jan-17-2008
Greg's has delicious ice cream and creative flavours. You can also get the ice cream to take out, in half- or one-litre containers, at prices that are less than premium ice cream usually costs at the supermarket. Sometimes, however, when I have gone, it has been closed even during the opening hours that are given on the Web (I don't think they have any posted on the door).

Comments on store: Le Comptoir de Celestin
From: A.Smith on May-25-2003
Le Comptoir makes by far the best croissants Toronto has to offer. This is one bakery where croissants are made with actual butter, and the pate feuilletee is made on the premise. What a difference! Macaroons in all flavours and colour, silky smooth crunchy tops and delectable fillings. Even better than those we've sampled in France! Bread doughs are well matured to develop maximum flavour. Cakes have left us addicted... Definitely not the Toronto standard.

From: R. McGorman on Sep-06-2003
Celestin is our family's favourite pastry shop. Since we discovered it last winter we have tried all their offerings and have never been disappointed. Last week I tried the passionfruit torte. It had a layer of meringue with a thin crispy crust, underneath which was a frothy, semi-liquid underlayer. Below that was the cool, custardy passionfruit resting on the pastry base. The attention to detail and sensitive presentation elevate these treats to creations made by obvious masters of their craft.

From: Michael on Jun-08-2004
Amazing pastries and cake. Out of this world croissant and pain au chocolat. Awful service and too much attitude. Too bad!

From: Joane on Sep-27-2004
Amazing service, amazing food. The best of Toronto in everything!

From: Laura on Feb-26-2005
Excellent pastries, particularly the pain au chocolat, although the top was slightly burnt. Service was pleasant and cheerful.

From: didier on Mar-03-2005
The croissant were burnt , the pastries especially their macarons old and flavourless,do they really care?...

From: Jacqueline on Mar-13-2005
Wonderful croissants (especially chocolate) & amazing mult-grain bread - BUT BEWARE - It's Sunday morning at 10:00am as we are writing this and all that is available is raison danishes. Unfortunately, the limited supply of goods, snotty and condescending attitude have tarnished our experience on many occasions. Too bad they have lost us as a customer - we will never recommend them again. P.S. If you are ordering more than 2 croissants, they expect you to call ahead and place an order.

From: lisa on Apr-02-2005
I came on few occasions to the shop, although i had no problem with the service ,the quality of the deserts left me somewhat perplex, i agree with their macarons that were much better in the earlier days, the bread and croissant are always good if you arrive early enough , i miss the choice and consistance, bring back the pastries!!!

From: Marc on Apr-07-2005
Amazing service, best croissants in town and best Macaroons in North America. We are there twice a week and we can never get enough.

From: Marc on Apr-07-2005
Amazing service, best croissants in town and best Macaroons in North America. We are there twice a week and we can never get enough.

From: Lisa on Apr-09-2005
we wen't back and did not regret it, the 7 grains bread is amazing and the croissant the best in town !

From: Ronna on Apr-11-2005
The croissants are exquisite. Rode my bike all the way form the east end for their crisp crust and tender interior. Beautifully well done. A lovely destination.

From: Timon on Jun-04-2005
I've tried quite a few things at Celestin. The pain au chocolat, the charlotte and the multigrain bread are truly amazing. I find the staff is always approachable, informative and ready to make a suitable recommendation. Celestin does not have the range of products found at Rahier's, but it certainly stands out in terms of quality...and the chic interior is simply icing on the cake! I'm a regular.

From: Mike on Jul-21-2005
Best pastry shop in Town, the viennoiserie are out of this world and the apricot bourdaloue simply my favourite tart. But why are they selling Jewllery when the place is so busy.

From: Susan on Aug-03-2005
Best viennoise and pastries in the city, excellent service....And when it's not to busy...The jewelry is quite an addition to the shop!!!

From: Monica on Nov-07-2005
Tried their croissants, they're really good, but the service is unbelievable. Each time I was there, I felt as it was a burden for them to serve me, definetely will not be back. Since the new place opened up the street, the fine foods boutique, Personal Natural Foods I won't go anywhere else. They have great stuff, excellent Portuguese coffee, they make a great cappuccino, they also have meals and Dufflet pastries, plus fine goods. Most important the couple who own the place, Mike and Vera are super nice, service is everything to me. Great gift baskets and gourmet gifts for christmas and I was just told they're having a sit down area in a couple of weeks.

From: La Croissantrice on Nov-09-2005
With respect to the comments regarding service, I must say that I have never experienced bad, snooty or rude behaviour from whomever served me. I live in the neighbourhood and for the past little while I have make a point of trying to get my bread from Celestin. The pain au chocolat, croissants, 7 grain bread, boule, pistachio tarte and the baguettes are simply divine. I might also add that I have tried croissants in many other patisseries in Toronto, Quebec, France and Belgium and Celestin has some of the best. Try the pain au chocolat as soon as they come out of the oven if you can, you'll be amazed. Sometimes when I'm walking my dog in the morning I venture there only to find a que bright and early at 7:30 on weekdays and 8:30 on Sunday. To those who complained about the lack of variety, this is only because Celestin sells out early even though they make repeated batches. If you really wanted more selection, you could have made an effort to get there earlier. Also, I was really happy to see that they have the little anison candies at Celestin. I had only ever seen them in France before and I was glad that I could replenish my little tin container without having to fly or ship them in. The classic ones are really good, but I would also reccommend the rose flavoured ones.

From: Monica on Feb-27-2006
Regardless if you show up at 8 am or 4 pm, the service is the same...only one lady is nice there, aside from her everyone seems to be hating life.

From: hank on Mar-23-2006

From: in love on Mar-23-2006
whats the name of that beautiful person working behind the counter at my newly discovered bakery find ? if that,s what eating sweets does for you bring them on.

From: Julie on Mar-25-2006
Absolutely amazing pastries and deserts but can we get serve buy someone who doesn't talk so much and is more efficient. Regardless the best place in town for a sweet treat.

From: Marielle on Jun-01-2006
Every time I've been there I've had friendly service. I love the croissants; the breads are divine - especially the baguettes and the seven grain bread....and yes, line up early, go out before breakfast to buy your goodies on the weekend, that's when they're best! I'm surprised so many people are complaining about the service; and I've seen about three or four people with beautiful smiles in there on different days. (I guess it's easier to write something when you have something to complain about that when all is wonderful!)

From: fed up on Jun-19-2006
Iwill no longer put up with the rudeness from the little french guy who should never be allowed to serve the loyal following of this up scale wonderfull bakery. please tell me if anyone else has had an episode with this so called manager? and do the owners know how he treats the loyal following as well as his staff?

From: Frank on Jun-19-2006
the other day spilt hot coffee on myself because of ill fitting coffee tops went back in to draw his attention to the tops thinking he may not be aware of the problem and was rudely dismissed. Will go back to Tim,s and leave the great desserts behind as long as he remains.

From: dissapointed on Jun-20-2006
the best french bakery in the city the worst manager ever

From: julie on Jun-28-2006
went back in the morning to get the best croissant in the city but unfortunetly the same woman was serving and she should not be telling her life story to every body in that wonderfull shop.

From: Martine on Jul-28-2006
Great shop, beautiful deserts and great explanations from the little man behind the counter, love the fig bread and the cheese fougasse, will become a regular.

From: it doesn\'t matter... on Sep-02-2006
All of you people complaining... Get a life...

From: McGregor on Oct-20-2006
This is about bread and pastries not service. The service changes, like our own moods. The breads and croissants do not. They are delicious. The Pain au Chocolat is flaky, moist, flavourful, many layers, and has excellent chocolate - reminds me of the ones in Paris (that little cafe in Gare du Nord). And they have this one bread, that is squarish and very dark, and is the tastiest bread ever made, I kid you not. Bon Appetit.

From: Paul on Nov-12-2006
Amazing croissants, no argument there, but probably the only place where I've ever seen the staff make derogatory (and unjustified) comments on a customer to another one -- while the first one was still in the store!!

From: Mario on Feb-17-2007
I just went to Le Comptoir...for the first time. Admittedly was a bit wary after reading some of the service comments. I had a great experience and don't know what all the complainers are whining about. Go, get some (great) pastries, then get out - you're not there to get fawned over.

From: Karen Spence on Feb-26-2007
We witnessed a volatile waiter berate a customer who waited an extremely long time for apparently cold cafe au lait and then had the gall to ask him for a spoon and sugar! Should this not have been on the table already. WOW! There is definitely a problem there. Perhaps he is in the wrong business because clearly the restaurant was not entirely full and it is a very small restaurant. This waiter is a very arrogant and volatile person and should NOT be working as a waiter if he intends to take out his frustrations on the customers. I do not intend to go back to celestine EVER - having seen this scene transpire - it was very disturbing, unprofessional and just plain rude.

From: Kevin on Mar-11-2007
I am a daily customer of this wonder shop on Mount Pleasant and I love it, but why are the croissant over cooked or burnt almost every day and can some one tell the pasrty chef that personal hygien is not a option when you are in the shop talking to customer.

From: never again on Mar-17-2007
i have been insulted for the last time by the short grey haired so called manager of this great french bakery. our the owners that stupid to have this guy working for such a fine bakery? THIS GUY MUST HAVE SOMTHING REALLY GOOD OVER THEM TO KEEP HIS JOB

From: Julie for Mr. Never Again on Mar-19-2007
Best Patisserie in town and probably the busiest also on week end, o be patient and have a little bit of respect for a very hard work crew. Julie

From: Mark on Apr-21-2007
I agree that the bakeries are great but the staff could be more friendly.

From: Jean-Baptiste on May-29-2007
I remeber a great place to work with wonderful & talented people who work with respect for the craft. The manager is a wonderful & sweet man.

From: Rohan on Aug-25-2007
I will concede the bread is excellent and their banier is amazing and one of a kind. But the condescending attitude and blank stares that the fellow gives make you want to shove a few baniers into his face. I'd begun to feel that perhaps I'm too brown-skinned for his liking. I stopped frequenting this place for that very reason.

From: Mr J.Howard on Sep-10-2007
Maybe the owner should tell 'her majesty' who works in this wonderfull shop to serve the customers instead of sitting down with her friends while there is people waiting !

From: Yvonne on Sep-10-2007
Thanks to Mr. Marc for a great party last week. Great service and atmosphere for brunch. Y

From: Julie on Sep-19-2007
Not only my friend bought a burnt croquenbouche 3 weeks ago but every sunday or saturday morning you have to wait for croissant and most of the time they do not have any. Invompetent kitchen and obviously bad organisation. Do they care at all ? Julie Bates.

From: Suze on Oct-09-2007
What a line up of whiners. Just be quiet and eat! The pastries are to-die-for good, and the staff is sweet. I don't know why all the complaints, are we all too stressed out or what? I noticed a few croissants were too dark, I just asked for another one. The people there on Sundays are amazing.

From: Christian on Nov-02-2007
"julie" who bought a croquenbouche.... I'd like to know if you know what a croquenbouche is? For it's not burnable? It's puffpastry filled with a creme. To those who complain about the 'staff'; i'd really like to know if you go in during insanely busy times and ask to be explained every single type of bread, and ask the staff what a 'croissant' is. I am a regular, and the staff is always pleasant, and though 'rochelle' does talk alot to other clients, at least she knows what she's doing and what's in the food. You whiners need to know that the food is what matters, and the food they have is AMAZING.

From: jms on Nov-09-2007
Since Jules� closed, I�ve returned to C�lestin and I�m surprised by the amount of products that they have. I really like the Royal and the lemon tarts. Occasionally the staff seems to be overwhelmed by all of the busyness, but I find them to be warm, knowledgeable and professional. This past Sunday, the caf�s menu sounded very good, but it was too busy for me to get a table. I guess I�ll have to reserve next time. JMS

From: Steph on Nov-26-2007
While I have to agree that the manager is a bit uppity, the rest of the staff is incredibly delightful!! This past Saturday, I went in to grab a dozen of croissants and was helped by two young dames. They guided me through the array of bread, both commenting on the breads with their personal tastes. Then they suggested cakes and croissants (apricot, almond, almond chocolate, lemon and apple turnovers), and i walked away truly happy! It is the only place that I will shop!

From: Peter B. on Apr-14-2008
I went in just last Saturday, and found everything I was looking for! The bakery was stocked with yummy goodies, and I definitely got my money's worth! The staff was extremely helpful and helped me pick and choose a vast selection of patisseries! When asked if everything was made on premises, the staff looked aghast and replied a relieving "of course, sir! We make everything here, and everything fresh!". This type of response is refreshing... why would I go somewhere to buy someone else's products? All in all, a great experience, and I shall most definitely return this upcoming weekend!

From: Mike W. on Jun-07-2008
Went by last week to the new larger bakery next door. Prices seem to have increased and the chocolate eclair I had wasn't that good. Service seems to have declined as well.

From: Robb V on Jun-08-2008
Love the new space! And no more disgruntled manager! It's unfortunate that the city hasnt granted them their permit yet, I would have loved to sit down, but good things come to those who wait! The olive bread with sundried tomatoes was out of this world, I have never tasted a bread as delicious before. I had a REAL cappuccino with my croissant, and felt like a king. Congrats to the team on their new location and successful new venture. -Robb V

Comments on store: Dave & Andy's Homemade Ice Cream
From: jada on Apr-12-2003
mmmmm....cinnamon ice cream in a waffle cone

From: Elizabeth on Oct-08-2003
Dave any Andy's are great. Their ice cream is very tasty and the sweet smell of homemade waffle cones oozes out into the street. You have to give it a try.

From: Vicki /X-Oakland Customer on Sep-06-2004
I work in Oakland and like to treat myself to an occasional Dave and Andy's delight. Good ice cream and yogurt. However, small dish, or cone has gone up in price in the past year from $1.75 to $2.00. Okay, milk prices have gone up too. However, I once got really slighted on my $2.00 dish of ice cream. I figured it was the server. Then on Friday, September 3, 2004, I was in for a $2.00 dish of yogurt and I could not believe the small amount I was given for the $2.00. It did not even amount to a full scoop in a dish. I told her, "I don't think so. I have been in here before and have gotten much more than that for my two dollars." She said something. I left. Now, is Dave and Andy getting stingy with their servings and I mean to tell you this was stingy. Your jaw would have dropped. Or, was the server a bit lacking with customer service skills and not about to dip more than she chose to? I don't think it's worth the trouble of going back in. Disappointed. :-(

From: Laura on Apr-09-2005
We used to live an hour north of Pittsburgh, and frequently drove down to the Oakland area to eat at an Indian restaurant just down the road from Dave & Andy's. The first time we went we saw Dave & Andy's, and ice cream sounded really good, so we stopped in. It became a tradition practically. The ice cream was excellent, and the waffle cone was out of this world. You walk in, and you can smell the waffles being made on the waffle irons. The service was good and speedy, given the line out the door, I was very impressed. We live near New York now, and I have yet found a place comparable to Dave & Andy's. Boy do we miss it.

From: Scott Seppi on Sep-03-2007
I would have to agree. I lived in Regent Square a mere 15 min from dave and andy's. This ice cream is the dankest ice cream in the world. You pay two dollars for a waffle cone with a m&m in the bottom.

Comments on store: Chocolate Arts
From: Joanna on May-23-2003
I have been to Chocolate Arts on several occasions and absolutely LOVE their chocolates! I have never been disappointed with anything I have tried. The fillings are creamy and rich, without being overly sweet or "gritty/grainy", as can be the case with less expensive chocolates. If you are looking to treat yourself then you have to try these choclates. In particular I recommend the Madagascar, Rhubarb and Lemon-basil truffles, and the Cleopatra and Romeo chocolates.

From: Leslie on Dec-02-2003
Excellent & unusual. Highest quality both of ingredients and imagination.

From: Susannah on Dec-16-2003
We had some corporate chocoates made by Chocolate Arts for a client event. We received extremely positive feedback not only on the presentation, but also on the quality and taste of the chocolates. I found the staff at Chocolate Arts not only professional, but also a pleasure to work with. Due to my timing I had to give them a tight deadline, which they met. I would highly recommend Chocolate Arts to anyone who requires a high quality product at an affordable price point.

From: Tani on Jan-26-2004
Chocolate Arts is one of Vancouver's gems. Having moved away from Vancouver last year, it's one of the places I miss visiting the most. It was my favorite place to go to treat my taste buds with something luxurious--from presentation to texture and flavor, they were my favorite.

From: Judith on Feb-14-2006
Simply the best in Vancouver. It certainly deserved a better rating

From: Margaret on Aug-23-2007
Chocolate Arts has amazing service, and the best chocolates ever. From the salted caramels to the truffles, everything is fresh and delicous. Love love love this store.

Comments on store: Ace Bakery
From: [email protected] on Mar-03-2003
This is the best bread(s) to be made in the Toronto area for 15 years!

From: Loucious on May-09-2003
Nobody makes a better baguette than Ace bakery.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
As good as any baguette that I've had in the city.

From: Tom on Feb-09-2004
Sadly, unless you buy the ACE baguette directly from their bakery or in a hotel, you will instead be subjected to the "par-baked" baguette... This is a cost cutting move on ACE's part, and unfortunately it is NOT the same baguette you used to enjoy. It only resembles the original baguette if cooked exactly according to ACE's instructions, but unfortunately this is not being followed half the time at the various par-bake locations (such as Loblaws). Par-bake is a great idea for towns outside of ACE's bakery delivery range, but for within Toronto, it is not. Maybe its great for ACE's profits, but not for the discriminating consumer! Check this link for ACE's own claims regarding its par-bake process.

From: ashwina on Nov-29-2012
I love the Ace Organic White Oval Bread, unfortunately I have a sulfite issue but can safely eat this bread BUT BEWARE of buying it at Longos or any supermartket where they are baking the par baked bread from ACE bakery, its not the same, they shrink the loaf in half size and you pay the same amount of money! Also does not taste fresh at all and has a weird taste. Wish they would just supply Fresh Baked Bread Toronto area, not hard to do. I am sure they would make more money and customers would enjoy their producss

From: [email protected] on Mar-09-2013
We discover your baguette at Loblav Montreal, we can tell you, that you produce the worst one in Canada. We suppose your bakers are former plasterers.... Congratulation for your "professionalism" !!!!!! Ivan.

Comments on store: Moonbean Coffee Company
From: carmen kendall on Mar-02-2003
I am inquiring whether you have someone working for your company by the name of Dwayne, he was visiting Halifax the weekend of feb 15 this year, I'm sorry I don't know his last name. I met him here that weekend and would like to get to meet him again. Could you please e mail me at [email protected]. I realize this is a long shot but I feel it's worth a try. Thank you

From: Rose Kelly on Nov-26-2004
The "morning buzz" coffee is the best! I have purchased for home use as well and have it everyday.

Comments on store: Altitude Baking
From: Amy Jones on Feb-11-2003
The tasty treats that you will find are all baked with pride, and love by the great girls that work there....... Keep up the good work.... I know this because I briefly Worked there....

From: Joanne on Apr-04-2003
Wonderful chocolate cake! Call well in advance. I'd rather get a birthday cake here than anywhere else.

From: AMANDA QUINTON on Apr-04-2003

From: Andrea on Jan-28-2005
Dennis has made cakes for my family for years...innovative, creative and always delicious !!

From: Madster on Jan-29-2005
Hello altitude bakery i was wondering if you have any part time jobs for students avablie

From: Michelle on Mar-22-2005
The most fantastic carrott cake! Also, a great chocolate cake with a lemon layer. Nice combination!

From: TC on Mar-23-2005
Altitude Baking is an absolutely fantastic bakery. It has something for all tastes: croissants, danishes, pies, tarts, muffins, cookies, and their speciality: cakes. Altitude Baking specializes in cakes, particularly cakes made to order. Everything is absolutely delicious.

From: Tamara martell on Feb-09-2006
I may only be sixteen, but I hope to one day become a pastry chef. I don't live far from this bakery, which may or may not be considered a good thing, and I must say that from what I have tried, the desserts are quite delicious. Especially the sourcream applepie. I give it three thumbs up!

From: Scott on Aug-19-2006
I've been frequenting Altitude for about 5 years and always come away from my visits a satisfied customer. Their cinnamon buns are simply the best in the East and you can buy them frozen for home-baking - the perfect Saturday morning treat when entertaining guests.

From: chris on Nov-26-2006
MMMM.............Yummy!!! Your lemon pie is deeelicious!!!

From: scarlett g. on Nov-29-2006
What a gem. I discovered this sweet place by chance and I will be frequenting it regularly now. Yummy yummy yummy :)

From: Jolena F. on Feb-21-2007
I happened to be in the area and chanced upon this bakery in the east end. I had a cinnamon roll (swooooon) and purchased a homemade meatpie. I think I'm hooked!

From: anita on Nov-25-2007
Their infamous 'french kiss' cookies (large and mini) are always soft, chewy and get rave reviews from friends and coworkers. The linzer bars and almondines are among my favorites, and i can always expect different flavours of muffins and tarts that you wouldnt find anywhere else!

From: Trish Murphy on Apr-04-2011
I ordered a coconut cream pie from Altitude Baking last week and it was FABULOUS! The shredded coconut was fresh, fresh, fresh and the rich cream was incredible. The pie is topped with wonderful whipped cream, toasted coconut and drizzled chocolate. A bargain at $ 20.00. I ordered the pie for my husband's birthday - it's his favourite dessert - my whole family was delighted! I'll order it again for sure! tm in Toronto

Comments on store: Cafe Lenotre
From: orly john on Aug-16-2006
before im working also in lenotre in QATAR never heard that you have also in bangkok.. any way good luck the team there...

Comments on store: Michel's Baguette
From: Melodie on Jul-23-2003
Went to the Baguette at Fairview Mall on Thursday June 12 for lunch. Have already filed a complaint to Baguette on Friday, June 13 with no response. Basically they got our order wrong, then the lunch counter woman proceeded to argue with us, insisting that we had ordered something else. Next she proceeded to discuss this with the cashier in another language so we could not understand what she was saying about us. The end result was that we did not get what we ordered and we paid additional money for each person for the meals as they were no longer considered the "specials" we had originally ordered. I complained to the manager who simply excused her employee by saying that it was loud in the store and therefore the employee could not hear me. I believe that if an employee cannot hear you, she should then ensure that she has your order right by reconfirming what she thinks you said.

From: Brian on Mar-10-2005
The Haz-Van Coffee was excellent!

From: YAZmin on Jul-20-2006
Tres Bien!!!! Can't get better than this! Your stomach will be happy after a visit to Michel's Baguette.

From: George B on Mar-13-2008
Yesterday, my 15 year old daughter and friend went shopping in Yorkdale. They were swarmed and beaten by a gang of teens. They broke lose and ran to Michel's Baguette to get help. They asked the manager to call security or police. The manager thought it was a prank and refused to call security. After all this, and receiving a back eye and 12 stitches over the right eye she will be left with physical and psychological scars. The reaction of this restaurant and its management should be looked at with a great deal of contempt.

From: angie on Mar-19-2010
I went to Michel's Baguette on march 19th, purchased an half of an 8''"cheese" cake, after i went home tasted the cake, there's absolutely no content of any cheese in there. Wayyy before this incident, i bought another blueberry "cheese" cake at the same location (fairview mall), and again, didnt taste even a single bit of cheese. I asked the cashier if they sell those tiny slice of cheese cakes as a whole cake, she tried to explain to me in her poor english and came back with the same type of blueberry "cheese" cake with no cheese content and trying to convince me that it's a cheese cake. I am so fed up with their definition of cheese cake, and the fact that their cashier's inability to communicate annoys me off even more.

Comments on store: � La Mode

Comments on store: Senses Bakery

Comments on store:

Comments on store: Teuscher

Comments on store:

Comments on store: Slim-Bo Modern Cuisine

Comments on store: Dessert Lady
From: Jenny on Aug-02-2005
Awesome cookies -- apricot biscottis are the best.

From: Sally on Aug-30-2005
I tried their candied ginger ice cream (recommended by the lady at the store) it was really good. I also brought the white chunck macadamia cookie - a bit too sweet for me, but I still like it. Also tried (well, they have this promotion that I get a free dessert if I purchase over $10!) their walnut short bread .....very yummy. I love it! and the best is the rice pudding with raisin. It's got a special creamy taste and it's not too sweet. I will definitely go back there. The price of their products are not very expensive, consider the location and neighborhood.

From: Mariette Gomez on Oct-27-2005
With the recent opening of Montreal Bakery Company in the Yorkville area, I hope you will continue to make beautiful and delicate desserts to match! Please have more seating area in the future!

From: Phil on Apr-19-2006
Awesome quality & service. Their cookies rock but they could make smaller ones too.

From: PNF - Fine Foods Boutique on Apr-28-2006
We carry Dessert Lady's biscottis and they're amazing...great quality and freshness. Best of luck in the future.

From: JT on Jul-18-2006
I loved their apricot & pistachio biscotti. They were so delicious! Also liked their white peach sorbet ~ an excellent treat in the hot summer afternoon. :) Keep up the good work.

From: Jennifer on Aug-24-2006
I love their new Freezini drink especially the "Pink Bikini"!!! Love the combinations! I also love the names of their drinks! Very unique!! Way to go!! Keep up the good and surprising work!

From: Stephanie on May-09-2007
Dessert Lady has become my go-to place for special occasion cakes. They do a terrific job and their prices are reasonable for the excellent quality. Don't feel restricted by their cake list either. When I last ordered from them, I told them the flavours the birthday boy enjoyed (chocolate and hazelnut). Nothing on the menu quite fit the bill so they happily created something new for me. I wish there were more birthdays so I would have reason to order cakes more often! Highly recommended.

From: Sara on Jun-12-2007
I love Dessert Lady! They have the most decadent Mango-Coconut mousse! Their ice creams are lovely too, especially the zingy candied ginger (my fave!) They even have chocolates, nice home-style apple pies, and french macaroons & langue du chat cookies too! And on top of all that the staff are super nice. If you've got a sweet tooth this is a very happy place indeed!

From: :Lisa Sousa on Dec-30-2011
The Dessert Lady is amazing. I love their cupcakes and strawberry shortcake.

Comments on store: Chocolate Messenger
From: peros on Apr-20-2003
Excellent truffles - Grand Marnier truffle especially recommended. 6 truffles cost $9.95 - they have great Easter eggs with truffles in them.

From: rick satriani on May-02-2003
I have discovered The Chocolate Messenger about one year ago. They do everything on the site. Their truffles are among the best in far.

From: Allie on Sep-11-2007
6 Truffles are now 11.95 but sooo good, the caramel and dark chocolate raspberrry ne are HIGHLY recomended!

From: Mitch P. on Oct-18-2007
Great chocolates and their truffles are excellent..especially the Pear William and the new "Garam Masala" exotic and so gooooood.

Comments on store: Healthy Spice

Comments on store: MarieBelle
From: Chris H. on Jan-14-2005
Beware ! Order MarieBelle items from their website at your own risk ! Despite a whopping $24 for two day shipping, the items I ordered Dec 21 for Christmas delivery didn't actually get delivered until Dec 30th. They made no efforts to contact me about the delay, in fact, repeated phone calls to their office were never returned. Customer Service at MarieBelle doesn't rate as "crappy", it is simply non-existant.

From: Gail on Feb-26-2005
I visited MarieBelle for the first time in January. The Aztec hot chocolat with a zing of chipotle is divine! The little "paintings" on their chocolate squares were a huge hit as a college care pack to my daughter in Canada! Try the Earl Gray and the Passion Fruit! Packaging is four-star--it's like getting a little blue kid-leather suitcase with chocolate brown trim. All well worth the price.

From: anon on Aug-21-2007
ordered each of the macaron and was dissapointed after the first bite to realize that they were very hard and stale. told the man behind the counter and he pulled out a box from behind and checked the others and told me that they were all the same. Did not have to pay for them but then again did not eat them either. Both the hot chocolates were were very nice although not mind blowing. The chocolat bark with the crisps is definatly the best thing on the menu. Try both the milk and the dark, excellent texture and great taste. worth a visit for the bark if in the area.

Comments on store:
From: Geoff on Oct-10-2006
I have visited Gelato Milano a few times this summer. The offer just keeps getting better and better. The gelato tastes as if it was flown in from Milano: absolutely the best. This is the real thing!!! The Tiramisu and Baccio are to die for! I recently noticed that they are now selling canoli and other Italian items like panetone and espresso coffee beans. I tried a canoli (along with a cappuccino) and it was just amazing!!! So much so, that I bought a dozen to take home. The ambiance of the whole offer makes me feel like I am in Milan. Bravo Gelato Milano!

From: Daniella on Oct-10-2006
Just spent an entire summer in Europe and fell in love with the ice-cream over there. Now back home for one month and a friend told me about a new Gelateria opened down the street. I feel I'm back in Italy. Absolutely the best gelato ever. My favourite flavours, pistachio, lemon, baccio and mango. Too many to mention. I go there at least 3 times a week and have referred almost everybody I know, Gelato Milano transports us to Italy each time. Friendly, family atmosphere with italian pastries and coffees to boot. Would highly recommend to anybody who loves ice-cream, you just don't know what your missing until you try GELATO!!!! Thanks and Good Luck. P.S. - The owners are cute!!!!

From: Antony on Feb-04-2007
I love the city and the different stores available especially this particular one "Gelato Milano." Reminiscent of my time spent in Italy -probably the best gelato I've ever tasted in North America. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves that european atmosphere and especially the gelato - can't get enough!!!! Friendly, very clean and Starbuck's has nothing on their coffee. Pure to it's italian roots. Thank you.

From: Laura Wilson on Aug-16-2007
Why???Where have you gone!!! Our family absolutely loved Milano Gelato but when we tried to go for our favorite treat on Tuesday Aug 15th instead of the "Open" sign we saw a "For Rent" sign in the window. We are going to miss you very much.

Comments on store: Shay Gourmet
From: Margaret on Feb-11-2003
The closing of this store has created a vaccuum in the Yonge-Davisville area re: good places to get great food. The organic meat counter was a wonderful place for organically grown chickens and antibiotic-free beef. If this store re-opens somewhere in TOronto I hope the details get posted!

Comments on store: Golden Wheat Bakery & Pastry
From: Christine on Nov-30-2004
Isn't Golden Wheat a Portugese bakery???

From: Matthew on May-22-2006
Awsome Portuguese Cafe. Great lattes and tostamistas. In house bakery is wonderful.

From: Fabiana on Sep-22-2007
Goden Wheat is portuguese bakery, i worked there in 2004, and I just have something to tell> It's amazing

From: Carla on Jan-04-2009
The Golden Wheat... hmmm.. the pastries are delicious, the people are kindly, it's the best!

From: Vicky on Apr-27-2010
I am a Brazilian woman living in Toronto for 5 yrs. Today I saw on SUN TV a program about your bakery and I have to tell you, I will go There very soon to eat all the good pastries I used to eat in Brazil. Your place looks great......a place to spend a few hours eating and having a good time with my friends. Congrats!!!!!! Vicky

From: Vicky on Jun-13-2010
I went there and I didn't know what to eat first.....They are very kind and frendly and the place is clean and confortable. Lets go again!!!!!!

From: Michelle on Sep-29-2011
I order cakes from Golden Wheat for my children's birthday parties and once for my daughter's baptism and they did an amazing job. The cake decorations are very good and the cake is always fresh and yummy!! Also, their prices are very reasonable and they are very friendly.

Comments on store:

Comments on store: La Brioche
From: NY on Nov-03-2012
fIzZrK A big thank you for your blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.

From: Lemzeplebew on Jan-10-2013
When you consider the purpose of your message appreciate, not just in relation to its an enchanting partnership together with one more, however being a sense that's engendered when you've got miltchmonkey an improved marriage with yourself too ( blank ) or perhaps as the a feeling of larger unity family members as well as man -- it then develops into even more clear that each one everyone is looking to get in everyday life is certainly really like.

Comments on store: La Fromagerie
From: Karen MacKenna on Apr-05-2006
A very unfriendly addition to the neighbourhood. Good cheeses but not worth the snobbery and the price.

From: Michele on May-30-2006
This is a great little place that has amazing cheese and very knowledgeable and personable staff. I always let Hazel help me in my selection, she always gives me something new and wonderful to try. It's not cheap, but it's worth it if you enjoy unique, high quality cheese.

From: Paula on Jun-28-2006
Ask the proprietress what she recommends because she seems to have new and different stuff every time. Always a line up on the weekends, but worth the wait. Also good: the raisin pastries and jarred duck from Quebec. My mother-in-law can't get enough of the martini olives.

From: Stew on Jul-19-2006
Great place to find Quebec cheeses but Yummy Baguette has posted the wrong phone number on this site. Please change it.

From: Boo on Aug-18-2006
The discomfort the proprietress stirs within me combined with the ridiculous prices (1.75 for a shriveled little croissant?) make this place a no-go.

From: complicitytheory on Oct-05-2006
This place is absolutely amazing. I travel far and wide for good cheese, but I've always found the ones at the kensington and st lawrence markets just not good enough. La Fromagerie is pretty close to my house, 30 min walk there and back, and I walk past a number of cheese stores to get there, but I'd go twice as far. They know their cheese. They have real cheese. The cheese is amazing, AND the people working there are really friendly and community minded. it is like being in a real cheese stall in a market in provence, which is also a great place to get cheese, but my english is better than my french.

From: Fiona on Apr-06-2007
I've been trying out various cheese places in Toronto, trying to learn a bit more about cheese and develop my palette. I had high hopes for La Fromagerie. The person who waited on me today successfully made me feel like a complete loser and slimeball, even though I spent $40. Was there some sort of secret handshake I was supposed to extend when I went in? She first ignored me, then barely met my eye, and finally rushed me through the purchases (even though there was no one in the store besides us), and--worst of all--could not have been more condescending towards me and my questions concerning unfamiliar cheeses. It was so bad I asked her if I should come back another time, and she just stared at me like I was a crazy person. Yes, it's an expensive store. But if the service was any good at all, I would have been a repeat customer. Instead, I am recovering from a shame spiral. Who knew buying some cheese could have such toxic consequences? I recommend other independent shops for cheese in Toronto--although you'd never know if from the shoddy way in which the staff treats its customers, there are many other options in town. It's interesting to read the other reviews here and realize it wasn't just me; others apparently have had the same unfortunate experience. PS: yes, please change the phone number--it is not correct.

From: Sandra on May-19-2007
There are cheese shops with wider selections, but I find the smaller range here lets you focus in on the things you are really going to enjoy - and the bread they carry is lovely. I've made some real finds here.

From: Kris on Jun-25-2007
So sad, but true. The woman who works at the Fromagerie is almost always unpleasant to deal with. I live just down the street from this lovely shop, and spend quite a bit of money there on a regular basis. I find it hard to understand why she is always in such a rush. With the exception of a Saturday morning 'croissant rush', I'm ususally the only customer there. On my first visit, I was quite excited to learn more about her product since I had just returned from a 2 week vacation in France. I felt like a complete idiot when she looked at me like I was crazy to ask any questions about the French cheeses. I don't understand why people open up small businesses if they don't like customer service. I have to wonder if she has ever experienced 'la joie de vivre' in France. Shop keepers there are lovely to deal with and they LOVE to talk. I keep going there because it's close to my house, but the owners really need to do something about their customer service - it's TERRIBLE.

From: Robert on Jul-25-2007
For those who have had a negative shopping experience, please feel free to contact me directly and address your concerns. As a relatively new business there are obstacles and stresses that need to be addressed, and we are open to constructive criticism. I feel that the overall reception has been extremely encouraging and that la Fromagerie is a welcome asset to the neighborhood. Robert Burns Proprietor [email protected]

From: Amy on Sep-25-2007
Well i went to La Fromagerie this past Saturday and didn't encounter any of the rude service that others have described. The young guy behind the counter was extremely nice and polite, offering small samples of the various cheeses. As for the prices, what do you expect? Good cheese is not cheap, if you want that, Dominion is down the street.

From: Lisa on Mar-19-2008
I have had similar bad experiences but it has only been with the woman who works there (or perhaps co-owns the place). I don't feel comfortable going in when she is there. I have also been made to feel like an annoying idiot simply for wanting to learn more about their Quebec cheeses. At least I now know that it's not just me. It's such a shame because I was initially very excited about the place and they have an excellent selection. Hopefully it will become a more comfortable and friendly place to sample and learn about unique cheeses. Fortunately, the young man who works there sometimes is very nice. I think I will try to go when he's there.

From: anonymous on Jun-11-2008
I am a regular at la fromagerie, finding it after having been to every other cheese shop in toronto. Though I'm not an expert, I buy a lot of cheese when in france, and I love to buy it directly from the shepherds where possible. I have to say that La Fromagerie is often better than what I can find in a good market in Provence. And while yes, the staff isn't what you'd expect at MacDonalds they are efficient, professional and knowledgeable, something I prefer to eager ignorant smiles.

From: gia on Nov-23-2008
i think there has been a shift in management. i have not seen hazel there in months. robert is always there to help me choose my cheeses, as are some other girls who are very nice

Comments on store: Gelato Fresco
From: Leticia Siasat on Jan-25-2004
In my opinion, Gelato Fresco is the original. Others try to replicate just what they have dicovered. From the fruit based to the sinfully creamy, you will not be disappointed. I've been working at an establishment that has been making their clients happy for years because the food is amazing and our desserts include several selections from Gelato Fresco. The favourites being: Chocolate Raspberry Tartufo; Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Tartufo; Mango Gelato; Raspberry Gelato; Hazelnut Gelato and of course, Devil's Chocolate Gelato. You must try all of them. If Teuscher is the true undisputed champion of chocolate, then Gelato Fresco is definitely that of ice creams. Sincerely, Leticia Siasat

From: iceyhotcake on Mar-14-2007
TO: Gelato Fresco Manager (in toronto,ontario) Good day! its been 8 months since my husband starts working in your company,how come he's not having any benefits from you??? God have mercy!!! The Icecream is Good but we need cash....LOL!

From: bilton on Apr-08-2010
I visit gelato afew time andit looks likethey always have party i wonder what kind a manager is there the laughing and the squealing this is no joke you posted a haccap paper but is it truly what they say when i say several times i was tempted to as for the boss but then i say what the hey let others find out for themselves

From: Scott on Oct-14-2010
Went there on a friend's recommendation that I needed to try the fresh pumpkin (seasonal flavour). It's a factory outlet so when you wander in the front door you're coming to a very informal reception area. I mentioned I was there to buy ice cream and I followed a lady through the office to a side room that looked seldom used and fairly disorganized. We went over to a chest freezer, she opened up the lid, and there were about 6-8 flavours to choose from, all in pint size (500ml) for $5. I grabbed a couple of pumpkin and as I was making my way out I noticed another freezer (more like one you'd find in a convenience store with the glass lid that slides) that was marked clearance. Those ones were $3 and just had a sticker on the top instead of a properly labeled lids. The lady informed me that those were flavours that weren't officially out. I found Lindt 70% and Citrus Ice Cream too tempting so I grabbed them. Fresh Pumpkin is amazing. Very smooth, very flavourful, with a nice blend of spices. Lindt 70% is a very tasty dark chocolate (nice change), and Citrus (orange and lemon peels) was not as bursting with flavour but still very good. I settled up in cash (no tax). I found the staff is very friendly (emailed me a list of places I could find their products in). Remember it's takeout only, and don't be thrown off from the very non-retail experience.

From: angie on May-02-2011
I have been buying sicilian lemon for years abd it was very refreshing recently i bought a pail of sicilian lemon and the taste is different it not very tasty and it taste of more watery i am just wondering if the recipe change if so i like the old one better

Comments on store: Neuhaus
From: Lisa Torre on Jul-25-2003
I believe you have been misinformed. Neuhaus has several locations in NYC. The information on this site is a combination of 2 of the current locations. Neuhaus 922 Madison Avenue 2151 Broadway Between 73rd & 74th or Between 75th & 76th 212-861-2800 212-712-2112 *There are also locations in Saks Fifth Avenue (8th fl) and in the Grand Central Station Terminal

From: LisaTorre on Jul-25-2003
Neuhaus locations at: 922 Madison Avenue 212-861-2800 and 2151 Broadway 212-712-2112

From: R J Patton on Mar-18-2009
These are very fine, expensive Belgian chocolates. Better than Begium made Godiva (much better than US made Godiva). But to my taste they are a bit too sweet, and I personally much prefer Teuscher. Try them both and decide which you like better.

Comments on store: Harvest Wagon
From: Bailey on Oct-29-2003
I never have to worry about freshness or quality when buying produce here... very reliable... worth the few extra cents... good service.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Produce of the Rich and Time-constrained.

From: Shauna on Feb-13-2006
I have never experienced such terrible service in my entire life!! I recently went into Harvest Wagon on Yonge Street to pick up a few fruits and vegetables for dinner and was shocked to see the two young cashiers shouting, laughing, carrying on like infants and showing complete disrespect to the patrons in the store. I have never been so angered and insulted while shopping for produce in my life. Considering that this is the most expensive fruits and vegetable market I have ever shopped in, one would imagine that the owners would be able to afford staff who have half a brain. I will never set foot in this store again!!

From: Dini on Aug-03-2006
Buyer beware! You are about to experience the worst service in your entire life...that's unless you like to be completely ignored while standing at the cash...while the older unfrienly woman cashier tends to something way more important, a personal phone call. All this terrible service in preparation to spend a whole lot of money for nothing special. Not to mention the WORST biscotti EVER. They were so stale and disgusting...they were probably there for weeks. I had to throw all of them out. If its just out of convenience that people shop at the store on Eglinton and Chaplin....I would rather drive someplace far far away.

From: Lee on Oct-25-2006
Harvest Wagon on Yonge = The BEST produce ever

From: Katie on Nov-08-2006
the fruits and vegtables at the harvest wagon on Eglinton are simply the best that i have had. The staff are very helpfull from picking the perfect melons to helping you with your bags to your car. The cashiers are always friendly and greet you with a smile..

From: anonymous on Nov-08-2006
the hottest staff in canada is in harvest wagon this tiny grocery store you will find three volumptous exotic beauty with short hair and dazling eyes...and one asian doll with adorable green hard as it is for me to say(im not Gay) the guys that work there are are just as atractive. with their friendly smiles it makes grocery shopping more enjoyable.

From: Talisker on Mar-04-2007
Loved it -- had exactly what I was looking for and more besides.

From: trevor on Feb-04-2008
harvest wagon is fresh obsessed not dominions.... both stores are great but i find that the eglinton location has better quality

From: Robert on Nov-21-2008
I live jus around the corner from their Yonge Street store. I find their staff have a blase attitude and seem to take the clientele for granted. The quality of their produce is good but the prices are exorbitant. Just bought a pomegranate at No Frills a few days ago for $0.99. It was delicious. Loblaws is selling them for $2.50 each and Harvest Wagon for $5.00! I guess they realize their clientele (mostly the Rosedale set) is entirely price-insensitive and they take advantage of that.

From: Roz on Dec-05-2008
For those of you who don't understand the quality and service we get from shopping at Harvest Wagon may think we're paying too much, but in actual fact we pay for what we get. The owners of both stores are up very early in the morning to pick and choose the freshest and best produce out there. I don't throw anything out, I mean everything is so fresh and the staff is very helpful in choosing the right fruits for any customer needs. They don't try to sell you things that have no flavour, just walking in the door makes you want to eat everything in sight. You have to visit them and see for yourself. I live in the Forest Hill area and I shop at both locations. You cannot compare "Harvest Wagon" to "No Frills" . The owners of Harvest Wagon buy fresh everyday...and I know it because I see their truck unloading everymorning and you can see for yourself in their display. I would much rather spend $5.00 on a pomegranite from them then a 0.99 from who knows when and where.

From: Preppy Cuisine on Mar-18-2009
They are pricy but the quality and selection can't be beat. The produce is perfect, you don't need to sort through dreck, it tastes superb, and it lasts much longer than what you get from a regular grocer. Lots of hard or impossible to find produce and staples are comparatively priced to big chains. Fresh shelled peas are great for so many recipes and make for amazing salads, something you can't do with frozen ones. Not advisable to feed a family of 4+ unless you're on a Bay Street salary but great for 1 or 2 people or special occasions. Staff's attitude is understandable when you see many of the "interesting" customers they deal with and the size of the store. They do a hard job well for a very demanding clientele.

From: Top Notch Produce! on Jun-08-2009
Harvest Wagon is by far the greatest produce store, not just within Toronto but I'd say Canada too! The vegetables are just superior to everything else I have ever tried, so fresh and flavourful! The Owner is also charming as well as the entire staff which consists of multiple cute and delightful ladies. The fruits are the greatest, they have the widest variety of fruits and they make you want to eat them as soon as you walk in. Everything is presented so beautifully. GREAT JOB HARVEST WAGON!

From: FRESH on Nov-07-2009
I can't wait for Harvest Wagon to open up in it's old spot (it's soon to be new home). I was talking to Danny about the different packaging and lettuce displays but he assured me that there is no choice and that this set up is only for this temporary store. The space is too small to fit everything out at one level so they had to use different methods to run the business. But everything looks so colourful, fresh and inviting no matter how tight the space is. When you walk in those doors there is not one empty space. Picture this, you are walking into a painting that is alive. Harvest Wagon does a great job at hiding the cold and plain looking temp. store. I feel like I am in some mercato somewhere in Europe, and especially their fresh flowers right when you walk in, ah it just makes me feel special to shop in their store. I always loved them for their originality. Their displays are gorgeous, inside and out, although I have to say that I haven't seen so many flowers and plants outside this fall. Anyways, I love shopping there and will continue to do so, as long as there is parking.

From: smile for a mile on Jan-26-2011
great looking store on yonge produce never looked better, staff the goldlen boys are still around the new..?????? just keep the wagon the wagon and don't turn the big box way,, ps the prepared food is great ... as the italians say a mouth of the wolf.... love it

Comments on store: Alex Farm Products
From: LRR on Feb-16-2003
Don't forget the other outlets - Chester/Danforth, Yonge/Eglinton to name two. The knowledgeable staff are also friendly - very rare!

From: David Jennings on Aug-10-2003
I have been a loyal client of Alex Farms for over two years, I have always found the staff to be very pleasant and helpful. However, recently my family from overseas were visiting Toronto and they wanted cheese, so I took them to Alex cheese farms. This day was the worst experience I had at Alex farms, Apparently someone claiming to be the owner was working there on that day, my mother in law asked her some questions, she was very rude and spoke to us in a very condecending manner giving us the impression that she did not care to have us in her store, nor answer our questions. Off course I would never shop there anymore and even though their products are very good, the person claiming to be the owner lacked good character and doesn't deserve peoples business.

From: %$HJHDJFHSDKFHDS on Dec-11-2003

From: Karen Schilling on Sep-03-2004
If you are looking for quality products, with amazing service. This is where to go. Their cheese is to die for, pasta amazing, and bread is killer. I go to the location at Bayview, and they make you feel special, by remembering what preferences you like, only after 2 or 3 visits. I have had friends who have moved away, and when they come back, they specifically ask for my famous meal. All with Alex Farm Products!!

From: Mike S. on Oct-15-2005
I go to the Alex Farm store at Humbertown plaza located @ 270 The kingsway . They have great service and the quality products were all used to when shopping at an Alex Farm Store. They have an excellent selection of cheeses, oils, vinegers, crackers, etc. at really competitive prices. Anyone who hasnt visited this new location should definately check it out , you wont be disappointed!

From: Marli on Nov-02-2006
I've used Alex Cheese numerous times, I usually frequent the Danforth Ave. Store, but I've also been to the St. Lawrence Market and Beach location. The selection and prices are fantastic but beware of over-ripe, past the sell by date cheeses, check the date and smell or taste the cheese before you buy, don't wait until you get home (like me!). I like to buy more obscure cheeses and this is where I've had the problem. But I've never had a problem with their more conventional cheeses.

From: Steve on Dec-28-2006
I love the services and products that alex farm provides.I often go to the store near the beach on queens and woodbine.I recommand people to check it out, their smiles and friendly enviorment is what i love the most, so as their products and prices.

Comments on store: Zane Patisserie Boulangerie

Comments on store: Dutch Dreams
From: [email protected] on Apr-22-2003
Love "DUTCH DREAMS" if you need more art Theo, email me or call (416)698-2833, we live near the Beaches now. Will be in for ice cream soon! *CAROLE*

From: MAYPOLE DAIRY COMPANY on May-29-2003

From: Kevin on Jun-30-2003
best ice-cream I ever had!!!! Wonderful!!!

From: Linda Saslove on Jul-20-2003
My friend Carole who did amazing art work for your dreamy store sent me to you. I almost flipped. My fave dessert is icecream. I just recently got Stoney Creek. It was really good. Strawberry was the one I tried. In Ottawa, I used to get Cows in the Market or Lois and Frima's - fave flavour was coconut. Laura secord used to have a great pina colada but stopped making it. Greg's is okay. But yours is outstanding. Nothing like it on earth. The best by far. I sampled black cherry with huge cherries, strawberry, pina colada, expresso, banana. Couldn't make up my mind. Finally bought 1/2 litre of banana and pina colada. But honestly, the others are fabulous. Going back for more. The store is so cute, can't wait to take friends there. Can't wait to try baked alaska, sundaes, everything. All the best. xoxoLinda

From: mwhahahah on Jul-23-2003
Nice clean floors as usual

From: Joanna on Jul-23-2003
Nice, happy staff

From: Jill Dawson on Jul-23-2003
The more you tip the more ice cream you shall recieve at that joint

From: john wayne on Dec-31-2003
the ice creams are not sealtest & you'll find out that its their parlor premium line!

From: Becky Halsworth on Jun-09-2004
I was disappointed with this ice cream. I had the cherry cheesecake which tasted synthetic and the mint chocolate which tasted a bit like soap... not very good at all...

From: Heather on Jun-22-2004
hi, just wondering if you have Cake Batter flavour ice cream, i just came back from new york where i tried it for the first time and it was the best ice cream i've ever had!! thanks.

From: j. Smit on Nov-15-2004
During the summer of 2003- I had taken a friend to the store for ice cream. Being of Dutch descent I loved (note the past tense!)taking my friends there so I can show off some Dutch items, that I grew up with. While there I usually pick up some treats for my self and my parents that we can't get in any store. Example: Choc. sprinkle-the best on toast! King Mints, and white sugar powder that tastes like licorice- again GREAT ON TOAST! Upon arriving home- and tasting this white sugar powder that tastes like licorice(it is normally the consistancy of icing sugar in your mouth)it didn't have that same feeling- it was more crystallized- abit like white sugar. Upon reading the box- the BEST BEFORE DATE: 09/1999. the stuff had actually expired 4 years befoe I actually bought it. I phoned the store ( I live an hour east of Toronto-not worth a specific trip in!) and I spoke to an employee and explained this situation- I asked her to have the manager call me when they came in. They didn't, but the employee did and told me there was nothing they would do as they could not prove that I bought the product there. A little ridiculous, do they think that I may have had this in my cupboard for years and that I am going through this to get my $3.00 back. For the most part I wanted to tell them so they would take it off the shelves so nobody else buys it and second_ I thought the may say thank you and we will keep your name on file- so the next time you are in-we will reimburse you or something to that effect.. Instead I am made to feel like a "sugar con artist " or soemthing like that. I just came upon this website and to this day (Nov.15) it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth- I have never gone back even though I frequent the area at least 1x per week. I am glad I could share it! It makes me wonderif these owners are really Dutch!!!!!!!!!!! You know what hey say- "If you ain't Dutch-You ain't much!"

From: Victoria on Nov-26-2004
Never got a good feeling from the place. The product is lousy, unless you're impressed by a few stale doodads thrown on an icecream cone. Stick with Greg's.

From: Stephanie on Jan-12-2005
I absolutely loved this ice cream!The flavours were so unique and delicious. The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff are amazing. The person who served me was so helpful and kind, she didnt get upset when i asked to try some flavours and she made my ice cream look really pretty! THANKS! Since then Ive returned and I brought my boyfriend, he was impressed! We ordered a dutch pancake which tasted really good and had all the toppings on it. Ive read some of the other comments on this page and I just wanted to addree the lady who wrote about the expired licorice. I am a fan of the dutch candies and syrop waffles as well and I know the owners and they are very kind and freindly people. Im sure that if you told them they sold u expired merchandise they would apologise profusely and replace it! Anyways its a great place so be sure to try it out! Vaughan road and st clair!!

From: CC on Jan-07-2006
Dutch dreams has by far the best ice cream and frozen Yogurt in Toronto. I am originally from a small town and when I first moved to Toronto over 5 years ago I stepped foot in Dutch dreams for the first time. I couldn't believe my eyes. The atmosphere alone is something to see. It's like you've stepped out of reality, and onto a movie set. So many unique items are avaliable that it's hard to decide what you want, but trust me on one thing... You will I guarantee remain a faithful customer of Dutch dreams from the first time you step foot in that door. I have been a customer there for over 5 years, and am known on a first name basis there! I guess not something I should be totally proud of I guess, but at the same time I always think if I am going for ice cream I want it to be the best. At dutch dreams everything is huge and laced with fresh fruits, whipped cream, sprinkles and lots of other toppings. They also do birthday cakes and I have to say they are an amazing site! The staff should be commended for the work they do. They serve so many to perfection every day and night. The owners are really nice people and they are why Dutch Dreams is what it is today. Thanks Theo jr and SR and Dina!!!! CC

From: Theo Aben on Jan-07-2006
To Mr. J. Smit, I want you to know that I am extremly sorry about the product that we at Dutch Dreams served you. I was the one that spoke to you regarding your cicumstance and later went ot look at eh product that we served. Just so you know the product we served you was not expired. The company that supplies the Anis product to us puts the date of packaging on the box not the expiration. Please come into the store and we will reimburse you for the product and make it up to you. Thanks for your understanding, Theo Aben

From: sarah on Jun-21-2006
went there this afternoon its an awesome place i can't believe i never knew about it!

From: CC on Jun-26-2006
To Heather: You asked about a cake batter flavored ice cream. They have a really delicious flavour that is called birthday cake. That should be what you looking for try that.

From: CC on Jun-26-2006
visit the dutch dreams website at!!!

From: C,J&T on Jul-08-2006
Best Ice Cream in the WORLD!!!!

From: Bad ice Cream on May-08-2007
I had the worst ice cream experience of my life on May 8th 2007 at Dutch Dreams in Toronto. Not only was the service terrible but when I did finally get my cone the girl at the counter tipped it on me covering me from head to toe. No offer to help me clean up was made. I paid 6 dollars plus for my cone and left. I took of few licks of some freezer burned ice cream and walked home unsatisfied.

From: Josh on Jun-14-2007
I get off on Dutch Dreams...hehe hahah ho ho

From: Tunde from Hungary on Jul-03-2007
I used to live in the Vaughan road. With my boyfriend we used to go sometimes to the Dutch Dreams. We loved it, and we miss so much.

From: bheret on Jul-15-2007
this is such i nice store i used to go there a lot... now im in veenzuela and i miss the icecream from there it was the best!

From: maine girl on Aug-12-2007
Coming from a very small town, Dutch Dreams felt like a small town ice cream shop in the middle of a huge city. It's friendly workers and its eclectic decor made visiting a blast. My suggestion - Save some room and go for the two-scoop waffle cone.

From: upset costomer on Sep-26-2007
Although I agree that Dutch Dreams is the best in home made ice cream, I would consider the staff selection to be revised. I had asked my mother to order a birthday cake a few weeks ago and being the 3rd cake we ordered this summer I was quite confident it would be a hit like the rest. My mom placed the order with the store owner and left the $40 with the owner. On the day of the pickup when I asked for my cake the few kids behind the counter looked at me as if I were crazy. When I told them I had ordered cake days before they looked around as if stalling for time. Close to half an hour later after being on the phone (again stalling) one of the staff approaches me and tells me theres been a mix-up and that my cake was given to the wrong person and they had mixed orders, I than asked for them to give me the cake from the other order they had, they told me there was no other cake. Evidently the staff neglected to make a cake and was trying to cover up their mistakes. When I asked where the owner was they told me he was on vacation. Rather briskly, they told me all that could be done was to give me my money back. I agreed and took the $40. In the end I arrived to the surprise party late with a small last minute cake from lablaws in hand.

From: Brian on Oct-27-2007
It made me feel like I was living on a dream. A dutch dream. If I closed my eyes whilst eating the banana split from the highest level of heaven, I could hear the music of flutes calling from the sweet hereafter, as though beckoning me home. You must go!

From: serious_eater on Oct-31-2007
ice cream is great and the decor is very psychedelic coolio but the place could use a cleaning. floortiles stick to your feet and the last time i was there this summer, a few of the floor tiles wanted to leave with me on the bottom of my sneakers.

From: katierose555 on Dec-14-2007
absolutely delicious, i took some of my friends there and we all agreed it was absolutely heavenly!

From: monica on Mar-02-2010
I dont think that Dutch Dream has the same owner anymore. I love the Jamaican Grapenut flavour. I am living outside of Canada now, and I plan to go visit Dutch Dream when I visit Toronto in May 2010. I hope that they will be open the day of my visit

From: Dina Aben on Jul-21-2011
Thank you to everyone that has written such wonderful things !! I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still the same owners of Dutch Dreams for the last 27 years!! Thank you Dutch Dreams

Comments on store: Queen of Tarts
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Very good tarts and quiches. My favorites are the goat cheese quiches and the chocolate raspberry tart.

From: dominadella on Mar-24-2003
The Queen of YUMMYTREATS inda city.The ONLY place in Tdot where I RETURN for the TARTS.Favorites are:Butter Pecan/Lemon/Lime.Gotta have at least one of each.Enuf ta share....but who wants to?!?Great cookies/biscuits/bagels...mouth watering.....also savoury treats & much better than a candy store though you may very well find candy as well...FORGET ABOUT THE DIET AS ITZ ALL GOOD!

From: Loucious on May-08-2003
Awesome desserts, especially anything with chocolate. I'd rather keep this a secret but, the bittersweet tart is out of this world.

From: Anne on Apr-02-2004
I love your sex in the city gingerbreads! great idea

From: shelley barnett on Nov-13-2004
I don't know if it was my mood or the server (or maybe she is the owner) but I went in to the Queen of Tarts to buy some Bride & Groom gingerbread men. There were not that many brides left so I bought 5 "couples"all plus some others. The server was nice enough to tell me that one of the brides didn't look so good, so I put that one back and grabbed the last bride. I am wearing a leather jacket with zippers up the side and rings on the end. My ring clanged on the metal container. The server said "don't throw the ginger bread down like that" I let it go, because why start an argument? She rang up my order (over 60.00) and then looked at me and said "Be careful, these can break". I told her "I know that they can break and don't give me a lecture". She said she isn't giving a lecture but because I "threw" done the other gingerbread man I must not be aware and it was only advise. I said it was good advise if the customer was 15 years old but I am almost 50 years old and quite aware of breakage and I also informed her it was the ring on my jacket that hit the metal container and I didn't throw the gingerbread man back in. She said if you don't want to buy them then that's okay with her. Well, I had already walked up to get them so I still purchased. I am now at home and thinking, I shouldn't have purchased because at the end of the day I am the customer. I work for American Express long enough to know you treat the customer with respect. If she owns the store, don't worry I will not be back - I will buy the rest of the goodies for the wedding at another bakery, and if she is not the owner the owner should know what he/she has hired. Thank you for hearing me out. Thank her for ruining a fun moment, buying funny gingerbread men for my son's wedding next week Shelley Barnett

From: Eleonor & Thomas on May-22-2005
My son and I travelled to the Queen of Tarts on one most auspicious Tuesday morning to buy my husband a giant birthday tart. We love to buy tarts when we're in Roncesvalles, so as a surprise we wanted him to have one for his special day. I had my baby in the stroller and couldn't hold the tart and push the stroller at the same time. The wonderful lady with skin as chocolatey as the most chocolate of tarts tied a long string around the box so that I could carry it and push my son's stroller. How nice. The tart was a huge hit and my husband was very impressed. We often buy cakes for birthdays - but from now on only the queen of tarts will be on our birthday lists (even though we frown upon the monarchy system). Thanks Queen of Tarts for a tantalizing, mouthwatering experience.

From: quevin on Feb-03-2006
I was excited about this place until I actually went in. Crap service and a very mediocre product.

From: mx on May-11-2006
To counter quevin's experience, mine was diametrically opposed. The service I had was extremely friendly and helpful. I bought two mini tarts: a Mexican chocolate and a banana cream, which I shared with friends. The Mexican chocolate had a fiery hint of red pepper, which was unexpected but shouldn�t have been, given the name. I haven�t had this pairing since a hot chocolate tasting in Edinburgh two years ago, and I love it. The banana cream was the lightest of creams and paired quite nicely with the Mexican chocolate, as it turned out. I am eager to go back and try more of the many varieties they offer.

From: Dev on Dec-25-2006
Sorry, but I have to agree with quevin. I found the baked goods very pedestrian and toally over rated for all the hype this place has received. I also found the service very poor. Too much attitude. Ths is a bakery - not the most intellectual endeavour in life!

From: roncess_girl on May-21-2007
I'm inclined to believe the negative comments about the "attitude" at this place, having known the owner, Stephanie Pick (friend of a friend) a few years ago. It was probably The Queen of Attitude herself behind the counter. Even when serving up her own fluffy creations, it's impossible for her to lighten up. Does one need a PhD to bake tarts? I think not.

From: Martin/Denise on Jun-04-2007
I start the morning with a genuine espresso from our genuine Saeco Italian coffee maker. It's enjoyment is enhanced 250% when soaking in a Q of T biscotti. While they're all delicious the ginger laden one is my favourite. That's the "pedestrian" side of the Queen's plethora of delights. Now on more formal or celebratory occasions indulge in the chocolate raspberry delights and the other visual; direct- to- the- gustatory senses" pleasures and indeed the Queen does live up to her billing. Cuisine is an ongoing and emerging art expression and this bakery combines it all; maybe a Ph.D isn't required but a sense of flavour, taste and artistry enhances the pleasure of the table.

From: Mary on Jun-04-2007
Amazing how people have time to write unpleasant comments after one visit! I have always found the staff at "The Queen" to be helpful, informative ( even offering baking tips to use at home)and always polite. The tarts are premium quality and never fail to impress guests, many of whom wish there were a Queen of Tarts in their neighbourhood. I love the sense of humour evident in the theme and "personality' gingerbread cookies. Long live the Queen!

From: sochow on Jun-05-2007
I�d like to stick my oar in on this thread, to say that I have been a regular customer of the Queen of Tarts since it opened. My experience has invariably been extremely good: the quality of the pastries is exceptional, the products original, and the staff friendly and helpful. I am regularly greeted with a smile and willing assistance. Perhaps this one experience may have been the result of a bad day � for both people involved maybe? Good thing the proverbial spoonful of sugar � my latest favourite fix is the turtle tart - is so sweet. It�s a well known fact that satisfied customers rarely take the time to put pen to paper, so thought this thread needed to be balanced by a regular with a positive experience. Roncesvalles Village is lucky to have such a wonderful pastry shop.

From: Anneli T. Crocker on Jul-19-2007
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - YUM! YUM! - Our daughters who reside in Toronto sent their Dad for his upcoming 65th Birthday, one of the gingerbread/cake cookies along with the gingerbread letters spelling Dad - he has not eaten his as yet, however, the girls sent myself a "Martha" gingerbread cookie and I have eaten mine - the decorating is incredibly unique - very delicious. They also sent "the Naughty Nurse" to our son's girlfriend and for their brother who is a firefighter, the firefighter cookie, I have yet to have feedback from them! The cookies travelled very well, being intact on arrival today! THANK YOU!

From: uhwvelp jgifqrul on Nov-16-2007
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From: Laur on Apr-23-2008
What an incredible place! not only are their products DELECTABLE, but the employees there are a truly wonderful bunch! My uncle was at Queen of Tarts the other day, looking for some desserts for a big family get-together. When he came home, he told me how an incredibly kind girl named Rena had very patiently helped him pick out all the tarts for his dinner party! It is the wonderful employees like these that make a customer want to keep on coming back! And of course, the desserts were a huge hit at the party. Well done Queen of Tarts!

From: Katherine on Jun-05-2008
I live in the nieghbourhood and visit the store quite often . The tarts are gorgeous & tastey and the biscotti are quite good. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. If I see the owner at the desk, I keep going...... She is never friendly. BTW the cakes are really dry and lack flavour.

From: Mel Tay on Oct-07-2008
I want to love this place, I really do. It's charmingly decorated, spotless and the products are creative and fun. But I'm always dismayed by the owner's lack of 'sympatico' - when I've asked for recommendations in the past, she's replied indifferently -"I don't know, I never eat the stuff"! Baked goods are luxurious indulgences, let's face it, and all the elements should be a bit whimsical and light-hearted and even a bit frilly. I also think their cookies are a ridiculous price and their gingerbread figures, though quite attractive, are about impossible to eat; even the kids I've given them to have complained that they're too hard on the teeth. But tarts are their speciality and they're wonderful. So it's a draw....

From: Dublin Reviewer on Feb-19-2010
I completely agree with the comments about the owner. Our office orders a cake from there twice a month but when I called today I received nothing but attitude. I go there often and have seen and heard the owner so I recognised her on the phone. I cant understand how she can have such attitude when we spend so much money there? I love the coffee and the cakes but am reluctant to return.

From: anonymous on Feb-22-2010
Hey "Dublin Reviewer" I think you have the wrong QofT here, this is for the Toronto QofT not the Dublin QofT given the fact that the foremost is closed for good and does not serve coffee, maybe you should get your facts straight before you go slagging off perhaps the owner of the Dublin QofT has good reason to have attitude, I would too if I had to deal with whinny costumers like you! so what if your office buys cakes there 2x a month, Its dame hard work running a pastry/bake shop. I think your the one with the attitude.

Comments on store: Gateaux de Paris
From: * on Aug-08-2003
this shop is close and become another cake shop:-----(

From: lisa woods on Jan-16-2005
Amazing cakes. looks good and taste good

From: susan kim on May-18-2005
I have never seen such beautiful ice cream cakes before. I love the green tea ice cream cake and the chocolate ginger. wow!

From: Bug on Oct-05-2005
It's nowhere near to as good as it used to be when it first opened. The guy doesn't make everything himself anymore.

From: Rhonda on Oct-25-2005
Great pastries and the weddings cakes are to die for. Two of my friends ordered their wedding cakes from here and they were absolutely beautiful and delicious. Now its my turn to order one. No second thoughts.

From: Mariette Gomez on Oct-27-2005
More like a whole sale cake shop than a good patisserie that serves fresh desserts...wonder what the turnover rate is for the desserts in the display case? Doesn''t look that great....sorry.

From: ting on Sep-10-2006
I dunno, never thought it was that good. I know that store since few years before when it first opened. The cake looks good, but the taste are dissapointing. Is this place reall worth 3 stars?

From: sarah on Nov-06-2006
Nice bakery. its excellent the cake taste good but its too sweet

From: tiffany on Nov-06-2006
your cakes taste the best i love greentea its made with real tea flavours. you have the bestcake in the world . i would rate you 10/10 becuase you cakes arnt really sweet. whut kind of cake would you requre for my grandma since she has diabetes?

From: Thomas & Cindy on Aug-05-2010
Thank you so much for a beautiful job on our wedding cake and your sweet table. We will definetely recommend you to our friends.

From: Owner on Dec-01-2011
We no more longer in Pacific Mall. We moved to our new location to serve you better Oriental Center 4438 sheppard avenue east.Scaborough.On Richmond Hill 176 west beaver creek.On (647) 818 7310

From: Pacific mall hair salon on Dec-31-2011
The flower I bought is not fresh it dead after I left the shop for my girl friend graduation day.

From: Tommy on Jan-11-2012
The blue roses I bough on the New year Eve also die in 1 hour

Comments on store:
From: suzanne on Feb-01-2009
Saw Max on Paula Deen's program. Let me say how charming and delightlful he was. I would kiss his baldhead anytime. I am a cook at a daycare of 60 children! And loving every minute of it. What I saw in Max is what every child' s dream person(friend) would be, fun, amusing , delightful, loving, caring & so much passion in what he does. But he's got the best of both worlds baking and chocolate, (good for him.) I wish him the best, and hope to meet him one day. Sue from the north.

Comments on store: Pierre Marcolini
From: PARISIEN TOURIST on Jan-11-2007

From: Celine on Feb-27-2007
High quality chocolate, but not my favorite...and certainly not traditional belgian pralines. The fillings are uninspired. For the best Belgian chocolates available in Canada, in Toronto try The Belgian Chocolate Shop On Queen E, in Vancouver Daniel's Chocolat Belge. These are handmade chocolates made at the stores using Callebauts as the starting chocolate material (easily the highest quality of chocolate available in the world).

From: [email protected] on May-29-2007
Pierre Marcolini Chocolates are absolutely fantastic ... definitely for chocolate connoisseurs though.

From: Marc on Nov-18-2007
Very nice, very beautifully presented, inventive flavours, but on the really pricey side...

Comments on store: House of Tea
From: Judy on Mar-10-2003
Aside from the incredible selection, one of the best things about this place is the owner-she's the nicest lady imaginable, and really knows her stuff. A friend and I came by as she was about to close, and she stayed open for us, without ever giving us the feeling that we were expected to buy something. Although we did, of course. She also has the uncanny ability to measure out the exact amount of tea, in one try.

From: Scott Treleaven on Mar-26-2003
Without a doubt, the best place in Toronto (perhaps Canada) to buy tea. The proprietress is extremely knowledgeable and charming, and whatever the tea, it is always delicious. I simply cannot recommend this shop highly enough.

From: Liam Walshe on Jul-08-2003
Marisha, the owner can match you up with the perfect tea. Before I visited the House of Tea, I never liked tea, that is until I tried the Bora Bora!!!

From: J�rgen on Dec-29-2003
Moin Moin, ich war zwar noch nie im House of tea aber eines kann ich best�tigen. Michael (Marishas Ehemann) versteht eine ganze Menge. Zumindest hatte er fr�her viel und gerne Tee getrunken. Wenn er mit mir unterwegs war, dann auch schon mal andere Sachen. Naje, nur soviel noch: Wenn ich mal wieder �ber den Teich komme, dann nat�rlich auch um Michael zu besuchen. Vielleicht gelingt es mir dann auch Marisha kennen zu lernen. Den Kommentaren nach zu urteilen scheint es sich ja um eine tolle Frau zu handeln.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
My wife and I have been regulars since the House's opening. Best tea shoppe in the city hands down, and completely free of trendy, new-age nonsense. Marisha, the proprietor, is a vast storehouse of tea knowledge and can give advice down-to-earth advice to any palate.

From: KSB on Oct-28-2004
The House of Tea has a very special place in my heart. I had been corresponding with my "e-pal" and mentioned that Genmaicha was one of my favourite kinds of tea. On our very first face-to-face encounter, he gave me a gift. It was an epic odyssey for him to obtain this offering of tea from the House of Tea. It was a great ice-breaker and the beginning of a one-of-a-kind friendship that evolved into our blissful marriage!

From: gruuvy on Oct-29-2004
The owner was absolutely lovely! She was pleasant, thoroughly knowledgeable and engaging. How refreshing to meet someone like that without attitude or snootiness. Tried: O'Connors Cream = YUMMY black tea scented with nuts & cream - not overpowering but perfectly fragranced (great with some whipping cream and sugar). Can't wait to try: Rooibos Chocolate Truffle/Rooibos Creme Caramel. They were all sold out. Superior customer service, extremely knowledgeable owner.. thank you so much!

From: mary walsh on Feb-15-2005
I cannot say how much i love your tea. Your's is the best in town. i just love your store and especially your tea.

From: Mariette Gomez on Oct-27-2005
Visited the store recently, some of the products are over priced! Take the medium size German Finum strainer, she is selling at $24! Other place sell it for only $12... Their Chai Teas at $12.95 per 100g is also quite pricey. You can get the same quality at either The Tea Emporium or Capital Tea for less. One suggestion, they should have a price list displayed for the customers for all the teas. I hope the owner reads this!

From: Elisa on Nov-01-2005
A very strong smell is evident once you enter the store, it is not natural and not pleasing at all! It smells like incense burning...the space is cluttered, and the way the teas are being stored is not ideal. Once you have loose teas in half empty containers, then the air space will destroy the flavours quicker! They should have airtight bags inside the containers and take the tea as needed.

From: Hailey M. on Nov-26-2005
The tea in this store is extremely overpriced. The owner was friendly, but it just was not worth the money.

From: David on May-29-2006
The best, most knowledgeable, and friendliest place to buy tea in Toronto.

From: emma on Aug-30-2006
i love the place, the people who work there are friendly and took the time to teach me about the tea,(even taught my friend who came in with me another time) sure not the cheapest place but i rather pay a little more to get the better service.

From: Debbie on Apr-29-2007
I absolutely love this shop!! The service is by far the best in the city. The tea is fabulous. The delightful lady working that morning was willing to teach me everything I could ever want to know about tea and the proper way to brew it. The whole experience surpassed all expectations, I will be a regular shopper at House of Tea. ( I live two hours away, but this is worth the drive )

From: frank on Mar-01-2010
This place is amazing.The service is very friendly and professional.The clerks are very knowledgeable and showed me how to brew tea the right way,so you can enjoy its pleasures to its fullest.They have a large assortments of tea from all over the world, I dont mind paying a little more for these products because they are the top of the line.

From: Marysia on Mar-19-2010
I have been a client at the House of Tea since the earliest days - The House of Tea is one of the finest epicurial complimentary establishments in Ontario. Each visit is a journey into the wonderful world of tea and the proprietress is most cordial, welcoming and knowledgable - a once in a lifetime experience that can be revisted again and again -

Comments on store: Holt Renfrew Epicure Shoppe
From: Carrie L on Apr-05-2003
LOVE this store -- they carry products that aren't available (at least not in the downtown vicinity). Service is quick and knowledgeable.

From: victoria on May-17-2003
I've been a regular visitor to your store for several years now and I do enjoy meeting my friends for coffee and dessert at the cafe. You provide great service and your staff is to be commended for this.

From: Kim Monique Pimentel on Oct-25-2003
Although I live in Beverly Hills now, I still maintain a suite at the Manulife Centre on 44 Charles.Great things always happen when you have access to the most exclusive shopping in your neighborhood. I get all my gift baskets from Epicure Shoppe. It's a one stop shopping for the best gift ideas. Very decadent indeed. Makes shopping more enjoyable when you get the best stuff in one place. Not even Rodeo Drive can dare to compare!!!!

From: Webb Morrison on Dec-07-2003
One of the options on your website is to "Visit the Holt Renfrew Epicure Shop" which leads to Holt Renfrew's major site where it appears to be impossible to find the "Epicure Shop". Does the Epicure Shop, in fact, have its own website where one can find a list of products available? An early reply would be appreciated.

From: YummyTeam on Dec-08-2003
Sorry, it appears that the official Holt Renfrew website does not give any more information about the Epicure Shoppe...

Comments on store: Schilling's Cafe
From: Michael Kolnberger on Apr-05-2003
Wow! This place brings me home to my favorate Austrian cafe's. The pastries and chocolates are fantastic. Also I had a great brunch on the weekend. Highly recommended!!!

From: Nori Ikegami on Apr-10-2004
Hi, Susie, Juan and Kyle!! I'm working in the office that related with computer. Recently, I don't bake anything. Anyway, I'm so glad to find out your homepage. Hope your buisiness, your life and everything be fine. Sincerely, happy birthday Susie!!!(your birthday is April 14th, right?) Promiss you to write a letter, later.

From: Happy schillings customer on Nov-14-2004
I noticed that the schillings website was not mentioned. Its There is not a huge amount of information on the website but the basics are there and it looks pretty nice. I hope they add a little more content but it's a good start. BTW - I am addicted to their butter tarts and their salad bar buffet (the ying and yang of my balanced diet) :] Thanks for the great information on this website T

From: Maria on Dec-24-2004
I really enjoyed the service the food and the atmosphere at the cafe. I went for the first time and I will go again!

Comments on store: Senses Bakery
From: Karen E. Penate on Feb-15-2003
While I would not hesitate to give the Senses pastries extremely high ratings I would not do the same for their chocolates. They are quite pricey and somewhat disappointing. I honestly believe your money is better spent elsewhere. Buy one of the pastries instead -- they are superb!!!

From: Jana on May-03-2003
The pastries and tarts here are flawless - their lemon tart is excellent. We've never had anything here that we didn't love.

From: Mark Spencer on May-19-2003
Some of Toronto's best pastries and petit-fours - hands down. The pastry is flawless. Extremely well thought of and superb taste & quality.

From: Bailey on Oct-29-2003
Gotta try this chocolate... its sooo good although I'm not exactally sure what its called.... but I know its known as "chocolate sex"... just ask for it.

From: Benoit on Dec-17-2006
I come from Montreal, and I am used to having lovely pastries an arm stretch of me at all time. Someone had mentionned to me that Senses was suberb. So I had to go try it out for myself. I was unfortunately very disapointed. It was all presentation but without any substance. I would put their pastries from a flavor stand point equal to what you would buy in Loblaws.

From: paul on Feb-05-2008
The first Sense is about 9 years ago in Bloor St. The first time i saw the pastry is amazing. I never seen the pastry like that. But after few year the taste and the present make me very disapointed. Nothing suprise! Hope the chef can make some impact and nice looking stiff! Taste is not bad i can say GOOD. Very real taste!

Comments on store: Godiva Chocolatier

Comments on store: Wagamama
From: M. Yiu on May-11-2006
I�m not sure what the low rating is about: perhaps the low quantity of available pastries? I assure readers that the quality more than makes up for the lack of supermarket-type variety. Everything is baked in house with painstaking Japanese care and daintiness. Nothing is oversized here (except maybe the bread); everything is in perfectly moderated balance, as one expects with all Japanese-made food. I first started coming here just to buy the green tea cookies and sesame shortbread cookies. I know of no where else in the city where you can get these. They are delicate bite-sized cookies, perfect for afternoon coffee or tea at my desk. I�ve been sharing these with my co-workers for years. Similarly, the scones, cream puffs, tarts, etc. come in ideal bit-sized single servings that give one the pleasure of the sin without the feeling that one has overdone it. More recently, I�ve been buying the chocolate croissants, which have the perfect exterior crunchy flakiness, a fluffy, buttery interior, and just enough kick of chocolate to balance. I also recommend the salads with the best dressing in town, a sesame vinaigrette. The sandwiches and toast are made with generously thick slices of daily homemade bread. The soups are hearty and thick and rarely disappoint. They offer Hawaiian Kona and Blue Mountain coffee in addition to the expected. What�s not to love about this place? There may not be an overwhelming menu, but everything they do is done exceptionally well.

From: Holly on Jun-16-2006
I don't know why it get a low review. Our office gets our treats from Wagamama regularly for the lovely cream puffs and the green tea cookies. We have tried many other places and we find that this is tops for rare and wonderful goodies!

From: Tong on Sep-03-2006
This is a wonderful neighborhood store. This little store is one of the reasons I bought my current condo, which is just one minute walk from the store. King west would be a different neighborhood without it. The tea and coffee are excellent, and their cream puffs are absolutely delicious! The people who work there are friendly and nice. A good place to chat, relax, and get some work done too!

From: John Bennett on Nov-15-2006
I'm not sure why the rateing is so low either. No Cafe in Toronto comes close to the quality of the products sold there. My favorite place in Toronto for Coffee, lunch and yummy treats!

From: David on Sep-17-2007
Everything at wagamama is so fresh and delicious. I see so many people time and time again so I think there are many others that agree - this unassuming little cafe is excellent and far superior to the chain cafes. As fall approaches, their bread pudding with caramel sauce helps cope with the transition to shorter and cooler days.

From: Margo on Mar-02-2009
I think Wagamama is one of t he best sandwich shops in the city! They even make their own bread and many of their pastries. They also have a wonderful list of unique loose leaf teas. The rating may be low because it's a casual spot. It does make me skeptical of Yummy Baguette and their credentials??? What is this poor review based on???

From: Wong on May-12-2009
I'm a little surprised that Wagamama is rated so low. I live down the street and Wagamama is my go-to spot for a coffee and a quick lunch. Try the Roasted Vege sandwich. Yummy!

From: Anna Kelowna on Jul-22-2010
I love Wagamama! Not only do they provide healthy, inexpensive lunch options, but their breakfast selection, drinks (both hot and cold) and desserts are absolutely second to none! Also, everyone who works there is very efficient but cool and I love the atmostphere. There is nothing that comes close to this place for a quick lunch or a tea or latte with a friend in the neighbourhood. Thank goodness for Waga... it's my go-to place now. If you haven't already, you MUST try their Wagamama cookies: a blend of shredded coconut, chocolate chips and oatmeal goodness.

From: NY on Nov-05-2012
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From: Mark on Apr-19-2013
Who from Yummy Baguette came to Wagamama? Obvious you did not visit or eat at this wonderful cafe. The food made here is made from scratch and they offer over 100 different food item each day. I'm vegan and they have 4 soups that are. Homemade bread, many, many varieties of desserts and the coffee I have ever had. This is one of the best places in Toronto for lunches, coffees, teas and desserts. Impossible to be rated so low from your staff, you obviously did not go here and experience Wagamama!

Comments on store: Little Tibet
From: Shakti on Jun-30-2005
Little Tibet is such a cute lovely restaurant. I love being there. I go there often. Once you enter the restaurant you feel like you are inside a Tibetan family home. The two ladies there are not only lovely and classy but so warm and friendly, the gentleman is so warm as well. I have been going there a lot as to top it all the food is adorable. The momos are the best I have eaten outside of Tibet, they have the same authentic taste . The lunches are rightly priced and delicious..The tea is great. The restaurant is painted inside with that lovely traditional Tibetan blue wall mural and the walls are decorated with stunning photographs of Tibet . Another tip the food is cooked in a healthy non vegetables and meat. My favorite dishes are tse sha chicken/ hope I spelled this right , and yummy momos and of course the spicy hot but oh so delicious potato dish.. mm all that writing got me hungry , I am off to lil Tibet now.....

From: matthew on Oct-06-2005
if you simply must do something with a tibetan theme i can sort of understand going here. Although, you will feel pretty silly indulging your Orientalist fantasies in the company of the good people of Ancaster and St. Catherines. Most importantly, the food is simply not very good. there are several reasons: the ingredients are recognizably from loblaws so the very simple methods of cooking feel like you are eating something you have had many times before. second, tibet is an isolated, many might say decimated, land hardly known for its natural bounty or sophisticated gastronomic culture. it reminded me a lot of north chinese street food. its just not resteraunt food, i suggest they move the place to kensington market....

From: meaghan on May-19-2006
it's okay food. the guy above is a prude. i'm going to order vegetarian dumplings from the now. if you are looking for a light, clean feeling meal... this is it.

From: viktor on Aug-15-2006
i hope people like mathew know that ingredients for any meal would be available at loblaws. i've tasted tibetan food in france, austria and india, and food served at little tibet most definitely is up to the mark. the bottomline is: being ignorant and stupid is just not an excuse.

From: Angela on Jan-29-2007
Good food,nice and relaxing athmosphere.Can't say if the food has anything to do with the original one,but thats the problem with a lot of restaurants in Toronto even expensive ones.For that price its definetly worth to try.I would not go there for a big day but for casual dinner its fine.Loved their bread.

From: Rachel Smith on Jun-25-2007
I went to this restaurant for the first time this weekend and found it amazing. It was reasonably priced, had a nice ambience with spacious seating and a relaxing atmosphere. The food was fresh, flavoured perfectly. Not too greasy, salty or spicy but had a great flavour and aroma. The tea selection was amazing as well and the momo balls were great. I usually find stir fries very boring but these were so yummy we ordered tibetan bread to sop up the rest of the sauce and did not waste one morsel of food. This place is a great find.

From: Carmel on Sep-13-2007
The atmosphere is so pleasant. The soup is loaded with good things and totally delicious, and the Momos great. A good meal at a good price.

From: alex on Oct-26-2007
matthew , has no basis in fact and his loblaws comments are way off base having a family member who use to do product development for the same company. Little Tibets food is excellent, simple and good. The staff are never in a hurry and they are polite to the point of painfulness.

From: Bruce on Feb-15-2008
Alright already, can we get past the fact that Matthew didn't enjoy his experience at Little Tibet. I, and obviously a few others, enjoyed it immensely. As soon as you sat down there was an ambient Tibetan mantra style of music playing that emitted and energy that you sensed immediately and put us into a very relaxed mood. The waitress arrived with menus and a huge smile and was very informative of the dishes seeing she was raised on them. Her opinion was valuable only as far as her favorite things on the menu were concerned, which were mainly meat dishes. Being a carnivore myself, I found that a great help. We started with the momo's, a Tibetan staple. Pan fried made them slightly crunchy and added a nuttiness and texture that you didn't get with a regular steamed dim sum style dumpling. The main course was tsik-sha($13.95), pork ribs in a sweet Barley red wine and Eastern spices sauce with spring onions,carrots, celery, green beans and mushrooms. Almost a tomato based sauce that was lightly spiced for me so I added the hot Asian paste that was on the table and that heated it up nicely. If you're a bread fan, then the t.momo, which is steamed so it's more like a big dumpling that a regular side of baguette, might not conform to your norms, but is a tasty change and authentically Tibetan. Next the shap-ta(14.95) ruled. Beef strips in a garlic and, for those who love it, a really gingery sauce with onions, green beans, carrots mushrooms and t.momo. I couldn't get enough of that ginger flavor, which went quite well with the glass of Inniskillan cabernet savignon. Okay, two glasses, but who's counting. This was actually quite filling and we didn't want to overdo it so we opted out of the desserts that included my favorite, green tea ice cream. All in all, a truly enjoyable night out that, at $71(and probably a third of that liquor) would definitely do again. And if you're still up for a nightcap, head directly across Queen Street to Squirly's for the best pint of Mill Street Tankhouse Ale anywhere in the GTA. Cute little setup with a retro vinyl back bar like the material my Aunt Bessie's kitchen chairs were made of. You know, with the patent leather sheen that your ass stuck to in the summer?

From: brian hughes on Mar-28-2008
we dined as a group (about 12 of us, plus a couple of babies under 1 year) and were very impressed, not only by the food, but also by the service. delicious, authentic meals, and my only complaint would be that there wasn't too many options on the beer menu. just your standard imports, but thats not the reason to choose little tibet. go try it out!

From: Oksana on Feb-11-2009
All I can say is the food is fantastic. To me Tibetan food is Asian with a European influence. I love this restaurant as the atmosphere is warm, the servers are polite, the owners are gracious. I would give this restaurant and 4.7 out of five. You have to try the food as you will not regret it. They have an incredible rice dessert that you cannot miss.

Comments on store:
From: cheesed off customer on Jul-22-2007
I could not believe the experience I had at the Cheese Emporium on Mount Pleasant last Friday. I thought I would treat myself to a brie and prosciutto sandwich for lunch. I'd been to the Cheese Emporium before for sandwiches but, not seeing a menu sign, I asked if they made them. The man serving me, somewhat briskly, said yes they make grilled sandwiches. Although, I would have preferred un-grilled, I said OK, and asked what kind of bread they had. He said white or brown so I said white. Then he took out a very nice looking bun, cut it and sliced some prosciutto on it. The bun looked great and as he was about to put the cheese on it, I told him to please not grill it because I would prefer it plain. He said "no, it must be grilled". I said I'd really prefer it not be grilled but he said "you can't have it that way because it's our signature sandwich". (What �signature� - it was being custom made for me!) I said I would really like it plain and once again he said I couldn't have it unless it was grilled. I just couldn't believe it - it appeared grilling was mandatory! (I felt like Jack Nicholson in the diner scene in Five Easy Pieces.) I was desperately trying to think of a clever way to re-order and say �hold the grilling� but with blood pressure rising, I said if I had to have it grilled, then I didn't want it. He yelled at me and told me to "get out and never come back". I was dumbfounded. I said I would not be back and started to leave the store already sorry about not getting my sandwich. Before departing I did tell the man (who by now had a scary insane look in his eyes and quite the threatening pose) that I was going to post this incident on the internet. Looming toward me as if on the attack, he yelled that I was "ridiculous and unprofessional". By now quite alarmed, I hastened my departure. Somehow I don't think that this "soup Nazi" approach to customer service is going to create lines up at the Cheese Emporium's door.

From: traveler from montreal on Sep-21-2007
i just bought $50.00 worth of cheese from this store this morning and i'm already starting to think that i should've spent more money there. this is indeed an emporium. at 9:45am today i showed up in front of the store hoping he'd show up early (opens at 10). i left toronto for montreal today. i didn't have a lot of time to waste as i was getting ready to hit the road. he did show up. very friendly guy. he seems to know a lot about cheese. all his suggestions were great (i went with 4 different types and they are GREAT). very good quality cheese. i live in montreal and we get A LOT of french cheese from france here but i gotta tell you this guy's selection of english, canadian or high end french cheese beats 'le fromentier' or any other store here that i know. i highly recommend this place. i'm going to be back in december and will buy MORE. about the incident in the previous post, there are certain 'house rules' which might be difficult to understand. last may i was in 'il fornello' an italian resto on yonge near st clair and the waiter(s) refused to pour drops of balsamic vinegar over the olive oil in the little dish with olive oil they bring you before the meal to eat with italian bread. i insisted in vane. they said it's a special olive oil and that's the way is should be eaten. i wasn't happy. but in the end the food was very, very good. i'd go back there anytime.

From: satisfied costomer on Sep-26-2007
Cheese Emporium is by far the best specialty cheese shop in Toronto. I don't exactly live close by but its worth the drive. The selection of european, as well as canadian cheeses are excellent and the staff is quite informative and helpful. I recently had a dinner party and the 12 year old quebec cheddar was a huge hit, the staff informed me of all the best cheese choices to accent my wine, and the cheese tray was turned out beautifully. But be advised, go there with an appetite because the staff are sure to offer a few tastes. Im sorry to hear that some may not feel the same, however I would defanately recomend this shop to anyone hosting a get together.

From: Shelley Swartz on Oct-05-2007
I was at this store during the summer to pick up some cheeses and I noticed their products are way over prized comparing to the little gourmet shop down the street from them. They have good cheese but so this Alex Farms. I won't be buying products from them when I can get the same thing for a $ 1 less per box....its crazy.

From: Jester from church street on Oct-10-2007
GAY BASHING! I couldn't believe how homephobic the people at cheese emporium are! A couple of weeks ago as I was entering the store I heard loud conversation and laughter with a male customer. They were enjoying bashing gay people, especially men, and had lots of fun exchanging gay jokes. As soon as I entered the store the conversation suddenly stopped but I felt so weird the way they would look at me. I looked around, said nothing and walked out. I will never go there again! Their prices are way too high compared to Alex's Farms anyway!

From: Harold Colos on Oct-17-2007
I was lucky enough to find Cheese Emporium about a year and a half ago just taking my dog out for a walk. I've had nothing but positive experiences at Cheese Emporium. The selection as well as the freshness of the products are the best in the city. I'm a little Shocked at the coments made about the staff as they have been nothing but good to me. They always have great suggestions. I also love that they always let you try before you buy to ensure your getting something of good quality and obviously something you'll like. They've even given a gift or a small item to me at no cost on a few occasions which i no else ever does anymore. If you are or know anyone that loves cheese i recommend you check this place out. I will never buy from anyone else aslong as i live in the Toronto area again. Harold Colos

From: Monica on Nov-10-2007
Wow! This was the best shopping experience I have ever had. I had the chance to try a large variety of cheeses and the choice to buy the ones that fit my budget. I was advised to buy better & cheaper stuff than the one I choose, and I was allowed to try the taste of the olive oil! I have so much more knowledge about high-end food right now, since the owner took the time to make me understand about differences in quality and the way to recognize quality. The choices the customers have fits all tastes and all budgets. Very impressing!

From: mbqr tudyfkng on Nov-17-2007
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From: Sandy Smith on Nov-22-2007
Although the shop has wonderful products, the staff are snarly, rude and downright lacking in any basic social skills. Forget about getting a good experience at this store. I have given it three tries only to be made feel uncomfortable - never again!

From: Alexandra P. on Nov-22-2007
I am so glad that people are seeing the staff at this store for what they are - barbarians. I recently moved to the neighbourhood form western Canada and was drawn by the array of products, although quite overpriced. On the few occasions I ventured to enter the store, I was never greeted with pleasantness, rather a lengthy stare as if I were a thief. One of the young women had just returned from having a cigarette outside and proceeded to serve me without washing her hands. I declined my order and left in disgust! The staff made no attempt to apologize, but made some snarky remarks in a foreign language and laughed. I urge others to not frequent this establishment and will go to their competition.

From: Izabella on Dec-02-2007
I was very impressed with this store. The staff was kind, knowldgeable and helpful. The product is of very good quality at different prices, so you have where to chose from. I have never seen anywhere in Toronto another store where you can try before you buy. And nowhere else in Toronto you can find so much information about the food you buy.

From: Big D on Dec-13-2007
hey Alexandra P The Cheese emporiums a fantastic store and u probably were trying to steal something

From: Charles on Dec-16-2007
I just came back from the new location Avenue rd and Melrose...(right across the street from the harveys) and i must say that they've done it again ...what a beautiful shop and the same excellent staff!!!

From: Ari Williams on Dec-17-2007
I was at this store and found their gourmet products to be way high compared to their neighbour down the street, next to the chocolatier. Small privately owned boutique and very very nice place. Not only were the prices high but the staff was very arrogant. I'm not usually picky but found the ambiance not so great and if you go to Alex Farms on Bayview they also let you sample the cheese, most places will let you.

From: Michelle on Dec-31-2007
Agree with previous reviewer. We bought some cheese (Etorki) + 12 yr old cheddar. No prices on the cheeses. Back home, we do some internet research and compared to other places - they are way, way overpriced. I feel like I was ripped off. Last time I'll go there. Let's see how much longer they stay in business.

From: Claudio on Apr-22-2008
Hey, at the Cheese Emporium they try to serve us there best, and respect to all the customers who have good remarks about the Cheese Emporium, no one is perfect and for the comments from Alexandra.P why she might of served you right away was because they have gloves so they don't infect your food. As well there sandwiches are delicious and are to be grilled because it's a paneenee or however you spell it, but back to the topic its given that name for a reason a meat or cheese sandwich that is grilled. Other then that the Cheese Emporium serves you to there fullest giving you an explanation about your cheese so you know a little more when you leave maybe you might not get the perfect employee but always keep in mind they might be new and just started the job.

From: Employee on Aug-09-2008
As a former employee at cheese emporium i would like to redeem myself as well as the other employees and say that no matter where you shop there will always be some people nicer than others. I can only speak for myself when i say that i always tried to be professional and helpful to any customer. I apologize for any negative experiences that you may have had however you must understand cheese emporium, like any other shop, has had many employees and it is unfair to judge or stereotype the entire staff according to an individuals mistakes.. As for the prices, the staff has no decision on the affordability of the products.

From: Dolores Smith on Dec-02-2008
Going back to the two posts regarding the customer's right to get what they ask for versus a specific offering related to "house rules" for serving a certain way...the grilled brie/prosciutto and olive oil with balsamic at the restaurant: I think it is the responsibility of the employee to explain why their establishment has decided to serve an item only a certain way and then still leave it up to the client to have their wish. As an olive oil importer that has now spent almost two years experiencing and thinking about olive oils almost 24 hours per day (yes, in my sleep/lack of) I can say it is true that some extraordinary, very good quality, olive oils are much better enjoyed without the strong balsamic vinegar or do not mix with this vinegar's taste (olive oils are like wines, and have their own food pairing particularities). Unfortunately, it would be too expensive for the Cheese Emporium to create a second sandwish to show the taste difference to the client, but it could have been done with the olive oil!

From: Sammy on Dec-10-2010
Having moved to Western Ontario for school two years ago, I can say I've searched far and wide for a cheese store that can even come close to comparing to the variety at the Cheese Emporium. I've tried 6 different Cheese and fine foods stores, and none of them had the specific cheese I was looking for. I've also tried to buy some prosciutto, and am sad to say none of them tasted the same as they did when I bought them from the Cheese Emporium. I heard from a friend that they can vacuum seal your cheeses to last longer, so hopefully next time I'm back in Toronto I can bring back a months supply :) Over all very good store, and have never had a problem with the staff. All very knowledgeable, especially the owner.

Comments on store: Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Very good chocolate bars and chocolates. Try the Gilberte and the Grand Marnier.

From: Robertson on May-09-2003
We located this place through the Yummy Baguette website. I do not know anything about "The International Festival of Chocolate", but the claim that he was the only north american to have won it intrigued me. I had eaten a Godiva dark chocolate truffle a few days previously and felt rather unsatisfied. I bought a few chocolates for my wife at Choc. B. Callebaut. We were amazed (she shared, of course :) ). They were the best chocolates we have ever eaten. They were pricey (so is Godiva), nevertheless I think anyone who seriously enjoys chocolate ought to try this place. It just isn't common to have chocolate that good available.

From: Michelle on Nov-30-2003
Someone gave me chocolates from this store as a gift and I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful they were. By far the highest quality chocolates you can find in Toronto and they use no perservatives so they're not fattening! Only fresh creams and cocoa butter, no oils. I really loved the Canadien Truffle and the seashells with hazelnut ganache. If you truly want to impress, forget Laura Secord, Godiva and all those other waxy chocolate stores.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Right up at the top of the list. Consistent, rich and tasty. Now, how about a store downtown?

From: Corek on Mar-10-2004
I agree, a store downtown would be amazing...

From: Louise on Feb-02-2005
I just received a box of chocolates Bernard Callebaut as a gift. What a delight!!!! How come there is no store in Montr�al?

From: Belinda on Dec-30-2005
The store is nicelly decorated (mostly with chocolates) although why they have pottery baffles me. Chocoaltes are delicious, but a bit overpriced They don't make their own chocolates there, but fly them from Alberta, which is too bad. I much prefer the chocolate store on Lakeshore/Islington - Sweet something. Surprisingly they offer the same type of chocolates, except they actually make them on the premises there.

From: Susanna on Feb-09-2006
Love their chocolate. The top of the town, period. There is a new link to theri web site:

From: Lucy on May-09-2006
This was my first time trying their chocolate. I was really dissapointed - first of all they call themselves a Chocolaterie, but they do no make the chocolate there, so the name is misleading. It is made in Alberta in a factory by workers who work for 8 dollars an hour. So it is not a Chocolaterie, but actually just a business that these people bought to resell the factory made chocolates. Being a pastry chef I chould tell that the chocolates is of good quality, but some like gianduja was stale and the lavender cream didn't taste of lavender at all.

From: Donna on Jun-19-2006
The chocolate is exquisite. I had the priviledge of seeing the painstaking proceedure in which BC chocolates are made and loved learning of the quality of chocolates and ingredients. I was so glad to find out that even with new locations production is still under the watchful eye of Bernard Callebaut and hand picked supervisors.

From: Bonnie on Aug-13-2006
A correction for Lucy who posted on May-09-2006 Indeed, Bernard Callebaut chocolates are made in Calgary, Alberta. However, Bernard Callebaut does not make a small chocolate called "gianduja", nor one called "lavender cream".. You may have confused BC chocolate with the (quite good, but) much lesser quality, *Callebaut Chocolate. Not the same company. And that's right, factory workers make the chocolate according to Bernard and his wife's specifications, under supervision. After all, the chocolate has to feed a few more people than what one person can physically make himself.. If you're ever in Calgary, a factory tour would be enlightening. And fun! (By the way, $8 an hour is a normal and fair starting wage for labour and retail workers in Calgary these days). Each of Bernard's stores and the affiliated dealerships can rightfully be called Chocolateries. The chocolates are made in one location. But each store is responsible for sales of chocolate.. and the owners, managers and employees of each store are the ones who create the beautiful packaging presentations that make Bernard Callebaut Chocolate visually so appealing. As for the Chocolate, there are no additives, waxes or preservatives, and, despite common speculation, no child labour to produce the ingredients in BC products. Every one of the ingredients that Bernard uses (cocoa, dairy, nuts, fruit, liqueurs, coffee, etc) come from wherever he can find the utmost highest organic quality. The chocolate, itself, contains a very high cocoa butter content... Cocoa butter is a healthful fat (like olive oil), and is what makes an honestly decadent chocolate so YUMMY!. HTH!

From: Sarah on Oct-08-2007
The Bernard C store in Toronto has rebranded itself as Daniel, Le Chocolat Belge (pronounced "Danielle"). Daniel is a chocolate maker out of Vancouver. He uses the same Callebaut chocolate from Belgium. The address and phone number for the store remain the same. danielchocolates . com

From: Sarah on Mar-19-2008
To ammend my last post, the webpage for the Toronto store is danielchocolatestoronto . ca

From: Michelle on Mar-22-2008
The Bernard Callebaut store has closed and a new Belgium chocolate store has opened called Daniel Le Chocolat Belge. They have spicy truffles and organic chocolates and the milk chocolate is so much better tasting. They are using 100% pure Callebaut chocolate from Belgium and it tastes wonderful. Love the dark chocolate covered pretzels, the sea salt caramel and the Chipotle truffle.

From: Jean Pollock on May-22-2009
I received a box of Daniel Le Chocolat Belge for Mother's Day from my daughter in the B.V.I. They are exeptional chocolates! Having been to Belgium with my daughters, we enjoyed the real thing there. There are no better chocolates in the world and this company has been successful in reproducing them here.

Comments on store: Ma Maison
From: The Mann Family on Dec-12-2004
What excitement we felt as we drove across Dundas Street some months back to discover that finally at long last a French patisserie had arrived in our neighbourhood. From the moment we walked through the door we were delighted by the wonderful smells that filled the air and the beautiful pastries and prepared foods that were on display. We also realized that Michel Longuet had worked at the only other French patisserie in the city that made us feel like we lived in a tiny village in the south of France - once we saw his face we knew we were in for a treat! Each and every time we go we always end up reminiscing about our trips to France. Ma Maison has a wonderful atmosphere, authentic French pastry bags(!) and pastries, baguettes and prepared foods that will transport you out of the city of Toronto and straight to a caf� in France. A lovely addition to the neigbourhood, and a neighbour we hope to have for years to come!

From: Mike S on Feb-04-2005
I love this place! I travel to France annually, and this is the only place I have found in the city that replicates the flavours and sensory sensations of the finest Parisian patisseries. The croissants litterly dissolve as you bite into them. Also their selections of pates, breads, pastries, and take-out meals are without compare! Even though the location isn't very sexy (Between a large drycleaner and a local pizza shop), it is worth the drive to go check it out. I can't believe my good fortune of only being a five minutes away. Between Ma Maison, and the new Alex Farms opening around the corner in Humbertown Plaza, Etobicoke is now the new "foodie" heaven.

From: Marc P on Mar-23-2005
Venture into this store only if you are prepared to leave with LOTS of incredible food!! About one year ago my wife and I dropped in "just for a croissant" and now we're back 2 - 3 times per week for wonderful freash bread, pastries, prepared foods, home made pate, great coffee and terrific atmoshphere. The bakery smells delicious any time we visit. The cakes are way too decadent - but we can't get enough. And now we've used Ma Maison for catered events and the talents of Chef Patrick shine through. He prepares exquisite creations, some more like works of art that are almost too beautiful too eat. There's nothing quite like Ma Maison in our neighbourhood. Visit once and you're sure to be back often. Salut!

From: KaKa on Feb-08-2006
I've just been to Ma Maison twice in a month. They have excellent pastries ~ so yummy!!! I also took my boyfriend to the place, and how his family is also a fan of the store. :) By the way, I've also tried their fois gras mousse. It's so creamy and smooth. Be sure to try it too.

From: Jacqueline on Jun-07-2006
For a French baker he sure over bakes quite often! Nothing worse than a croissant or other baked goods that are over done! For what you pay, you want it done right! Just to remind the owners they are in Canada and not obnoxious France!

From: quevin on Oct-29-2007
Ma Maison is a welcome addition to the West End. Recently, I bought an Opera cake and it was one of the best 'store-bought' cakes I have had in a very long while. Bravo, Ma Maison

From: katherine on Jul-18-2008
I must agree, the pastry was over done, and it was also greasy, it was very disappointing. Also when I went in there the help was on the phone and seeping the floor, I had to wait for awhile until some french guy came around to help me. Also there was not any prices on anything, so i had to ask him how much everything I was interested in was, what a pain.

From: Antoinette on Oct-22-2008
Excellent service and well-versed staff. Was impressed with the kindness and politess of the servers and thw quality of the food. They are not a chain and I love endorsing and supporting family businesses. Their food is always fresh and tasty. Excellent work Ma maison! I don't mind that the prices are not listed. With a menu that changes so frequently, I don't find it a bother asking for the prices! I always find the staff busy but helpful!

From: Christine on Mar-05-2009
I must admit I was so disappointed by this bakery. I bought an eclair au chocolat and an opera, they were fresh 3 days before !! The baguette wasn't too bad, the pain au chocolat was dry and overdone. I also bought a blueberry jam, I wonder if they add cherries in it, the taste is funny. However, the rabbit pate was excellent. I'm french and I was looking for the taste I remember from my country, well, I'll try another bakery.

From: Rodney on Aug-22-2009
Madame, it is very interresting what you say about the freshness of the desserts. Our rotation is everyday. But i would if you have the desire to drop by again have the pleasure to meet you in person so we can discuss and fix the matter. I personnaly garantee the quality of my products. and all feedback is good for us

From: James McKernan on Oct-23-2009
I find Ma Maison Delightful! I have never had a problem with the freshness or the taste. This is the best French Pastry in the city. I am a regular customer, they have even catered for me, always with great success. If you have never been please go and enjoy!

From: Jackie Samuels on Apr-12-2010
I felt that their cake were horrible, because for one it tasted very dry and i feel its true it was probably old who know probably more than three days old. But other than that everything tasted fantastic, however the croissants where too oily and over-baked. I feel they need to fix the place up a bit more.

From: Daniel on Mar-28-2011
Without a doubt this is the best place in the west end of TO & all of Mississauga for patisserie. The boulangerie rocks here also, their croissants are one of the best in Toronto, great taste, beautifully baked, unlike most places that sell anemic under baked croissants, and there is no unpleasant pasty feeling in the mouth (butter melts in the mouth, margarine leaves a pasty feeling in the mouth). The few cakes I�ve purchased have all been perfect. Heck, even the coffee taste like coffee. If you think that pastry is just sweet and has no flavour, then may I suggest Tim�s version. But if you want pastry that has flavour and is baked right, with a cup of good coffee, then this is the place in the west end!

Comments on store: Hollywood Gelato
From: Brian on Apr-09-2003
Absolutely the best tasting ice cream that I have ever experienced!!! The best and most unique range of flavours in the city. Try the Green Apple when they make it.

From: None of your business on Apr-23-2003
You're either a fan or you're not. Changing the name of one of your products from "Go Leafs Go" to "Golf Leafs Golf" just ensured that your business will never get my business.

From: Jeanean on Apr-30-2003
Hollywood Gelato has the BEST italian ice cream in all of toronto. they have so many amazing flavours that are absolutley to-die-for. Added Bonus: The staff are incredibly friendly, and the place is very well maintained.

From: John on May-26-2003
Hollywood Gelato has to be the best ice cream in the city. Oh, by the way the go leafs go thing was only a joke. Don't take it to seriously.

From: Gregory on Aug-01-2003
Absolutely the best gelato in the city. I am rather dissapointed with the 2 out of 3 rating that this website gives hollywood gelato but to each his own i suppose. The place is always clean (even when they have a line up out the door) the employees are friendly and the presentation is spectacular. I also suggest their Coffee bar because they make the best cappucino i have ever tasted in my life. PS the person who wrote the Leafs comment should get a life and stop commenting on insignificant details which have absolutely nothing to do with a spectacular product, besides he's probably one of those fathers who ruins little league hockey by taking it too seriously.

From: Food lover on Sep-14-2003
nothing particularly special about this La paloma wannabe.

From: anastasia on Apr-03-2004
this is the best ice cream place around toronto area!!! they have lots of flavours and they are nothing that you have tried before! if you havent at hollywood gelato already, u HAVE to go there for the experience!! this is one of mi favorite places!!!

From: Leo & Lucy on Jun-25-2004
A real delight. You have to try it to believe it. The mango is out of this world. Fantastic job.

From: VonVon on Jul-08-2004
Hollywood Gelato's definately one of my fav. spot for ice-creams n sweet treats! Not only will you love their ice-cream, but you'll also enjoy their friendly services there! My favourite icecream: the Coconut one...(i forgot the full name of it)..but it's absolutely the BEST COCONUT icecream, or better yet, the BEST ICECREAM i've ever had...the other icecreams there are also very very delicious!

From: Amber on Oct-22-2004
I'ts soooooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY!

From: John on Jan-03-2005
great taste!

From: k on Jan-04-2005
i love this place when friends come to visit from far away we take them to try it out and now they want to go there every time they are here.the best is the rocky rocher!

From: Yum on Jul-18-2005
Hollywood Gelato is an amazing place. They also won the best gelato in Toronto and it's the truth. Their best flavours are Green Apple, Hazelnut, Brownie, Lemon and Mixed Berry. Okay whatever, they're all amazing. I never thought gelato could be so good.

From: gelato fanatic on Oct-29-2005
Too sweet! No balance....

From: gelatolover on Jul-07-2006
had been a long tim fan until i returned, waited in a 20 minute line and tried the key lime pie flavour...tasted extremely salty and slightly like sour milk..i was disgusted and had to throw it away, get back in the car and go to mcdonald's

From: june warner on Jul-25-2006

From: Born Italian on Jan-06-2007
If you love plastic gelato this place is for you!

From: Christina Roy on Feb-10-2007
Nice clean cafe with great Gelato not quite as good as BELAGGIOS in pickering, but a close second.

From: Sean on Mar-28-2007
The gelatos here do not really live up to hype. Granted that the staff is friendly and the place look great, what should be considered is the texture and taste of the gelato. Their ice-cream base is a bit insipid and thin. Yes I know, gelato is made from milk, but other place do it better. What really annoyed me were the flavorants. The vanilla used tasted like it was flavoured with plain crystal vanillin and not vanilla extract, making it taste 1-dimensioned. The chocolate feels like it's been spiked with "chocolate flavour" and lacked the more robust notes from cocoa. It tasted like cheap choco wafers from Chinatown. Perhaps they do their other flavour better, but to me, when you don't build a good gelato base, and you skimp for the most basic of flavours (Vanilla and Choc) something is amiss. If it was 25 cents a scoop I wouldn't complain, but for what they are charging?? going back.

From: Happy Family on Jun-13-2007
One word to describe this establishment ..... FANTASTICO !!! Hollywood Gelato just keeps getting better. The quality of the gelato is outstanding, the service impeccable. They've even added an additional counter for quicker service. Thanks Hollywood Gelato.

From: Kelly & Mike on Jun-13-2007
We were visting Toronto from NY state and told that you guys made a great ice cream. One taste and told us that our friends were wrong, you make an INCREDIBLE ice cream. The staff is great. Thanks for making our visit so much more tasty.

From: Mia on Feb-18-2008
I wanted to like this place, but it seems to be all hype. First of all as other reviewers keep saying this is great "ice cream" I find that it's far too milky to be gelato. Also, I suspect they use lower quality ingredients and artificial flavourings. Their mango tastes a wee bit artificial. There are better places with cleaner natural fresh tasting gelato, unfortunately there are not many in Toronto for whatever reason. Overall the small take-home pack at $6.95 for 500ml is an ok value as it can feed 4. However despite their prices they are not offering a premium natural, organic, naturally flavoured product this "gelato" sat in our freezer for a couple of weeks and still maintained its flavour and texture which indicates use of preservatives and chemicals.

From: Candice Hearth on May-07-2008
I LOVE THIS PLACE! They have the best tasting gelato in the entire world. I have lived abroad for many years and have tried gelato all over the world- including Italy. Hollywood Gelato has the best GELATO I have ever tasted. All flavours are sincere to their names and will knock you out with a dose of reality! I have never had any other ice cream or gelato that compares to the richness, realness and quality of their product! It is always worth standing in line to be served by friendly kids scooping me my 3 scoops! To die for: Rocky Rocher Lemon Meringue Pie Peanut Butter Chocolate Wafer and Mars- Yes like the mars chocolate bar - only better!

From: Red89 on Jun-15-2008
I live in the neighborhood of this place and i just ADORE it, PEANUT BUTTER IS THE BEST FLAVOR OF ALL TIME. Go to this place when you got the munchies because the gelato and cappachinos will pack u good for the nite

From: nejla on Sep-23-2008
Hi, I love your store. I like to see if you have any other new store for sale. Or can we find a place to open new location for this business. I like to here from you. you can send emil to [email protected] (416)84-5153 Thank you

From: Stacy Meining on Nov-06-2008
I have never found such unique and decadent flavors that appeal to all crowds. They offer the traditional lemon, hazelnut and pistachio but also the unique- Key Lime Pie, Roasted Marshmallow and Skor! All their flavors explode in your mouth with intense, rich, and real flavors. I LOVE this place!

From: former hollywood gelato fan.... on Jul-01-2009
the ice creams are great, just don't show up without "CASH"....who knew?! 15min in line on canada day night, and my little son & i had to leave without our cones because they don't accept debit. would have been nice to have it posted on front door or above cash.....too bad...baskin & robbins, here we come!

From: Sara Toppe on Aug-25-2009
Delicious. Sincere, friendly, patient staff. I commend all the student staff and the bull they have to deal with. The gelato is also divine, creamy and true to flavour.

From: Angela on Aug-25-2009
As tasty as the gelato is, one must comment on how RIDICULOUS the size of the cups are. It's astonishing how they cram scoops of ice cream into those tiny fluoride cups. C'mon folks, you're busy enough, spend some dough on the packaging!

From: Dan on Dec-20-2009
Terrible customer service when I was there. Snobby person bud in front of line and staff served him first. The ice cream itself isn't as good as some other more authentic local places.

From: Amillia on Jan-27-2010
Delicious gelato. Hands down- quality product! The young staff serving were polite, diligent and helpful. Price Point= Excellent

From: Charmaine on Feb-24-2010
I was here on the weekend for a blind date. I had never heard of it before, and googled it to find out where it was. This was the PERFECT place for a first date! Its modern, fun, relaxed and comfortable. There were conversation starters with favorite flavors of ice cream, the selection of ice cream ect... The "Gelato" which I did not know was Italian Ice Cream was SENSATIONAL! Seriously, it was amazing. I have never had anything so good in my life. I will not be back with my blind date, but I will return with friends- Especially for the Key Lime Pie!

From: Jimmy on Feb-25-2010
I agree with Dan, terrible customer service... at least when I was visiting. need better customer service

From: Dave on Mar-03-2010
I agree with everyone that says this is the best Gelato in the city. If you appreciate real ingredients instead of artificial flavor, then you know what I'm talking about!

From: Saera on Mar-16-2010
Wow. So Good! I had Strawberry Shortcake, Almond (with lots of whole almonds in it) and Brownie mud pie. This ice cream....I mean Gelato (not sure what the difference is) sent me over the moon :)

From: Isabella on Sep-06-2010
Terrible, terrible customer service. I was there late Saturday afternoon and the girl behind the counter literally shook her head and laughed at my sister in law and I because we were discussing which flavours we wanted before we ordered. It was like nothing I've ever experienced anywhere. We just walked out and went over the the Mad Italian where we received much better service AND great gelato...

From: Jane on Sep-19-2010
BAD BAD customer service! the girls there are just rude when you try to order and pick flavors! I see them treat other customers rudely too...go elsewhere!!

From: Francis on Oct-01-2010
Amazing Gelato. Great Customer Service The lady serving me was patient with my indecisiveness, let me taste whatever i wanted, suggested complimentary flavors and even wrapped my takeaway gelato so that it would last my commute home. Thank you to that lady, I will be back.

Comments on store: Kim Moon Bakery
From: Joan L. on Mar-14-2004
I always order birthday cakes from this bakery because they make the best cakes in town. When you bite a piece, its soft and not too sweet, the cream and fruits are fresh. Above all, the price is excellent. I think i will order my wedding cake here too.

From: Michelle on Apr-02-2004
My family and I have been buying cakes from this bakery for as long as I can remember. We found them after our regular bakery Maxim's on McCaul Street went out of business. And they by far are the best bakery for fresh cakes for every occassion. It's always a delightful experience, and we tend to always get a half slab for every birthday. Everyone always wants to take some cake home. If you haven't tried them before, you really should. They're amazing. Especially if you have children and want to stay away from sweet sugary cakes. Kim Moon's cakes are a light cake with fresh whip cream frosting and fresh mixed fruit throughout the center! Once you try them, you'll always go back for more.

From: Emile on Jun-07-2006
I've also been visiting the Kim Moon Bakery since I was a child and it's always a must on my destinations list whenever I visit China Town. When it comes to Chinese pastries, no other place in Toronto can match the taste and variety at KMB (believe me, I've tried a lot). I'd recommend their fried sesame balls, winter melon cakes with flaky crusts, white sugar and rice spongy cakes, egg tarts,... oh heck, pretty much everything. I always buy a large box full of an assortment everytime. You can't go wrong with whatever you choose. You can also dine in for some Hong Kong tea with milk along with all your favorite pastries as well as some hot food. They've recently renovated their store, so it's now a little more spacious.

From: Weez on Jul-26-2006
An excellent spot for a reasonably priced lunch - they have soups, Dim Sum and lots of sweet treats, as well as sub sandwiches for $1.25 and very tasty oversized stuffed buns filled with pork, beef, chicken or cheese available two for a dollar.

From: Fiona on Jan-31-2007
I always order birthday or occasion cakes from Kim Moon. The fluffy cake is nice and light and the fruit filling is delicious. They use a frosting similar to real whip cream, so it's not sugary. The cost is also very good. A $30 cake can easily feed 12 people.

From: mindjudo on Jun-12-2009
Ham Siu Gok (sp?) here is to die for. Many ymmy buns including the inevitable Cha Siu Bao

From: Kim Gertler on Sep-15-2009
My current fave dim sum in downtown TO. You have to walk to the back, past the long bakery counter to find the dim sum area. Once you are there - check out the dumb waiter that delivers the delicious dumplings and other delights. Plump yummy har gow, excellent chung fun and a decent variety of steamed dumplings. I'm heading back right now!

Comments on store: Furama Cake and Desserts Garden
From: Jennifer on Jul-27-2004
I've been going there for years for their chestnut tarts!

From: Valerie on Nov-19-2006
I live in Hamilton, and I always go to this bakery when in Toronto, especialy for their butter buns.

From: Laura on Sep-17-2007
I first went to this bakery on Sunday and I fell in love. I've never had such a light tasting, yet decadantly rich piece of chocolate cake in my life. I also fell in love with their Tuna Buns. I had three in one day. I'll definitely go there again the next time I'm in Toronto. ^_^ You just don't find pastries like that in boring old London!

From: Finn on Nov-11-2007
I love this place! The raisin buns, ham and egg buns, and more are ALL so amazing! 10/10!

From: pdenrcva frtovzl on Nov-16-2007
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From: Fiona on Apr-25-2008
Excellent place to go for bake goods. I love their almond cookies and their swiss chocolate cheese cake. Other baked goods are high quality, too!

From: Eatereater123 on Nov-20-2008
Furama is the McDonalds of chinese bakeries. They don't put a lot of filling, and their dough is rather average. However, it is consistent, and if you're at the Spadina store, extremely well priced even compared to other bakeries. If you go to First Canadian, expect to play exactly 50% to 100% more for the same item. Rents are high downtown. I would go to Yung Sing and Kim Moon before I head back to Furama.

From: Sindy on May-19-2013
I just fall in love with their Tiramisu and greentea cup!! They are the best backery in downtown!!!! I'm definitely back to this store, when I go to downtown.

Comments on store: Alternative Grounds
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
This cafe offers the best coffee and lattes anywhere. If you go on a Saturday beware, it's very busy and some parents treat it as a daycare centre. Try not to trip over small children running unsupervised through the store. Great muffins and "Annie's breakfast".

From: Mark Ritchie on Jun-17-2003
The Council on Foundations is coming to Toronto next year and they served fair trade coffee this year in Dallas. Their hotel, the Sheraton Centre is saying there is no fair trade ooffee in Canada. Seems like it would be worth a sales call ???

From: Yummy Team on Jun-17-2003
Sounds like the hotel does not want to change its routines. Several places sell fair trade coffee in Toronto, including Alternative Grounds and Moonbean.

From: jenny on Aug-24-2004
this is one of the most laid back community oriented kid friendly places anywhere. i love going in and getting my cheap(er) organic fair-trade (not to mention yummy) coffee, seeing my neighbours and chatting for a bit, and watching my 3 year old play with other neighbourhood kids while they root through the many toys and books on hand. they've got a great message board too to keep you in loop with local events and suchlike. still miss going there on weekdays, though i've been back to work fulltime over a year now...see ya there sometime!

From: AHiellamn on May-14-2013
I want to wish you good luck and all the best

Comments on store:
From: female on Jun-13-2011
Not much taste, not much texture for that much $$, will never go back again to waste my time and money.

From: Marc on May-03-2013
Best French pastries in Toronto

Comments on store: Les Chocolats Genevieve Grandbois
From: angela on Apr-15-2013
terrible chocolate - disgusting really.

Comments on store:
From: anonymous on Aug-25-2007
The most amazing cheese boule--chewy, perfectly dense, full of just the right amount of air pockets from the sourdough starter, and delicious with a glass of wine.

From: anonymous on Aug-16-2010
I am surprised that in all the reviews I have read there have been few reviews on the croissants. They are absolutely the best I have tasted in Canada. Truly all butter not like the ones that claim to be.......... Keep up the good work.

From: Anonymous on Apr-05-2013
Terrible service! Lady behind the counter is awfully rude!

Comments on store:
From: Penny on Mar-21-2007
I find the desserts at Phipps to be too sweet with the cakes covered in way to much buttercream. The cookies are very oily and the buttertarts end up being overdone with caramel or chocolate. I wish they could make something a little simpler and not so oily.

From: John J on Jan-14-2009
I found the cakes to be absolutely amazing in both design and taste. I will never for get the impression that Phipps had on my wedding and all the guests. I can see now why they cater to the stars.

From: Marcella on Feb-08-2009
I have been going to Phipps Bakery for over 5 years now and throughout that time they have consistently remained high on quality and superior in taste. I adore this bakery for all the great things that they create.

From: Joyicle on Mar-01-2011
Love your cakes and deserts but cannot eat them. TOO MUCH SUGAR!!!! I would like to see your cakes and deserts reflecting our healthy eating habits of the 21century. Less than 1/5 of the sugar if used, your cakes and deserts would be very enjoyable. Or at least I'd like to see you offering choices of the same type of cakes and deserts with much less sugar.

From: Liberal Cabrera Raya on Oct-31-2012
I'd have to go along with with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

From: Charlie on Dec-08-2012
Are you talking about the Phipps Desserts on Leslie (not the on on Eglinton) who sell at Pusateris etc? I LOVE their stuff, and disagree about too much sugar, they are well balanced and far less sweet than many other big brands I have tried.

Comments on store:
From: Rob Smith on Oct-16-2007
Fantastic sums it all up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Debra on Jan-24-2010
Great coffee, very good food, atmosphere relaxing, just a very nice spot all round

From: Jenn on Nov-12-2012
Amazing soup and sandwiches!!!

Comments on store: Mum's Ice Cream
From: Pat on Jul-02-2006
Lattes are fabu. Croissants could stand a touch more salt. So fresh&friendly!!

Comments on store: Mondo Gelato
From: Jarek on Aug-07-2003
I can't wait till my next visit to Vancouver. I am ready to take a plane today to be able to try their ice cream again. Mondo Gelato is for sure on my list while visiting B.C. and should be on yours too.

From: Gary on Apr-16-2004
There is no gelateria that I have found better than Mondo Gelato. The owners have an outlet in Rome, and their gelato's better than anything I found in gelato's homeland. Not only a destination when you're in BC, but a reason to go to BC.

From: Kelly on May-17-2004
You have the best Indian Mango Gelato. Yummmmmmmm

From: mickey on May-01-2005
great taste! trust me! best i ve ever had!

From: J in TO on May-24-2005
Mondo is by far my favorite gelateria in North America so far... Try the pistachio (made with imported pistachios from Italy) and nociolla (hazelnut) for a traditional killer combo... The only thing I can think of that kind of hinders it from being truly authentic IMHO, is that as far as gelato consistency, it leans a little more to the firmer side than the really creamy side like you would experience in a gelateria in Italy. However, that's just being really nitpicky, who knows, maybe it has something to do with Canadian dairy being unable to reach that same creamy state. Why oh why isn't there a Mondo in Toronto?!

Comments on store: K & K Tropical Fruit
From: dominadella on Mar-24-2003
Your best bet for all the tropical goodies you may miss from back home.If you can name it then chances are that it's there.Worth the trip to Chinatown...It is a tad

From: Connor on Nov-25-2003
Fantastic selection, worth trying to barter as the first price is usually on the high side.

From: Adrienne on Feb-01-2004
A stop here is a must for me every time I'm in Chinatown. They have stuff I thought I'd never lay eyes on. Always quite busy; service is brisk, someone is always moving through the shop with a dolly and locals may cut in front of you in the line-up as if you were a ghost. This is simply part of the experience. Forget you're in North America and go for the colourful heaping displays, the penetrating, sweet-musky smell of sappy young jackfruits and of course the delicious stuff you end up taking home. The uninitiated should take a friend who knows their fruit, or they will either miss the best stuff or eat something improperly.

From: Jacqueline on Apr-02-2004
I am so surprised you have found this little jewel. The street around it does tend to get a bit messy and dirty at times, so be careful not to slip. But oh yes, so many tropical fruits that you can't find anywhere else, you can find it here. Believe me, I've tried. The quality is superb compared to other Chinese supermarkets (I'm Chinese). Everything I've bought so far is very good, almost like a trip to a market in Asia. P.S. Mangosteens are known as the king of fruits, while the durian is queen, so try them both.

From: Bjorn on Dec-01-2004
this place was awesome. i luved it. i think that they should sell coconuts here. it would make it so much better. i wish i could liv here is was so good. i had so many orgasms here.....weeeeee

Comments on store: Fleurdelys Patisserie
From: Victoria on May-17-2003
Not quite up to Rahier's, Thournayre's or Celestin's standards ...

From: Stephanie on Jun-24-2003
By far the best French pastries in Toronto! They are made with all natural ingredients, using authentic recipes. Try their tarte au citron . . .

From: Susan on Jul-30-2003
I came in a young girl betty served me- she was very helpful- and polite! keep up the good work!!! and the best chocolate mouse ever.

From: Anne on Apr-09-2004
Rather disappointing; give this one a pass.

From: Jannet on May-12-2004
I really don't see what the fuss is about. NOT impressed at all!

From: Christian on May-22-2004
Provencal brioche have the perfect texture--croissants are the best in the city, flaky and moist without being greasy (especially first thing in the morning!) Chocolate mousse and lemon tarts must be tried as well. Quality ingredients make such a difference. Please open another location downtown!

From: Don on Jun-11-2004
The Chocolate Berry Tart and Choux were clearly day-old. Won't be coming back...

From: Lydia on Jun-30-2004
I have tried croissants from many bakeries, but these are my favorite!

From: Liam Walshe on May-12-2005
I absolutely ADORE their croissants!!!

From: LEH on Dec-17-2006
They have terrific quiches, as well.

From: Jo on May-11-2007
Fleurdelys is closed! There's a sign in the window; they closed in April 2007.

Comments on store: Melewa Bakery
From: Richard So on Apr-13-2003
I have to say, Melewa Bakery is the most friendy bakery in downtown Toronto. There is always an adorable old gentleman to greet you with a smile, and assistance is constantly on hand. But most important, their pastries are soo tasty! Lots of variety, for those with sweet tooths or those whom just enjoy light deserts. Their respectable service and fine foods have brought me to their store week after week.

From: Todd on Nov-18-2003
I am from kingston and everytime I go to Toronto I always have to stop at the bakery to get the Chinese Buns , they are sooo good. Everybody back here at home just love them. Very friendly people to help you as well.

From: Adrienne on Feb-01-2004
I'm frequently in Chinatown and this is my favourite bakery. Lovely sesame balls, cookies, savoury buns. Beautiful cakes are on display in a round case near the door; they are always decorated with fresh fruit and can be had with your choice of chocolate, chestnut or durian filling. All sorts of sweetened bean-filled buns and cakes too; for the uninitiated, sweet bean desserts are rich but not fatty. Rock-bottom prices of course- better than some nearby bakeries. Always fresh stuff. Why not intrigue other guests at a potluck by bringing a selection of their sweet and savoury buns to dinner?

From: Debbie on Oct-27-2004
Oh comon, This place is two thumbs down. I'd have to say "Furama" is great, for chinese pastry! This place, Huh, jokes.

Comments on store: Lemon Meringue
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
This restaurant has some of the best desserts in Toronto. Try their lemon meringue or any chocolate mousse tarts. Expensive but worth it!

From: anonymous on Dec-03-2003
Poor service and rude owners, but i have to admit the food is fine.

Comments on store: Stonemill Bakehouse
From: Ab on May-14-2006
The best bakery you can find in downtown Toronto!!! It is located in the St. Lawrence Market. They have a wide selection of organic breads. Try visiting them on a Saturday morning. The place is always packed but it'll be worth your time.

From: Christine on Jul-05-2007
Their stuff are generally good and tasty, but be aware of their Organic products. I know someone who is working with them and was confirmed with me that their organic bread is very questionable. Why spend more money by organic when they are actually may not be 100% organic!

Comments on store: Coffee Tree Roastery
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
This cafe offers the best coffee in Bloor West Village. It is probably the only independant locally owned one. Excellent cappuccino and beans to go.

From: Josh on Feb-25-2006
recently visited them, and found their coffee was rather watery, and overpriced.

From: Alan E Devine on Aug-30-2006
I am trying to limit myself to one GOOD coffee per day. go out of my way to have a large dark-roast coffee at Coffee Tree. The small costs about the same as a Starbucks small (?vente?) but is much better taste 2006Aug29

From: annie on Dec-13-2007
The beans are great and the coffee is wonderful but I wish the owners would clean up the sitting areas. The cushions and covers are greasy-looking, the floors need a wash. It would be the perfect meeting place but I always hesitate to suggest it to friends because of the grime. (I wish someone would forward this to the Coffee Tree...)

From: Stephanie on Oct-18-2008
The coffee tree cheers me up every morning, and afternoon when iam in the mood for a mid day perk. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The staff are amazing and friendly, especially the full time day staff. I not only buy my coffee there but I also buy my beans. The selection is incredible and I never, ever had a bad coffee. So far the best coffee I have had in the city.

Comments on store: Ten Ren's Tea & Ginseng
From: Karen on Apr-23-2003
The official website for Ten Ren�s Tea in Canada would be I recently visited the Toronto Chinatown location, and was greeted with friendly smile and a hot cup of tea. They carry large varieties of teas and tea wares, and I was very happy to find what I was looking for. However, I don�t live in Toronto, therefore now I have to purchase online for Ten Ren products. The online store provide excellent service as well�..great pricing and shipping is convenient.

From: TenRen.Com on May-05-2003
I think TenRen.Com is the official website for TenRen in Canada as well. TenRen.Com lists all the TenRen locations in Canada including Vancouver and Calgary. Also, they have a 5 Star service rating as well as Hacker Safe protections. Shipping is very reasonable for customers in the United States as it is by the weight of the order.

From: Richard Evens on Jun-20-2003
Great website I visited this store at Toronto last month went around China Town with my friends. I have never heard of TenRen's Tea before, they had great friendly service. I brought some of their teas which they requirement me to try. I have loved it ever since. Now i purchase all my tea needs at The online store provide great selection of teas. Also great pricing =) Richard Evens, [email protected]

From: Scarlett on Jun-21-2003
I have had a great experience with I wasn't too sure about a few of the kings teas, but the staff really helped me out. I emailed them and had a reply within minutes. I recommend trying the 913 kings tea for anyone who has not. Simply great selections and prices.

From: Stephanie on Jan-26-2005
LOVE IT!!!! BBT is THEEEE best there!!! nothing comparable!!

From: J chan on Oct-29-2005
great products, lousy service, too bad.

From: Sharon on Nov-25-2005
I've recently visited the Ten Ren's Tea store in Chinatown, because it was recommended by Toronto Life Magazine. I was looking for good quality green tea, and the helpful staff suggested that I try their premium green tea. It was, I'm going back in Dec. to buy some x'mas gifts for family and friends. Maybe next time I'll try their oolong tea too.

From: Martin L. on Nov-01-2006
Ten Ren's Tea store offers lots of different teas. I visited the store last weekend and was offered to sample two types of tea. I love the eight treasure chrysanthmum is very tasty and it is all herbal. I also love their premium white tea, excellent aroma and taste. Well, maybe next time I'll try their BBT too, I heard it is good.

From: Mae on Dec-07-2006
I was at Ten Ren's tea shop yesterday. In contrast to the other two reviews, I found the staff not helpful at all. I asked them to recommend a tea, and the lady (wendy) told me to go look at them myself and let her know when I was ready. When I asked her what some of the differences were between the types of teas, she was very vague and told me they all have good flavour, but she can't really describe any better. I asked her if I could sample the tea before I buy it and she said it was not possible. I found their website to be more informative about different teas than Wendy. I had a very unpleasant experience in that store.

From: Kin Yo on Dec-18-2006
I purchase my Tea from the new Ten Ren store up on Hwy 7. They have lots of different teas and good service too. It also have a tea house area, where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.

From: Peter Cam on Feb-27-2007
Love the TEA and friendly service.

From: mia on Oct-13-2007
Try visiting them on line, they list all of the teas they sell as well as explain the different ingredients and properties of the teas. I love the poeticness of their teas, and I feel decadent drinking tea scented with rosebuds.

From: Rachel Ryan on Dec-07-2007
I love going to Ten Ren's on Hwy 7, it has everything I need. I just got some very nice tea gift sets from Ten Ren as x'mas presents for my family. OH>>> btw, they carry the BLOOMING TEAS~~it is soooo nice. I love watching the steeping process of blooming tea ~~it is beautiful.

From: larry on Jan-18-2008
i,ve walk in for a tea style came out with the best of dark green with white formosa ,best tea {intack] for a strole 4 time daily. in futur for those who like tea great with irish morning tea && jaasmen black{orange canister}.

Comments on store: Capital Tea
From: Caroline Williams on Sep-02-2006
I recently ordered tea from capital tea online, and I was very impressed. The tea was fresher and much better priced than teas that I had tried from other toronto area shops. So far the Sankar estate assam has been my favourite. Yummy!!!

Comments on store: Say Tea
From: Emily on Apr-07-2003
I received some loose Vanilla tea leaves from Say Tea for my birthday and the tea was absolutely delicious! When I finally had the chance to visit the location I was impressed by it as well. It was a quaint little shop with huge variety of tea, both loose and in bags. Not only that but they carry functional and beautiful tea accessories. Some examples are the "tea ball" to make tea from loose tea leaves as well as an assortment of china teapots and cups with gorgeous, classic patterns. They also sell preserves and other items that are perfect gift ideas. Bottom line: Quality products at a reasonable price. I can't wait to run out of tea again so I can try another of their exotic flavors!

From: Louise Ross on May-31-2003
I live in Ottawa and every time I visit Toronto, Say Tea is a must stop! Such a variety of teas to choose from. I have yet to find any teas anywhere that have such a full flavour. I love dark teas and Say tea easily satisfies this in so many delicious ways. Its a wonderful little shop and I'll always thank the day I happened to find it.

From: Big thomas on Sep-16-2003
the owner of Say Tes really rocks. The tea is great sure, however the tall blonde selling it to you makes it go down even better..I have never had a more pleasurable experience in my life...

From: Martha on Jun-17-2004
When I go to Say Tea, I say coffee - Morning Madness to be precise. This is the shop's house blend and it is wonderfully full bodied. The store owner is very knowledgable about her products and she goes out pf her way to please her customers.

From: Nikki on Jun-09-2008
Say Tea is a lovely, quaint little shop with a homey, cozy feel. The quality of their tea is very high, and the owner is very very knowledgeable. It is my favorite place to go to buy tea for myself and for as a gift.

Comments on store: The Tea Emporium
From: Brian J. on Jun-27-2003
What a great concept! The most well designed and soothing tea store I have been in since my time in Japan. The tea selection is unbelievable and unique and the staff is full of knowledge without being overwhelming. Charming!

From: Karen on Dec-11-2003
My husband and I had the opportunity to discover the Tea Emporium on a trip to Toronto this past fall. The teas were wonderful and the fact that we can continue to purchase their teas online is an added benefit. The Tea Emporium is a wonderful store and should be visited.

From: Tom Butters on Dec-16-2003
A fabulous facility where delectable taste experiences are just waiting to be discivered. Try the Royal Benghal Tiger.

From: Anonymous on May-12-2005
I was not exactly impressed with the selection.

From: K. Mercer on May-17-2005
Not impressed with the selection?? It's the largest selection in the city - over 120 - not quite sure what 'Anonymous' was looking for but I find the selection outstanding and always up to date.

From: Anonymous on Jul-20-2005
The selection is not half as great as another tea store I have visited (the House of Tea on Yonge St).

From: Anonymous on Jul-20-2005
(Continued) The house of tea has over 200!!!!

From: Marriette Gomez on Nov-01-2005
A very nice shop with a respectable 120 kinds of tea, enough to get you started...prices are compatible to the other high end tea shop. (Except for the House of Tea, which is more pricey.) The store on Eglinton is very nicely done, with a tea lounge.

From: Marriette Gomez on Nov-01-2005
A very nice shop with a respectable 120 kinds of tea, enough to get you started...prices are compatible to the other high end tea shop. (Except for the House of Tea, which is more pricey.) The store on Eglinton is very nicely done, with a tea lounge. Who cares if they have 500 teas!! I am sure nobody is going to taste all of them!

From: John C. on Dec-13-2006
A nice store with an emphasis Black teas and decent selection of green and oolongs. Prices are comparable to many "physical" North American tea stores though very pricy when compared online vendors. Knowledgeble and helpful staff for those needing a guide into loose leaf teas. Dragon pearls and "blooming" teas are pricy compared to that sold in the Chinatowns.

From: Marc on Dec-10-2008
Just had a macaron - worst I ever had, totally hard and dry. Great teas, but avoid macarons...

From: Stella on Feb-11-2009
I just had some fantastic milk Oolong from there! The staff were also very patient and knowledgeable. And as for the prior comment about a non-impressive selection... I've never had a sub-par cup of tea from the tea emporium, which is something I cannot say for the other tea houses I've been to in toronto (say tea, pippins, tealish, house of tea, teaopia)

From: Allison on Mar-01-2009
I agree with Stella. New tea shops popping up in Toronto serve a greater variety of teas than the Tea Emporium. However, the owners of the Tea Emporium seem to care about the quality of the tea that they get and they sell only the best. It shows! I love the selection at the Tea Emporium. What I love more is the service. After going to David's Tea, I went to the Tea Emporium and the staff knew a hell of a lot about their teas (which is not what I can say about David's tea...I just wrote a frustrating review about them 5 minutes ago...ugh). Great store, great service, good prices. I went to the First Canadian Place location btw and came away with the Milk Oolong and a Rooibos Provence. I want to check out the store located on Eglinton...some day :)

From: ingrid_kayak on Nov-27-2009
I was recently at their Forest Hill location and had a pot of tea and a lime tart in their sit-down section. The tea was good but the tart was beyond stale. The pastry crust was rock hard and cracked and the custard was also cracked and dry, basically inedible. I left it nearly untouched so I hope that sends a message to the Tea Emporium. I'll never go back again, not even for tea. There are other places in the city where you can have a great pot of tea and FRESH pastries for the same price!

Comments on store: Chocolate Addict
From: Chocolina on Dec-06-2004
The Chocolate Addict's wares are fabulous!!!

From: angel on Jan-27-2005
I love the chocolate addict, and always make sure to stop in when i'm in the neighbourhood!!!! +++

From: giorgio modica on Feb-25-2006
Soon i walked into the store i knew that i had found my heaven,oh what a viriety of goodies,they really know what they are doing....see you soon

From: giorgio modica on Feb-25-2006
Soon i walked into the store i knew that i had found my heaven,oh what a variety of goodies,they really know what they are doing....see you soon

From: chocolover on Apr-14-2007
I've tried their truffles just because it's close to my home. The taste and texture is just average, and other chocolate they offers rapped in plastic bag didn't seem fresh. I am a little disappointed when I compare their price and quality.

From: Cathy on Nov-02-2007
This store was once great but now is dusty and the flavours are suspect. I highly recommend staying away from the lavendar truffle as it takes like soap instead of the subtle hint of lavendar it once had.

Comments on store: Tournayre Patisserie
From: Joanne on Apr-04-2003
Forget flying to France. Indulge yourself in this tiny perfect replica instead. The sitting area is sunny and romantic. Relax and have one of the yummy sandwiches (basil and avocado is tops) before dessert. Quite the treat!

From: Victoria on May-17-2003
This is a delightful little place, with arguably the best croissants in town and the friendliest proprietors, something the people at Rahier should take note of.

From: Carla on Jun-06-2003
Not really a comment but more of a question: Has anyone ordered Croquembouche from Tournayre for a wedding? Please share your thoughts and experience if you have as I'm considering getting it for our early September wedding but have heard that it can be rather tempermental when it comes to humidity and the entire thing collapsing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

From: Michelle on Oct-24-2003
I love this place! They make the best croissants and pains au chocolat - buttery, flaky and light. Divine pastries, wonderful atmosphere and friendly service. What more could one ask for? That's why I was flabbergasted when I went there today and they were closed, with a sign in the window indicating that the place was under new management and would re-open under a new name. Does anyone know what happened?

From: Rob on Oct-25-2003
Also stopped by today after climbing the CN Tower looking for one of their perrfect danish pastries, and found it closed up. PLEASE anyone, where did they move to, may move there too!

From: Chris Knight on Oct-25-2003
I was flabbergasted to find the patisserie closesd this morning. I rang their number and the woman who answered said the shop has been bought out by a company called Komitor. She said it will be a Vienese-style bakery but they hope to keep something of the feel and some of the items of the former shop. They plan to re-open in a couple of weeks. All she knew of the former owners was that she thought they had moved back to France. So it doesn't seem as though Tournayre will be seen in Toronto again. A pity, as they had the best croissants in town. Second-best (in my opinion) goes to Bonjour Brioche, which is a little ways west on Queen, I think it's 818 Queen East or thereabouts.

From: Steve on Oct-25-2003
I went by today on my weekly trip to "Meat on the Beach" next door, to find the aforementioned sign in the window, and my heart sank. It was truly as close as you could get to France for pastries, and with "Meat on the Beach" next door, and "Sauvignon" at the corner, it was turning into a little East End gourmet block. I also heard they had moved back to France (who can blame them), so it's about 6000 miles for another pain au chocolat from them.... ;(

From: Alex on Oct-26-2003
Very, very, very, very, very sad that Tournayre has closed. It seemed so sudden--we were in there last weekend, and no one gave any indication that the place was about to close. That's the nature of the food business, I guess, but of the best things about our neighbourhood is now gone. I just hope that this "Komitor" or "Konditor" or whatever the hell its called isn't just some generic "coffee shop" with weak coffee, pre-fab sandwiches, and crummy pastries ordered from a giant commissary somewhere in Mississauga. God know we have enough of THOSE in this city! Sandra, Marc, and Michel, we'll miss you!

From: Vicky on Oct-29-2003
Unfortunately the Tournayre closed about a week ago...for good! I don't know what I am going to do....

From: Dave on Nov-01-2003
I also went by the shop today to see the closed window. I was very disappointed and so was my wife and daughter who were sitting at home expecting some treats. Very sad to see them go and I'm obviously interested in what would make them close up shop? A bit of a mystery. The moving back to France message on the shop does not really anwser the question. Maybe they could not stand another cold winter? It was great to see them be so successful when so many small businesses fail.

From: Marni on Aug-25-2004
Okay this has to be our little secret but I have the greatest news in the world! There used to be this fantastic bakery in the beaches called Tournayre that quickly and quietly closed down in the fall of last year. It was the best little bit of France Toronto had to offer. The good news...Recently I was out driving on Dundas west near Royal York road and noticed a new bakery that had opened. I went inside and just about cried when I recognized the baker from Tournayre! He has opened his own little patisserie called Ma Maison. I can promise that this place has got the greatest baguette in the whole city and that it is well worth the drive to the west end. In addition to baguette there are also wonderful pasteries and prepared foods that are magnificent! The address for Ma Maison is 4243 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1Y3 416.236.2234. Located on the south side of Dundas Street. Enjoy :)

From: Slappy Deaux on Jan-19-2005
The latest rumour is that Sandra & Marc return to France has not been succesful and may be considering a return Canada. We can only be hopeful.

Comments on store: J. S. Bonbons
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Excellent chocolate. Their chocolate caramel truffle is outstanding.

From: Jana on May-03-2003
I really didn't like these chocolates at all. I didn't even eat the box I bought because they weren't worth the calories. There are much better options.

From: Brenda on May-23-2003
I had the pleasure of discovering JS Bonbons recently and what a fantastic find! To chose a favourite would be almost impossible, but the lavender, lime corriander and the lemon tyme are really outstanding...the store itself is lovely, cozy and filled with treats-an absolute delight start to finish...i will be back!

From: Paul Riss on May-28-2003
I have used J S Bonbons for as long as she has been open for both my business and personal gift giving. And i can't say enough about how happy everyone has been with her chocolates. Thanks Jenn you are a genius!

From: Lorraine on Nov-13-2003
Fantastic! By far the best chocolates I have ever tried...definately worth a visit. Lorraine P.

From: Lilita on Nov-15-2003
I just tried these truffles today. Incredible value even though they are a little smaller than what you will find elsewhere. Personally, I prefer that since it allows one to try a greater variety of flavours. I just savoured the coriander lime truffle and was surprised how well the subtle flavour blended with the high quality chocolate. I have already recommended J.S. Bonbons to friends and family.

From: Michelle on Nov-30-2003
I stopped by this tore to try their truffles, which were alright in taste. A little waxy, but some interesting and sort of weird flavours too. However, the cream in these chocolate had gone bad and they made me very SICK! I would not recommend this store, because of that unpleasant experience.

From: Lionel on Jan-06-2004
Sorry, but I highly doubt that the truffles sold at this store stay on the shelves long enough for the cream to have time to go bad...

From: helen s. on Mar-03-2004
Jenn's chocolates are beyond amazing! We use them both at work and for gift-giving. I've turned dozens of people onto Jenn's store and would recommend it to everyone. Her flavours are inspiring, my favourite being the white chocolate truffle with the lemon/thyme filling!

From: thomas haas on Mar-11-2004
Consider the truffles at JS middle range wholesale quality. New comer SOMA chocolates at the distillery is the one to watch out for. Besides their truffles, taste their amazing spiced hot chocolate drinks! Blew me away.

From: cheryl p on Mar-17-2004
i received from a friend of mine last week the most beautiful and tasty gift i have ever received. it was a chocolate bowl filled with huge chocolate covered strawberries. the whole gift was wrapped in cellophane and delivered in a gift bag. the strawberries were huge and delicious and the chocolate tasted incredible. what a nice change from receiving flowers or gift baskets. i will definitely be ordering gifts from them when the need arises. YUMMY!!! and i am a true chocolate lover.

From: leslie on May-08-2005
store looks good, truffles look good, website looks good....but the quality of the dark chocolate and flavours are only so so. there are definitely better options.

From: Christine Baker on May-25-2005
I received an assortment of JS Bonbons for Valentine's Day - a bowl filled with the most fantastic truffles I have ever tasted. The salted caramel was my absolute favorite. I went into the Queen St. store to put together a similar gift for a friends wedding shower and was thrilled. Not only are the truffles amazing, but there are so many other things to give (and keep :) And my friend loved her gift...two more devotees!

From: Anna Goodman on May-26-2005
I used JS Bonbons as favors at my May wedding...they were a huge hit! What a yummy and beautiful touch. Jenn and her staff were lovely to deal with, which made everything so much easier. Thank you!

From: Clara on Mar-09-2006
I stopped by the store on Queen Street. They've got a few interesting products and lots of herb based truffles. I bought 9 to try out, the cardamom caramel was ok the rest of the truffles were not so great. I don't know whether it was the cream in the Rosemarry truffle or the taste itself, but I felt sick fo hours afterwards. The chocolate covered toffe was really good though.

From: tina on Aug-29-2008
both stores are closed. the queen st store closed in 2006. the dupont street closed in summer 2008. one of the truffle makers is now at xococava.

Comments on store: La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe
From: anonymous on Mar-14-2003

From: Sue on Mar-25-2003
The prices are a bit high, but it's well worth it!!! Where else will you find Ferrerro Rochero ice cream?? It's to die for and well worth the price!!

From: anonymous on Mar-30-2003
I love La Paloma. It's a great place to hang out and eat amazing ice cream. It's also in a great location and you're surrounded by other Italians! It's great!!

From: Peros on Apr-17-2003
Great selection - about $4.50 per scoop - well worth it ... onlyplace outside Italy to get some of the flavours! Highly Recommend!

From: Ashleigh on Apr-30-2003
The prices are absolutley crazy, Hollywood Gelato is much better in my opinion and less exspensive. Hollywood Gelato's Fererro Rocher is the BEST. Try it sometime!

From: Don on May-13-2003
In response to some other comments, the prices are higher than most but the quality is the best you will find in this city. I just returned from Italy and the prices are at par with what I had paid at some of the best shops in northern Italy (and the quality is as good). Save yourself the plane ticket, experience the culture of Italy in a Lemon sorbetto - don't waste your time, go directly to the St.Clair store.

From: Frank on May-13-2003
Hollywood Gelato's Ferrero Rocher tastes so good because they buy their gelato from La Paloma. When Hollywood gelato first opened I asked if they new about La Paloma - Not only did they know them, they bought flavours from them. Even if they don't buy from them anymore, they sure took a lot of direction from the originators. As an Italian kid growing up in the city you only knew of a few classic immigrant Gelaterias, Sicilian Ice Cream on College Street and La Paloma on St.Clair Avenue. La Paloma has a second location closer to my home in Woodbridge.

From: george n toni kennedy on Jun-20-2003
hey guys its your friends from long island we met at sandals in the bahamas wondering how you guys are doing ?i remembered the name of your ice cream it looks yummy hope you guys are all well and get this message take care of yourselves later george n toni

From: Casanova on Jun-24-2003
Simply the best! If I am in the mood for real Gelato I always go to La Paloma.

From: anonymous on Jun-24-2003
not worth it at all, prices are crazy, best authentic icecream in the city Sicilian Ice Cream on College street

From: cOopz on Aug-11-2003
This is absolutely the best ice cream I have ever tasted. There is also a La Paloma location at Hwy 400 & Hwy 7 in the Piazza Del Sole plaza in Woodbridge.

From: Tarik on Sep-10-2003
Good ice cream, need more stores in downtown! close to king and university would be great!!

From: Lui on Oct-06-2003
La Paloma is very good but too expensive! My background is Italian and I'm in Italy once a year and I feast on ice cream daily when I'm visiting. Hollywood ice cream serves up amazing favourite flavours and the cost rules! You don't have to pay $$ to get good quality and value - try Hollywood on Bayview Ave. $15 for 1.5 litres to take home!

From: Alex Gropper on Nov-08-2003
Terrific ice cream; the best outside Italy

From: blah on Feb-05-2004
yummy yummy...a bit pricey but it's allllll good!! Love the chocolate soya....need a store in markham!!!

From: Leigh on Feb-24-2004
Freshest and most flavourful in the city. Like all exceptional things, "you get what you pay for..."

From: adam on Apr-07-2004
im in math class right now and my teacher (mrs. T) was commenting on the ice. she says she loves the ice cream but her husband finishes it all before she gets any. eh wut u gonna do....ferro roachee rocks

From: Ann Manno on May-22-2004
The best..................

From: Corso Italia! on Jun-16-2004
I lovelovelovelovelove La Paloma. It's a great place to eat Gelato. But the prices ARE a bit too high. But it is a great dessert.

From: ada on Jun-17-2004
hey they lowered their prices! single cone/cup - $2.78 double cone/cup - $3.95 large cup - $6.00 that's almost a $1.00 off all of the old prices plus there's no tax on their take home packages! half litre - 9.50 litre -14.25 1.5 litre - 18.00 2 litre 25.00

From: Adriana on Jun-29-2004
Way over priced for an average ice-cream, had much better for alot less.

From: DIDO on Jul-02-2004
I find La Paloma ice cream a little expensive compared to the amount of ice cream. They are very tight with their quantity.

From: Melissa Giangrosso on Aug-03-2004
My husband and I were visiting this weekend and our good friends brought us to La Paloma in Woodbridge. The Ferrero Rocher was to die for!! My husband is Italian and he loved it!!

From: Joseph Cr. on Aug-23-2004
I am from montreal and was in toronto in your St. Claire location, a freind suggested your place for some delicious GELATO. My comment was too bad I can't pack some and take it home. Truly the best I have tasted so far.

From: on Aug-23-2004
mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm good....ya its a little pricey but you get what you pay for!...

From: Grazia on Aug-24-2004
La Paloma Gelateria & cafe is way over priced, if you truly want to try the best italian ice cream in the city - "Sicilian Ice Cream". Not only do you get quality but their prices are affordable.

From: Csilla on Aug-25-2004
I am Hungarian and we have AWESOME icecream just like yours back home. I am SO GLAD I do not have to fly home to have a bit of our icecream. LA PALOMA IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Thanks for bringing my memories back every time I visit you. YUMMMMM!!

From: MAGDALENA on Oct-26-2004
I love La Paloma's icecream!These Sicilians are the best!!! I work there and I can see how they make the icecream/gelato! I can tell everyone: IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!! Try just once (if you didn't yet),and you'll go there every time to eat the perfect icecream!!! Many people worry about the prices But If you taste the first butter You'll forget about it!!! Believe me!I'm Hungarian,I know what is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! COME!!!!!

From: anonymous on Nov-16-2004
way too expensive, hollywood gelato is way better when you cost value it. they are in the same league as far as quality goes, but the prices. and the HG never bought any of their ice cream from la paloma at any point, this is coming from a former employee.

From: Mike on Dec-09-2004
Outstanding handmade ice cream. The best pistachio I've tasted outside Italy. Probably the best ice cream in the city.

From: Josie on Jan-27-2005
The ice cream at Paloma is fantastic but priciey.We absolutely need a store location to serve the mississauga italians.

From: Guilio on Feb-18-2005
The torrone is to die for, price is fair...Although I have extremely sensitive bowels and am highly lactose intolerant...worth the $4.50, and worth an etremely bad case of the trots!!!!!!!!!!!

From: M. Reeves on May-17-2005
It is simply the best ice cream and gelato I have ever had!!! Well worth the price. You have ruined me for all others....

From: JTO on May-25-2005
Paloma's came highly recommended and after trekking out there through snow last winter - yes, I'm a bit of a gelato nut, I found it extremely disappointing. The quality was sub-standard and expensive! If you have a gelato craving, do yourself a favour and buy yourself some Gelato Fresco from Dominion or Tutti Frutti...also not the best gelato but better than Paloma's!

From: Ana on Jun-06-2005
la paloma is definitely the best!

From: Gerard on Jun-27-2005
The gelato is too expensive, and there are other delicious, high-quality options at other parts of the city at more affordable prices.

From: Ice Cream Fanatic on Jul-09-2005
I've been to Italy and the only place with gelato as good as there is LA PALOMA. I'd pay 3x the already expensive price to eat their gelato. Three words: TO DIE FOR!!!

From: heather on Dec-13-2005
too fricken expensive! and the people that work there are SO rude!!! you should employ people with smiles on their faces and whoa re polite! not the best ice cream...ive had better too expensive! lower the prices and maybe i'll come back!

From: Amadeus on Dec-13-2005
I like La Paloma gelato. Very good and many flavours. They are ridiculously priced though. Anyone wanting a more authentic Italian experience should make the trek to Hamilton. There is a new place called VICI Gelateria & Cafe located in Hamilton's Limeridge Mall. It truly blows La Paloma away and they charge fair prices for their treats. Their staff is also the most friendly customer oriented group you will ever meet. Try their Ferrero Rocher gelato. Blows away La Paloma's.

From: LAA on May-22-2006
I did not like La Paloma gelato because of their unfriendly sellers, high priced, don't accept debit card or credit card despite the ridiculous high prices. The taste (of what i bought) was also not so special. Does not worth the special to trip to their store.

From: Kim on Jul-07-2006
La Paloma is the best place for authentic Italian gelato in Toronto! They have the best flavour selection I have ever seen and the staff make you feel like part of the family!

From: Dan on Jul-17-2006
La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe in Woodbridge is the best gelateria in all of Canada. There workers are cool and there prices are affordable. It is well worth the price and FORRRRRRZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Ed on Aug-11-2006
People who love La Paloma so much probably have never had Gelato in Rome or Venice before. La Paloma is good but not excellent. They also don�t use 100% natural ingredients in all their gelato. It�s frozen to hard and the display is boring.

From: Gloria on Aug-16-2006
The prices are rather high at La Paloma considering their gelato isn't very exceptional. Their gelato comes in a lot of flavours and is tasty, but it's not as good as their prices would warrant. Dolce Gelato and Ed's Real Scoop are a couple of places that are comparable in flavour (in fact, Ed's Real Scoop's Tanzanian dark chocolate is probably the best chocolate gelato I've had yet) but with much more reasonable prices. I don't know much about gelato and I'm not a connoisseur, but I have a sense of what is delicious. La Paloma is nice but not worth the cash.

From: Jeff on Sep-08-2006
La Paloma in woodbridge is the best place to be, great atmosphere, great service, decent prices, and the best gelato you will ever find in all of north america. Also, I recently noticed that they have started making very delicious, well decorated, and fulfilling waffles to be had plain, or with different amounts of the great gelato.

From: Gelato Lover on Sep-17-2006
I must say ever since La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe in Woodbridge went under new ownership the service of La Paloma is exceptional. The workers are cool and friendly. I always go to La Paloma in Woodbridge for a treat and recently I tasted one of their waffles. AMAZING!! They even offered chocolate waffles that tasted like a chocolate sponge cake with ice cream! Delicious. Definetly worth it for an extra dollar. You gotta try one. There prices may be a little high but its well worth your while.

From: ilovechocolate on Sep-22-2006
hey guys the scoop is that we've just discovered a new La Paloma. Its on Jane & rutherford .the mall is called Tuscany place outside of Vaughan Mills mall. The Gelato is great like always ,staff is very nice and friendly the waffles are great! The best part of this new store is there are no line ups and they got a huge patio too!!!!

From: mark on Sep-22-2006
Little La paloma tucked away in a corner next to Marcellos pizzeria same guys from St.clair. its great two Patios really nice atmosphere feels like your in italy. I tried this great flavour called Mon cherry undescribable! Im definately bring my friends .Everyone was soo nice go visit its outside the Vaughan mills plaza.

From: ilovechocolate on Sep-29-2006
I couldnt resist i had to go back to La paloma Tuscany place. Its a very welcoming comfortable enviroment. We had some flavoured waffles i had chocolate my friend cinnamon.We even had this really yummy giant chocolate chip sandwich with chocolate gelato you have too try it!

From: bob on Nov-11-2006
It is the best Gelato Place in TO!! We go every chance we get eventhough we live in Oakville.

From: Rossi on Nov-28-2006
Folks, if you want to try the best gelato I have come across in Ontario, go to VICI Gelato & Cafe in Hamilton. They have the best flavours around. Their pistachio is even better than in Italy. They also have some amazing flavours that you can't find at any other gelato place. Stuff like Strawberry Cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher, Blood Oranges, Cookie Dough and Reeses Pieces. I hear they are coming to Toronto too. Can't wait.

From: Rossi on May-13-2007
Bob, VICI Gelato & Cafe just opened in Mangiacake restaurant and cafe on Kerr street in Oakville. its right near lakeshore. Don't waste your time travelling to La Paloma when the best gelato in Ontario is right under your nose. Was there last night. Awesome.

From: anonymous on May-31-2008
I actually was born in Italy, grew up eating the best gelato there was. When I came to canada I heard about La Paloma and let's just say don't waste your time eating MANGIACAKE ICECREAM, put QUALITY first, don't be cheap and treat yourself with the BEST GELATO in toronto, go to LA PALOMA and stop complaing about prices, because it's worth it!

From: SuperJonasDude on Jun-02-2008
Extremely good Gelati for Toronto. Comparable to average quality you might get wandering around to random shops in Florence. No quite as good as the BEST best Florentine [eg. Vivoli just off Piazza Santa Croce] - but with these slow line-ups & at these silly prices, you just know Paloma has little competition over here! Worth driving out a few times a year to explore scruffy, colorful St. Clair West. (This lo-rent area could use a major face-lift, although it may be permanently way-too-Urban with that gigantic wide street and fugly street train tracks. Clean it up locals, it ain't no Danforth for sure. At least there are a few nice places to hang out, Italian, South American etc.)

From: Tom on Jul-15-2008
I have been a fan for many years, but in the last 2 to 3 years I have found that the gelato was not up to par. after further research and talking to some of the servers I found out the gelato is being made cheaper to save costs unfortunatly it acrifices that traditional taste. Now I need to find some one that is not going to skip.

From: Marc on Jul-19-2008
Some of the best gelato in Toronto for sure, there are other stores, but not nearly as good as La Paloma.

From: Francesco on Aug-16-2009
Try Il Gelatiere (Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton). It's far more superior in taste and value. Paloma is over priced for a gelato that is fast deteriorating in taste. It's not what it used to be and it's getting a lot worse. Can't bring myself to go back. After three strikes, they're out! Ciao Paloma!

From: george t on Nov-30-2009
Review I read the Lapaloma write ups and have to agree that the tastes have become more and more artifitial and the atitudes of the location owners seem to have become very negative. This could be why they are being sold as soon as someone buys a location. there is something weird about this

From: susan G on Nov-30-2009
I have grown up with La Paloma Gelato and over the past few years it has become more and more artifitial in flavour. The prices are outrages and the attitude of the servers are very negative. After asking some of the staff it seams that the negativity is coming from upper management. And the goal for profit is greater than the gelato you get these days

From: Ben on Jun-01-2010
My how the mighty have fallen. La Paloma used to be the best gelato in Ontario and now they are pretty close to the bottom. One merely has to look at the gelato to see how poor the quality is. It looks like it has been sitting in their display case for weeks. The reason for this is because it HAS been sitting for weeks. They make their gelato centrally at one location and then ship it to the various locations. Because of this, it is no longer gelato. One of the defining characteristics of gelato is that it is made fresh daily on the premises. Definitely not the case with La Paloma. But you don't really need to know all of this stuff. Just try the gelato and you will see what an inferior product it is. If you want good gelato, go to Il Gelaterie on Mount Pleasant in Toronto. If you are up to the trek to Hamilton, VICI Gelateria & Cafe in Limeridge mall is the closest thing to having a gelato in Italy.

From: George on Mar-07-2011
Something is happening with la Paloma Gelaterias. The gelato is not the same and stores like the ones located in vaughan Mills and on Rutherford seem to be failing with the owner of the location beside Marcelo,s restaurant on Rutherford which has gone Bankrupt. Could it be the fact the gelato is not the same. Even the location at Hwy 7 and Weston road seems to change hands every 6 months. Time to spend my money elswhere.

From: Lara Steinhouse on Apr-16-2011
Love It! Love It! Love It! Friends have been coming here for years, 3 displays full of flavors.

From: Tisha Franklin on Apr-16-2011
Love this place. First hand experience. I'm no blogger and I don't have a bias. Filter all the haters (competition and their employees ganging-up) from the previous comments and your left with a humble little Gelateria in the Heart of Corso Italia (St.Clair West) that has been around since 1967. The area has taken a knocking over the years, but the old store still survives through time. Same owners, same great flavours, same great quality. Yes, a little expensive but what isn't these days...Gas? Hydro? Taxes? Reality check - if you want quality you're going to pay for it, Canadian $ or Italian Euros $ - save yourself the plane ride and try it for yourself. Lemon & Chocolato Combo still my favorite. Toronto Icon for sure

From: FoodieTO on Apr-18-2011
I've been coming to La Paloma since I was a kid. The place always reminds me of summer growing-up. My grandparents always brought me for some Hazelnut gelato - I've been hooked ever since. Other places have a limited selection with only one display of flavors but each La Paloma store I know of has 3 displays. I no longer live downtown but I visit each summer season religiously. I hope they open further east but for now I slide across to the stores up in Vaughan. Institution!!

Comments on store: Teuscher Chocolates
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Good chocolate but far too overpriced for the quality. You can do just as well, if not better at Simone Marie, for half the cost.

From: rick satriani on May-02-2003
Excellent chocolates but definitely too expensive. Try The Chocolate Messenger instead; they have the best truffles in Toronto...period.

From: DiDi Dubois on Oct-09-2003
I am so sorry that you have closed your Montreal store ! ! ! Just to think that I will have to order them by phone from your Toronto office..... Your Montreal facade was a delight during the holiday season and I will miss you very much. Your Champagne Truffles are WONDERFUL ! didi

From: Leticia Siasat on Dec-02-2003
I've never settled for anything but the best when it comes to chocolate and you shouldn't either. Teuscher Chocolates are the best I've ever tasted. I can't wait to put in my order for my upcoming wedding in June 2004 at William Ashley's. My guests will be so happy to see that we've taken great care in making sure they enjoy the very best. I can't wait to stop at William Ashley's to pick some up this week. For any reason, treat yourself to'll feel a whole lot better. Sincerely, Leticia

From: anonymous on Apr-07-2004
i thought i lost you for ever.I have been buying your chocolates for years now i can order them on line thank god

From: Nancy on Nov-26-2004
The champagne truffles and dark chocolate ganache truffles are exquisite - flown in from Switzerland, but the price of them leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Comments on store: Belgian Chocolate Shop
From: Loretta Clissold on Jan-21-2004
Your store was featured as part of the Toronto area for great food and the picture that was dipicted were chocolate monkeys. I did not see these on your website and a call to your ordering dept. didn't result in any information. I would write and send the picture but your address doesn't include the zip code, as I would assume needed and I either missed, or didn't see an email address to develop information on these, or other items from your shop.

From: Michelle on Jan-28-2005
Most definitely the most reasonable ans best chocolate in the city-I've tried them all and none melt in your mouth like these chocolates!

From: Polo on Feb-09-2005
Nice chocolates, esp the chestnut ones.

From: Jen on Feb-01-2007
I have worked in the Beaches for over 4 years and I love the Belgium Chocolate Shop. Not only that it is a small Belgium family run business but the chocolates are delicious and as we chocoholics know, it is not easy to decide just which chocolates you want packed into that jewelbox of chocolate- but they are always very patient and extremely plesant to deal with! I love the citron but also love chili cinnamon chocolate and would love to see them create something with it!

From: chris on Mar-09-2007
This chocolate shop is so lovely and I've yet to have a piece of chocolate or chocolate dipped fruit that has not made me almost cry at how good they are .

From: freelance momma on Jun-04-2007
The chocolates at the Belgian Chocolate Shop are the best I've found in all of Toronto. Unsurpassed quality at reasonable prices, and always fresh. The hazelnut, caramel and Grand Marnier varieties are my favourites. F.

From: Nadya Cupcakes on Oct-27-2007
Souris (Little hedgehogs) are fabulous, the chocolate is amazing! It took me a trip to a new organic chocolate shop on Queen Street East to realize that this chocolate is FAR SUPERIOR

From: John on Jun-19-2011
The chestnuts are great.

Comments on store: Daniel et Daniel Catering
From: D. Hussey on Sep-06-2003
The pastries are delicious, especially the apricot danish. The sandwiches are also wonderful. Cakes are too sweet and d&d is not our purveyor of choice for these items. The cheescake brownies are also yummy. The coffee is sold in two sizes; small and large but the large is what would be considered medium elsewhere. The window displays are always interesting and the renovations which were completed a number of years ago were done in the best of taste. The benches outside are great for nibblers. D&D is a great place to visit for Easter treats. This was one of the first places we found that sold Fred's bread (the best bread in TO)

From: Alisa on Oct-05-2004
Daniel et Daniel is a neighbourhood gem. It has lovely food, treats, coffee, etc. however, something must be done about the phone reception! Very difficult to get through, place orders, and get through! Alas, maybe the days where small businesses were quaint have been replaced with automated machines and receptionists.

From: laura on May-12-2006
I love a good cookie and find there aren't that many around - most are too sweet or too greasy. The mocha chocolate cookie at D et D is one the best - tasty with excellent chewyness. Anyone have any other cookie recommendations?

From: Yummy Team on May-12-2006
To Laura: for amazing cookies, try Le Gourmand -- very yummy!

Comments on store: All The Best
From: Diane Swanson on Oct-03-2003
This bakery has the best homestyle chocolate cake- 3 layers of moist chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing! They are also well known for their quiches- perfect for brunch.

From: Rebekah on Oct-03-2003
Not only do we carry bread from Ace Bakery, Fred's Breads and Harbourd Bakery, we also have our very own in house baker: David Moore. Come and try his amazing "rustic white" or a hearty " 4 grain with flax" bread. We have a tasty selection of homemade jams, decedant 'made from scratch' treats and a fresh ginger loaf or cake made from 3 kinds of ginger. Come and check us out!

From: Anne on Oct-03-2003
The best Christmas cake in the city! I also adore your pepper and goat cheese quiche.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Excellent squares (particularly the Hello Dollys) and cakes. Crappy and inattentive counter service. And would it kill you to put out some napkins?

From: Danni on Jul-02-2004
I always use All the Best whenever I need my client lunches and meetings catered for - their cedar planked salmon, beef bourginon, chocolate banana cake and cookies are divine. The food is fabulous and whenever I serve it I always receive compliments.

From: Bug on Oct-05-2005
I've tried the poached salmon from Pisces and All the Best and I prefer the on from Pisces. The one from All the Best was quite dry. Their bakery isn't that great and everything is overpriced. Most other gourmet places are better.

From: Anna Nonomiss on Nov-24-2006
I tried the Morelli truffle pasta with Savini truffle sauce at a demo a couple of weeks ago, WOW! I am not a truffle fan but this was great. I am hooked now.

Comments on store: Nutty Chocolatier
From: L Zimmermann on Feb-27-2003
Amazing. Just like an old fanshioned candy store with lots of surprises. Go for a visit and treat yourself!

From: L Zimmermann on Feb-27-2003
Amazing. Just like an old fashioned candy store with lots of surprises. Go for a visit and treat yourself!

From: chrissy on Oct-18-2003
I love the nutty chocolatier!!!!! his chocolate is amazing and his candies are even better!!!!!! evey time i pass one of the stores, i go "dad, can you please buy me some truffles?" ive always loved their chocolate and i always will!!!

From: Kim Allison on Sep-13-2004
The Belgian Chocolate Truffles from the Nutty Chocolatier are the best you'll ever find. They melt in your mouth and they're not too sweet, like others. They're my "sure thing" now when I need a quick gift - they're always a big hit!

Comments on store: Sicilian Ice Cream Company
From: anonymous on Jun-13-2003

From: anonymous on Jun-24-2003
to be right, this company has been open for 44 years, since 1959!

From: Fabio on Jul-01-2003
My family loves your brand of ice cream. We want to know where we can buy the carton of Sicilian brand ice cream, because I live in Mississauga and I usually buy 3 cartons at a bakery in Woodbridge when I visited my family. Please advise me what locations around me I can purchase my carton of Sicilan Ice Cream. Thanks.

From: mario on Feb-21-2005
I eat ice cream every day. Sicilian Ice Cream is the best in the world.

From: Elizabeth on Apr-29-2005
Sicilian Ice Cream has the best crepes in the world.The Fantasia Crepe has got to be the ultimate ice-cream experience. A must try when you're in Little Italy

Comments on store: Eitelbach Pastries
From: Jo on Mar-18-2004
Eitelbach makes some very fine chocolates and truffles. I'm especially fond of the chocolate florentine wafers: almonds and caramel coated in milk chocolate! For something different, the treecake is also very good. I've never come across treecake in any other Toronto patisserie. Service in the First Canadian Place shop is always friendly and helpful. Prices are reasonable too, for a high-end Toronto chocolatier.

Comments on store: Simone Marie Belgian Chocolate
From: Karen E. Penate on Feb-15-2003
Simone Marie chocolates are of quite good quality. The staff is extremely helpfull. In addition, the chocolates are presented rather nicely. Try their Manons -- it is their specialty and rightly so. Perhaps the best thing about S.M chocolates, however, is their price. They are extremely reasonable. I find Simon Marie chocolates to be just as good as Godiva chocolates and at a much lower price. I would recommend them for someone looking for good chocolate that won't break the bank!

From: Louise on Feb-16-2003
This is my favorite chocolatier in Toronto. The diablotin and cafe manon truffles are out of this world. Their dark chocolate bars are also excellent

From: Louise on Feb-16-2003
This is my favorite chocolatier in Toronto. The diablotin and cafe manon truffles are out of this world. Their dark chocolate bars are also excellent. They offer the best quality chocolate for the money as well.

From: Kitty Shuffler on May-21-2004
Simone Marie Belgian Chocolates are an irresistible treat that truly shouldn't be missed on your next visit to Toronto. After a recent visit to the store, I was so enamored with the chocolates that upon returning home to the States, I contacted their website and ordered more. They weren't inexpensive but they WERE a wonderful delight. After years of Godiva chocolates, my eyes (and tastebuds) have been awakened. Simone Marie makes the best Belgian chocolates. That's all.

Comments on store: Simryn Chocolates
From: dan on Feb-03-2004
this is a fantastic store that reminds me of those cute old fashioned ones. they have friendly help there to!

From: Vicky G on Aug-18-2005
The biggest, yummiest, most droolworthy rum balls ever.

From: vicci on Nov-28-2006
what has happened to this store! the owner Noni Fenby is the most miserable perso I have ever dealt with! the chocolate was ok but nothing special. The store has gone DOWNHILL!!!

From: Gwen on Dec-21-2006
I bought a large box. They were average - nothing stood out until i bit into a mouldy one.

From: Tina on Feb-01-2007
The chocolates are average but the cookies and cupcakes are devine!!

From: Ben on Feb-08-2007
Delicious brownies!!!

From: Sarah Linttre on Mar-13-2007
MY FIRST AND LAST TIME VISITING THIS STORE! The service was terrible. The chocolate was average at best (maybe the service impacted my opinion). The store was dirty and chocolate truffles tasted stale. I would normally give a store a 2nd chance BUT the service really lacked. Stay away, go to a store that wants your business.

From: Carolyn Davidson on Apr-10-2007
AMAZING store, I completely disagree with any negative reviews. A charming atmosphere that has a constant aroma of chocolate wafting through to the outside and the service was both knowledgeable and kind. I recomend this store to anyone looking for quality chocolate at an affordable price..negative people should not be so blunt in their analyses.

From: Zak Rosenberg on Apr-10-2007
Great store, awsome help, and really reminded me of the movie Chocolat with the owner and her young daughter both working there. Gives a familiar-type atmosphere with chocolate to rival the like of Godiva!

From: Laura on Apr-13-2007
After reading good reviews i decided to try the store out..i couldn't have been more disappointed with the service and the chocolates :(

From: Gillian Patel on May-03-2007
Read the mixed reviews and went to the store (its close to my home). I have to say that it really was a BAD EXPERIENCE. All i received was attitude and very plain tasting truffles. I asked about the blueberry taste in the blueberry truffle and after having my question passed over THREE TIMES, she finally told me that they use a BLUEBERRy FLAVOURING. That fake flavouring summed up many of the truffles in my box. The 'mother /daughter ' feeling in the store as mentioned by other reviews does not make up for the inferior product and dismal service. The Danforth is a small community, treat us a little better and WHO USES ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS??? in homemade style chocolates (i can buy those at the grocery store!) IF YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT QUALITY AND SERVICE, THEN THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU

From: C.D. on Jun-10-2007
I also live near this store. However, my experience was very different. The woman helping me was friendly and helpful. The flavours are not the most intense, but generally I find Simryn a great place for fruit-flavoured truffles. The Mimosa was particularly good.

From: Sara on Jun-12-2007
Simryn chocolates are delectable! I'm a truffle fiend and simryn always has something good for my chocolate fix, especially the truffles with the cherries mmm.... I've tried some of the other chocolatiers in the city, but I always come back to Simryn. I live close to the store too and the service is always good and there always seems to be a line-up mind you the store is teeny tiny but I think that lends to the sweet atmosphere.

From: Mary Laura Guilds on Aug-16-2007
My first time leaving a review for anything. The store is very cute,and that is what brought me in to try it. Unfortunately the chocolate is not good. In fact the flavours as described in other reviews are fake/chemical tasting in many of the chocolates. The champagne truffle was the exception. As for service, the owner needs to stop acting FAKE! it is obvious and makes the shopping experience dismall. I suggest the reviewer that is a ''truffle fiend'' get out more! Try Soma or Senses at yonge/queen. Once you taste what a real truffle is,i think you will never return to this average at best chocolate shop. The Danforth is losing its lustre and this store is an example of why.

From: Lexie on Sep-13-2007
I live near the store and I agree 100% with the negative reviews. Artificial chocolates and artificial owners. Try Soma or JS Bon Bons if you want great quality fresh chocolate.

From: Chaim Gold on Oct-16-2007
I just loved everything in this store..from the little gifts to the chocolate and of course Toronto's famous Greg's ice cream! I've heard a lot of negative reviews from ex-partners and employees so I woudn't read too much into many of the comments. Great store again!! try some of the cookies, very original recipes and the help is always welcoming

From: David and Sarah Dolemsis on Nov-14-2007
We have lived in the Danforth for most our married lives and have watched it transform. We have bought chocolate for many years from this store and it seems they are not concentrating on chocolate and it really is suffering. PLEASE STOP SELLING all that other stuff and get back to chocolate. The chocolate has suffered in flavour, we no longer will be going to this store. The truffles need to improve. Sorry but thumbs DOWN

From: marie on Jul-14-2011
This is my frist time writing a review for anything. The store is closed down but noni fenby still is making the chocolates. I would never suggest doing business with her. The chocolates were a major disappointment and noni fenby was one of the rudest people I have ever come across. I would never suggest doing business with her whether it be with her real estate activity or chocolate making.

From: Angie on Sep-02-2011
Hi, this is my 1st time writing an online review. My suggestion to all of you is the same as most of the reviewers here - NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS WOMAN. She can be the nicest person today but the rudest tomorrow. I have bought chocolates from the shop and kept in contact with her for real estate purpose. I end up working with another agent as my hubby and I could not stand her moody behavior.

Comments on store:
From: Sara on Nov-01-2008
This is my favourite new place to go for sweets, it seems everytime I visit they have something new! I think their cupcakes are the best in Toronto and the macarons are just like the ones I had while visiting Paris

From: Lea on May-06-2009
One of the best cupcakes I've ever had !! If you like homemade sandwiches and cupcakes, don't hesitate. They also make other delicious stuff.

Comments on store:
From: Joana on Feb-21-2009
I have been a loyal customer ever since Ambiance Chocolat opened last year. Right now, I think they have more that 15 flavours and they are all amazing. If you havnt tried the orange grand-marnier, then you must. You will not go back to a chocolat bar again.

From: Gina on Apr-22-2009
Lovely people, lovely chocolates. As good or better than the more expensive shops around town.

From: Peter on Oct-16-2010
I love most of the chocolates they make. Some of the flavors are so unique that I have never tasted anything even close. They keep adding new chocolates and products on the regular basis. As far as I know the last addition was home made ice-cream (you have to try chocolate flavor, it is like eating chocolate mouse � simple amazing). They make it themselves on the promises so the freshness add to the overall astonishing taste 

From: Sammy on Dec-03-2010
I just love their chocolates and the hot chocolate is the best Ive ever had! The customer service is friendly and you can tell they are passionate about their products. I encourage everyone to visit their home page or visit them on facebook...

Comments on store:
From: kaki on Feb-27-2009
This place is famous of their amazing croissants, but they also have great chocolates and cakes. The owner from Lyon is a real artist, never compromises the quality, uses the best ingredients and best Valrhona chocolates. The best in town!!

From: Anne W on Apr-05-2010
The croissants are amazing but the chocolates, what a disappointment! I bought four individual chocolates for a dinner party with my friends. They all tasted the same even though I chose four distinctive flavours (once of which was coriander!). I also bought two Easter chocolates which were very average. Very pricy chocolates for the quality. The patisseries looked great but then again so did the chocolates. With so many great chocolateries in Montreal, don't waste you money at Patisserie Fous Desserts.

Comments on store:
From: jRoc on Jan-28-2008
Delicious, fresh chocolate truffles with a great selection. Love the green tea matcha!

From: Chocolate Connoisseur on Feb-01-2008
Kakayo Organic Chocolates are the most amazing chocolates I have ever tasted. They differentiate themselves from the rest because of their all natural ingredients. It's a relief to know they are hand made and you are not ingesting anything artificial - finally! Kakayo has so many different flavours to choose from - I especially love her "Trailer Park Truffle" which is made with peanut butter and the "Creamy Caramel". Even if you are trying to 'stay on track' and be healthy, just one truffle satisfies as opposed to eating half a cake or a whole chocolate bar!

From: boops on Jan-28-2009 all the truffles and gifts. the store is great for the area and the truffles are so good! also love that hot chocolate. already told my husband what I wanted fo valentine's. 12 lavender truffles.

From: Sally M. on Feb-06-2009
I enjoy to buy exotic and original flavours of truffles in Kakayo..I am happy that we have a store that make chocolates by hand without chemicals is amazing . My favourite truffle is Ginger Pecan Yummy Yummy!!!

From: foodie on Jun-17-2009
was down at luminato fesitval at harbourfront and found kakayo there. had their awesome fruit salad and their candy apple!

Comments on store:
From: Upset Customer on May-22-2008
While the food is pretty good, their customer service is quite horrible. When I complained to their cashier that I was given the wrong change, the cashier was less than apologetic and could not "remember" what I had given her even though I was only there less than 2 minutes before. I went and tried to get the correct change back and the did not exactly tried to mitigate the situation properly but rather treated me like some lower class. I may not be in a suit like the majority of their target market but it doesn't make me any less worthy of equal treatment. If you want to go to this place for good food, sure but I wouldn't count on a cashier that could do basic math!

From: Rosemary on Jun-06-2011
I just picked up a soup for lunch, it was cold, they had them sitting out on the counter, for faster service. that's not working!

Comments on store: Swissmaster
From: Karen E. Penate on Feb-15-2003
I had the pleasure of visiting Swissmaster on the eve of Valentine's Day this year (2003). The line up was quite large -- this I knew could only speak to the great quality of the chocolates. The store is tiny and located in the well heeled area of York Mills and Bayview. The line-up was well worth it...........I'm so glad I didn't turn away. I found the prices to be reasonable considering the fantastic truffles. I purchased a box of 12 truffles. They were a gift for Valentine's Day and they were extremely well received. While I was there I decided to purchase two truffles for myself. The sales lady took a shine to me and she also gave me one free truffle to eat in the store. On my way home I decided to eat one of the truffles. This particular one was white chocolate with a white chocolate filling and a hint of lemon. WOW! I was incredibly surprised when I bit into the chocolate. My mouth was just NOT ready for what it tasted! It was fantastic. Suited perfectly to my tastes. I can honestly say that the truffle made my day! I would not hesitate to recommend Swissmaster to anyone. My only regret is that I did not discover it sooner!

From: rick satriani on May-02-2003
Nice chocolates but nothing made on the site. All come from Switzerland. And when they say "Beautiful chocolates for beautiful people" I can only laugh at all that snobish circus they are.

From: Jean Dubois on May-09-2003
Good chocolates but nothing exceptional for the publicity they make out of it.

From: Robertson on May-17-2003
We tried Swissmaster today. My impression was that the Swissmaster chocolates were for people who, given a choice between sugar and chocolate, would prefer to eat sugar. I tried two of the darkest truffles they offered and felt like the chocolate was altogether overpowered by the sugary inside. Nor did the chocolate itself particularly impress me (insofar as I was able to tell). I am sorry to report that I didn't like either truffle particularly. If you are considering going to Swissmaster, I would recommend changing course and heading over to Bernard Callebaut instead. My wifes comments about Swissmaster are more to the point: "They were too sweet."

From: Becky on Jul-06-2010
I got some of these as a gift and they were exceptional! I got a dark chocolate truffle and a nutty chocolate thing that had thank you written on it. I don't normally like dark chocolate and I still loved the truffle. The nutty one has inspired me to look into getting them as gifts for the anniversary party we're throwing for my in-laws.

Comments on store:
From: Jenny Simpson on Mar-23-2008
This place is great! A perfect place for a healthy and hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner, no matter who you're with. And don't forget to try the unbelievable cheesecake.

From: Mando Youssef on Dec-11-2008
Looking forward to visit you cuz i heared alot about the cafe ,hope u doing well

From: sandra on Sep-11-2009
I must be honest and admit that I was not impressed with Carole's Cheesecake Cafe in Yorkville. I think it started off with the very uninspiring smoked salmon sandwich. The bread used for this open faced sandwich was far too bland tasting and much too soft to support the sandwich. Absolutely no imagination went into its preparartion. However, even more disappointing was the piece of cheesecake that my daughter and I shared. It too was bland tasting and at par with what one would expect to purchase at M&M's or from Loblaws frozen foods. This owners would be wiser investing in serving better quality food rather than a Yorkville address if they want to maintain an ongoing clientele Sept 11/09

From: Sam Decaprio on Aug-04-2010
Went back to Carole"s. It is so much improved over last year. Great wraps and salads, and the cheesecake is the best. Greg's ice cream too. The breakfast specials are delicious. I keep going back.

From: Julie on Jan-17-2011
The service from our waitress was horrible. When we received our Rocky Mountain cheesecake slice, we thought she had heard Rocky Mountain Ice Cream. The waitress (with braces) had the nerves to say 'you never asked for it..' She dropped the rest of our orders and took the plate in exchange for the ice cream. A small dessert boutique should have great customer service along with great food for customers to rave about and certainly return. I would never step foot in there due to the poor customer service we had received along with the poor quality of food that we considered overpriced. Even when we left, we didn't even get a thank you, enjoy your night. We work and reside in the Yorkville area and by word of mouth will advise others not to tend to this cafe. The Iced Cappuccino was horrible - watered down beverage with a packette of sweetener. ($4.50!) The Rocky Mountain Ice Cream was distasteful along with others we had sampled. Even Starbucks down the street would have been a much better choice!

From: chamie on Apr-21-2011
I love the place and food but the manager ( the semi blond hair woman) so annoying, keeps on screaming and yelling to her workers during busy times in the store...she should watch how she treat her employees,its not good.I'm always there and I see that attitude of her.

Comments on store:
From: Hilda Andrade on Sep-14-2007
Messa is an amazing place to grab a quick bite. Gotta love their handmade cookies! Great for parties. I used their services to prepare name tags for my dinner table, but with cookies! Each was handmade in vibrant colours. It was a hit! Mike and Vera are there to help you with all your needs! They will not disapoint you.

From: Peter Saratoga on Sep-27-2007
I've been to this cozy cafe and their weekend brunch has always hit the spot. Very clean, great customer service, cool ambiance and they're food is great and very...I mean very reasonable! Definetely a place worth to visit when you're in the neighbourhood or looking for a specialty foodie gift.

From: Suzy Manata on Sep-28-2007
Now if you are looking for personalized service you can definitely get it here! From the coffee to catering and special treats like the hand made cookies which are great for Baby Showers, Wedding favors, Birthday parties...all you have to do is stop in with your idea and Mike will surprise you with his masterpieces! Vera will also customize gift baskets for any occasion. I used Vera's talents last Christmas for our client gifts and they were a hit and I look forward to using her services again this year. Messa has also provided catering services for office gatherings and I have to tell you that the food was a hit and the price was amazing. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop in for a great cup coffee or two, and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

From: Lori S. on Oct-02-2007
My husband had personalized cookies made for my 50th Birthday as party favours. They were a huge hit with my guests and looked as good as they tasted! I would definitely have them make cookies for any special occassion we will be celebrating in the future!

From: Lloyd F on Feb-12-2008
Great brunch on sunday, great french toast, excellent cappuccino. Staff was friendly, nice ambiance, music was relaxing, will be back for sure.

Comments on store:
From: Marc Rozender, Owner, Thin Blue Line Cheese on Dec-19-2010
Our hours have changed! Tues - Fri, 11:30 am - 7 pm Sat - Sun, 11:30 am - 6 pm Mon, Closed Our holiday hours will be as follows: Thurs, Dec 24th, 10 am - 4 pm Sat, Dec 25th - Tuesday, December 28th, Closed Wed, Dec 29th & Thurs, Dec 30th, 11:30 am - 7 pm Fri, Dec 31st, 10 am - 4 pm Thank you!

Comments on store:
From: Heidy on Aug-20-2007
This place is great! Fantastic quality and fabulous service.

Comments on store: Joseph Schmidt Confections
From: Michele on Apr-13-2003
This is what I call chocolate that could be made better. the truffles seem to be just perfect in sweetness, smoothness, quality and variety ; the design is indeed all unique. The are really the best box of chocolates I have ever had.

From: Loucious on May-09-2003
These chocolates are really great, especially if you like soft fillings and hard shells. Even better, is that most chocolates have dark centres. The most affordable way to buy them is individually. The pre-boxed ones are a lot more expensive because you're usually paying for the decorative boxes. The raspberry truffle is outstanding.

From: Katelyn on Feb-16-2005
My first experience with a Joseph Schmidt truffle (All Milk) was a bite into MOLD! Was this left over from the 1st batch stashed in Schmidt's garage? I payed close to $3.00 for the most disgusting bite I've ever tasted (and swallowed!!!) Needless to say J.S. truffles have left a horrid taste in my mouth.

From: Rita on Mar-19-2005
The chocolates are really good, but!! The sellers are really not nice. I don't know why they all looks angry to you even though they're working with those lovely chocolate. It really dissapoints me on this and I don't know if I should go next time.

From: Cessivingliff on Oct-25-2012
With Packers Coach emphasizing on their blitz, defensive line promised a tight defense this year Information gathered from the testing is being evaluated by doctors and engineers and shared with the military, he is expected to be within the beginning lineup against the Mariners on Sabbatum Little things like food, drinks, or even extra things like a football or a bean bag chair has a huge affect on a tailgate I see our team getting a lot better throughout the course of the season so we're going to stay away from that one Some people's bias as a fan for their favorite team negatively affects their betting decision

Comments on store:

Comments on store:
From: in toronto former montreal on Aug-18-2007
great montreal st viateur bagels....being from there..closest thing to montreal .....small and crowded but good fresh tasty bagels...

Comments on store:
From: AMG on Oct-16-2007
One of my favorite choclatiers in the world, yes world The chocolates are fresh and authentic -The chili pepper ice cream tastes like a hot choclate chili pepper

Comments on store:
From: Jo on Jul-03-2008
I could be wrong, but it looks to me like a large portion, if not all, of Sweet Tooth's goods are brought in from high-end bakers. In other words, this isn't an actual bakery/patisserie; it's a distribution outlet for other stores' goods. I spotted tarts and cakes from Phipps for sure.

Comments on store:
From: Lisa on Aug-10-2007
Every Saturday I spend between $10-$30 in this store. The staff are friendly and helpful, the cheese is of great quality (keeps longer in the fridge than your regular store bought cheese), and the breadth of choices keeps me coming back for more each week! A+++

From: Gourmand Queen on May-09-2008
The staff are great; both knowledgeable & friendly. Don't let the small size of this dairy trick you because the selection in the store is excellent.

From: morgan thomas on Oct-10-2008
I don,t know why or even how people can be so flabergasted by such a filthy place. Not only were they convicted of selling cheese that contained listeriosis but they were proven on tape to be very unsanitary. The latter is taped by a news crew the same day they were shut down. Mice droppings and even old cat droppings were gross! Are they open for business again?

From: anne-marie on Jun-05-2009
I was in there the other day, and the guy was OPENING DELI MEATS ON BOARDS THEY USE TO CUT CHEESE. Cross-contamination much! I didn't see one person wash their hands. I know it can get busy in here sometimes, but its still no excuse to practice basic sanitary practices with the food.

From: Jax on Jun-21-2009
I've noticed that recently all the people who work here KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CHEESE, except some real basics they were probably told by formers, and even then they don't seem to sure of themselves. Whatever happened to the former employees, the fair skinned cute blonde guy, or the darker skin short guy with the glasses. Those cheese guys actually knew what they were talking about. This place has increasingly gone downhill, the owner really needs to do something, and soon.

Comments on store: Leonidas
From: chocoholic on Jul-15-2004
I love these chocolates, but only endulge once a year - every valentine's day! (my husband knows I won't forgive him if he doesn't get the Leonidas)

From: Daisy on Nov-26-2004
The fresh dark chocolate truffles are a favourite of mine, and very reasonably priced. If you're at Holts, cross the walkway and compare the value.

From: daina green on Feb-21-2008
While in Belgium, I was told that the founders of Leonidas and Godiva are brothers, use the same recipes and quality of ingredients, but appeal to a slightly different segment of the market. if you like nice wrapping, go with Godiva! I love the chocolates at Leonidas.

From: CHOCOLATIER on Apr-17-2009
LEONIDAS has a nice store set up and a good variety of chocolates. But if you are a chocolatier ;) and really pay attention in details humm there are a couple ofl moulded truffles that are covered with air bubbles. Air bubbles usually show when the moulds are not vibrated enough before chocolate shells are set or the chocolate is already too cold to pour into the chocolate moulds. That should never happen. Overall its nice store.

From: Beau on Jul-29-2010
@Daina Green, I do not know who told you that fairy tail but the founder of Godiva was NOT the brother from the founder of Leonidas. The founder from godiva was Joseph Draps and the founder from Leonidas is called Leonidas Kestekides. There is no way they can be brothers. Godiva is also NOT considered (any more) to be fine belgian chocolate.

From: International Chocolate Traveler on Oct-01-2010
Chocolates to cry for. In Vancouver we have remarkable chocolatiers (thomas hobbs, for one) but I have traveled the world over and Leonidas wins, hands down. On the streets of Belgium I watched to see where the visitors went for chocolate (Godiva) and where the locals went (Leonidas). There is a reason. Godiva is all marketing, Leonidas is all chocolate and ganache fillings. YUM! Even the no sugar added varieties are delicious. Go Leonidas, Go!!! Thankfully, Chocolate Planet (online) takes orders and delivers. Now to get a retail shop here....

Comments on store:
From: Jeffsma on Mar-18-2007
Simply the best home made chocolate I've ever had. I came in when he was making some nut paddies and asked him when they would be done. I bought a pound when I returned a half hour later and they were amazing, they didn't last 24 hours. Now I make a trip down to village whenever I get the craving, and it's often!

From: Wendy Madar on May-29-2007
I live in Oregon and my daughter lives in New York. On her birthday I did a web search for a chocolate maker in Manhattan who would deliver on the same day, and discovered Mark Varsano. He spent time talking with me on the telephone about types of chocolates and presentation. The federal building where my daughter works has tight security so the delivery person was to go to the staff door and ask that the chocolates be sent up to her office, but this was not allowed by federal rules. They tried to call her by cell phone but she was in a meeting. Mark called me back in Oregon to explain the problem while the delivery person stood by. Through roundabout means we managed to contact my daughter's supervisor, who came down to collect the chocolates, but had this failed, the delivery person was going to take them to another part of lower Manhattan to my daughter's partner. This was extraordinary service, performed cheerfully and wholeheartedly. Mark seemed as concerned as I was that the chocolates arrive on the birthday and not a day late. I did not see them or taste them, alas, but my daughter says they were beautifully presented and delicious--and what more could one ask of a birthday chocolate? I highly recommend Varsano's, particularly for anyone wanting efficient delivery in the city. Thank you, Mark!

Comments on store:
From: Nalini on Jan-12-2008
I think that the food was delicious. The chef is always willing to make whatever you have in mind to eat. It is an adventure and the generous portions are much to be desired. I will be back again and again.

Comments on store:
From: epicurian on Jan-25-2007
Way overpriced for what you can get. Good cheese selection but they're not fresh. I refuse to pay this price for stuff that is almost not good to eat anymore...

Comments on store:
From: Stephanie on Jul-07-2008
I would have to say that this is the best place to get croissant and pastries. The owner has a real talent in pastry making. Always busy must mean that they are good too!

From: Jeff on Jun-17-2009
Owner is a jerk, totally left a bad taste in my mouth next time I think of going there.

From: Mike on Oct-18-2010
This is one of the best bakeries I have been to in Ontario. The croissants are amazing. I am now a regular. The store is spotless and has a good feel and the best selection of French music playing in the background. The new owners have done an amazing job transforming the old bakery.

From: John on Nov-18-2010
Wow, what a treat. We took our parents down to Croissant Express and had the most wonderful breakfast. The service was A1. I wish they had a bigger place since we had to wait there a few minutes for a spot.

From: SDR on May-31-2011
Sadly the ownership has changed once again and now its disappointing. There is no longer the amazing brunch menu and the displays seem emptier

Comments on store:
From: Dave on Aug-27-2007
My wife and I discovered this hidden gem upon coming back to Oakville after our honeymoon in Paris. We searched the western GTA (including Toronto proper) for a source to fulfill our croissant addiction. Patisserie D�Or has the best chocolate croissants it the GTA. Their croissants are reminiscent of our favorite pastry shop in Paris (a little cafe in the seventh called Millet on Rue Saint Dominique at the end of Rue Malar � everything in this shop is a little bit of heaven). Like Millet�s, Patisserie D�Or�s croissants are a little on the small side and not cheap, but hey they are classic French croissants (the Owner/Baker is actually a Parisian baker) and the shop is in downtown Oakville. Their pastries (tarts, cakes and sundry French munchies) are delightful (and comparatively more reasonably priced than their croissants!). The d�cor could use a bit of an update (we always takeout) but the place is a bakery so who cares.

From: gail j on Dec-12-2010
I recently ordered a special birthday cake for a very old friend; when I picked it up, it was like a work of art. The dinner party included 17 very old friends, and when I brought it out at the end of the meal, it was the hit of the meal. I would recommend this establishment at time.

From: SDR on Jun-03-2011
Sadly the ownership has changed once again and now its disappointing. There is no longer the amazing brunch menu and the displays seem emptier

Comments on store:
From: RS on Dec-16-2006
Niche is my favourite coffee shop in the city. The coffee is excellent, the food is tasty, and the both the staff and atmosphere are friendly. It is now a neighbourhood staple.

From: Henrietta on Sep-12-2007
The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, but the products were gimmicky the food uninspired. This place is pretty faceless, on the whole, but it looks like they're maybe going for that.

From: GW Teller on Sep-16-2007
I loved Niche when it first opened, but it's faceless now. I used to come in for the lovely staff, but it's utterly corporate now.

From: Nadya on Sep-16-2007
Too prissy, cold interior and the coffee is not that great. Try Beanies for a neighbourhood coffee shop Coxwell and Danforth.

From: padma on Sep-17-2007
i told the owner that i was lactose intolerant and ordered a cup of tea. she tried to upsell me to a drink that was five times the price and full of heavy cream. jerk must have dollar signs for pupils.

From: Pleasantly Surprised on Dec-10-2007
Despite what the other users have commented, I have nothing but rave reviews for Niche. It is a wonderful alternative to busy-busy Starbucks. There's no WIFI, so therefore no "campers" taking up all the tables with their laptops and stuff. They support local artists by showcasing their work on their walls monthly. The coffee and tea is delicious, and the desserts are to-die-for. I definitely recommend Niche!

Comments on store:
From: suzy Q on Dec-21-2007
their pastries are to die for. Try their almond croissant and eat a little bit of heaven

Comments on store: Stubbe Chocolate
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
All of the chocolate here is fantastic. Try the apricot brandy truffle--it's their best!

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Daniel's the man! Excellent and surprisingly reasonable cakes (the Sacher torte is particularly good), a great assortment of chockies (with some excellent truffles) and some extremely good cookies.

From: Susan on Jan-04-2004
Stubbe makes the best truffles I have ever had!

From: Richard on Mar-31-2004
I know them from their Ottawa roots where I used to treat myself with a few truffles while strolling through the Byward market. They are artisans and know their craft well. Highly recommended.

From: Anne on Apr-02-2004
Also know this place from Ottawa! So happy to see they're here in Toronto too. Love the dark chocolate here.

From: Susan on May-03-2004
I know them from Ottawa. I love the amaretto truffles

From: Filomena Norris on Jun-09-2004
LOVE LOVE LOVE this chocolate... favorite chocolate covered ginger... mmmm

From: Filomena Norris on Jun-09-2004
LOVE LOVE LOVE this chocolate... favorite dark chocolate covered ginger... mmmm

From: Kerrie on Aug-04-2004
Great place, fabulous cake! and killer chocolate covered strawberries. Can't wait to go back

From: Victoria on Oct-28-2004
Bar none, absolutely the best chocolate in Toronto. Daniel is a renaissance man - himself not only candy for the eye, but stay awhile in his little hideaway cafe, and you' may end up with a new friend and a different perspective on life, if he's not rushed. He also has excellent art on display from time to time. Four thumbs up! My personal favourite is the dark chocolate truffle.

From: Victoria on Oct-28-2004
Bar none, absolutely the best chocolate in Toronto. Daniel is a renaissance man - himself not only candy for the eye, but stay awhile in his little hideaway cafe, and you' may end up with a new friend and a different perspective on life, if he's not rushed. He also has excellent art on display from time to time. Four thumbs up! My personal favourite is the dark chocolate truffle.

From: Mike on Dec-09-2004
Stunning chocolate truffles. I haven't tried every variety, but all those I've had have been superb. The traditional dark chocolate truffle is the best I've had outside Europe.

From: Katie on Jan-26-2005
I have travelled far and wide to find the perfect hot chocolate and have found it hands down. Stubbe is a chocolate boutique. They know their chocolate. Think about it: Why would you buy hot chocolate from a coffee shop when you could buy it from a chocolate shop? Served in a mug topped with whipped cream it's not too sweet and the taste of the high-quality chocolate comes through and sings to you on a cold day. Had it in both toronto and ottawa and it was amazing each time. amazingly, its less expensive than the powdery, artificial crap that they sell at every coffee shop in town.

From: Darrin Dunsford on Mar-01-2006
I first discovered Stubbe when I was in school in Ottawa. Each weekend, I'd head down to the Byward Market and treat myself to a few truffles. They were and are absolutely the best that I have ever tasted. Stubbe is a 'must visit' every time I'm in Toronto. I start to salivate weeks in advance.

Comments on store:
From: Jzero on Oct-19-2006
Absolutely fantastic Chai Latte. Original recipes, organic. Great atmosphere and staff. free wireless internet. What else could you ask for? Uhh... thats right, nothin.

From: giorgio on Apr-04-2007
kick ass coffee real good roast some real barista skills toronto has some great world class coffee, and excellent roasting at dark city, alternative grounds, moonbean, wholefoods l but all the good coffee joints are pretty low key we need a grand coffee house/tea house/confiteria something slick faema on dupont is getting close, but location is weird, and coffee, service and food are not serioius in Vancouver coffee is much more evolved NYC, P

From: chocho on May-11-2007
Amazing coffee.

Comments on store:
From: Aekara on Oct-14-2006
tre bein! as close as you could ever get to the european experience!! thank you chef bruno, for bringing your talents to pickering!! i am a devoted fan of your culinary art, a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy! your warm personality, european flair...i love it! all the best to you and your family!!

From: frank horemans on Feb-09-2007
Good serious Belgian fare! Besides the bread and pastries, the quiche are great to take home, lunches with unique soups, and of course the stuff like muscles, frite, stews....lastly occasionally he makes bread from my favourite beer "Leffe" ah. p.s. Chocolate truffles I try to keep under control!

From: john philips on Feb-26-2007
Wow, you all have to get out here. This is the most wonderfull experience I had in my life. Talking about decadent food, this is the place to be. Real bread and coffee, great croissants (beside Rahier the best in Town), the best danishes ever. And you will have to try to stay for lunch with dishes like Beefstew, Chicken Waterzooi and Grated Hamrolls with Belgian Endive. And than I am not even metionning the greatest mussels with those succulent handcut fries. The really really ones, just like the waffles and the crepes. For such a tiny place, I can tell you this is the greatest food ever

From: martin tompson on Mar-13-2007
Great store, wonderfull food, animated service. A European downttown experience out of the GTA. Worth driving all the way from Cambridge, too bad it is not closer home. Way to go Chef Bruno, we hope you will stay in business for years, because we are definitely hooked to your kitchen. Thank you for creating this wonderfull experience.

From: Jake on Aug-22-2007
Food that goes far above and beyond anything like it in Pickering. Their wide array of danishes, custom breads, quiche and desserts keeps me coming back again and again. Belgian waffles that blow your mind!

Comments on store: Riviera Bakery
From: anonymous on Mar-14-2003
It's expensive!!

From: Nora on May-14-2003
The most fantastic 12-grain bread on the planet (as long as you eat it the same day)....this is the delicious bread they serve at Bertoolee's on King Street too!

From: unhappy on Jun-28-2004
not fresh!!

From: anonymous on Jul-11-2004
By far the most authentic and delicious Italian bread and pastries you can find on College Street...And the coffee is the best you can get. Quality is paramount, but the genuine character of its staff is "icing on the cake" in this bakery. Love it.

From: mixed review on Mar-13-2007
great baked goods, terrible service.

From: Lisa on Mar-20-2007
The best latte I have ever had, and at a great price! Nice cheesecake as well. Bellissimo!

From: aidan on May-14-2007
i used to buy my lunch there same thing everyday and then they raised the price- rude! seems packed a lot. never tried the coffee i would be shocked to hear it wasn't good. the service is not the greatest. very soup nazi style: order what you want take it and go.

From: Sherry on Aug-13-2008
The plump woman that served me the other day was very rude and my purchase was far from fresh. I don't need someone to jump through hoops for me, or even smile, but when you have someone glaring at you like you're an idiot when it isn't even busy while you're peeking at what's for sale it's not exactly comfortable. Will not return.

From: Ashley on Dec-31-2008
Great bakery..The lattes are the best i can find.. Food is also good and sweet goods are awesome.. Recommend

From: Sam on Jun-17-2009
I find the service here to be pretty arrogant and the bakery product rather passable.

From: Lucy Steinbeck on Jan-04-2010
Riviera Bakery has the best cannolis on college street. Walk past clinton street to this little mom and pop bakery and get ready for the best italian pastries in all of toronto. My favorite spot is sitting right beside the window watching people walk down college street. I always smile and hold up coffee when I see them.

From: Monica. on Jul-22-2010
Great Bakery! Each item I have tried from here is excellent. The pastries are wonderful, extremely fresh, very delicious, and authentic. In regards to the food-I have tried the rice balls, and pizza-both were wonderful as well-fresh, authentic, and delicious. The service was friendly, and quick. I recommend this place. The next time I'm in the area-I will come here for sure.

Comments on store:
From: Tanya on Oct-02-2006
I was amazed at the amount of different teapots to pick from. I finally decided on the Spode Floral Haven. They were so helpful and we even filled the pot with water and poured to assure me that it was a great tea pot and didn't drip. Of course I had to buy some 'yummy' cookies and 4 different teas.

From: Janice Scott on Nov-21-2006
I've been converted. Popped in, to pick up a gift and ended up buying tea and am loving it. Great little shop, friendly and not intimidating for those who don't drink or know much about tea. I'm in the Pippins Tea Club.

Comments on store:
From: jeremayonaisa on Apr-05-2007
in the summer they grill amazing burgers outside the store CHEAP good burgers that are made with skill i enjoy them as much as hal burgers the salads are also first rate

From: Kim on Jan-07-2008
Very helpful staff staff needs to take better care of themselves staff needs more customer service training in the bakery and deli counter

Comments on store:
From: K.Wong on Oct-24-2006
I swung by to pickup a morning fix of croissants and pain au chocolat. I was there 15 minutes before opening (8am opening) and the baker waved me in. I like the size and texture of the croissants. The pain au chocolat had the filling just right ... not like a piece of chocolat inside but rather 2 strips of ganache. I think they may rival Celestin (my fav). I find some of the Mt Pleasant ones a little doughy for my taste.

From: Paul on Nov-12-2006
Excellent pastries (nice custard square!) and super-friendly service (to be contrasted with another outlet nearby...)

From: Julie on Feb-03-2007
I'm not a big fan of the custard, but everything else in the shop is great! The "pain au chocolat" (chocolate croissant) is my fave!!! Their pizzas are the best! I truly recommend it to anyone!

From: Ashlee Campbell on Sep-17-2007
The brioche and madeleines would make Proust proud!

Comments on store:
From: Lee on May-21-2007
I used to work near Helena's and went there for lunch almost every day. It's the one thing I miss most about working downtown. The thing I like best is that some of the foods were always available and at other times, there were surprises. I loved the salads, pierogies and other vegetarian foods. I know that the meat eaters in my office also enjoyed the meat dishes.

Comments on store: Red Tea Box

Comments on store:
From: Hubert on Jun-03-2006
The chocolate pear tart is so good !

Comments on store:
From: David B. on Aug-11-2006
I have just arrived home from a lovely dinner at Thuet Bistro. It was fantastic, my Wife and I had the 60 day aged rib-eye avec frites, and it was perfectly grilled with incredible marbling. For dessert we shared profiteroles with a soma chocolate sauce and a chocolate banana tart, both we delicious. Overall, I had an beautiful night out with my wife and couldn't have had a better time. I heartily recommend Thuet to anyone. Great wait staff as well.

From: Michael on May-15-2007
Unfortunately, my experience Thuet was very negative. The person who actually made the reservations (not me) called approximately one month in advance to make reservations for noon on Mother's Day. She called back to confirm and was told that we were set for noon, but later received a call saying that our reservations had been moved to 1 pm. When she explained that she made the reservations a month in advance she was told that if she didn't take the 1 pm slot, the restaurant would not honor the reservation. Finally, we were instructed to arrive 5 minutes early or they'd give away the table. We arrived at your restaurant at approximately 12:45. The gentleman who was handling the reservations couldn't find our name on the list. Finally, he found it and told us we had to wait. About 10 minutes later he again came to us and asked for our name and we repeated the process of him having trouble finding us on the list. Eventually we were seated (a bit after 1 pm, but in fairness not by much) and he offered the excuse that things were a bit hectic but the food would make up for it. I have to say that contrary to our hosts assertions, I did not find that the food made up for all the earlier missteps. The smoked salmon w/ maple that I ordered was fishy. The bread basket was pretty good however. Our waiter was polite but was inattentive when it came to refilling coffee and cream. The 5 people at our table paid $30/each for brunch and the meal was certainly not commensurate with the cost (I don't mind paying for good food, but this place offered neither good food nor good service). All in all it was probably the most disappointing dining experience that I've had in Toronto, especially given that I had heard so many positive things about the restaurant.

Comments on store:
From: Craig on May-19-2006
amazing patio!

Comments on store:
From: Ting on Sep-05-2006
I went to this bakery in excitment because i always admire japanese style European pastry, they are mostly very well designed and assembled. However, I went there today, on a weekday , in the afternoon all the way from Scarborough to Downtown to try it out, it has nothing. I mean, it has like 4 kind of cakes, that was it. And i don't think that's because it is popular and all sold out, i asked the waitress, she said they have very little selection b/c she's waiting for some ingredient to be shipped from Europe or something. Such a dissapointment! I don't understand how they stay in business with literally no product to sell. If you are in the neighborhood and want to check it out, be my guest, however, if you would like to seriously try some good pastry from this bakery, u better call in first to see if they have any.

From: mika on Oct-24-2006
I went to labamboche patisserie on a tuesday. After reading the only review from this site, i was pleasantly surprised to find a large selection of meticulously prepared cakes and cookies. I tried the matcha chocolate chestnut mousse and the pear caramel they were both as delightfully tasty as they were presented. I will definitley be going back.

From: Jean on Oct-25-2006
I arrived in Toronto a month ago from Paris, in search of a fine patisserie. I heard alot of people talking about LaBamboche. When i arrived it gave me a feeling of france. I spoke with the service who told me of the connection with tokyo. The patissier who was apparently trained in Japan brings the precision and elagence to the cake that the Japanese patissier is known for. The presentation and the depth of flavour is definitley comparable to Patisserie Pierre Hermes in Paris. I definitely will be a full time consumer.

From: anonymous on May-02-2007
I have never been to the location but last night I had a piece of wedding cake from La Bamboche, and, let me say, it was to die for!!! It was so light and the taste was out of this world! I highly recommend their wedding cakes, not only was the taste incredible but the presentation was extremely beautiful!

From: Frederieke on May-30-2007
I visited on friday 25th of may 2007 and found only mousse-cakes available (9 varieties). They were nice enough, but nothing to the Fleurdelys pastries. Disappointed !

From: Tory on Jul-24-2007
La Bamboche is an amazing little shop that every North Torontonian should visit when they get the chance! The food is prepared fresh daily and the desserts are out of this world. Everything I have tried has been delicious! I would definalty reccomend using their deserts for all of your entertaining purposes as your guests will be both suprised and delighted by the quality of the taste and appearence of the food.

From: Suzanne on Aug-11-2007
I like the place. The patry chef makes a good Sacher Torte (which is very difficult to find) in Toronto. It tasted similar to the one I had at the Sacher Hotel (the original torte) in Vienna. I had the brunch today (poached eggs) and it was delicious. Others sitting with me agreed it was very good.

From: Linda Ngo on Jul-18-2011
I've been going here for years, and the croissants have been getting smaller and smaller, while the prices have increased. Sometimes, they are even borderline burnt, which is quite off putting for something that is supposed to be buttery and soft. Their macarons have a 50/50 chance of being good or really bad - the shells taste stale, and you can't taste the almonds. I've purchased cakes from there in the past, and some of them were still frozen, even though they advertise all their products as being fresh. I guess "fresh" is a matter of opinion. Their espresso is overpriced and tastes burnt, which hurts especialyl since a alrge latte comes to nearly $6 after taxes. Their coffee is Van Houtte, tastes watery and is never fresh unless you arrive bright and early in the morning. The ice cream is the best thing they sell there - and it's Greg's ice cream. La Bamboche used to be amazing, and it seemed like they used to care, but now it just feels like they are only after making a quick buck with overpriced stale products.

Comments on store: Le Marche Movenpick / Richtree Market
From: jennifer on May-11-2006
My friends and I love Richtree Market. It is a restaurant where we don't have to worry about splitting the check, and everyone can be satified because of the huge variety of food. Everything we've tried there so far is great.

From: Edy on Jun-21-2006
I've been many times at Marche downtown and every time I liked the food, music and atmosphere. It has a very european flavor. On Friday and Saturday evenings there is usually a lineup. However the lineup is not as slow as other popular restaurants. Now regarding the other Marche at Bayview/York Mills it's a totally different story. I was twice and both times I disliked it. Last time I promised never to go again to that location. My impression was that the place is dirty and poorly managed. As an example we couldn't find clean trays - but instead you could use dirty trays who were placed in the same spot normally you find the clean ones... Also trying to find a clean glass for water can be a challenge... All kind of employees were walking around without any purpose except moving some trash bags. Edy from Toronto

From: jasmin imsirovic on Nov-27-2006
i love this resturant the food, and the types of foods you can purchase aswell, i havent been in any resturant so amazing, and so fancy, and filled with surprises. Today i tryed the crepes and they were really amazing, and i love the way you guys prepare it, you guys do it infront of our eyes so we see if you put anything good or bad. The prices are a bit expensive but no wonder the foods are good, and you get a huge purtion of it. I love the fact of the credit card, and how you swipe it.Keep up the work guys i give you a 10/10 rating on cooks, and 10/10 on the look of food, 10/10 on taste,10/10 on amount of choices, 10/10 the way it looks. Good luck guys ,and im gonna pass it around to friends casue this resturant is awesome.

From: Anne Armstrong on Mar-06-2007
Just after 10 AM this morning, I was passing by the Marche in the lower level of the BCE location and watched one of your head office people (David) handling the box of buns with his bare hands. I immediately told one of the staff what I just witnessed. While I was speaking to her, he happened to look my way and I made sure he knew that I had seen what he had been doing. I asked him why he was handling the buns with his bare hands and his excuse was "I washed my hands". I then said "how come the workers are wearing disposable gloves and you're not." Again he said he had washed his hands in a rather "smart ass" attitude. When I returned from the Commerce Court area I stopped and bought a muffin and took a moment to tell Feriha what had occurred a short time before. I was advised to phone Head Officeand speak to someone there and put in a complaint. I had been a food handler years ago and I do not take lightly to someone trying to tell me that bare hands are OK for some, but not others?

From: Betty on Jun-11-2007
Marche was excellent, but now that it's richtree, the service is crap, the food is crap but the price still remained the same if not more...=( It just seemed like when it was Movenpick, the ppl who were cooking/making the food actually cared about what they were serving you. But now, it seems like they're just trying to cook it and give it to you....just very different.

From: Laura on Jul-22-2007
It really is just a glorified cafeteria. What would be better is if they offered smaller portions and lower prices and then patrons could then have a variety of different dishes.

From: Rosana Richardson on Sep-04-2007
I agree with Betty, it's pure expensive crap. Nothing to do with Movenpick at all. The pasta dishes, the cornish hens, fish and meats used to be fantastic. Now they are just tasteless and expensive. Nice concept but I'm not going back :(

From: mia on Oct-13-2007
Where's the protein? Honestly why do they carb load at this place? Classic bait and switch sure it looks freshly cooked and delicious but most of their food comes with a miniscule protein portion. Makes me suspicious if they are cost-cutting on portions they surely are cost-cutting on the quality of their food. I wouldn't eat here, too many better places to try. This place appeals to the eye, but makes my stomach turn away.

Comments on store: Art Square Gallery Caf�
From: Martin Rubio on Mar-21-2006
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ART SQUARE CAFE. A bit of EUROPE in the heart of TORONTO. I've been several times and everything is always GREAT! The ART, the CREPES, the CHOCOLATES, the COFFEES, the STAFF especially LELYA... Everything is a WORK OF ART!!! AND SPEAKING OF ART THEY ARE ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE A.G.O. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!!!

From: Nesrin Bostan on Nov-21-2006
When I go there, I feel like I`m in a Paris cafe....Love LEYLA

From: tom scritches on May-15-2007
I have been once only, but I didn't like the staff. They were not friendly at all.

From: Laura on Jul-22-2007
Perfect specialty coffees and friendly atmosphere. We did not have any food as it was mid afternoon, but the items on the menu did look very appealing.

From: Paul on Jul-31-2007
Crepes are very good...

From: Stephen Brubaker on Jan-05-2008
The most original and delicious crepes and sweet items you will find. A touch of Europe in downtown Toronto and the tastiest coffee I've had in some time. Tres bien!

From: Geegee on Mar-28-2011
Worst lunch experience I've ever had. The crepes were microwaved and the chocolate was burnt. There was no filling in my crepe at all. Service was also very poor.

From: jennifer on Jun-12-2011
the service is just damn awful. you'll need to wait a long time for the waitress to finish eating their lunches/crepes while making crepes for others in the cafe. laughable!!

Comments on store: Saffron Just Baked
From: Kwan on Jan-27-2006
Goodness gracious!! I truly LOVE Saffron's carrot cake so much!!! Truly scrumptious!!! Pros: lots of yummy things to choose Cons: too far away yet that's not going to be a problem!!

Comments on store: Cherubin Chocolate Bakery
From: chocolate lover on Feb-06-2006
their french chocolate cake is excellent !!

From: AmmY on Jun-12-2006
I like chocolate cheese cake here ja. It's very very yummy like when i'm eating and little angel (cherubin) is all around me!! Not overstated at all. Let's try!!

Comments on store: Athens Pastries
From: Karen E. Penate on Feb-15-2003
Athens Pastries is THE place to eat traditional Greek pastries on the danforth. Their spinach, custard, and cheese pies are fantastic. They should be particularly comended for the quality of their phylo. This is not the place to go, however, if what you are looking for is a more traditional "Western" or French pastry. It is, nonetheless, quite good and a welcome change!

From: Melissa on Mar-17-2003
They have the best food!!! You should go there and buy some of those little yummy 'balls'. hehe -BYE-

From: Erin on Mar-13-2004
THe honey balls and the tiropita are sooo good! the phylo is really tasty too

From: Lois on Mar-03-2005
Athens Pastries has the best spinach pies in all of Toronto. They make it better than mom, better than yiayia (grandma) and its actually good for you. The service there is impeccable, the girls are always really nice and cheery. It is the best place to go and sit with a friend, chat over coffee and yummy authentic greek pastries!

From: Danny on Sep-12-2006
I don't know I would say it's a toss up between Athens and Akropolis Pastries just east of Pape. Although not in the busiest area of the Danforth their Spanakopita is awesome and probably the best I've tasted outside of Greece. The rest of the products are comparible with Akropolis having a much more diverse menu.

From: Giorgos on Apr-23-2007
Well I decide to do my own comparison after reading Danny's review, didn't even know that another store like Athens existed. But I only been for a few years. Anyway I tried Akropolis Pastries, and in my opinion their Pastries are far better than Athens. Better filling and more like the ones you would eat back in Greece. I recommend anyone to try.

From: horizon on Jun-05-2008
the food at Athens bakery is awesome! although their staff could use a lesson in customer service saavy, the food makes up for all their bitchiness. this goes for the Athens Bakery on Sheppard and VP as well.

From: Seann on Jun-19-2008
Love the pies at Athens Pastries, nothing else compares. And the girls there are allows so nice and cheerful at the Victoria Park location. Sometimes very accommodating even when I am being demanding.

From: flucky on May-15-2009
athens is AWESOMMMM!!!!!!!!! the one on danforth has the most amazing honeyballs. u get 6 for 3$ and they always thriw an extra one in too. theyre so nice!!!!!!!

From: Greekguy on Jun-19-2009
The food is phenominal great galatoburiko, pitas, etc. the only drawback is the customer service. Depending on who is working there. The yugoslavian women that work there at night need to learn customer service.

From: Omer on Jun-20-2010
I can't go to the Danforth without a vist to this place. Very pleasant bright and friendly and lets not forget delicious!

From: Omer on Jun-20-2010
I can't go to the Danforth without a vist to this place. Very pleasant bright and friendly and lets not forget delicious!

From: Big Greek on Jul-01-2011
The best "Spano" in town! The blend of cheese and spinach in a perfect cruchy philo is definitely a Triactor of Grecian love..

Comments on store: King's Cafe
From: jsfhntq euhbdk on Jan-24-2007
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From: Sonja on Apr-16-2007
King's Cafe is my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Toronto, and I'm not even vegetarian. I love the imitation chicken nuggets. They taste better than any real chicken nugget I've ever eaten. I love how you can buy the frozen food at the back of the store to take home.

From: Jayme Dunlop on Aug-18-2007
Horrible customer service, deceitful and disrespectful. There are much better and cheaper Chinese vegetarian options in Toronto (Buddha's, Full Moon, etc).

From: Chris C. Markham, Ontario on Nov-24-2007
excellent tofu based meat, took it to my family Christmas party, everyone enjoyed them, there were no leftovers! I wish that every supermarket and grocery store carried these tofu mock meats...

From: Silvia from Quebec on May-27-2009
A little paradise on earth! Wow! King's cafe with it's delicious vegetarian food and client services at heart is for those who wish to nourrish their bodies but also their soul. My favorite place in Toronto1 Truly, Silvia

Comments on store: La Maison du Chocolat
From: Flora on Nov-16-2005
Ahhh...What memories! I was in Paris in June and made the pilgrimage to la Maison du Chocolat at its Faubourg location. The chocolates were absolutely divine - thinking about them now makes me long to return for a visit. The staff were formal but very courteous and obliging. The prices are steep but worth every cent. A calm setting in rich chocolate tones (except when a group of loud American tourists came in and, after much very audible deliberation, bought a bag of chocolate almonds which they then proceeded to pass around like a bag of peanuts, taking up half the seating area). The iced chocolate drinks and desserts are also highly recommended for the chocophile. These chocolates need to be savoured and are well worth your time - a real treat for jaded tastebuds.

Comments on store: Le Commensal
From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
One of the most underrated dessert spots in town. I can only think that some people assume: veggie buffet restaurant="granola" desserts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Extremely rich and tasty stuff, particularly the trifle, the maple puff things, chocolate cakes and tofu cheesecake. Buying by weight means you can sample quite a bit, and for less than in some poncy cafe/restaurant. So you don't get the cake with an artistic syrup drizzle and an a sprinkling of icing sugar...big deal!

From: TPaz on Mar-17-2006
Mmmmmmm... is all I have to say. Fantastic place. Very quiet, nice atmosphere, very casual. Very clean and the food was absolutely delish. Everything is marked clearly and they had an amazing selection. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, not just vegetarians.

Comments on store: Cheese Boutique
From: Cheese lover on Jan-21-2006
Great place. The owners really go out of their way to help. Friendly staff. Great selection. First class all around. Highly recommended, not just for the cheese but even the bakery items and produce and specialty items. It can be pricey, but worth it.

From: Stephen on Mar-27-2006
This place has an excellent selection of cheeses, including a walk-in cheese vault. They aren't the cheapest but there is lots of choice and the staff all know their stuff. Pastries and other food are also pretty good (try the pot pies!).

From: Bill on Jun-27-2006
I have heard of the place but only after I was there did I know what they meant. What a paradise for food lovers! Not only is the cheese top notch but they also have a very impressive produce section.

From: ting on Sep-06-2006
I was there once 2 years ago...the selection of food was amazing, including wholesome foie gras and truffles , morels, and other specialty food. However, the service really went down the drain, when you call to ask for avaliabality of the food the receptionist simply ignore you and answer "no " to every of your questions. ......... wasn't that impressed for such a high priced grocery store

From: cheese LOVER on Sep-13-2006

From: foodie on Oct-24-2006
Receptionists/phone lines are generally really busy. Best to go into the store to find out about food availability. Their products are unbelievable, such a wide selection from all over the world. I wouldn't shop anywhere else for specialty items. Store staff are all very friendly and willing to help, especially those of the Pristine family. I love it!!!

From: Ben on Dec-11-2006
Not us good meat us they say! I thik their cheese and produce is of better Quality

From: Julie on Jun-01-2007
I loved the store when it was located on Bloor. It was exceptional all the way around. I have left Toronto but when ever I am back visiting, usually 3 times a year, I stop at the new Cheese Boutique. I do feel that the quality has gone down. I think the introduction of meat and produce has affected it. I am not as impressed as I was years ago. I think in their expansion they have lost something. I do not find the service as good. Although, there are still two women from the Bloor shop that are just great. The younger staff should learn from them.

From: Norm on Jun-29-2007
Lived in high park for while and the cheese boutique was a sure visit and with there new location on 45 ripley ave it continues on the same tradition from the previous bloor location with a flair like no other. They have replaced the wine franchise for a newer pasta section which is just fine as we often find ourselves searching for this. Same europeen atomosphere as before. .....hurrah !

From: Heather on Aug-23-2007
Very disappointed in quality of meat at Cheese Boutique-bought kielbassa Wednesday evening-went to make my lunch for work Thursday morning and the meat was rotten! Rye bread that I had bought was not very fresh-certainly does not have the quality products that it used to on Bloor St. I will not be back again-I had given my dog a little piece of the kielbassa on Wednesday evening when I brought it home and could not understand what had made him sick-now I know. The prices never went down but the quality certainly has.

From: Franscisco Guerras on Sep-17-2007
What a lovely suprise! I was across the street visiting a client and across the street (45 Ripley Avenue) sat a place named Cheese Boutique. I walked in and was bowled over by what a selection of food they have. More than just cheese let me tell ya. Anyways, i was there for about half an hour and picked up a couple of great goat cheeses that went over swimmingly at a client meeting. As well i found some really interesting peppers sitting at the cash. i had to run but i talked to a couple associates and they swear by their steaks. i'll have to try one next time. i'm defintely going back. a neat little jem in the toronto foodscape.

From: Jennifer S. on Sep-17-2007
How i love this place. Was there this past sunday and one of the servers helped me out with a book club party i was having. the book was a spainish theme so she helped me out with four different spainish cheeses, some olives, some spainish olive oil, and other goodies. anywho...the book club loved all the treats i picked up. we ended up forgetting to talk about the book and just talked about the food! I want to thank you cheese boutique. you made our party a smash! hugs and kisses, jennifer s.

From: shaun on Sep-27-2007
I had recently gone back to cheese boutique to pick up some of my favourite cheeses when I was served by a young girl who looked like she hated her job and also hated the world they don't need people like that working there because going to the cheese boutiqe is supposed to be a experience you should not forget.

From: Ihor on Dec-11-2007
I Love this place. Fabulos food,exilarating Atmosfer,and for what you are getting wery reasonabel priceses

From: mike on Feb-28-2008
Love the place!! amazing, If I lived in the area i would be by there almost daily. Keep up the GREAT work

From: maie on Sep-15-2008
went to the cheese boutique for the first time,it was great the staff treat you nice .cant believe the wide variety if cheese and other products from all over the world,i cant wait to go back again...

Comments on store: Govinda
From: Sherry Conisbee on Mar-09-2007
The folk and the food at Govinda are great! Everyone should try it... and what's more, GOVINDA are kindly sponsoring the vegetarian finger food for the media launch of our charity store... ReTails 'Pretty New' Store, on 29th March. All profits from ReTails go to support the animal welfare volunteer group called SOI DOG RESCUE who work every day to help the stray, abandoned and abused cats and dogs of Bangkok. What more can I say... ! Support and try GOVINDA! Sherry Conisbee President & Co-founder SOI DOG RESCUE

From: elise le fay finney on May-06-2007
it's my favourite restaurant & I like to go every week. I'm happy they like animals like I do. We even found out cat outside the restaurant. By the way, I am eight years old. Meow! dONT EAT ANIMALS!

From: Lance on Aug-22-2007
This has to be one of the best restaurants I have been to, anywhere, and I count myself as being picky about good Italian food. The salads in particular are to die for, generous, well-prepared using fresh ingredients, and not overly dressed. Give the avocado salad a whirl, you wont regret it. As a vegetarian, its amazing to find a place where everything is fair game, and Italian to boot! The soy meat products are deftly woven into the various dishes, and the homemade bread is superb. Give the integrale (whole wheat) a try, it is stunningly good, served at just the right temperature...this place is a winner, all the way around, much better than the much pricer Italian cafe just down the road...

Comments on store: Pierre Marcolini
From: ann on Jun-30-2005
so overpriced! Chocolates are average. Mostly marketing driven.

From: Chocolate spy on Jul-10-2005
Ann is so right!!!!!!!! there are much better the Pierre at half the price.......

From: Victor on Jul-25-2005
I seriously don't think you have tasted the right pieces then. Pierre Marcolini's chocolates taste magnificent. I personally recommend all the pure dark chocolate pieces and the tasting box in particular. The quality is well worth it.

From: Patricia on Nov-14-2005
I have to agree with Victor. Anyone who doesn't think that Pierre Marcolini's chocolates are spectacular has no palate. The man won the Prix du Monde, so I think he knows what he's doing without the help of marketers. As a very picky chocolate lover, I thought I would faint the first time I had the good fortune to try this stunning product.

From: Cheryl A. Smith on Dec-05-2006
My dear friend brought a lovely assortment of Pierre Marcolini Chocolates back from her European trip and so graciously gave them to me. What a luscious treat they are. I'm enjoying every morsel. Tastes so elegant, so subtle, so delicious! Too bad they are almost gone.

From: Michelle Steiner on Apr-19-2007
Msr. Marcolini was my "down-the-street" neighbor when we lived in Kraainen, Belgium. I can't begin to tell you what it was like to wake up to the smell of chocolate in the morning!!! My children used to stop by on their way home from school for a "bon-bon", for which Pierre was only too happy to oblige. Merci, Pierre---I really miss you!

Comments on store: Bakerzin
From: Pum on Dec-16-2005
Gorgeous atmosphere, cute, luvly, and absolutely yummy cakes esp. NY cheesecake and strawberry shortcake!! :) 2 thumbs up

Comments on store: Max's Market
From: CR on Apr-03-2003
Every item at this market is absolutely delicious. The breads are fresh, the cakes are moist and the meals are flavour infused. The customer service however could improve.

From: sarah rosen on Apr-18-2003
you are right the service is pathetic when you get any. the food hit and miss , the store should be cleaner , I saw a conditional pass this week from the health department , there must have been a reason for that. the cakes are moist is your are lucky to buy it the day it was made , ask the staff to give you the number under each cake , it corresponds to a week day , don't buy a 3 on saturday day 6 ( 3=Wed , 4= Thurs etc.} A word to the wise

From: RP on Aug-02-2003
I've actually walked out of this store several times, withouth making a purchase, due to lack of or bad service! I mostly return for the bread which is very good. Plus I live in the area and it is convienent.

From: RP on Aug-02-2003
I've actually walked out of this store several times, without making a purchase, due to lack of or bad service! I mostly return for the bread which is very good. Plus I live in the area and it's convenient.

From: Annie Crocetti on Sep-23-2003
Please forward this to the owners: I believe this is you I was talking to, regarding "bulldogs". The breeder's address is: [email protected]. The name of the breeder is Arista Rose.

From: Annie Crocetti on Sep-23-2003
Your store is wonderful I've been shopping there for years!

From: tk on Nov-10-2003
Wonderfull store, great service, previous reviwers were absolutely wrong, a great place for pastries and bread

From: Better then sex on Sep-05-2004
Max's is a pretty reasonable price for the quality of food. The service is only lacking due to the numerous people that are shopping there and the few attendents to help them all. Overall on of the best places in toronto for quailty food.

From: Kym Sloski on Jan-28-2005
I have been shopping at Max's for years. The food is a-one, lots of diversity & always fresh & delicious. The service is quite good. The staff are freindly & well informed, & actually very quick when you take into account the number of customers they serve. I don't know anything about the comment on a conditional pass that I read, but definately Max's is cleaner than many of the five star hotel kitchens I've wandered through. I've got to go now, I'm off to Max's.

From: KATHY on Mar-19-2005

From: AB on Nov-11-2005
As a European living in Toronto, I am happy to have somewhere local which stocks such a good range in addition to quality produce. However, service is slow, even when they are not busy. On more than a few occasions I have quite literally been ignored waiting at the counter when the store is empty. I admit, this has caused me to leave yet I always seem to go back. Please try to impove upon this so that the whole Max's experience can be pleasurable.

From: Annie on Jan-25-2006
I really enjoyed Max's market. The service, the atmosphere and most of all the food. My favourite is the mexican fiesta, chicken enchiladas or the chicken mole, guacamole is the best...... most highly recommended.

From: Marie on May-05-2006
I was a worker at Max's Market. I would say that considering how few of us there were to take care of all of the customers, we have always tried to do our best. On the Deli side and the Bakery side there is usually only two people to handle the whole counter and one more doing stocking but they will not come over to help very often unless there is a line of 6 or more people already waiting. Even on the slowest day we have a lot of people to tend to! On breaks there may be only one person tending the whole counter, although management usually tries to provide a help. It is also difficult when you are on one end of a counter helping someone, and another person comes up for service at the other end. I know that for myself, with all of the people in the store at one time and with all of the products on the counter top blocking the view, it can be hard to see the second person. Also sometimes a third person will come up and demand service before you have a chance to notice the second person and therefore this creates a situation where the second person feels that the service is of lower quality and that we aren't doing our best to help them. This has happened to me several times and it can be very frustrating for us as we don't want people to think we are ignoring them on purpose, or that we just don't care. It is a small store but even on slower days it can be hard to keep up with all of the people, especially when the managers continually add on more duties for you to do. It always seems like there is too little time to accomplish everything and yet you are expected to do so while also tending to the many customers that come in daily. However as I have said, we do our best to try and keep up the nicest environment and quality of service that we can! A tip for the best possible service: The best day to go in and get quick service would be Monday. That is the slowest day of the week. If you can't see the server, just say hello, they are usually just below you cleaning up the display case and would be only to happy to help you. (Of course they will change their gloves before touching any of your food! ) :) Marie

From: Kathleen Pearce on May-28-2006
I am a big fan of Max's Market. I find the store clean and the staff extremely friendly and efficient. People need to realize that they can't have employees serv them as soon as they snap their fingers. Have patience, wait for your turn, buy great ingredients, prepare a meal to remember, light some candles, have a great wine and ENJOY LIFE. Cheers to you Max's Market.

From: Peter on Jun-06-2006
It is a great store, every time i walk in there is something new I love going to max because the staff is friendly and very helpfull, I usually dont have to wait long and if I do is because of the volume of people that they have to deal with the cheese its always fresh, there pastries and of course their prepared food its the best i seen. keep up the good work.

From: Terry on Jun-07-2006
It's true, service is lacking and a lot of the food is not so fresh. I don't think they turnover enough. It's hit and miss which is not good when dealing with food. Upon closer inspection the place isin't that clean. A food store should always be spotless. They are overpriced on a lot of items.

From: Diana on Jun-13-2006
top notch keep up the good work max's wowwwww

From: Maria on Jun-13-2006
The best guacamole there is and I have tried a lot, small container its not enough

From: DAN on Jun-14-2006

From: Tammy Reid on Nov-14-2006
I havn't been to Max's for a while til recently. What a change!! It looks excellent and more open. It felt like I was in a big market. I think it's great that they have the meats and cheeses precut. you just grab and go. Prepared section has always been great. I don't have to worry about what to eat for dinner.

From: 123 on Mar-09-2007

From: S Cote on Mar-13-2007
I had the worse possible experience in that store. I accidently knocked over a jar on the floor ( which I appologized for ) however, the store manager then proceeded to give me instructions on how I was to hold my bag while shopping in the store and them began to "shadow" me as I continued to browse in the store. When I inquired as to what she was doing (she was 2 feet away from me) she rudely said that she was ensuring I did not knock anything else over. To say I was affronted by this gal would be an understatement! I will never shop there again!

From: S Cote on Mar-13-2007
I had the worse possible experience in that store. I accidently knocked over a jar on the floor ( which I appologized for ) however, the store manager then proceeded to give me instructions on how I was to hold my bag while shopping in the store and them began to "shadow" me as I continued to browse in the store. When I inquired as to what she was doing (she was 2 feet away from me) she rudely said that she was ensuring I did not knock anything else over. To say I was affronted by this gal would be an understatement! I will never shop there again!

From: anonymous on May-06-2007
I was treated horrible when i went into this location. no greeting,stood their waiting for at least 10 minutes and no body asked if i needed assistance. THen I finally asked for some help the person was rude. I almost wanted to jump behind the coutner and serve myself. After I received my items I went to pay where someone cut ahead of me and the cashier person didnt even acknowledge what they had done-eveb though it was very obvious. I ended up not making any purchases and will not got back again.

From: Mike P on May-30-2007
Whether It's lunch on the run or a romantic dinner Max's is the place to see enjoy faboulous meals cheeses or desserts. The staff do try very hard I usually dont have a problem being served just get their attention its a big volume of people they usually have to served.

From: Randolph on May-30-2007
Max's has became a food boutique the food is always great keep up the good work a must try, butter chicken its Yummy

From: JeP on May-31-2007
Max's may look nice, but after repeated visits, I found it overpriced, and the employees unhelpful, and often rude - and I've never found anything that I would rave about. After my last bad experience I decided not to shop there again; I haven't missed it.

From: Paul H. on Jun-10-2007
Simply delicious> Home of the best guacamole I never have a problem with the service

From: Tyler B. on Jul-13-2007
Charming place you can really get anything , everything looks fabolous and tastes so good i want to try everything

From: Paul Lopez on Jul-19-2007
Wow what a change it look better than before wow wow keep it up

From: Lisa on Aug-03-2007
Max's is definitely one of the gems of this neighbourhood. But I wish they would improve the quality of the offerings at the salad counter. I mean the counter on the left with the fish and salads and mini-meatballs and things. Last night I brought home a bunch of items, including the sun-dried- tomato-wrapped mozzerella, crab-stuffed calamari, and BBQ'd octopus, all of which looked delicious but tasted like it had all been swilled together in the same bucket of vinegar for a century or so. The octopus was so tough, I couldn't get a steak knife through it. Please, Max's, switch suppliers or something. Until then, I'm steering clear of the left side of the store.

From: damiano franco on Oct-29-2007
i just want to say, that every time i go to visit Max Market, the store looks amazing, and all the staff are very friendly.. the products, look like the chef,takes his time ,and is very innovative, like stores in New York, very Euorpean,, and pastires, and desserts.. look decative,and very tasty, great talent i must say....the antipasto, are fantastic, very authentic, and unique compaed to other major supermarets.. as to comment on viegar, you must have vinegar for its natuaral perseve, and most eat them, with side order, or with salads, to off set the lemon taste,,, as it has natrual flavou of the product,,, that antipasto at its finest!!.. i eat them all the time, as my heritage is is marinted process, and traditon i must say......ovearll, one of top markets in toronoto, and they should all be proud of its great efforts, and store... complimento!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damiano franco

From: zglkwrq lxda on Nov-14-2007
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From: Nadine on Feb-17-2009
I have been shopping at Max's Market for several years now and I love it!!! I have always received great service and I am always happy to find the foods that I grew with in Paris: Bonne Maman jam, a wide selection of Petits Ecoliers and Pim's cookies. The variety of cheeses and cold cuts is absolutely amazing. In the summer, my hubby, two boys and I always walk to Max's Market and grab some croissants, ham and cheese and have a picnic in the park near our house, it is the best! Keep up the excellent work.

From: Steve on May-05-2009
have you ever thought that the staff are rude because you yourself are being rude? I used to work there and i have also been on the other side of the counter, watching people talk to their cashier. You people think because they are serving you they are your servants. We have other responsibilities, not only customer satisfaction although that is a huge one, and if we are accidently preoccupied at a moment or two, kindly let us know you need assistance. We are only human!

From: Marilyn on Oct-06-2009
Great Store...However I forgot to pick up the brand new little Hannah Montana Umbrella there when I paid ... an low and behold "CAN"T FIND IT" It was left behind in a high scale store...high scale area and can't be found. I am not surprised "THE RICH GET RICHER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: davey the ice mover on Dec-17-2009
max's has the best food! the staff are grate as far as i'm concerned, only the snootiest of consumers would boo! i say....people who cant wait one second for service... should send the "help" lol

From: Jacob on Mar-24-2010
Since the chef returned, prepared food is looking amazing, the food is always fresh, and every week there is something new! This new "south of the border" bean dip is absolutely amazing, whoever didn't try it yet .......Must try! Won't regret. Soup fridge is also outstanding.......all the varieties.......great flavor too. "Just like grandmothers" If you did not visit Max's recently, you definitely should. And don't forget to get those new homemade loaves - Pumpkin Loaf is the best.

From: Megan on Apr-28-2010
their guacamole is very good, but their pastries are over priced as you can buy the same in other stores for much cheaper...some of the staff have a bit of an attitude problem and are not interested in provided good customer service...which is a drag because overall the store has great potential

From: anonymous on Jul-18-2010
have you ever thought that the staff are rude because you yourself are being rude? I used to work there and i have also been on the other side of the counter, watching people talk to their cashier. You people think because they are serving you they are your servants. We have other responsibilities, not only customer satisfaction although that is a huge one, and if we are accidently preoccupied at a moment or two, kindly let us know you need assistance. We are only human!

From: Marko on Oct-12-2010
Terrible service. That whole snobby attitude/customer abuse-chic is so 2006. It's a recession now, and there are a lot of other places to shop, including for gourmet foods and organic products in Bloor West. I will never shop there again.

From: Rick on Oct-14-2010
Love the Chicken Sandwich, sometimes the Brisket, but it seems that after the renovation, the sandwiches have been removed. Not impressed. They were the best bang for the buck in the village. Back to Falafel World I guess...

From: Chris on Dec-11-2010
Love Max's, store looks absolutely great now that renovations have been done! The sandwiches are still there, they're up at the front by the cash now and I agree they are the best!!!

From: Marcus on Jul-21-2011
I bought prepared chicken, and it was RAW!! and no apologizes from the owners. Nobody would see me. AWFUL

From: Joanna on Sep-19-2011
No tongs for the bread - people were using their bare hands to retrieve the Montreal bagels from the bin. Gross. When I asked the cashier for the tongs, she was incredibly rude about it. So not going back to Max's Market.

From: Andy on Oct-16-2011
This place is no The same even The Food is different I think they change ownership very different What a shame

From: Mario M. on Oct-21-2011
No frills but with a fancy name The food has change it used to be better Not exiting

Comments on store: Frangipane
From: jenn on Oct-29-2005
Overall nice store design, but dessert offerings are just so so quality.

From: Gloria on Feb-18-2006
The prices at Frangipane are outrageous and totally undeserved! With their competition - Patachou, Rahier, Celestin, La Cigogne, Fleur de Lys, etc. - all offering far more variety and sophistication and prices that are commensurate with the market - I can't see how they can survive. They should wake up and come down to earth. They're nothing at all that special.

From: Terry on Jun-07-2006
The most over-priced bakery in Toronto and the most snobbish attitude! They cannot justify charging such prices! I know what it costs having been in the bakery business. There are other more reasonable bakeries in town.

From: Jennifer on Jun-07-2006
I agree, they are way overpriced and not THAT good! I would stay away, it's not worth the price!

From: susan on Jul-06-2006
Don't agree - their Raspberry Chiffon cake is worth every cent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: marny on Oct-13-2006
I've had two amazing birthday cakes from Frangipane and they are totally worth the price!

From: foodie 123 on Feb-06-2007
I ordered a custom birthday cake for 50, two tiers, of different flavored cakes - Claudia and her team did an AMAZING job, matching the design of the invitation. The cake was outstanding. I would HIGHLY recommend Frangipane for all your patisserie needs!

From: Tina on Nov-15-2007
I used to love her Gruy�re tarts but then she changed the recipe and cut corners on the quality. The pastry is different... cheaper, even, and made from a mold instead of the way it was before. The cheese tastes watery or just not as good. Maybe she changed the cheese. It's more disappointing than ever. The last tart I got (the just cheese, not the one with prosciutto) tasted like it had been contaminated with meat (I'm assuming the prosciutto). Vegetarians, vegans or ex-veggies know what I'm talking about (the taste of meat juice). That's totally not acceptable. The service is friendly for the most part, and the chef seems to be really nice. Unfortunately I've been disappointed with the Gruy�re tart to the point I can't go back there unless I want a cake. The frangipane tarts they specialize in are very good though, much higher quality than their Gruy�re tart, I just hope they don't change that recipe too otherwise I'd really have no reason to ever go back there.

From: Tina on Nov-15-2007
I forgot to mention that their cakes are very well done! I wouldn't go to Frangipane for croissants, except maybe the almond filled ones (as Ezra's Pound across the street makes better ones by far) but I'd definitely go if I needed a good quality cake.

From: Amalia on Oct-01-2008
Frangipane's chocolates, petits fours and assorted sizes of tarts are top quality, I have been buying them for family and friends over the years and will keep doing so. The chocolate covered almond Christmas trees have become tradition in my home. In this day and age of fast food a p�tisserie like this is a treasure.

Comments on store: Konditor
From: Jo on Mar-22-2005
Full marks for Konditor! I know people (including me) were very disappointed when Tournayre closed its doors, but the good news is, Konditor is a worthy successor to the space. Konditor makes excellent traditional Austrian cakes and pastries. The Sachertorte and black forest cake are particularly tasty. For something new, try the Burgi torte--a very nice balance of textures and tastes, and not too rich. The Mozart cake is also really yummy. Konditor's breakfast pastries (croissants, danishes, etc.) are also very good, if a little sweeter than a French baker would make. Service is very friendly, but the place is quite small and on weekends, it can be a bit hectic, especially if you're staying to eat in the little cafe. Get your goodies to take away!

From: anna olson on Oct-29-2005
Service was good. Latte wasn't/not enough flavour. Apple studel was nothing special/skin abit tough even after flashing in the oven....need more quality control I guess.

From: beachesjunkie on Apr-09-2006
I fufilled my temptation by experiencing the cusine and dessert-chocolate cake that Konditor had to offer. Cake was mediocre. Over-priced

From: Sabine on Nov-10-2008
Oh please, this place is fantastic. If you want authentic Austrian desserts, this is the place to go. YUM!!!

Comments on store: Brick Street Bakery
From: Christina on May-01-2007
All I can say is that Brick Street Bakery is the finest place to go for sandwiches. Everytime I go in there I am greeted warmly by the staff, I have to say the Girl who goes by Alicia is really good at her customer service skills and treats everyone as an equal. Keep up the great work!

From: sara on Aug-06-2007
what do ya mean "no baguettes here"??!!! three different types: classic french white baguettes delicious multigrain baguettes and the all new purple grapeskin baguette! definitely worth lookin for next time you go by for lunch...

From: Danielle on Aug-09-2007
The bread cannot be paralleled! And so many baguettes! The staff is awesome and the product really can't be beat!

From: don don on Jun-09-2008
i walked in to brick street breads at logan and queen and found my bakery for life ......................................such great bread!

From: santos on Dec-24-2008
Is it just me or do the cookies and pastries taste like garlic or onions? not good at all .

From: santos on Dec-24-2008
Is it just me or do the cookies and pastries taste like garlic or onions? not good at all .

From: rl on Mar-06-2009
I had the most awful service today at this restaurant. A friend of mine was kind enough to take me for lunch, and I ordered the vegetarian lasagna which was not lasagna at was more like a nasty mess of mushy noodles, slimy eggplant and a lot of chili powder...yes...chili powder. It was cold and so was my coffee, and we had already paid for this unpleasant food. I returned to the counter to take back the lasagna, as it was not really lasagna, and I asked if I could return it and get something else, because I had never had lasagna with chili powder in it...ever. The menu did not indicate the ingredients in the lasagna, so I did not expect it to stray from what I would consider to be a standard vegetarian lasagna. I made the suggestion that I would prefer to have one of their olive pretzels instead, which I might add was equally as horrifying as the lasagna, and the woman at the counter agreed. Now we paid for the lasagna, which was $6.50 and the olive pretzel was $3.35-ish. We thought we had a couple of dollars credit at this point, so we decided on a couple of cookies. We went back to the counter to get a few cookies and pay the difference over the $6.50 we had already spent (thinking that we returned a product which was not what we expected it to be) and the woman refused...she wanted us to pay more for the cookies. The woman's logic was that we bought and returned the lasagna and that she gave us a free pretzel. I would not recommend this place to anyone, ever. In fact, I do not recommend it at all.

From: Laila on Mar-26-2009
I had the most delicious vegetarian sandwich today, the way that the mushrooms and zucchini were roasted and seasoned and that stilton mayo all on their very own baked bread. It was just delicious. From the moment I walked into the bakery it was full of energy from the music they were playing to the smile on the counter girls face. I highly recommend trying this sandwich, and I find it barbaric to read the last review, it sounds to me like you are a very uptight hard to please person. Not everyone has the same taste!

From: AvidBready on Sep-30-2009
I love Brick Street Bakery! They just opened up a new location in my neighbourhood (The Beach) and it has been incredible. Every morning I wake up, go get a coffee and a warm blueberry scone from one of the lovely girls. The word on the street is what is going to make this place a huge sucess! The beach has needed a bakery for years and I hope you will all go and try their lovely products! (And as a bonus its all organic!!)

From: Jay Holdensteen on Dec-07-2009
Only the flour is organic and sometimes not even that .I'm not pleased with this place I like Zane better between Woodbine and Kingston rd. on Queen

Comments on store: Ying Ying Soy Foods
From: Alex on Jun-15-2006
Fantastic soy products that you should'nt miss - try the soy meatballs and the marinated sweet and spicy soy pieces. The most delicious prepared soy products I've tried.

From: Allie on Dec-04-2006
Really friendly service, knowledgeable about their products. Love the free samples too!!!

From: Terri on May-09-2011
I am from Ohio and I never liked ANY tofu I have tried..that is until the sweet and spicy from Ying Ying Soy Foods. It is unbelievable! I can eat it cold or hot. It does have a kick to it but is delicious! Wish it was marketed int he States. I am a bariatric patient so this is just like having your cake and eating it too!

Comments on store: La Bergamote
From: Teresa Case on Jan-27-2005
Yuk, What a disappointment once you have had something from France to try this product was not what was expected. There are other New York eateries more tasty such as Ceci- Cela, Payard, Baltazar (in order according to best first).

From: Anton on Apr-11-2005
I think a croissant is the best I ever tasted, I used to live closed by La Bergamote at General Theological Seminary, so almost every morning I grabbed one of the best croissant, Chocolate Croissant or Almond Croissant.

From: Sonia Anso on Jun-27-2005
Great place!! This is a real french "pastisserie/boulangerie". Not only the pastries are beautiful and beautifully presented but they taste sooo good!!! Definetly recommend going. Perfect place for ordering deserts for a party and impress your friends!

From: Diane on Oct-07-2005
Can only go there a few times a week...thrusday absolutely have to be there in the afternoon.... The most amazin coffee ever tried... the croissants the best...the fruit tarts, truffles, and a few of the mousse-cakes, are just unthinkably delicious. The staff memebers, a few of them only are very helpful; the rest of them just total waste... all the time on the phone, and I do not mean they use the store phone, but using their cellular phone, and see the customers standing waiting for their help and just turned their face.... Not very good thing... LIke I said anything else is just great.. except that girl that think she is like the owner of the store and instead of help her coworker she is all the time in the phone. Overall rating as far as food excellent...staff members, like said, can give excellent reviews about a few of them.. the rest don't even bother saying anything.

From: LindaNYC on Nov-09-2006
The napoleon is a masterpiece!! There's no way to improve it, it's sheer perfection. Wow! Yum! Best in NYC!!

From: Louisa on May-03-2007
I love the place, but please take credit cards.

From: Ms. T. Juree on May-14-2007
I just had the best Chocolate Mousse Cake I've ever had in my ENTIRE life. We ordered it for my co-worker's birthday party and it was unbelievable. I highly recommend this place.

Comments on store: Neuhaus
From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Just average. Most of their chocolates contain hazelnut paste--not one of my favorites. There are many better chocolatiers nearby.

From: Boobila on Nov-26-2004
The only time these chocolates are worth it is on boxing day when they're half price. The boxes are usually exquisite, and make a nice hostess gift.

From: Rita on Sep-22-2005
The chocolate is very good but the salers are salesclerks are very mean without a reason. That's so strange to have these level of services in such a lovely store.

Comments on store: Bangkok Baking Co.
From: Erik from Michigan on May-15-2006
This is a great oasis from the heat, a place to grab a latte, a imported beer, a light lunch, or a breakfast snack. Service is excellent and you are alwasy greeted with a smile. A must for whenever in the Sukhumvit area.

Comments on store: Aunties and Uncles
From: Amy D. on Mar-07-2005
I crave another Aunties & Uncles breakfast pocket for months after a visit to Toronto!

From: amanda on Jul-16-2005
food was okay but the restaurant was absolutely filthy. dead flies on the walls, dirt and grime everywhere. very off-putting. i don't know why anyone would choose to eat here. i live just down the street from this and don't know anyone in the area who goes here for breakfast. even sneaky dee's is cleaner - and better value.

From: Michael on Oct-28-2006
I had brunch there today and it was a really fun experience. The atmosphere is amusing. The kitsche value is awesome, with so much to look at. The food was excellent. I had the french toast which was some of the best I have ever had. The bacon was delicous and the side of pears were perfectly ripe. The fresh orange juice was great. I think that the value was good. The portions were generous. $35 for 3 people.

From: Anita and Maan on Nov-19-2006
The best breakfast we have ever had. Each and everything was special and amazingly yummy. Never had such delicious breakfast. Everyone in our family was wowed by the quality of the food. Now the bad part - wait for very long and especially if you are a large group as this restaurant is quite small an housed in a very old small house. But once we got our table and sat down and got the food, we forgot all about the wait.

From: connoisseur on Mar-05-2007
I must say that after reading these reviews and all the other reviews on the web under "Best Toronto Brunch", I was more than curious about this restaurant. To summarize our Sunday brunch experience: we had to endure a long wait to get a table (this on it's own is a good sign); the service was well below average (if the waiter could be any more bored he would have fallen asleep); the "retro diner decor" can simply be translated to old, dirty and not well-maintained; and the food was slightly below average. The French toast was anything but exceptional, and the poached pear garnish was soggy and bland. Never again. Oh well, at least it didn't break the bank. Ps: make sure you bring cash, as cards are not accepted.

From: Anthony Robinhood on Jun-08-2007
I just came back from an excellent lunch from Aunties and Uncles. The food fills you up cheaply, and you don't feel guilty about eating it. The all-day breakfast themed menu makes gets you excited. The decor is very much apart of the atmosphere. It has the feeling that it has been evolving, cozy and creative. It's casual, and cramped, but that's only because this place is popular for good reason. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there, I will return in the near future. The patio is also great.

From: elle. on Aug-02-2007
i love aunties and uncles. it is my favourite brunch spot in toronto. i have a crush on the owners.

From: Elee on Aug-15-2008
I live in the area as well and this place in known for being filthy. Yes the food is cheap and cheerful but you get what you pay for. No thanks

From: John on Jun-19-2011
Good food, good portions.

Comments on store: Pasta Pantry
From: Harrison on Jan-29-2004
Pasta pantry, the most underated unknown fresh pasta place in town. With a nice selection of pasta's, sauces, and soupes, to an explosive lasgna. Make sure the next you are in the Davisville area to stop by, and experience a taste of pasta never experienced before.

From: David Russell on Dec-19-2005
Pronto Pasta Pantry! Carlo and Melva have created a wonderful assortment of pastas, soups and sauces that are fabulous and almost as saucy as they are. Fresh made daily with love and care... we have been dropping in for great food and cleaver patter since they opened and would not let a week go by without a visit...

From: Gilad on Feb-17-2006
We found it by mistake while walking around one day, Carlo is a fun chatty guy and his food is great, The Creamy alfredo sauce and creamy roasted red pepper sauce are excellent, not to mention the fresh parsley and garlic pasta... Highly recommended.

From: F.Reid on Feb-07-2007
BELL....ISS-I....MO ! Great Food, Great People, where's the Wine ? Warm up with HOMEMADE - (like Mama use to make) Soups, Pasta sauces, Chicken & Shepperd/Sheppard Pies, all are GREAT no matter how you spell it !!!! Head on over , you won't be disappointed !! CHEERS Thanks for everything Carlo & Melva ;)

From: Jenn Rosen on Feb-08-2012
Everything Pasta Pantry offers is of outstanding flavour and quality! Under the weather? You must try the "Cure All" soup...better than Jewish Pencillin!! Keep up the excellent job! My italian dinner parties would be non-existent without you! David & Jenn

Comments on store: What a Bagel
From: john wise on Dec-13-2003
Wanderful...!a nice store on Yonge/Eglington,the bagels are fresh and allways is clean,you have the best omlets,tasty and came back for the next breakfast. you can open more store like this one and the perfection is in the house.

From: Esther on Oct-12-2004
My little brother and Sister-in-law had a wedding to go to in Hamilton Ont. Bill wanted to bring the challah, so one of the people coming to the wedding from Toronto stopped in and picked up the one I ordered for them from What A Bagel, 3500 Bathurst. I asked my brother last night how that worked out. He loves food and kept going on about how it tasted and how big it was and beautiful....I heard myself tell him, it could be in the Chalah Chalah Fame...I kill me! Thanks for the chalah Isaac!

From: Your Regular Customer on Jan-18-2005
Hi Eddie, Please let the know the people that work @ your Yonge & Wellesley store the location of your website. I was recommending your bagels to someone who needed a good caterer. cheers, Mary 416 212 7931

From: DEBORAH RUSSELL on Sep-14-2006
I had a teriyaki chicken sandwich that was so salty I threw it in the garbage. Ease up on the salt shaker.

From: Frances on Jun-23-2008
First tasted it at a friend's house. I ate like 4 bagels!!! Last week went to their Eglinton store for a early brunch. Cinnamon raisin and rye was the best! Love the taste of cinnamon and chewiness of rye. But...the there's definitly no atmosphere in the store. Prefer take home and set up a nice table myself.

From: D. Weisman on May-01-2011
We had a lunch date with my friend at Young and Eglinton what a bagel. But I was so suprised, the Chinese server who's making our sanwiches doesn't wear her gloves and touches the vegetebles with her bear hands and keep coughing in front of us. It is so disgusting, we left the store to find another place to eat. The management should be aware of this.

Comments on store: Vegetarian Haven
From: fieroavian on Feb-04-2004
It's really a lot more than take-out. Vegetarian Haven is a pretty comfortable restaurant to eat-in as well. Cleopatra salad is my favourite, along with purple rice. My buddy really digs their deep fried wonton, though.

From: [email protected] on May-02-2004
I've been there twice, and though I lament the lack of organic beers and wines, I must say that they have the best burgers I've ever had. Seriously. Though they're tooo big for the average human. BTW, I'm not vegetarian at all, though I don't mind eating at vegetarian places. But this was the best burger, beating out any of the meat based burgers too.

From: Steve on Apr-25-2006
I've been eating braised tofu there since I was a kid... never wandered around the menu but I love the drumsticks and the king prawn... is AMAZING. everyone should try it. and the pie. so moist and yummy,. ugmnmnggmgg.g.hh.h..h

From: I.M. on Jun-25-2006
The food here is always decent. I wouldn't never describe it as amazing. The service is good and the atmosphere is always nice. If you're looking for a vegan restaurant that is hassle-free this is a good bet. I go to Vegetarian Haven often since it is near my home and I don't feel comfortable eating in non-vegan restaurants if I can help it. My favourite item on the menu are the 'steakettes'. The soups are normally good and the carrot cake is great. They used to make really good chocolate cake but they must have changed the recipe because when I had it last it didn't taste that great. Food gets about a 7/10 and the service and atmosphere about 9/10.

From: Helen on Oct-21-2006
I thought the food was terrible. the soup was microwaved and all stuck to the side of the plate.. the fried tofu was bland and so greasy.. the sauce tasted like it had ketchup in it. The dinner special was actually inedible. I will never go again. I recommend Fressen or Udupi Palace anyday.

From: Jessica on Jun-25-2007
Vegetarian Haven is such an amazing resturant. It has a huge menu of great choices for vegetarians for a change!! The Curry Tofu and the cold rolls are my favourite things to order, although anything on their menu would be fine with me! The patio is great to sit out on, in the summer, and is a great place for dates! Hope you enjoy!

From: Lester M on Jul-10-2007
We went and checked this place on Friday and the food was great. Great price, great food, great service. No onions or garlic!!! Hooray!! My only disappointment was that we discovered this place on the last day of our trip.

From: Tracy C on Jul-07-2008
I looved this place! The food was amazing; one of the best vegan dishes I've ever had. I had the sizzling seitan dish and it was packed full of flavours and spices and the purple rice was so satisfying! The restaurant was classy and the waitress was our nutritionist for the night, without being so pretentious. It will not disappoint carnivores!

From: Manda, NY on Jul-17-2008
This is my favorite place to eat on Baldwin. The Birds Nest is my favorite (tofu, shitaki mushrooms peanuts, noodles) because it's so flavorful! My boyfriend is a fan of the seiten burger. You can def. expect to get more than a blah plate of veggies and rice.

From: B on Nov-23-2008
I have heard good things about this restaurant but my experience wasn't as great. The texture of the seitan was awful. It was very airy and not at all meat-like. It was paired with an orange pineapple sauce that did nothing for the dish as it was much too sweet. The crispy fried tofu was extremely bland and it's sauce was too thin to cling to the tofu. The marble vanilla cheese cake was also very bland and the texture was not anything like cheesecake. I literally felt as if I was sticking a spoon into a package of plain silken tofu. The coulis was also too sour and not sweetened. On the upside, the Shanghai noodles were quite good. I don't think I would go back to Vegetarian Haven as I was not happy with any of the three courses.

From: Carrie on Nov-30-2008
It's like westernized chinese food that is over-priced I mean pineappy sauce? (if you've ever been to China, pineapple sauce is only seen in fancy restaurants - not everyday real chinese food)

From: Lil Vegetarian on Apr-16-2009
I enjoyed my experience at Vegetarian Haven even if it's mixed. I had the tofu drumsticks which tasted good with the sauce it was served with. It's a bit crispy on the outside and then tender on the inside. The Shanghai noodles which was delicious too and for dessert I went a little overboard and ordered the carrot cake, rhubarb pie and chocolate cake. The carrot cake was moist and yummy, the rhubarb pie was okay, the crust was not flaky enough but the pie altogether was okay. The chocolate cake was too dry for me but there was enough chocolate in it which was nice. I would visit VH again to try the other dishes and desserts. And I'm happy to fine a restaurant where I can actually have some type of dessert.

From: EOD on May-14-2009
I went to Vegetarian Haven once for dinner and loved it!! I went back for take out on my lunch and the food was fantastic. I eat meat and am not a vegetarian, but I like the variety of vegetarian foods. If I could cook the tofu like cooked at this restaurant, I could easily become a vegetarian. Of the two dishes I had I could not say one was better then the other, as they were both very good, and incredibly tasty.

From: Guest on Jul-07-2009
Delicious food� Unfortunately you cannot say the same for the staff and their service. A group of us goes there frequently for lunch and we always had great service and enjoyed their delicious food. On July 7, 09 we went for lunch and showed at the restaurant�s doors at 11:55 am. The tables were all set inside and the waitress was finishing off setting up the last table on the patio. As we were entering the restaurant to have a seat inside a waitress approached us and told us that the restaurant is still closed and will open in 10 minutes. Then she turned around and continued with her business ignoring us completely. I was shocked that it never occurred to her to offer us a seat to wait for 10 min until the kitchen open, which we were more than willing to do�..Instead we went to another restaurant on Baldwin and had a great meal. I thought her bahaviour was very rude and unwelcoming. I will think twice before going there again.

From: leslie on Jul-12-2009
I finally got to visit this restaurant after months of hearing about it from neighbours. It was a Friday evening and it wlooked quite apparent that rush was going on. But that didnt stop the waitress from taking a breather to run down some of the items on their menu. She was very sweet and was very good at checking up on us. We ordered the drumsticks and the avocado rolls to start and they both ended up tasting surreal! I had the curry pad thai as my main and as a pad thai enthusiast, that was probably the best curry pad thai i've ever had in my life. My partner ended up deciding on the buddhas delight which he found surprisingly delightful, even with the red dates. We literally finished our entire plate and even had room for their popular 'cheese'cake, which was mindblowing yummy; of course it didnt taste like or melt like cheese, but it definitely was rich and decadent enough to die for. Service was amazing and food was just superb.

From: Hulya Heeney on Jul-19-2010
I think the food and the people who are serving food are superb in this place! Reataurant is closed between certain hours to prepare for the night and also for waitress and cooks to have rest. I did not see this respect to workers in any other place before. I thought, this must be the difference of a bussiness run by spiritual people. I would definitelly recoment this romantic and cute restaurant even if you are not vagen or vegetarian; that might be an opportunity to experience how food can be delicious without meat! ;-)

Comments on store: Ethiopian House
From: Carol on May-02-2004
Delicious entrees, both vegetarian and meat. Surprisingly good house wines. Gracious waitstaff.

From: matt on Aug-24-2005
best food and good service in town.

From: Lynn on Jul-07-2006
The vegetarian food was fabulous! We loved the ambiance and thought the coffee was delicious!

From: Laura on Jul-22-2007
The food was good but the portion sizes were much smaller than I've had in Ethiopian restaurants in other cities such as Ottawa, Windsor, and Detroit. The staff are very courteous and the ambience is nice.

Comments on store: Bo de Duyen
From: Rob on Aug-22-2007
Bo de Duyen simply rocks! Fantastic vegetarian/vegan food, never noisy, and super-friendly owner.

Comments on store: Jules
From: Laurence on Feb-13-2004
Its good food and quick service. Excellent for a work day lunch.

From: Lievre on Aug-05-2004
Nice creme brulee! :)

From: sam on Sep-14-2005
I love their chicken crepe, its the best.

From: Sunny on Dec-14-2005
ok food and terrible service. I went here with my friends and ordered a glass of wine, and the waitress forgot to bring wine until the main dish. I asked if I could have drinks first, then the waitress yelled at me saying 'do you want food or drink? you want your food cold?' I would never go there again with that rude attitude and unprofessional service.

From: Alain on Jan-14-2006
Great service, great food, reasonable prices. Will definitely come back.

From: John on Jul-31-2006
Called ahead because it was near to closing time. They stayed open and made me a great meal. This place is a terrific bargain and the food is addictive. If you like French bistros you will feel right at home. I head there every time I am in Toronto.

From: St�phanie on Aug-09-2006
I love this place! The food is always excellent and satisfying. The fries are some of the best in town, and the service is cheerful. Un vrai bistro!

From: Julie on Feb-03-2007
I love Jules! Best chefs on the planet...foood is DELICIOUS AND FRESH, service is awesome, I love it! it's one of my favourite places in T.O. !!!! I recommed it to every one who reads this comment!

From: Nicola Moore on Mar-08-2007
I love bringing my friends and co-workers to Jules Restaurant! I work down the street from this awesome place and I eat there about once a week. I am addicted to thier quiche and fries. They have a great wine selection and the staff is so friendly that it makes me keep coming back. You should go!

From: Steve on Feb-20-2008
I have been coming to Jules for roughly 5 years and I have never had a bad experience, or even a mediocre experience. The food is fantastic, the service is great. Definitely one of my favourite restaurants. My personal preferences are the grilled chicken breast or the chicken sautee. But I have heard great reviews for their quiche and their salmon.

Comments on store: Payard
From: Rasha Mosaad on Jan-28-2004
It is heaven for pastry lovers.

From: Hubert on Mar-12-2005
The place simply combines the best of everything from croissants to pastries, and I like the options of sitting in the nice entrance rotonda for coffee and pastries, the bistro-type restaurant area for brunch or dinner, or simply taking out food - generally I can't help but doing both. It is simply heaven on earth..., to find a place where you can have cake and everything else !

Comments on store: Merchants of Green Coffee
From: Ramona on May-22-2006
I've never had better tasting coffee than at The Merchants of Green Coffee! Fair trade coffee is the way to go-it's like drinking fine wine. I discovered that I've never tasted real coffee until I came here. There is so much to learn about coffee-more than I thought. You will learn everything you need to know here about exceptional coffee. With friendly, knowledgable staff and excellent service I'll definetly be back soon!

Comments on store: Juliette et Chocolat
From: Olivier on Nov-30-2003
Un chocolat chaud comme on en fait plus, des cr�pes � faire p�lir de jalousie les plus grands chefs bretons, un choix de g�teaux et de chocolats aussi divers que d�licieux,un accueil chaleureux, un service rapide et souriant : nos papilles frisent l'extase ! A recommander vivement !

From: MASSIN Marie-Christine on Dec-01-2003
"l'essayer, c'est l'adopter !" : comment r�sister aux multiples tentations auxquelles nous soumet "Juliette et Chocolat" : comment chosiri entre un chocolat onctueux, une cr�pe aux saveurs cr�atives, ses boissons multiples... tout cela servi avec gentillesse dans un cadre chaleureux. Oui, vraiment, une adresse � ne pas manquer !

From: Virginia on Dec-01-2003
A chocolate-lovers paradise! I discovered Juliette and Chocolat on a cold winter day and have been a regular ever since. They offer the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted (I particularly like the dark chocolate "a l'ancienne") and a their crepes are delicious. I've tried the simple sugar and butter (perfect for a light afternoon snack along with your hot chocolate), Juliette's secret (an amazing sweet crepe filled with all the best goodies you could think of), and several salty ones (I had never tried these before and was hapilly surprised - they trully make a satisfying and original meal!). I also love the overall ambience of the place, which makes it an ideal place for a relaxed afternoon with friends: simple and modern deco, yet warm and inviting, great music, and the divine smell of chocolate. A definite must for chocolate-addicts!!

From: Louis-Gonzague ADAM on Feb-06-2004
Je n'y suis jamais all�, mais d�j� j'en r�ve... et pour deux raisons! La deuxi�me (pour �toner tout le monde!) le chocolat! Mais surtout la premi�re... Juliette! Je me souviens d'une ann�e m�morable au Lyc�e avec cette demoiselle... Cela ne m'�tonne pas du tout que mademoiselle ce soit lanc� dans le chocolat... Si quelqu'un peut me donner un moyen de la contacter �crivez � [email protected], bon je suis un peu loin tout l�bas en Afrique mais... c'est � �a que �a sert les mails non?

From: Michelle on May-17-2004
Impeccable service, lovely terrasse, wonderful chocolate, charming hostess. What more could you want? The hot chocolate is incredibly rich ... I've never tasted anything quite like it before. I warmly recommend Juliette et Chocolat to anyone with a sweet tooth and a weakness for chocolate. Enjoy!

From: Daryl on May-18-2004
Everytime I go to Montreal, I always look for somewhere I have not been and that I will remember long after I leave. My friends and I found this spot on a rainy May morning where we enjoyed wonderful chocolate and conversation before going home. One of the three best hot chocolates I've had, and a place I recommend.

From: Cedric on Jan-01-2005
I haven't tried it yet, but just by reading the different comments on the place, it just makes me want to go there. And I have to give away one of Juliette's secrets, if she makes such good crepes it's just because she spended a lot of time in Bretagne where I had the chance to meet her again. Donc felicitations pour ce nouveau coin de paradis que tu as cree Juliette et j'espere avoir la chance de te croiser la bas pourquoi pas quand j'aurais l'occasion d'y faire un tour. Et pareil que le mister d'avant if there's a way to get in touch with you here's my email : [email protected]

From: Ron on Jul-20-2005
Just got back from an extended weekend trip to Montreal. Discovered Juliette's and all I can say is that my friend and I made 2 trips to the shop during our 4 day stay in Montreal. I loved the crepes, and my friend, a chocoholic, told me she was in heaven with the bitter, dark chocolate. A must see when in Montreal. Thanks, Juliette

From: Katherine on Oct-05-2005
The best hot chocolate I have ever had, perfect with a huge biscotti after dinner on a cold winter night. I would highly recomend the extra bitter chocolate, especially if you do not like overly sweet chocolate. ALso I woul highly recomend the chocolate smoothies in the summer.

From: Danielle on Oct-31-2005
I went there twice in 1 about chocolate overdose ! Had the "Chocolat Fondant". Absolutely orgasmic. At first you go through a feeling of lethargy and then, the chocolat's effects just kick right in. Service was okay, too busy i guess to provide outstanidng service. A good outing !

From: Steven on Dec-08-2005
I am from the UK I tried your lovely chocolate and cakes when I was over. Do you import?

From: Sylvie on Mar-27-2006
J'ai eu le plaisir de d�guster un Grand Cru... Un chocolat chaud onctueux et savoureux qui c'est laisser boire lentement. L'exp�rience �tait comparable � la d�couverte d'un vin. J'avais un sourire coll� au visage. Une joie pour la bouche et pour l'�me. Ma soir�e �tait d�j� r�ussie. J'aimais le chocolat et maintenant j'adore le chocolat chaud de Juliette. Bien que quelque peu dispendieux, il en valait totalement la peine. L'endroit �tait achaland� mais nous n'avons pas attendu tr�s longtemps. Le serveur �tait tr�s attentionn�. Merci Maxime pour cette d�couverte.

From: Eric on Apr-26-2006
Quel bonheur que de d�couvrir un caf� pour les gens qui n'aime pas le caf�.:o) Le menu est impressionnant, et les chocolats sont excellent. Le service laisse � d�sirer, et � chaque visite on nous apporte des verres de lait ti�des alors qu'on sp�cifie tr�s froid SVP. Malgr� cela je vais y retourner en esp�rant que le service s'am�liorera. A d�couvrir absoluement

From: Juliette F on Jun-10-2006
A chocaholic's heaven! Yum! While the menu is not extensive, it's adventurious while still containing the classics. A bit on the pricey side, but impeccable and worth it. My favorite was the Chocolate and raspberry smoothie. A liquid dessert; rich and delicious. I can't afford to go there too often or I'd be the size of a house. Death by chocolate? What a way to go. A definite thumb's up. Not just because my name's Juliette. Ha;)

From: Gloria Clarke on Jul-14-2006
I Loved Juliette et Chocolate!! I had the hot cocoa, grandma style. It was so thick & creamy..unlike anything I've ever had. Desert in cup. I drank the first few sips and ate the rest with a tiny spoon that was provided. I make a point of going to Juliette et Chocolate when ever I am in Montreal.

From: AlAnoud on Aug-17-2006
Juilette et Chocholat is a MUST do in montreal!! i travelled overseas and this must be the cutest most adorable place ever!! The heazelnut ice-cream and their hot brownie is just AMAIZING!! go for it..although they have snobish waiters.....but then again its Quebec!

From: Claudette C on Oct-30-2006
Absolutely the best desert crepe, the hot chocolate an orgasmic delight. Walk, swim, cab, drive take the bus but get there. Claudette

From: anonymous on Feb-15-2007
Tout simplement The best in Montreal! Trust me, its REALLY an experience!

From: Kar�ne Lemieux on Feb-27-2007
Lors de ma derni�re visite chez Juliette et Chocolat, j'ai remarqu� une atmosph�re tendue entre les employ�s. Surtout de la part d'une certaine �l�onore, (j'ai demand� son nom � une coll�gue). Visiblement, cette fille est une g�rante frustr�e et m'a fait sentir mal � l'aise tout au long de mon repas. Les clients n'en sortent pas gagnants. M�me si c'est bon, mais excessivement cher, je ne retournerai plus jamais chez Juliette et chocolat. Ce resto me semble sous l'emprise d'une dictature. Ce n'est que du chocolat... De toute mani�re, tout le monde le sait, � la fin de l'histoire, Juliette meurt. Une cliente insatisfaite

From: mariemaxime on Mar-02-2007
Juliette et chocolat est tellement plus que ce que decrit!!! Il y a les desserts qui changeront votre vie: le banana spilt avec creme glacee maison et chocolat belge fondu, les crepes flambees poire et chocolat, sans compter l'occasion de se reunir autour d'une fondue au chocolat belge DIVINE avec des fruits frais et savoureux !!! Totalement exotique avec les differents chocolats chauds epices, ou encore les smoothies frais, Juliette et chocolat vous offrira une experience INOUBLIABLE!!! Une des merveilles de montreal marie Maxime Hubert

From: pressy thomas on Mar-13-2007
I was visiting montreal for the weekend and i visited Juliette& chocolat on St. Denis on sunday night. It was one of the many highlights of my trip. I will definately recommend this place to all my friends in New York. I had the Chocolate Medley. The Chocolate brownie is the best brownie i have ever had in my entire life. It was soft and had so much flavor. The crepes were great too. Juliette & chocolat is a great place to go to for an economical lunch. It is very popular so be prepared for the long waiting lines. The hand made chocolates (truffles and pralines) were wow! I will give this place 3 stars...a must visit place in St. Denis.

From: sharook on Mar-16-2007
the best place eva!!! :)

From: stephanie on Mar-17-2007
Beaucoup de d�ception lors de ma derniere visite. Pour commencer, service ex�crable (je pese mes mots !) : tables vides alors que les gens attendent a la porte, erreur de commande, serveuse avec manque flagrant de professionnalisme... En plus, le chocolat est arriv� tiede !! Beaucoup de laisser aller Bien que Juliette et Chocolat fut une place de choix, cette place n'a d�sormais que peu d'atouts, peut-�tre l'originalit� de sa carte mais c'est bien tout. Peu recommand�

From: anonymous on Apr-02-2007
J'etais en Montreal durant l'ete et Juliette et Chocolat etait un de mes places favorite d'aller apres une filme ou une festivale pour du bonne chocolat chaud. C'est tres epais et tu peut choisir le % de lait que tu veut. MMM...c'est bon! Il y a des desserts comme crepes ou petits chocolats ou des autres boission si tu ne veut pas du chocolat chaud. J'ai recu du bonne service des serveuses amiable et gentille. Je le recommand que chaque personne prend du temps a visiter ce petite cafe magnifique!

From: Dania on Apr-02-2007
J'etais en Montreal durant l'ete et Juliette et Chocolat etait un de mes places favorite d'aller apres une filme ou une festivale pour du bonne chocolat chaud. C'est tres epais et tu peut choisir le % de lait que tu veut. MMM...c'est bon! Il y a des desserts comme crepes ou petits chocolats ou des autres boission si tu ne veut pas du chocolat chaud. J'ai recu du bonne service des serveuses amiable et gentille. Je le recommand que chaque personne prend du temps a visiter ce petite cafe magnifique!

From: Ana on Apr-05-2007
Spent a long weekend in Montreal visiting friends and had a wonderful lunch at this jem of a place. The salty crepe and home made soup was delicious. The hot cocoa was to die for. I'll have to try the nutella crepe next time I visit the area. Everyone around me was ordering it. Great experience and I'm a picky eater from New York!

From: Philippe Lemieux on May-03-2007
Il ne suffit pas d'avoir de bons employ�s soumis pour servir du chocolat. Bien tra�ter ses employ�s, c'est bien plus gagnant pour une entreprise. D�cidement, il semble avoir de r��ls abus de pouvoir chez Juliette et chocolat. Vivement unre belle et grande faillite.

From: Julien Conin on May-20-2007
Amateur de chocolat depuis bien des annees, je suis un client accro et regulier de chez Juliette et Chocolat. J'y passe minimum 3 jours par semaine, c'est pour dire! J'y ai meme refere 2 de mes amies pour un emploi et elles ont toutes les deux ete ravies de leur experience. Le service peu parfois etre un peu long mais il y a tant de monde qui fait la queue dehors que l'on comprend pourquoi... et quand on a goute au chocolat chaud a l'ancienne, on n'a qu'uneenvie: revenir!! Un detour qui en vaut la peine. Avis au amoureux du chocolat, il y en a un second qui ouvre sur Laurier!

From: Lisa on Jul-02-2007
We were visiting Montreal in 2005, primarily to see the Marillion concert at La Tulipe, but some surprise highlights were opening night of Cavalia (horse theatre, amazing, check it out!), and also our visit to Juliette et Chocolat! I had the crepe with pears/goat cheese/drizzled honey, and probably the BEST hot chocolate I've ever had in my life. The crepe's sweet and salty flavors are a highly recommended complement to the sweetness of the drinking chocolate. If only we had something like this in Chicago!! Anytime I meet someone planning a trip to Montreal, I tell them about Juliette....

From: Miyuki on Jul-22-2007
the crape i ordered came with ice cream but i think the ice cream is not original (they were using a big container of ice cream) and didnt taste good at all.. but other than that, everything was great.

From: Erika on Jul-31-2007
When my family traveled to Montreal we stayed in the Latin Quarter on the street where Juliette & Chocolat is located. Its amazing! Out of five nights in Montreal, we went there twice. The hot chocolate 'Grandma's Style' is beyond delicious and their brownies and milkshakes are also better than what I've ever had before. If you're in the mood for something wickedly intense, go for the Fleur de Sel brownie. It's an intense chocolate brownie with dark and white chocolate cake pieces mixed in smothered with a salty caramel sauce. The sweet/salt combination made for an experience like no other. I'd also recommend the milk chocolate milkshake if you're in the modd for something chocolatey but refreshing. I wish we had this place in Massachusetts! Just warning, it takes some time to get what you ordered considering the place's popularity versus the number of people working, as the waitresses double as crepe makers and also at the same time have to melt the chocolate for the fondue and the hot chocolate on the spot, so save at least a 30 minute time slot if you want to go there. I highly recommend it!

From: svaiyrwo hjrit on Nov-14-2007
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From: carolyn on Dec-09-2007
nice place but too crowdy, ni intimate place. Hot chocolate are delicious but the chocolate to go not that much.

From: benoit massin on Jan-04-2008
Le meilleur chocolat que je n'ai jamais gout�... onctueux, d�licieux, fondant... il a tout pour plaire! La g�rante (Juliette!) est super sympa et a toujours la p�che. Le cadre sympathique... Juliette et chocolat, il faut y aller, y re aller, y re re aller! Le d�but d'une cha�ne promise � un long avenir!

From: No� on Jan-18-2008
Juliette et Chocolat c'est un paradis pour ceux qui aiment le chocolat. C'est f�erique et le chocolat est tout simplement d�licieux.

From: CocoaLover on Jun-23-2008
I have quite a sweet tooth and was a bit reserved when I went here. There is alot of terrible chocolate and I had low expectations. But I was delighted by the crepes and desserts! The hot chocolate is amazing and a must have! I also had a dinner crepe that was really good. In other reviews I'd read, they warned of a long wait due to th limited amount of crepe cookers. I thought I would avoid this by going late when the restaurant was half empty. My server left my crepe sitting on the counter for 15 minutes while putzing around doing whatever, so it was cold by the time I got it. Bottom line: terrible service. We ended up ordering our dessert from another server because ours was no where to be found. It took us two and a half hours to order-eat-wait to order dessert-then get dessert. Luckily the desserts are worth it, but don't go if you're in a rush!

From: Josee Michaud on Nov-04-2008
I went to the Juliette et Chocolat of Laurier Street. I really enjoyed the food ( very good crepes, coffee and chocolate) I went with my computer to work, and it was great : nobody rushed me, the music was appropriate and did not impede my concentration. I appreciated the discretion. The look of the place in very good, peaceful, not flashy. So, I am delighted, and I will return.

From: Tway on Dec-01-2008
Lovely food and hot chocolate, but for the second time one stressed-out waitress made our visit pretty unrelaxing. From banging down plates to stomping around, running into the kitchen, pushing patrons aside, and pounding up and down the stairs--with never a smile or a kind word--she made everyone feel pretty uncomfortable. I even asked another waitress if her colleague is always this stressed out, and she told me I was far from the first to notice. Sorry--I love the food, but this isn't the kind of atmosphere I'd like to spend my Sunday afternoon in.

From: Migs on Feb-01-2009
After waiting for 20 mn in line, I ordered a chocolate fondant and a dark semisweet hot chocolate. Overall it was a disappointing experience after hearing all the praise I was expecting something much better: the service was slow and very average and the chocolate was lukewarm (no matter how traditionally it is made, it's no good of it's at this temperature). The fondant was okay and it came with vanilla ice-cream. Honestly, even I can do better chocolate fondant and hot chocolate. The savory crepes looked good from a far so maybe I should have ordered this instead. Anyway I don't think I will go back any time soon. For those who still want to try J&C I advise you go on a weekday (sunday is no good).

From: JaneyMeegs on Feb-13-2009
I think the one on St-Denis is just incapable of good service. When I went, the waitress forgot half my order and when we mentioned to another waitress that we had ordered something, she put it out on the counter for someone else to bring and it literally sat there untouched for 15 minutes before we got up and left. Once, it cost something like 9$ and I paid with a 20 and the waitress, as she was clutching my change, asked "Are you sure you want a 10$ bill? How are you going to tip then?" I was super peeved. I'm thinking the one on Laurier is the way to go...

From: Erin, Elena and Grace on Apr-23-2009
Our experience at Juliette and Chocolat was delightful. The service was quick and our waitress was excellent. The food was amazing - we got the chocolate fondue with fruit and the chocolate and praline crepe. The facilities were clean and orderly. The location was very cute and accessible. The people were extremely friendly as well -- the woman next to us was a frequent visitor to the restaurant and raved about the food. To top it off they also gave us adorable after meal mints with our cheque. Overall, it was a place that tickled the taste buds and we definitely recommend it.

From: Brenda on May-14-2009
I was told to go to your establishment on St Denis by a co-worker as she had enjoyed it so much. I was completely disappointed by my experience. It took a long time to get waited on and served. When we finally did get served my waitress tried to flambe my crepe but the alcohol wouldn't light so it was served to me with the alcohol dumped on top. It was horrible. The waitress never did check on how the food was nor did she bring the check. The crepe was $14.95 and was deifinitely not worth it. I suggest when you charge prices like that it be worth the price. May 6,2009

From: Curtis - NYC on Nov-18-2009
I was referred to Juliette et Chocolat by my hotel. Unknowingly I had been there the night before with a Montreal native who said they had the best hot chocolate. The staff were all very eager to serve me upon entrance. I got 3 bonjours. When I travel I usually bring 2 boxes of chocolates for my staff. After seeing the presentation, the decorativeness and designs on the individual chocolates and most important, the taste - I decided to keep one box for myself! Hope my satff doesn't read this!!

From: Kelly on Dec-23-2009
My husband and I were in Montreal for 2 days and went in after dinner. It was full to the brim with people (mostly students and young adults). Very successful and trendy business with huge variety of drinking chocolates. Beautifully presented as well. Decor should use an upgrade and I could see an expansion in near future. Great restuarant.

From: Anonymous on Jan-23-2011
The most awful service I have ever experienced in Montreal. Not only were the waiters unattentive, lots of attitude was given. Since everyhting was taking SO long to be done, water was ordered way in advance. The waitress rolled her eyes and commented "but you have already". The only reason the water was ordered beforehand was because if I waited it would have come when I was ready to leave. The savoury food is non-tasty with a meagre meat serving. Tables were not cleaned properly. Tables were also left uncleared for at least 15 minutes while hoards of people lined up waiting to be seated. half and hour was spent WAITING for our plates to be taken and a further 15 minutes simply for the bill, all with the WORST attitude from employees.

From: mike on May-09-2011
Service is below par, however the chocolate is quite tasty. Use to bring my girlfriend along with me to grab dessert here however after several occasions of getting the wrong order and waiting 20mins+ to get refill on a glass of water got me quite disappointed. Not to mention being turned down to get served when showed up at 10:15p.m. (45min before closing), through me off. Although the food may be good, service to me is #1. Don't think I will pass by here anymore...

From: Dany on Aug-11-2011
One of the WORST services ever. Twice my order was bring before so my husband had to wait around 15-20 minutes until his was delivered; by then I already finished mine. After you have a place at the table they forget about you. It takes around 15-20 minutes to take your order and then again 15-20 minutes to deliver it to you.

From: Jean on Oct-02-2011
I found another chocolate bar called CACAO 70 in downtown montreal, amazing restaurant for chocolate lovers, also they offer real chocolate food like chocolate pizza, good service and great atmosphere for dating.

From: Vincent R. on Jan-14-2012
We went here with my girlfriend on our Trip to Montreal and we had a wonderful experience there! Many friends of ours insisted we try it out as it seems to be a "must" in Montreal and we weren't disappointed by the food! The service can be on slow side though, which is suggested by the huge line-ups! Highly recommend!

Comments on store: Chocolates and Creams
From: Kim MacDougall on Nov-26-2003
I have to disagree with the previous comment on this site, as I found the imported chocolates to be absolutely heavenly! Perhaps not to satisfy your cravings en masse, but a rare treat, none-the-less. Highly recommended.

From: STEPHEN MARCHMENT on Apr-13-2004
As a self confessed chocoholic, I must protest the low rating assigned to this store. I have spent many wonderful hours with my guests enjoying these very same chocolates that are hand made from Belguim and I find them quite delightful. No doubt some are of a more pleasing taste to one palate over another. The ice cream is just super and the staff very friendly.

From: mary from new jersey on Aug-05-2004
the ice cream was divine but what made the experiance even more special were the wonderful staff, the little irish girl emur was a a pure delight.

From: Eva Dagmar on Oct-22-2004
Dear Matthew I just wanted to thank you so very much for the exquisite truffles you provided for my special birthday party two weeks ago. They were a prefect accompaniant to the champage we had for toasting. The compliments on your truffles have continued even after the champagne was tasted and the truffles savoured. You truley have a one-of-a-kind product! Add to this your warm, attentive, knowledgable service and I am sure Manon will become a household name here in Toronto. Best of luck Matthew and thank you so much once again for adding to my day.

From: Linda on May-26-2007
Absolutely delicious chocolates, and yummy ice cream. Great service, lovely staff, especially the scots lass Jenn, she's always smiling. Well done!

From: anne on Jul-06-2009
I bought an Opera Cake from Chocolatease. what a big untastiness with my first bite! it was blue/green mold mould. very harmful. not safe to eat. When I went to the store to return almost whole mouldy cake, I couldn't get a chance to let the owners how I found "the cake". I feel sick just thinking about it.

From: Andrew on Aug-24-2009
Wonderful chocolate! Great way to get your date full of energy! These chocolates might be expensive in large quantities, but they make a great impression! Perfect for any romantic occassion! Just one chocolate will have people begging for more. Try the brandy cherry, it's my favourite.

From: Paul on Aug-24-2009
Re: anne That is a different store anne. Your review is posted on the wrong store. Choclates and creams only sell ice cream and chocolates.. Which are both wonderful! I'm a fan on facebook.

From: anne on Jan-05-2010
It is the one which located in Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood in Toronto. Chocolatease - Homemade Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Bars, Cakes, Pastries, Cookies....

Comments on store: A Bisket A Basket
From: Maggie on Jan-24-2004
The best jams and jellies in the world. Try one of their Breakfast Buzz selections, comprised of jams made up to resemble and taste like cocktails. Bermuda Rhum Swizzle, Margarita Jalapeno Jelly, Sea Breeze, and even Pina Colada!

Comments on store: Pain Perdu
From: esme and dawna on Nov-11-2003
Brilliant !! As delightful and delicious as any patisserie in France! A treasure on St. Clair West and a neighborhood gem. Highly recommended tarte a l'oignon and their amazing version of French Toast,... Pain Perdu. be warned...the food is addictive Go early!

From: Clarisse on Apr-30-2004
Easily the best baguettes and croissants in Toronto. Staff are fantastic, but the food is really, really excellent. Try the St.Honore, the Quiche, the Gateau Basque.... Bravo Pain Perdu!

From: Lisa on Jun-03-2004
I recommend the polonaise, aka an almond croissant. They are apparently authentically made from the previous day's croissants, then rebaked with the almond filling. Expensive but delicious! Their baguettes are southern style, and are really tasty. Their pastries can be special-ordered and are taken extremely seriously. They now have brunch and lunch dishes available for eating in. Good luck getting a seat ...

From: Lisa on Jun-03-2004
I recommend the polonaise, aka an almond croissant. They are apparently authentically made from the previous day's croissants, then rebaked with the almond filling. Expensive but delicious! Their baguettes are southern style, and are really tasty. Their pastries can be special-ordered and are taken extremely seriously. They now have brunch and lunch dishes available for eating in. Good luck getting a seat ...

From: Dali on Jan-21-2005
Pain Perdu has the best baguette in town.

From: Liz on Mar-04-2005
I go by this store often for their croissnats are pretty good, abit on the pricy side for students..but hey..a girl needs to indulge sometimes. But the service? You don't have to be a genius to know that the service is crappy. The girl who works there has an attitude like nobody's business. Frankly the food is not out of this world, and I have found bakeries better than this one. I hate that i have to feel bad walking into a store that i am spending MY MONEY on. These days I don't even go to the store..Not worth the emotional drama.

From: Mede on Aug-11-2005
Excellent french toast, eclairs (filled with chocolate) and gateau basque. I will definitely be making a return visit.

From: .... on Aug-26-2005
Hello i just want to say that ur pastries r really good but it's a bit too expensive and they are small for the price

From: goose on Sep-27-2005
I love living next to this place, for sure. I just pray they stay open for many many years to come. FOOD Their pastries are good. This is definitely one of the best pastry places in Toronto, on the par with places like Clafouti and Patachou. I recommend... everything in the store, really. Some things are just good, and some are spectacular. Not a single thing I bought from there has disappointed me yet (and I am lucky to live near-by so I buy a lot from there :)). SERVICE I am surprised to see a comment about "crappy service" and "attitude". I find the people working there to be knowledgeable and friendly. Some are better than others, but I've never had a bad experience with them. And even if the service were bad I'd go there anyway because of the yummies.... Luckily, though, the service is way above average. I do wish they had more of a sitting area and perhaps a few tables outside, but these really are minor points. And they do have a bench outside, I've enjoyed many a croissant there on a weekend morning. :) PRICES Compared with other bakeries of similar class (hint: not the places that sell Dufflet crap and the like), this one actually has very reasonable prices. Yeah, they are not on the cheap side, but cheap North American pastries are revolting and disgusting anyway.

From: mireille on Aug-13-2006
There used to be a Japanese bakery in Toronto called Nakamura Bakery. The style of the cookies, cakes and pastries are very similar. One of the best bakeries in Toronto. It reminds me of the bakeries in Tokyo. French + Japanese = Frappanese style. The croissants are superb -- not overly saturated with butter. They are not greasy or oily in any way. I love everything I've tried here so far!

From: Miyuki Mouse on Sep-10-2006
Mireille: Bakery Nakamura still exists. They moved up to Steeles a while ago to become part of J-Town, a collection of Japanese shops. (Google "J-Town" or "Bakery Nakamura" for info about location.) And their pastries are as good as ever. It's good to hear that Pain Perdu's are similar though, becuase I moved recently and Pain Perdu is much closer to me now than Bakery Nakamura.

From: anpo on Aug-09-2007
My favourite patisserie - I am French so I fully appreciate the good luck we have of having Pain Perdu in town, a bit of a drive for me - 10 minutes, but their croissants heat up perfectly the next day, so youc an buy them at the end of the day - if there are any left.... Their 'cannelle' - like a cinnamon bun is the best ever!

From: Mede on Nov-18-2007
Excellent french toast, eclairs (filled with chocolate) and gateau basque. I will definitely be making a return visit.

From: Lee on Feb-20-2010
Their pastries and croissants are delicious. I was there today and purchased an almond croissant and a chocolate croissant and was grossly overcharged. The almond one was 2.50, the chocolate one 2.20 + 3.00 in taxes! The total came to just a little over $8.00 for two croissants. I complained, but was told that they were taxed. $1.50 tax for one croissant?? They've lost my business. Loblaws chocolate croissants taste better!!

From: Robert on Jun-20-2010
I will not return to this place. Prices are way out of line and portions too small. Better baked goods can be found at Metro supermarkets. AS if that is not bad enough the staff act as if they are doing you a favor by serving you. Overall the place is strong on pretention and short on value.

From: Dan and Ninia on Sep-22-2010
This is our absolutely favourite place for pastries in Toronto. And it is where I take all my European visitors to prove that we can do it just as well in the new world. Funny, I don't think any of them shop at Metro.

From: CR on Jul-13-2011
Their croissants are right up there with the best croissants we've had in France and Quebec City. We love some of their fruit pastries and jams too. Yes, you pay five or ten times as much as for a plastic bag of Loblaws "croissants", but there is a reason. If you cannot afford it, don't go to Pain Perdu because you may get addicted. We have also had one or two excellent breakfasts there. And yes, you may want to double-check your bill - the lovely staff can be a bit sloppy at the cash. If you visit Pain Perdu, please line up from the right; and if you're at a table and want to pay, you also wait in line, s'il vous plait!

Comments on store: Arabesque Middle Eastern Foods
From: Stephanie on Mar-17-2004
It's not actually closed - it moved to College street.

From: leila on Aug-10-2004
yum, good to find somewhere local i can get my fix of all my favourite sweets. Very sweet gentleman has served me everytime i've been in. good iranian dates Now located @ College and Gladstone (Just east of Dufferin) For those of you missing out.

From: Andrea Goldstein on Aug-28-2004
This place made the freshest, yummiest food ever. Its ethnic food, served up in a clean hip space and the price is downright cheap..i dont know how the owner does it..well he is a retired engineer so I guess he can afford to give away teh occassional free cup of tea which he does. True middle eastern hospitality

From: Conrad Black on Dec-05-2005
I just disovered this place Nov 2005. He's added a full menu in addition to his absolutely mouth watering deserts. The prices are extremely reasonable, which means I have more for my out of pocket legal expenses. C'mon Barbara, grab your purse let's go!

From: Kasia on Jun-24-2008
I love this place! The owner is very nice and the sweets are delicious. I also love the to-go savoury snacks.

Comments on store: La Boulange
From: Bruce on Mar-12-2004
We walked out on Friday 12 March as we waited upstairs fo service, none was frthcoming and when someone did appear, there was no "Coke" available nor "Pepsi". Asked for bread and butter while we decided what to order, no service so, after waiting 10 minutes, we walked out. My friend and I have had Friday lunch there for more than a year but now, the service is bad and the menus have lost their flair.

From: Sammy on Sep-22-2004
The establishment has recently changed ownership and has undergone a simi-renovation. Some improvement to the seating and layout. The menu remains unchanged and everything I've tried has been fresh and tasty. The coffee is average and frankly you are better off across the road in Starbucks, which is somewhat of an indictment. The service remans indifferent at best.

From: Michael Moore on Feb-01-2005
Makes the best bread in Bangkok, a fact demonstrated by the outlets that have appeared in numerous supermarkets. The sourdough bread is a classic and like all of this bakeries breads is cooked in a wood-fired oven. The little shop on Convent Road is nothing to shout about, but it is only an adjunct to the bakery.

From: Amandine on Dec-22-2006
La boulange fait les meilleurs patisseries, pains... de la thailande!!! les personnes sont tres souriants!!!

From: nick on Feb-08-2008
la qualite s'est pas mal degrade depuis quelques temps et j'ai meme trouve des cheveux dans les patisseries que j'y ai achete a plusieurs reprises... c'etait mon fournisseur de choix il y aquelques annees, mais maintenant la concurrence s'est developee et la boulange ne fait plus le poids! je prefere de loin les pains de lenotre, de visage, ceux que l'on peut trouver a paragon ou emporium...

Comments on store: Clafouti Patisserie et Cafe
From: Matteo Fagnini on Apr-17-2003
2 Baguettes is not the rating I would of given this shop. Clafouti is in my mind one of if not the best Patisserie in Toronto and eh! What a concept, the 2 guys who own it are actually from France! Classy establishment and the products are top notch. I'm seriously addicted and you will as well. 4 baguettes is what they deserve! matteo

From: Nicolo Busotti on Apr-17-2003
First class!!!! What a delightfull place! Way to go Clafouti! N. Busotti

From: Katherine Clifton on Apr-17-2003
During my last visit to Toronto, I discovered this lovely little French pastry shop. The owners were extremely pleasant and I was so impressed with the wonderful pastries that I brought a few dozens home with me. What a pitty we don't have a Clafouti in Victoria, BC Katherine

From: Marco Pantani on Apr-19-2003
Simply outstanding!

From: Jan Ullrich on Apr-30-2003
Simply the best!

From: Frank Vandenbroucke on Apr-30-2003
La meilleure patisserie a Toronto!

From: Bill Blass on Apr-30-2003
What a delightfull place! Outstanding service. Can't wait to come back to Toronto.

From: Christophe Detling on Apr-30-2003

From: Max Banco on May-06-2003
Speechless! Delish!!!!

From: Donna Vandurnford on May-17-2003
I have been on a search for a good bakery in toronto. I have tried several shops also on this website (dufflet, rahier, st. honore, et plus) This is the only one that knocked my socks off! Lemon meiringue tart and the tarte abricot are outstanding!

From: Elisabeth on Jan-28-2004
Made the trip all the way from Ancaster to satisfy our addiction only to find a sign saying you were closed until Feb. Who closes shop to take a month's holiday?? Not anyone who wants to take care of their customers. Shame on you Clafouti!!

From: Richard on Sep-18-2004
Fabulous croissants and pain au chocolat! Though the croissants are not as flakey as I intially imagined they would be, they are still very good and quite large as well. Service is wonderful at the bakery and street parking isn't too bad either. For TTC, take the 504 streetcar to Strachn Avenue.

From: Rae Wells on Oct-28-2004
Home of the best almond-chocolate croissant ever!

From: Diala on Feb-21-2005
the best croissants ever!!! amazing pastries,I believe they have the best chocolate croissants in Toronto. D.Canelo

From: layla on Jul-06-2005
service can be simply snobby at times, which perhaps suits it well to be truelly a French experience. I only say this because, I travelled from across town to have one of your famous croissants. Little did I know that you are always sold out by midday, and to my dissapointment I was scolded for not knowing this. Then I noticed there was a whole rack of them in the back, and I was told I could not have even one of them! This is just one example. I've come into your bakery only 3 times and twice your staff were snippity and snobby with me. (I can assure you that I gave them no reason to be rude) I suggest that since you have a good reputation for your pasteries, you could produce more of them, so that they are available in the afternoon.

From: R. Worling on Jul-19-2005
Nothing in this city even comes close to the quality you get at Clafouti. It is the real deal. And the staff behind the counter are so sweet.

From: Tracey on Sep-24-2005
I thought their regular croissants were a little heavy and didn't like the chocolate used in the pan au chocolat but I love the unusually flavoured croissants such as raspberry and fig! I have yet to try the pastries but they look amazing!

From: quevin on Feb-03-2006
Everything in this shop is top notch - way to go Olivier!!!

From: Christina on Jun-25-2006
Like a previous post stated, I found the staff underwhelming and the lack of stock disappointing. Granted I arrived later in the afternoon, but if you have almost nothing to sell - why stay open at all? I bought the last lone sandwich - a Greek inspired chicken on a bun which was wet and quite revolting to eat to be frank. It may have been an isolated incident, and ordinarily I might have even complained, but when it's already a foregone conclusion that your opinion won't interest the uppity staff - why bother? I'd rather eat street meat or drive all the way to Ma Maison than deal with that.

From: Joanne on Jul-23-2006
Good to know Clafouti is so popular with so many famous Tour de France cyclists. Hopefully it is only these reviews, not the pastries, that have been liberally salted.

From: Chris on Aug-03-2006
As a regular bakery patron I was quite excited to try Clafouti and was shocked that I managed to find such unpleasant staff. Their bad attitudes and looks on their faces could sour milk. I just don't like spending money and being made to feel that my business is so unappreciated. Won't be a regular here..........easy enough to find excellent baked goods all over this city of ours. Boooooooo

From: Andrew Stachan on Oct-09-2006
The Best there is.

From: stephanie delaporte on Oct-27-2006
do you call this place a french pastry shop ???? it's a joke no ?

From: Kat on Nov-19-2006
As noted in the review, things always sell out here. Why is that? Make more croissants! They will surely sell. If you go later than 11am on a Sunday morning, everything is sold out except for the large cakes and pies.

From: cmreanvwp tsfnrw on Jan-24-2007
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From: Zoe on Mar-03-2007
I have to say, I have never in my life had worse service in Toronto than at Clafouti's. I came into the cafe twice that day, once just to pop in to get my dad a lemon meringue tart and a coffee, and later because I had time to kill before meeting someone. The first time I was served by the young woman, there was no smile, nothing noticeable about the service. When I came in later, I got a tea and a tart to sit down and enjoy. When I went up to the counter to ask if she could pour some of the water out to make room for milk, without looking up from her book, told me to pour it "in there" and motioned to an espresso machine. I assumed she meant to pour it into the grate, not seeing the teacup it was supposed to be poured into. The tea poured down the sides and on the floor and counter. She rolled her eyes, looked at me and said "most poeple...[sigh].." turned around, poured some of the tea out in the sink, turned back and said "Most people pour it in the teacup.. you know what I mean?" Acted very annoyed, then went back to reading her book. She should have poured the tea out of my cup by herself in the first place! Terrible, terrible service.

From: Marie on Mar-07-2007
i have always found the staff friendly and courteous , i do not know if the previous post was having a bad day. I find the quality at Clafouti to be one of the best in trhe city without the attitude you receive from other PAtisserie in town. Clafouti reminds me a all the small shops in the heart of France. Love you , you are our fav....

From: Jonathan on Apr-10-2007
I get up early and make the trek for some croissants every Saturday morning. I just love their plain butter croissant and the stuffed varieties. It is true that you have to go early or they sell out, but I view that as a credit to the owners. If you want a croissant guaranteed available at any time of day then go to Loblaws or Dominion and enjoy. I wont comment on the service as I always buy them and leave right away.

From: Dean on Jul-05-2007
I think this place is so over-rated from the begining when it was opened. When you have a certain local newpapers supported and gave a rave reviews, many people seemed to believe it. I don't find that there is anything special about this bakery.

From: 2nd serving on Aug-04-2007
the croissants lacked a crispy exterior which is essential for it to be authentic - albeit a tasty bready treat

From: allison cohen on Feb-13-2008
Simply the best in the city , not pretentious like some other PAtisseries in Toronto Top notch Clafouti

From: left of center on Feb-21-2008
its a shame the culture we built, has forgotten the work of the bakers among us, and the hard work of others working the night shifts around us do. Our demands on Clafouti's hand made supply must make for a busy bakery... personally i just figured out ,, to get the goods, you gotta wake good and early.. i love can to

From: A. Regular on Mar-26-2008
The baked goods are incredible. They sell out early because they are that good. They have only one baker and it's a tiny establishment with few ovens. You people who complain should return to Starbucks. Clafouti is a Queen West institution, and I appreciate the personal charm it has.

From: Axel on Aug-17-2008
It is the best croissant in Toronto. Period. It is true it sells very fast. But remember: what's good is rare.... And if so many people complained about the staff, it means they did not focus enough on the bakeries. Who cares about the staff when the goods are so good?? Conclusion: if you complain, go away (to Tim Horton)! We will have more for us ;-)

From: Unimpressed on Aug-17-2008
I too stopped going to Clafouti because of appalling service and the worst hot chocolate I have ever had - because the staff could not even be bothered to try. Just threw a sprinkling of cocoa into a mug of warm milk expecting a miracle. Nothing remotely like the delicious chocolat chaud served in Paris.

From: parisien on Sep-23-2008
Simply the best and most honest patisserie in Toronto or Canada. Get up early and you will be rewarded otherwise got to Dominion... Merci Clafouti...

From: maarten on Aug-22-2009
i keep giving Clafouti another chance on their croissants and am still waiting for a pastry that is better than Starbucks. That is not a distinction any pastry shop would boast of. where is the fresh, light, crispy pastry that you can find anywhere in France? The standards are obviously higher there and they can produce their item for less. Please stop calling yourself a French pastry shop when your product is not "artisinal".

From: maarten on Aug-22-2009
i keep giving Clafouti another chance on their croissants and am still waiting for a pastry that is better than Starbucks. That is not a distinction any pastry shop would boast of. where is the fresh, light, crispy pastry that you can find anywhere in France? The standards are obviously higher there and they can produce their item for less. Please stop calling yourself a French pastry shop when your product is not "artisanal".

From: Bernard on Oct-12-2009
I think it's clear that Clafouti have a different take on the croissant, one that does not always please if your palate is accustomed to very light and flaky pastry, but it must be judged according to the makers' different intention. Adding sugar, cinnamon and jams and so on as fillings suggests that these croissants are far from being imitations of standard Paris fare, and for my part I really enjoy them.

From: ng on Dec-23-2009
This is by far the best bakery experience I have ever had. Not sure why people had bad experiences with the staff before, but I have nothing but good experiences. They are helpful when I need help selecting something, have held onto tarts for me if I need something for later on, and even remember my favorites when I come in.

Comments on store: Over The Moon
From: drake smith on Mar-27-2004
I discovered OTM about 10 years ago, and have enjoyed them many times since. Whenever I buy OTM chocolates for the uninitiated, they invariably declare that OTM chocolates are the best chocolates they have ever tasted. I agree with them.

From: Leanne on Apr-28-2004
I can't believe that OTM only gets one out of three baguettes on this website. The chocolates are by far the best!!! Leanne

From: Muriel on May-24-2006
The best chocolates ever. We give them as gifts and they are a delight to everyone.

From: John on Jul-31-2006
There is no place better in my experience.

From: Leigh on May-14-2007
I have been using Over The Moon for all my chocolates for the past 8 years. They are simply the best chocolates I have ever tasted. Whenever I give chocolates as a gift, I always visit Over The Moon, and the people ont he receiving end have always been favorably impressed. Their boxed assorted chocolates are a work of art!! Pleasing to both the eye and the palate!

Comments on store: House of Spice
From: Brian O\'Reilly on Sep-10-2003
I've been shopping here for years. This place has every spice and seasoning you could want for a complete kitchen. The staff are always friendly, the prices are good, and the place smells heavenly. Check it out!

From: mel on Jan-19-2005
Best store for spices in all of the GTA, I travel about two hours, to get to the house of spice. I love it!!

From: Aaron on Jun-01-2005
Guess What they know carry Fair Trade Coffee.

From: SEPT2--11:30-EXPERIENCE on Sep-02-2006

From: karuna on Feb-19-2009
Best place to shop for all those hard to find spices like nihari, panch poram, saffron and at reasonable prices.

From: Keith on Dec-10-2010
Beware �- the clerk I had today did the addition of my purchases in his head, and didn't punch it into his cash register. He over-charged me by $5.50 on $40 of purchases. I've been going to this place for years, but have soured on it all of a sudden.

Comments on store: Loblaws Queen's Quay
From: jo on Mar-31-2003
a variety of good cheese. Love it.

From: Ziad on Jun-05-2003
I would like to thank the floral staff at loblaws- queens quay. i would like to thank mrs. Emiilie Nguyen for her excellent customer services i wish u guys all the best

From: Jana on Nov-02-2003
This has to be one of the worst Loblaw's in the city. Sure it looks great but just try to find something at non-peak times. Shelves are often bare and the fruit is consistently of poor quality - mold, flies, etc. I wish there was another grocery store in the area!

From: Sam bontian on May-25-2004
I visited lablaws floral department adn i was so upset and unsatisfied with the service and rudiness that i received from an employee under the name Jean I really will not be making any shopping at that store because of how badly i was treated from that employee...i think she have some psychiatric problem!! she was yeliing at me !!!

From: Fiona Mirabeli on Nov-20-2004
Every time I visit Your floral department , I'm dazzled with your displays and design . It is always marveles, fresh , just refresh my day... Many thanks to your great coustomer service , and keep it unique and beautiful.

From: Diane Amstrong on Dec-29-2004
This comment to Emily in Floral Dept at Queen's Quay Loblaws. She is a very friendly and the most created person I got service in floral when I came in to the dept. She made a very beautiful arrangment for me in just 10-15 min and it is beautiful. My money was well spend in this dept. Good work Emily, keep it up! Diane A

From: Lana on May-03-2005
Is there anybody else who works at Floral shop beside Emilie !? Emilie do you write coments about yourself? Wow !!!!!!!!!! If not you must be employe of the year!Congrats... You are not there that often , (once per month?!) but stil you are the best ...? Unbolivable. I do not have coment.

From: Frank Cook on Sep-01-2005
After shopping elsewhere for the past six weeks, because of the frustrating experience of trying to check-out -- almost no cashiers, today I am impressed, you are consistant. Again, we waited 13 minutes for someone to take our money, while several cashiers stocked the chocolate bar racks and two lines of customers ( 5 and 7 deep) waited and complained to each other Is there no one responsible for customer service in that store?

From: sara on Jan-12-2006
while i have been sopping at this store for quiet a long time i like the way that they have a well a socked items but the one thing that i don't. get is when they are bussy during the week there is not enugh chasier's for the amount of line ups that they have i think that they should a lot more cashier's durig the week.

From: Greg on May-22-2006
HORRIBLE line-ups. Although I think it's a great store and I live only a 5min walk away, I almost never shop there. The cashier shortage makes for a very miserable experience.

From: Cee on Jun-16-2006
BRUTAL ligh-ups! They never have enough cashiers and NEVER go on a Sunday - Very slow and expensive...Boooooooo:(

From: Julian Paille on Jun-19-2006
I had a difficult time containing my temper while in this particular Loblaws last month. On my last trip in to the store with my five year old, , I couldn't help but watch in complete anger as a female employee was throwing herself all over a male employee around the meat section. This was completely and utterly inappropriate, especially for in the workplace, where there are young children around. I did nt see the nametag that this person was wearing, but I have checked out through her before, and she is very rude. It's a shame that there are no other grocery stores in the area, I live in a condo on Queens Quay, and I have no other choice but to shop at this store. Don't get me wrong, the store is beautiful, and the shelves are always stocked, and the fruit is fresh - in fact, maybe just teach your staff some professionalism, and then I may be in the position to say I actually enjoy shopping here.

From: Julia Sewells on Aug-27-2006
I've been shopping at Queens Quay for a very long time, At the begining of the year it looked like things had improved in the Grocery area of the store. The shelves and displays were always full. Then in July the store went under renovation,the always customer friendly,knowledgable and hard working(always smiling)Grocery Manager Mark Purtle has been sent to the Loblaws store in Leaside....according to staff. I would think you would keep one of the best staff members at a store,that is in need of customer service. The line ups at the cash desks on week day evenings and weekends are bad,extra staff is needed. Chris Shewchyk (Store Manager) wake up!!!

From: Ginny on Sep-18-2006
The salads are ridiculously expensive. They used to price them according to size and type but now they have changed to weight and some salads are over $7.00 for a single serving salad which is mostly lettuce. The selection is also very lacking in imagination. I work in the area and there aren't many places to go pick up some inexpensive healthy food for lunch. Too bad there isn't a Longo in the neighbourhood where there is an amazing choice of inexpensive salads. Oh well, it forces me to bring a packed lunch on most days which is cheaper anyway.

From: Humiliated & Bullied for $4.99 on Nov-18-2006
TAKE LOBLAWS OFF YOUR SHOPPING LIST I went to this big box store as I was tired after a long work week in a demanding job and could pick up a few t-shirts at Joe, wine and groceries all in one spot. While shopping at Loblaws Queens Quay, I picked up a tube of mascara and threw it in my cart. I continued shopping for about 30 minutes and spent about 5 -7 minutes in line waiting for a cashier who was being trained and loaded my groceries on the belt. I had a purse, a bag fron JOE and one from the LCBO left in the cart. I wheeled the cart into the parking lot and was approached by a man, saying "Come with me" ... needless to say, I had no clue who he was or what he wanted. I asked a young cashier on a smoke break to come and help. I WAS SCARED! He then says .. come with me .. you didn't pay for an item. I looked down and saw the mascara leaning against the side of the cart in plain view. I immediately said " Your're right I forgot about it and didn't see it in my cart, I'll go back and pay." I was told "he couldn't allow it, I'd had my chance and was under arrest." I thought he was kidding at first and said .. "come on - it was an oversight. I waited in line so long and didn't see it in the cart. I forgot I had it. Why would I pay for $20 dollars of groceries, $30 for wine, $50 for t-shirts and not $4.00 for mascara?" his response ... "Maybe you were trying to save money. I won't talk to you here. You must come to the office. You are under arrest." I said "please be reasonable, I have a good job, I am an honest person. I have never stolen anything in my life." His response: "Maybe it's the first time you've been caught. Stop resisting arrest and come with me." I couldn't believe this was happening! I followed him to a small locked room upstairs and was ordered to "sit down while my groceries melted and tears welled up in my eyes.... we hAVE IT ALL ON TAPE!" I said you have what on tape? "How you took the mascara and put it into your cart." i asked for the manager, telling him I was not comfortable with the way he was speaking to me. He said "fine, I'll call - but she cant help you. Give me your Drivers License. You have the right to call your lawyer." "My lawyer? What lawyer .. I am guilty of zoning out in the supermarket and forgetting. I didn't hide it. I didn't put it in my purse. I simply forgot." I can get you a legal aid lawyer. I couldn't believe this was happening! I called my husband on my balckberry and was told by '#0661' to hang up... I was only allowed to call my lawyer. My lawyer? The police arrived and viewed the tape. I sat crying and humiliated.They asked "if he didn't feel that I could have just made a mistake. There was no visible intent to conceal the mascara." They asked what the value of the groceries were ... $20 .. and what was the value of the item? he didn't know and sent the manager for a price check. it was $4.99. "Couldn't it have been an oversight "the police asked. #0661 responded: " I can't say because I don't know her, but she had her chance and didn't pay." #0661 asked the police "will you be arresting her?" "No criminal charges, can we leave?", said the police. "Not yet, I'm not finished with her," said #0661. " I am going to tresspass her so she can't come back to any Loblawsor she will be arrested. I am going to give her a notice of intended legal action by Loblaws to sue for the cost of my time and the item." I asked for his supervisor's name and number. The police walked me out and consoled me. I understand that people have to do their job and that product loss is a big issue. I also think that there is a place for common sense and discretion. I was treated like a criminal and made to feel like I had planned to steal the $4.99 mascara that had simply slipped to the side of the cart. Today I woke up feeling like I had to do something. I called #0661's supervisor. He had given me a wrong number. So much for honesty. TAKE LOBLAWS OFF YOUR SHOPPING LIST

From: Disgruntled Ex-Employee... on Nov-23-2006
I was recently employed at Loblaws 1079. A friend of mine who is a cashier there got me a job in the Holy Smokes, and I didn't mind it at all. My managers at the time, Ray Burn and Rob A, were great people to work for and we got along really well. One day, I had a mix up with a credit card order. My trainer had left out the proper procedures for checking credit card orders, and a customer came in and bought 1,500.00 worth of cigars. Unknowingly, I swiped through the credit card, overrode the caution messages, and sent him on his way...again, unknowingly. I was later informed the credit card was stolen and that the store had to remburse the owner of the card. Ok, I thought, no big deal... it was a mistake, that I admit that I made, oh well... it's over with, and now for next time, I'll know... NOPE!! A few weeks later, I get called in to store manager, Chris Shewchyk's office... they sit me down and they ask me... "Well, what happened here?" Unknowingly, I began to explain about the credit card situation... "No... we're not talking about that... what happened with the items you stole?" WHAT???!!!! Stole? What the hell? I looked on at the store manager and the union rep in confusion... "Stole? I didn't steal anything." "We have you on tape stealing two cigars and a lighter" "....excuse me?" Heavily insulted at this point, and shocked all together. The store manager was trying to tell me that I was on tape stealing two cigars and a lighter. Bull. This was utterly utterly disgusting. What is this, revenge? You can't fire me for wrongfuly putting through a credit card so you'll make up a reason? "You may as well just admit it now." he said. I continued to tell him, that I was not gonna admit to something that I absolutely DID NOT do. There was no tape, at all. Nobody saw a tape, not even the union rep. Well, I was indefinately suspended, and finally just got my papers of termination in the mail a couple months ago. Alright, no big - but... I would hope, that by the time somebody from the labour board, comes knocking on your office door for a copy of that tape, you'd BETTER have one to show or else... ouch. I'd hate to see the problems that would arise there... (you're supposed to keep tapes for 6 months, and on and issue such as this, INDEFINATELY, OR IT'S ILLEGAL)... I hear you get in a lot of trouble, for false termination of one's employment...I guess we'll test that theory Mr. Shewchyk.

From: I work there on Dec-03-2006
Loblaws has been so focused on preparing to compete with Walmart, I'm afraid they've steered themselves terribly off course. Distribution, warehouse, stocking, staff, diving profits/stocks... their list of plagues goes on and on. But fear not, the company has a solution! They will save a whack of money when they slowly phase out all the Loblaws stores and replace them with "Real Canadian Food Stores" and "Great Canadian Superstores". These new banners have atrocious working hours and disgusting pay rates that Walmart has so successfully turned into profitability! Don't be surprise if you start noticing Loblaws stores starting to disappear ( 22 in Ontario are scheduled to close over the next 4 years).

From: Curious about Humiliated & Bullied for $4.99 on Dec-10-2006
I was curious how things were resolved for Humiliated & Bullied for $4.99. I know what it is like to be busy and would hate for an oversight to become such a crushing experience. If you are out there H&B, did the store apologize for their treatment of you? If the police saw the situation as an oversight, why the trespass order - seems like they should be trying to make amends not adding insult to injury. Let me know how its going so I can reconsider going to Loblaws.

From: Mark M - Toronto on Dec-14-2006
I just have to say that I this store is by far the best grocery store around. It' not only a beautiful looking store but also well stocked and maintained. I have no complaints about the customer services. Staff members are always friendly and very helpful. I think the store manager is exceptional at his job. He's always very friendly and helpful. For you "ex-employee" who got fired, just so you know if you belong to a union it's impossible for them to fire you without proof, so chances are they probably have the tapes, trust me I work for a union. It's not the managers fault he's just doing his job!! So Chris keep up the GREAT work.

From: Mary on Dec-14-2006
For the customer who commented on the busy line ups during the weeks..guess what it's called a budget and unfortunately it's out of the store managers hand... It's up to the regional manager to increase that and it's not often suck it up honey!

From: reply to humiliated and bullied for $4.99 on Feb-15-2007
please seek legal advice and SUE them for their treatment of you, if, in fact, your story is correct. What they did was egregious and completely unnecessary. You definitely have grounds for a lawsuit!

From: Alice on Mar-06-2007
This is one of the nicest grocery stores, yes. But I ordered a cake today for an office birthday to be delivered for 12:00 and it's 45 minutes late! This is actually ridiculous!! I will never order a cake from there again.

From: sheena gordon on Apr-06-2007
Since last fall I have noticed a marked change in the stocking of shelves in the store at Queens Quay Loblaws. I am a long time,weekly shopper, at your store but will have to change that if this continues. Yesterday I could not get the large 1% Milk and could not get Diet Tonic (any label) and I have had problems getting both of these products several times before. I have not been able to get Clover Leaf Clams,Reg sized Special K and Fat free Hellmans Mayo on other occasions. Your store has changed from one of the best Loblaws in town to a frustrating place to shop. Sheena Gordon

From: Guthfrithr... on Jun-26-2007
I've beeing shopping at Queens Quay for three years since i moved here from Stockholm. This Store is one of the best store in the area, the store is beautiful and the employees are very nice and friendly. I ways see Chris the store manager working very hard with his team to bring the best shopping experience for the customers. I enjoy shopping at the store and will be back for more. CHRIS keep up the good work.....

From: Scott S. June 26, 2007 on Jun-27-2007
Very nice store to shop...

From: Adela on Jun-28-2007
I always have a pleasent experience at Loblaws Queens Quay. If I need to return something, they are very helpful.The girl in customer service during the week nights is very polite and handles everything with a smile...even when she has a handful of customers waiting. The IS a grocery store and we DO have to wait in line.Try using the sef serve sometimes.

From: To: humiliated and bullied on Jul-18-2007
Who were the employees that did that to you? ie what are their names? have they been terminated? something needs to be done about this, because i know of a similar situation that happened over a yoghurt in no frills. It is ridiculous - we are living in Canada, not in Iran, and this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. I would absolutely freak out if anyone spoke to me that way & I would definitely make sure they were terminated, if not demand some kind of compensation. The other thing you can do is go to (or threaten to go to) the media.

From: Mr Elliott on Jan-10-2008
My family and i purchased a fresh turkey from the Loblaws Queen's Quay location a few days before christmas to find out that it was rancid and could have made all of us very sick not to mention ruin our christmas! We returned the turkey for a refund, which we received but we also filled out a complaint and have yet to officially get a response or an apology. We are VERY disgusted with the poor quality and lack of concern for our well being as regular consumers of the Loblaws stores in Toronto!

From: .HORRIFIED on Oct-14-2008
As an employee of Loblaw, and I have seen first hand the mistreatment, bullying and the continious threats from a Low Life SUPERVISOR not a Manager as he would like people to believe: Ken Zimmer. Zimmer is continously Shorting people on their pay checks, and then they will fire you and not pay you the hours shorted or money owed to employees. There is a PENALTY in the Union Contract where They have to pay the employee 10% of the Shorted amount. Let's do a Calculation: let's say $15 / hr, if the paycheck is 10 hours ($150) short the Penalty is $15.00. but then they will turn around and fire people on probation who are mostly immigrants who are not aware of their rights as Loblaw refuses to hand the Employees the Union Guide which Explains the rights to an employee. Not knowing any of their rights they go on to another job leaving Loblaw with THEIR Wages. So by screwing 1 employee out of 10 hours will allow them to use that unpaid amount ($150) to play as penalty for 10 other employees that where short 10 hours on their checks. WARNING: THE SUPERSTORE WAS SHOPPED BY SECRET SHOPPERS WHO PURCHASED BABY FOOD 11 MONTHS PAST IT'S EXPIRY DATE. THEY HAVE ALSO BEEN KNOWN TO SWITCH DATES ON MEAT. BUT NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. We just have to wait till a baby out there DIES before some one. With So many Health Violations it feels like the Health Inspector Has been Paid, know what I mean. This is not an Isolated incident. Somebody Please Help and Send some honest Health inspector in there and they WILL shut the Place down when they see the filt and smell the horrifying Stench in the stores. Such horrible conditions you may expect to see in a third world country. I know, I have been there oth in the third world country and Superstores.

From: HORRIFIED on Oct-14-2008
The Union has sent a letter to Loblaw Making them aware of this Situation However if there is no Honest Health inspectors going into the Stores to Check up on it These Violations will Continue as they have been in the Past. My question to the World is how can a Business Continue operate like this? Another Violation: Immigrant Cashier who comes from bad conditions working at the store not knowing their rights (under the threat of getting fired)was refused a visit to the Washroom and ended up peeing in their Pants while ringing through your groceries. I hope this will open your eyes to the fact that Loblaw ABUSES IMMIGRANTS. There is Plenty of them so Fire some and Hire New One.

From: Donna on Jan-27-2009
hello iam very sad to see those empolyee who is not happy because how they being treat not what they doing and no one cares about thier rights i seen my owen eyes the maneger of food area(marchetta) yelling to emplyee fornt of me and she really did'ng care about customer around her so asked her if she was ok and did'ng looked at me and she kept yelling until i said would you please stoped or iam going calle to huimin rights etc. She is really pully to employees and verry sick person need help

From: Donna on Jan-27-2009
hello iam very sad to see those empolyee who is not happy because how they being treat not what they doing and no one cares about thier rights i seen my owen eyes the maneger of food area(marchetta) yelling to emplyee fornt of me and she really did'ng care about customer around her so asked her if she was ok and did'ng looked at me and she kept yelling until i said would you please stoped or iam going calle to huimin rights etc. She is really pully to employees and verry sick person need help

From: Maria on Jan-27-2009
Donna, which marchetta manager are you talking about. They should be written up for harassment, call the union on her

From: Getach on Jan-28-2009
I see the manager at Marchetta Queens Quay abuse and bullyiing the staff. she favour people who she like. They to are abuseing others. The manager she do nothing.She yell and attack the people working there. I hear her abuse customers to she like hire people from her country. HOw she can do this in Canada why noone say anything to help the people.This is not right maybe I go to the Newspaper.

From: Laura on Jan-28-2009
Because of the closing of one of the stores due to rat droppings we at Queens Quay where forced to due outrages cleanup duties. We had to look for mouse do do. It is not the employees fault that these stores have rats and mice.Scrubbing and mopping and moving heavy industrial equipmeant is a health and safety issue.Then to be told that we had to look for mouse do do was pathetic. This kind of cleanup is supposed to be done by professionals. Then to be inhaling pestiside that was placed right beside us and including around the food area and not explained to us what kind of chemical it was has got to be health hazard.Where are our human rights?? What is really going on with our so called colleague Galen Weston. Customers please take a look at us when you are shopping.Watch the way we are treated. You are human like we are. This can effect you also. If the employees are well treated and work in a healthy place then the quality of eveything is enhanced.Did you ever think that this issue could be the reason there are so many complaints about the Queens Quay store.

From: robert on Feb-16-2009
Because if you say anything to her she will scream racism. She even has to be told to wear her hairnet

From: Martin on Feb-25-2009
I was wondering why Queen's Quay after so many Health and safety infractions manages to always get a pass from Toronto Health Dept. It may look good but be careful things are nasty.You may be putting you and your family at risk. My eyes are wide open. The Health Dept must be very corrupt. Something is wrong.The same thing happened at the Maple Leaf Plant . They got a pass and now again there's a problem with a product. It's not only Loblaws this is going on all over the city. u

From: Martin on Sep-02-2009
Great fall harvest look and grown so close to home how wonderful. Truth is a lot of those bins come from not so close to home. Quebec is fairly close but I Don"t know about Saskatchewan. Watch the commercial. Anyway I have to admit I think Loblaws has the best produce in Toronto.

From: jack gilbert on Sep-28-2009
I just shopped at your store (Monday Sept 28 at 4.30pm)and bought a cooked chicken. I asked the person attending to cut it into portions. Two things he did wrong 1)he handled the chicken with tongs and bare hands and 2) he cut it with a pair of scissors which had been lying on the counter unwashed and again using his bare hands. I foolishly did not say anything to him. When I got home and told my wife she refused to eat any of the chicken. At that point I was not prepared to head off to your store again and decided instead to offer you this complaint. Clean up your act I suggest.Today washing hands because of the swine flu bug is broadcast all over the place. surely this should apply in the above case and clean covered hands and clean utensils used.

From: elena on Nov-11-2009
I have never been at Queens Quay Loblaws store but I attend to go and see for myself. I have only heard about this store that is very big and very neet store.

From: tony montana on Aug-05-2010
jack gilbert, that's the standard procedure for cutting chicken. the counter is always sanatized, as are the tongs. there is no need for gloves as they don't come in contact with the chicken.

Comments on store: Godiva Chocolatier
From: ANGELO on Sep-03-2003

Comments on store: Godiva Chocolatier
From: Madeline Aga on Sep-16-2003
I hate this chocolate. Way to sweet and chalky. None of my girl friends like Godiva's. As a matter of fact I've never talked to anyone that like Godiva's chocolates. The only reason people ever buy them is because they are everywhere. Plus, the only time you have some is if someone gave it to you as a gift.

Comments on store: Patisserie Saint Honore
From: Mario on Mar-21-2003
Amazing croissants and baguettes!

From: bruno on May-01-2003
bonjour jean-jacques,heurex de te retrouver sur le net,ainsi que ta patisserie,cela me rappelle des bons souvenirs.Comment va la vie a toronto avec la SRAS,ton �pouse et toi n'avez rien j'�sp�re.Les nouvelles arrivent jusqu'ici.A BIENTOT,my friend and take care of you.

From: Nadine on Mar-20-2004
One of the best croissants I have eaten in Toronto. I was not impressed with the pains au chocolat, raisin brioche or any other item in that patisserie. Just decent service.

From: Pierre Brutton on Apr-24-2004
The absolute best croissants in all of Toronto. Very reasonable prices. Down to earth owner. The best cheesecake in the world! I asked the owner about the cheesecake andhe says taht it is baked for at least two hours slowly done. Very well presented with fresh fruit toppings. The Greek salad is absolutely incredible. A must try.

From: Lidia on Jun-07-2006
The most obnoxious owner we ever met!!! He takes cash only so he can hide some of it. Don't ask him too many questions, he always has an ugly remark. The danishes are very good, though.

From: Roland on Oct-04-2006
The owner of this establishment needs a lesson in manners. A very rude and obnoxious propeitor to say the least. Unfortunately, when granting Canadian Citizenship humility is not a requirement. This is Toronto not France! You know what he can do with his Croissants don't you? I have decided to take my business elsewhere.

From: odqzinj dwoyvue on Jan-24-2007
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From: odqzinj dwoyvue on Jan-24-2007
qovba rdivpmo ixjw avrfkozm ydrqv zbtwchiq xtcew

From: Marie on Feb-25-2007
Although his baguettes and chocolate croissants are quite exceptional, this rather obnoxious and arrogant drunkard will get his just deserts one day. I try to avoid him at all costs. Oddly, he knows how to choose his staff to make up for his course demeanor (which is the only time I will buy anything, or else I'm out the door). Unfortunately, you have to know which staff member can give you change or else they call for the demon from the lower layer of hell where he resides (the basement). The food is highly recommended, but beware all ye who enter!

From: aurelien on Mar-09-2007
I just can't believe some of those comments... Jean-Jacques is a very fine person and I've never had any issues with him. The food is fabulous, affordable, and you must buy the croissants there are they are simply the best I've ever had (and I've lived in France 20+ years). Although the baguettes are not as good as some other bakeries, I recommend trying the multigrain loaf. And finally, maybe those of you who posted disparaging comments would want to try again. And try to be nice this time. I'm not privy to the situation but I'm sure you'll be treated courteously if you treat others the same.

From: Cathy on Apr-25-2007
The food is very good but sadly the owner, Jean-Jacques, is quite crude. This is where one must ask themselves if the fine quality of food makes up for his lack of finesse. Obviously, some people can deal with Jean-Jacques and others cannot, and of course, that is everyone's right to decide for themselves. Fortunately, he is not the only patisserie in Toronto.

From: caramelized lemon on May-05-2007
I can't believe the good reviews for this place! The croissants were huge and doughy and messy. Any supermarket, or franchise bakery sells croissants of the same quality. Also, I agree with the person who said the service was rude. The owners need to learn a thing or two. To give this place 2 baguettes is an insult to other 2 baguette patisseries. I'd change their rating to two trans fat laden doughnuts. I won't be going back!

From: Anonymous on Sep-08-2007
The owner is rude rude rude! The food must be outstanding because I can't believe that anyone would return for that kind of service. I inquired about a custom cake for an upcoming special occasion, and the response I got was that he doesn't "have time for cakes". According to him, they're alot of work and people don't want to pay what they're worth. He told me to go to Costco if I want cake. Nice. He is also quite rude to his staff, which I cannot tolerate. I don't think I will ever return there - there are other merchants to whom I would much rather give my business.

From: anonymous on Sep-26-2007
Agree with the comments on the rudeness of the owner. I call him the "Vichy French Baker" (our version of the soup nazi). Having said that. I keep going back for his pain au chocolat - truly to die for. What can I say - I'm a prisoner. For a much more pleasant customer experience, try Ma Maison on Dundas just West of Prince Edward (south side).

From: Stephanie on Feb-22-2008
Je suis TOTALEMENT d'accord avec tout ces commentaires !!! J'ai eu l'occasion d'etre une fidele cliente, mais le service ainsi que l'accueil est devenu de pire en pire, le local est sale aucune hygiene, les produits sont perimes !! Mais ce qui me choque le plus c'est le comportement du proprietaire, Jean Jacques, malpoli, arrogant avec les clients et son Staff !! en plus il est la plupart du temps saoul Personnellement je vous conseil pas d'y aller et un mot pour Jean JACQUES vous perdez votre fidele cliente qui va chez la concurrence car le service est meilleur, par exemple Chez Ma Maison, bon service, agreable patron, delicieux produits !!!! Je vous conseille de revoir votre comportement et de renove votre local !!!

From: tj on Apr-04-2009
It's true the owner is rude, but mainly because he tries to force customers to buy things they didn't come for. While this is annoying, and I certainly have left with baguettes and danishes I didn't quite want, I sympathize with the owner for doing this because he probably has a hard time getting enough business in this neighbourhood. What keeps me coming back is the amazing food, desserts and croissants. We need to support local bakeries like this gem so they don't disappear. Just be firm and don't let the owner push you around. The food here is amazing and I give them my business as often as possible to support them.

From: Daniel on Feb-21-2010
I agree with the other comments the owner Jean Jacques is a total arrogant idiot and racist, he ask me if a I was Jewish. because he does not sell to Jews. Maybe should go back to his roots in Vichy France.

From: chokolada on Sep-28-2010
Yes, the owner is a madman, and I too have (on many occassions) ended up walking to my car with a baguette in my hand when all I stopped in for was a few croissants. I don't normally like chocolate croissants but his are divine. I think he mentioned to me once that he is Swiss, not French.

From: chokolada on Sep-28-2010
Also, I love his mille feuilles. The earlier you go, the less crazy he is. It is when the day winds down that he starts to harass you into buying things you didn't ask for. He will LITERALLY shove items you didn't ask for into your bag and not give you your change back to get rid of what he's got left. To avoid this absurdity, simply try to stop in well before closing.

From: Allio on May-14-2011
Do not go to this store or you will be disappointed ! I am a French living here in Toronto, and despite the fact that many of our friends told us not to go, we still decided to give it a try. We were VERY disappointed by the quality of the food and by the service !! He even asked us to pay extra because we were carrying an empty mug from outside !! We will go from now to "Pain perdu" on St Clair av. , their croissants are way much better and good looking. And they are nice and friendly, a better experience of France.�

Comments on store: Godiva Chocolatier
From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Godiva is to chocolate as Heineken is to imported beer: a triumph of marketing over quality.

From: Kenneth on Mar-24-2004
Overpriced and overrated.

From: louise on May-07-2004
Good quality but not as great as many local chocolatiers like J.S Bonbons or Stubbe.

From: a nony moose on Nov-26-2004
If you are a true chocolate gourmand and someone tries to impress you with the knowledge that Godiva chocolates are 'the best' - RUN!!!

From: Danielle on Jun-25-2008
I can't stand shopping at Godiva. Their "customer service" is so over the top that it rings fake to me. Seriously, there are no genuinely nice people anymore. Their prices are a rip and I bet they know it and still tries to push this and that on top of your sale.

From: janine on Oct-25-2008
I like godiva chocolate even though i do think it is over priced. For the reviewers who do not think it is good chocolate please advise the rest of us where we can find better.

From: CHOCOLATIER on Apr-17-2009
I have been to Godiva a couple of times to check the quality of their products and see if its really worth to pay $2.70 for a truffle, the flavor was not bad but still overpriced. The chocolate dipped fruits were pretty bad and sloppy looking. The chocolate was totally bloomed and i don't think their staff is totally trained to recognized when chocolate is well tempered or not. $5 dollars for a single chocolate covered strawberry?? If it was nicely decorated it would be fair to charge that price.

From: Chris on Aug-07-2009
Godiva chocolates are a total let disappointment. Just look at the ingredients behind the box, and you'll understand why. This stuff is full of chemicals, harmful preservatives, and even aluminum, which can cause health problems. The taste and freshness of the sweets is very average. This company just markets themselves very well, and people who don't know better think it's all the rage. No thank you. I'll continue supporting the local handmade chocolatiers, which offer tastier, fresher, and healthier treats.

Comments on store: Leonidas
From: Alyssa on Jul-13-2004
I love Leonidas marzipan! Try the strawberry shaped marzipan lightly sprinkled with a red sprinkle coating. This treat has been a favorite for me since I lived in Leuven, Belgium for a year!

From: ari backman on Jul-27-2009
The Leonidas Chicago is relocated to 59 E. Chicago, Chicago IL 60611 and reopens in October 2009. You can also get Leonidas chocolates from Leonidas Wilmette, 1157 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette IL 60091 (847) 256 5250 or ClubLeonidas dotcom.

From: Jean Nelson on Apr-02-2010
I am so happy you have finally opened your store. Leonidas is the best chocolate ever. Can't wait

From: disappointed on May-27-2010
My husband and I were very happy when the store first opened. Our first two visits were great,we love a good espresso in a nice setting. The next visit was a disappointment; the staff was completely new, service was lacking, espresso was watery and we were charged over 15 dollars for two single espressos and one croissant!! Our last visit was today, we were served by completely new and apparently untrained staff; you can not make an worse espresso even if you tried. When we asked the guy to please remake them he could not even understand what was wrong with them. For a place that claims excellence, this is unacceptable. We are not going back again!

From: Ari on Aug-05-2010
Comment for the disappointed customer: - The espresso and service has been since corrected. The equipment was malfunctioning at the time and caused reduction in espresso shot - The person in question no longer is in staff and the start up issues have been addressed - One croissant and two espressos (double each) cost is $2.25+$6.50+tax = $9.65 We welcome you to try again our Illy espresso. We also have a special; Medium latte + Croissant for $4.50+tax (under $5 total).

From: Nicole- on Jan-23-2011
The service may not always be super fast, but the croissants are best in the city... macaroons as well... imported from France... the croissants dough is also imported from France... best in the city again... Absolutely, love the place and will keep going there every morning/or almost!!!

Comments on store: Teuscher Chocolates
From: MnM on Apr-28-2003
These chocolates are the best I have ever eaten.

Comments on store: Leonidas
From: Michelle M. on Apr-17-2003
My husband and I discovered these wonderful chocolates when we lived in Paris. We were delighted to find that there was a store in New York City, where we could continue our love affair with these yummy chocolates. Leonidas chocolates are rich, smooth, and consistently excellent. They are much better than some of the more famous - and expensive - chocolates which one finds in the New York area. The "Manon" is simply the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted! I am not usually a great fan of white chocolate, but this combination of coffee filling and white chocolate with a hazelnut in the middle, is beyond compare. If I die and go to heaven, and they don't have "Manons", I'm not staying! Good chocolates are never cheap, but these are quite reasonable. I recommend that folks give them a try!

From: Mary Smulovitz on Sep-16-2003
I love these chocolates. I read about them in Consumvers Report 2002. They were rated a best buy. So, when I was in NY I had to try them. Fabulous and half the price of other chocolate.

Comments on store: La Maison du Chocolat
From: Free Sample on Feb-17-2004
I've heard that Jacques Torres in Brooklyn is better. I think so.

From: Michael in Florida on Apr-12-2004
I've had many different chocolates in my 47 years, and I have to say that yours rival the little bakeries of Europe where they make unique chocolates! Keep producing the best chocoates in the world! If I had one last request in life, it would be one of your chocalates! Gratefully, Michael

From: Emily in New York on Dec-23-2004
I tasted this chocolate in early December at the Paris store. I have never tasted something so delicious and so elegant. No other chocolate can compare... and this is coming from a (former) Godiva fan. These creations simply melt in your mouth like a little bite of heaven - and I was never more excited to learn that there are stores in NYC for me to frequent. I highly recommend this chocolate to anyone - so long as you are willing to give up all other chocolate... you won't want it after tasting this!!!

From: Karen Boyer on Jun-08-2005
This confection is the best I have ever eaten. After the first time I tasted a piece of this chocolate, it was divine. My daughter and I visited New York City and we walked from 42nd Street to where the store was at that time on 76th and came back the next day and did it again. We each had a shopping bag loaded to take back to Las Vegas with us. Whenever friends go to New York, we always give them funds with which to purchase candies for us.

From: Kimberly Shattuck -Chocolate Crtic on Oct-08-2006
An outstanding selection of the most delicious chocolate. However...The interior design lets down the product and the seating area is less than inviting should seduce you into staying and eating more chocolate or having another one of their wonderful coffees or teas...instead you feel like you're in a midtown eatery or in a hotel. The staff in this particular location is unfriendly. It was obvious to me in my 1 1/2 hour "visit" with them that they have their favorite customers..who are ultimately served first and with great enthusiasm and warmth. The woman who helped me treated me as though I was an inconvenience. I know that had she known I was going to spend a tiny fortune on chocolate that day, she would have kissed my feet. ( and I do mean $$$ ). I didn't want to spend anything after my treatment in that shop, however the thought of going to their midtown locale wasn't that exciting either..thus I gave them the loot and walked out with a few pounds of their finest. Again an oustanding product. I have travelled the world reviewing Chocolateries..Maison du Chocolat is consistently up to par and really, the delicacies melt in your mouth and you are in heaven ..even if only for a moment. As for the people..if they could only be as sweet. Will I go to the Madison Ave location again? Doubt it...

From: Don Juan Brown on Nov-06-2006
These are some of the finest chocolates you will ever taste. Immediately addicting. If you can eat two or three and stop, I envy you. They are expensive indeed, but well worth every penny. I beseech any man trying to impress a woman to give a box of these chocolates, and I can guarantee ten brownie points at minimum. If only the people behind the counters were as kind as the product. But when you are this good, a little arrogance can be overlooked.

From: Stella Saragoussi on Feb-20-2007

From: anon on Aug-21-2007
the macarron were fantastic. the quality of the choclat is top quality. the flavours of the bonbon are very well thought out, perfectly delicate and delicious. The cake selection although small is of very high quality. Both the milk and dark hot chocolates were smooth and rich. Would have preffered if they were made with milk instead of water but it is the french way and this is a french house. highly recomended and worth the price.

From: Kat on Jan-31-2008
I love the chocolates, and Madison Avenue location tea room in the back is nice. The service when you are sitting down ordering tea and chocolates is always gracious. HOWEVER, the service at the store part, or lack thereof, when you're trying to ask them for help is HORRIBLE. Even though you enter the store and wait politely, (usually there are 3-4 employees standing around) no one even approaches you. You always have to wait, and get their attention, even if you're the only one in the store. And the employees seem to be arrogant. One time I called ahead to ask them if they had a certain product, and told them I would be there that evening to pick it up. I rushed across town after work, only to find that they did not have that product. One of the workers said they had sold out the day before. I told them I'd called 30 minutes ago, and the only explanation I could think of was that the man who answered the phone meant they do sell the product, but failed to tell me that they did not have it at the moment. I was very frustrated that I had just rushed across rush hour traffic, because it was a gift for a friend that I was meeting the next day. I had also double checked over the phone to make sure that they carried it. The employee's response was extremely 'I could care less' attitude, and just kept saying they never know when they will sell out of a product. I gave up trying to explain that she was missing the point, the point being when I called the man said that they had it, while she says it wasn't there since the day before. There was no apology, no 'I'm sorry you had to rush down here for nothing, that's too bad'. Nothing! Either way, although I love their chocolates, for gifts, I might just go somewhere else because it's not worth the aggravation. I ended up going to Godiva, their customer service was soooooooooo much better. (actually wait, they actually had customer service)

Comments on store: Moonstruck Chocolate
From: Karen Taylor on Jun-14-2003
We visited Chicago from the UK in February and went into Moonstruck every day of our trip! It was delicious and a welcome relief from the cold! The staff were very friendly and welcoming...we'll definitely go back!

From: Amy Delaney on Aug-12-2004
Wonderful chocolates and coffees, a treasure on Michigan Avenue. I meet my girlfriends there and we pretend we're in another country.

From: Dave L on Feb-22-2005
I love the chocolates. Not only are they wonderful to eat but they are beautiful too. However I am not sure that did their research correctly. I visited the Moonstruck website and it says there are 6 cafes not seven like states.

From: cujgqryan kicse on Jan-24-2007
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From: Mad Janet on Mar-22-2007
I never heard of Moonstruck Chocolate before the other day when I was watching my local Seattle news and saw that they were sueing a small town coffeeshop called Moonray Espresso claiming Trademark Infringement. Not only is that not true, they were pleased to be in an article in 2001 in INC. where the article tagline is: "Not only is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, but it may also be the easiest way to make a buck. " The founders of Moonstruck flat out copied the model of Starbucks (Moon-Struck....Star-Buck.) "Bill and Deb Simmons couldn't help noticing the success of Starbucks. Perhaps it was worth copying. "The more we poked at the Starbucks model, the better it looked," says Bill, who wondered what other commodity could command a cult following." They also "claim" that the origin of the name is "somewhat hazy" but oh no, OF COURSE we didnt' copy it from the MOVIE! Something about some romantic walk is the "rumor." BULL. Back in 2001, the article says that wanted to do what Starbuck's had done but with chocolate instead. NOW, when they're sueing Moonray Espresso, they say "That Moonray sells coffee, as Moonstruck's own shops do, adds to the confusion, the Portland company claims." I hate corporate bullies and especially ones that flat out COPIED to start their own business and now are trying to quash a small espresso shop who is NOT trying to copy them! I'd never heard of Moonstruck Chocolates before but now, just the name will forever leave a bitter taste in my mouth!

Comments on store: Wanda's Pie in the Sky
From: [email protected] on Dec-09-2003
I would like to know how to get Wanda's cook book. When I go to the book store what do I look for. Please let me know. Thanks, Debbie

From: M. on Feb-23-2004
Stumbled across Wanda's the oher day. Had a couple of really good sandwiches for lunch, followed by a big slice of sour cherry pie. Yum! Just wish we'd been able to taste more varieties.

From: Libby on Apr-16-2004
Best sandwich and soup I've ever had. Service leaves much to be desired, and if you're going at lunch, be prepared to wait. It's worth it, though!

From: Jen on May-19-2004
I made a trip out to Wanda's Pie in the Sky and was very disappointed. A limited selection of pies and cranky service do not warrant a trip.

From: Jean on Sep-28-2004
You made my friend's and I birthday with your delicious lemon merrigue was better than chocolate!!

From: Jean on Sep-28-2004
You made my friend's and my birthday with your delicious lemon merrigue was better than chocolate!!

From: lina montanaro on Oct-09-2004
I purchased your book Wanda's pie in the sky and I am very upset everytime I make a recipes I realized that there is always something not right. It cost a lot of money to bake before you print a book you should make sure all the recipes are perfect with out any mistake on the print. I already made a phone call to advise them that they should make correction on your website. I made a Lemon Meringue pie she mentioned to put vanilla extract in the filing which made the filling not a very nice yellow and changed the taste a bit. I am sure that that vanilla was not to be put in filling because all the recipes does not call for that. Lina

From: Neil on Oct-21-2004
The worst cheesecake in the world is, without a doubt, a cheesecake that is not there. That is exactly what I found when I arrived at Wanda's: no cheesecakes. Best cheesecake in town? What is the point if I have to call them and order it? If they are so good, they should be making them and selling them all the time. Their website has a huge selection of 12 kinds of cheesecake. You would think they would have at least 1 basic cheesecake. What do they have? Nothing. My rating for Wanda's: come back later for your stars-- just kidding-- ZERO STARS.

From: jenn on Apr-11-2005
I bought a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie at Wanda's Pie in the Sky and brought it home, excited to try it because I had heard such great things. I cut into it and tasted it and was so disappointed. It was obviously a pie left over from the day before and re-heated. The berries inside were brown and tasted terrible. That is a lot of money for a pie that tastes horrible.

From: jenn on Apr-11-2005
I bought a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie at Wanda's Pie in the Sky and brought it home, excited to try it because I had heard such great things. I cut into it and tasted it and was so disappointed. It was obviously a pie left over from the day before and re-heated. The berries inside were brown and tasted terrible. That is a lot of money for a pie that tastes horrible.

From: stella on May-09-2005
the pies are good and kind of blah. not great. and certainly not the best in toronto. the selection is disappointing. they only have about 3 different pies per day that you can chose from, very strange for a store that is supposed to be the No-1 place for pies. the service is one of the worst in toronto. rude, arrogant staff, but only the women for some reason. not acknowledging you, gossiping about customers that just left in front of you, nothing is off limits for these people. I go sometimes for their chocolate pecan pie (that one is actually really good), but I try to get out of there as fast as possible, because I don't feel like being treated like garbage by some girl who doesn't know the slightest bit about manners and respect, and whose parents I have to feel sorry for.

From: Alison on Mar-18-2006
saw the reviews of Wanda's Pie in the Sky and felt like I should run to 'her' defence. I spent the better part of a year sitting every afternoon drinking tea, gorging on her amazing food (scones, soups, pies, etc...) and enjoying the small cozy atmosphere. In fact, I wrote my entire thesis sitting at a table in the corner of that small cafe on Cumberland. I have never felt so welcome and comfortable in a toronto cafe, the staff was friendly and generous, Wanda (when she came by, which she often did along with her husband) is also a friendly, open individual, who is passionate about her recipies and whose love of food shines through. I was disappointed to see the 'bad' reviews, I have never felt so much 'the opposite'. Love Wanda's! Its my favorite place to go in toronto for a great lunch and a sweet fix.

From: Yen on Aug-30-2006
Saw all of the negative reviews and I have to say, I mostly disagree from my personal experience with her cookbook.... I bought Wanda's cookbook after watching her on a segment of a canadian show demonstrating pie crusts etc. (how to get the right texture, butter vs. shortening, tips) and I have tried a few recipes from the book itself. Never tried a cheesecake yet, so I can't contest the other fellow who said the cheesecake recipes didn't work for them...I've made some of the cookies and brownies (rugulach & white chocolate brownies, chocolate pecan pie--everyone LOVED them!) and this weekend I'm going to make the lemon meringue cake this labour Day weekend and it sounds wonderful. I've never been to the cafe itself even though I live in the city, so no comment of the other people who said the service was bad and the pies were old. Yorkville is not quite my scene. But as an avid home baker who owns an extensive collection of baking & cookbooks, I can say the results have been nothing but positive for what I've made with Wanda's book. I would like to comment on the person who didn't have her lemon meringue pie turn out because of the addition of vanilla extract. While I see both recipes that do and do not call for it, I don't know if that can take the hit of the whole pie being a failure as its a matter of personal taste. Also, even from the best source sometimes, recipes can be altered and certain ingredients can be omitted as the person sees fit. If you though vanilla shouldn't belong, don't put it in. I get a lot of recipe ideas from bonappetit and the people who rate/review the recipes sometimes from famous chefs will suggest what they omitted or added to suit their own personal tastes. You don't have to read everything to the last letter, experiment a little! Or omit something you don't think belongs... Seems though that more people are upset about the service and the freshness of the store, but there is no question her book is one of my favourites in my collection and it is a must for every baker who loves desserts!

From: Nika on Nov-08-2006
I have been going to Wanda�s for six years. I have to strongly disagree with people who thought the pies at Wanda�s are not up to par. I have never ever had a pie that is as good as the sour cherry pie at Wanda�s. Her soups and sandwiches are first rate. In particular, in October 2006 I had curried coconut squash soup that was amazing. I even begged for the recipe. But alas, it is a closely guarded secret. Now, let me say a few words concerning the service. In my experience the service is friendly. Of course, you do not get the kind of attention that you would expect in the restaurant. But Wanda�s is not a restaurant; it�s a busy caf� that offers first rate fare at low, low prices. In fact, there are very few other places in Toronto where you can get food of such high quality for this price. Do not listen to the bitter gourmands. Visit Wanda�s. Try their sour cherry pie (warmed up!) and make up your own mind.

From: ! on Jul-23-2007

From: Linda Saslove on Nov-27-2007
I love Wanda's. No one make scones like hers by the way. I love the apple and blueberry ones. Used to go to her store all the time. I got the chocolate cake once for my boyfriend and it clearly was the best fudge choc. cake I had ever eaten. Absolutely love the cookies I have tried and all the pies. Just recently got her cookbook.

From: Linda on Nov-27-2007
I love Wanda's. No one make scones like hers by the way. I love the apple and blueberry ones. Used to go to her store all the time. I got the chocolate cake once for my boyfriend and it clearly was the best fudge choc. cake I had ever eaten. Absolutely love the cookies I have tried and all the pies. Just recently got her cookbook.

From: Murray on Dec-14-2007
We had the Saskatoon berry pie (special order) for a family dinner and it was superb. We have also had the best cheesecake we've had in Toronto (special order) from Wanda's, although Winnipeg is still where I've had the best cheesecake yet.

From: Emily on Jul-05-2008
Just picked up a special order coconut cream pie from their Mount Pleasant location and wanted to say I was really pleasantly surprised! The crust was fresh, and filling as it should be. One of the best pies I've had in Toronto and we will definitely visit again.

From: Norma on Oct-06-2008
Beware the lemon-less lemon meringue pie and crappy customer service. Bought a lemon meringue pie for my husband's birthday. No lemon flavour to it whatsoever. They cheerfully refunded my money, but what about my embarassment serving that lousy pie to a bunch of guests at the birthday party? What about the person behind the counter that gave me a hard time for not having cash because their debit machine wasn't working? What about having to ask for a $2 refund after being forced to use a cash machine across the street with a $2 service fee...and then being given 2 cookies without a choice, milk based cookies when I'm lactose intolerant. What about calling to discuss the pie on Saturday and never getting a call back? Never again!!!!

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From: Christina on Jan-06-2010
I've been to the Kensington Market location of Wanda's.... and they are hands down one of the WORST dessert places in Toronto. Not only are they serving mediocrity, their customer service is absolute garbage. I've been here three times and I'm never going back. All of the staff here are extremely unpleasant- rolling their eyes at me when I ask for a couple of minutes to select a pie, cut slopping uneven pieces, give condescending answers when asking about the flavours. The product itself is also terrible... the worst though has to be the lemon meringue. The crust tasted strongly of uncooked flour and the "lemon" part of the lemon meringue was not smoother as it should be but had more of the texture of scrambled eggs. Never again.

From: Sonia on Jan-27-2010
Wanda may be a great baker, but she and her staff are so unpleasant and the customer service is so terrible that I WOULD NEVER SET FOOT IN THAT BAKERY AGAIN EVEN IF IT WERE THE LAST ONE IN TORONTO!!!

From: Lucy on Jan-27-2010
I have an allergy to corn products and I had called to see whether Wanda could make me a certain cake without corn products. The person who answered the phone told me she would consult the baker and call me back soon. Eight hours later, with no response, I called again and the gentleman who answered told me that the bakers had gone home for the day and that someone would call me the next day. When I received that call, the person on the phone was very short with me and seemed to be annoyed by my questions, but she told me that the cake could be made without corn. When I received my cake, it was NOT as described on the menu. When I spoke with Wanda about it, first she tried to tell me that the cake I received WAS as described, and when I proved that it wasn't, she then told me that they had to change the entire cake to suit my allergy. I told her that it was fine, but that I had not been told that it would be changed. She angrily said that I had been told, and asked me if there was any other problem with the cake other than that it didn't match the description. When I said no, she said FINE and HUNG UP ON ME!!! I WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!

From: sarah on Mar-08-2010
Rude! And for all the blatant crowing about having the best coffee, if their street sign is to be believed, the coffee is TERRIBLE. At least now I know that it's Dark City and their coffee is horrible and burnt and I'll know to avoid it in any other coffee shop I visit.

From: J on Oct-05-2010
My take-out strawberry rhubard pie had BLUE FUZZY MOULD inside once I had already eaten half of it! I am completely disgusted and would never go back! CHECK YOUR TAKE OUT PIES before paying. It was also obviously dry and old. The fruit inside was like fruit roll-up (no joke!). The crust was also quite stale and tasteless. I was NOT impressed and am not sure why this place is so popular! (I have also posted on YELP, Urbanspoon and written to the Toronto Food Health)

Comments on store: The Chocolate Moose
From: Ree on Jan-03-2004
I tasted those milk chocolate non parrels multi colored and fell in love with them

From: Micki on Sep-28-2004
Nice variety of hard to find baking chocolate as well as a wonderful selection of chocolates and candy.

From: Carey on Mar-20-2008
It's hard to go to the Chocolate Moose and not buy lots of good candies and chocolate! The loose chocolates are the best - the cordials and malted milk balls are outstanding. The dark chocolate covered orange peel is to die for. They have tons of flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans and M&M Color Works.

Comments on store: Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe
From: Glenn Chiasson on May-25-2003
wow..this is the coolest thing since sliced bread.tres cool

From: anonymous on Jun-26-2003
Great atmosphere, but service lets something to be desired. The worst decaf coffee I have ever had. One should probably stick to the regular coffee. Customer service is French-style.

From: Milton Nunes, Partner on Jul-05-2003
We have not been brewing drip decaf coffee, we brew decaff "Americano style", this does make a more bitter coffee. We will change this immediatly and brew it drip for those who preffer decaff. We also brew Illy, Dean & Deluca, a rotating daily feature(Sumatra, Kenya,Ethiopian) as well as our house blend on a daily basis, this gives our customers some of the best coffee selection anywhere in the city. AS for the service, we are quite new at this and are still getting use to some things. We have been meeting with a consulting team and hope to implement some changes that will allow us to offer excellent customer service. In the meantime we do the best that we can and concentrate on providing our guests with great food. Thank-you for your comments and we appreciate feedback from our customers. Sincerely, Milton Nunes President

From: ms dinis on Jul-18-2003
my first experience at le gourmand was truly delightful, i had their famous capuccino and chocolate croissant, then became a true glutten and had a waffle cone with lemon gelato. i told all my friends about my experience and now its our favourite cafe in the city.

From: felicia macdamon on Jul-18-2003
my first visit to Toronto took me to this beautiful european style cafe, what a blessing, the croissants, coffee, gelato, cookies, groceries, i bought it all, give me more. Excellent, i will be back.

From: chocolateroom on Oct-16-2003
We visited the cafe recently and was dissapointed with the avocado and egg sandwich, it needs some flavour! The two line-ups are abit confusing, one for food and the other for drinks clear signs for the first time customers. If they could offer more couverture chocolates from Cacao Barry or Lindt that would be great! Atmosphere is great.

From: katherine kenzi on Oct-18-2003
A couple of us ordered 3 different kinds of hot chocolate drinks and were dissapointed that they tasted almost the same! It`s either they did not put enough of the fancy chocolate powder or perhaps they just don`t taste as good as it seems to be.....especially with names like dark Venezuelan, Poulains 60% cacao etc......where`s the chocolate flavor?!! october 18th 2003 12pm.

From: Mrs McLean on Oct-24-2003
Excellent staff, delicious pastries and coffee. I love this place and hope it continues to grow. yum yum!

From: Veronika Cox on Dec-18-2003
I appreciate the great products at reasonable prices. The staff is always friendly, and the quality of the prepared foods is unquestionable. Thank you to owner Milton Nunes!

From: Leslie Jones on Feb-29-2004
I love it! They seem to have the best of everything from chai lattes ( sorry starbucks, not a chance! ) to chocolate croissants, a delicious and healthy lunch menu and creative gifts, with a basket service to boot! The staff is fantastic and the owner is a genius! I've never seen so much thought and effort go into a cafe, and it is well appreciated by all the local residents! Keep the good stuff coming, Gourmand!

From: Michelle Green on Aug-10-2004
What a wonderful find, the bichon are best! The most wonderful staff from all over the world. Warm and friendly. I hope to see more Gourmand's appearing soon!

From: Mrs. Spadafora on Oct-18-2004
I love the vanilla tea. The pastries are marvellous. But, I have found that the teas are not always in stock. Very dissapointing when you travel a distance to purchase it by the box.

From: Mike Pizzuti on Oct-28-2004
Wow! Just returned home after a weekend in Toronto, and the hands-down highlight was our breakfast (both days) at Le Gourmand. We spent August in Europe, and Le Gourmand's pastries are the closest thing to Paris's delights this side of the Atlantic! The pain au chocolat is keeping me up at night dreaming... The Bichon (sp?) was also amazing. Great coffee and very friendly service too. Can't wait to go back!

From: anon.. on Nov-14-2004
I have been to this cafe many times and believe it is one of the best!!! The service is amazing, the food just as good, and the owner amazing for everything he has put together. I would reccomend this cafe strongly to anyone!!! Try the lemon bichon, its my personal favorite.

From: a neighbor on Dec-25-2004
I live right in the neighborhood and visit every saturday or sunday morning for my coffee and their fruit and homemade yogurt. Such a treat and extrememly relaxing to sit and read. A great way to start a weekend day. Atmosphere can not be beat.

From: leslie begout on Jan-18-2005
i have been to really nice cafes in paris and le gourmand in my opinion is a copy cat, they don't produce real authentic product, everything is bought from suppliers, i want to see them make their own croissants and ice cream.

From: Milton Nunes on Jan-19-2005
Hello Leslie, I am extremely honoured that you would compare Le Gourmand to what I would assume would be the world's best cafes in Paris. Unfortunatelly I have never been to Paris and therefore I would not know of any similarities. Le Gourmand was conceived in my head over the period of almost 3 years. I have never seen anything like it anywhere. The name suggests that it be a French cafe but in fact we carry products from all over the world. The name I came across on a trip to Australia where I found a great little BUTCHER called Gourmand Deli. No similarities to LE Gourmand. So your theory of it being a copy cat is totally wrong. What is also wrong is the fact that you think that we have no "authentic product" and that "everyhting is bought from suppliers". That couldn't be further from the truth. Everything is made in house, fresh using quality ingredients. Soups, salads, sandwiches, stews and all other prepared food items are made right here, 7 days a week. As for the Gelato, we bring that in from La Paloma (seasonal) the city's best gelato since 1967. Why would you want to see us make our own when we are already providing our customers with the very best. The Pastry: some is brought in from Dessert Trends and some is brought in from Francois Rahier. Two of the city's top pastry chefs. Both small artisianal shops that make everything from scratch. Everything is finished and baked off here at LE GOURMAND. We also make alot of pastry ourselves from scratch. I addition we strive to offer and provide our customers with the best products that we can find, from Dean & Deluca coffees (exclusive to out strore) to Max Brenner drinking chocolates (also exclusive to us) to a wide variety of hard to find gourmet products from around the world. I'm sorry that you left here with the wrong impression. Next time your in the neighbourhood please stop in and ask for me, I would love to speak to you to try to find out how I could possibly better service my customers. Your Truly, Milton Nunes President

From: Jim S on Feb-18-2005
I have been going to Le Gourmand for many months now and absolutely love it. The food is great, as well as the espresso. I'm very picky about service, and the girls are always incredibly friendly and a pleasure to chat with. Definitely reccomend this place to anyone looking for a relaxing setting. Great job, Gourmand!

From: Daniel Bakala on Feb-28-2005
I have been all over the world. From Amsterdam to Australia. I have visited some incrediable shops, in my time. However I have never been to a shop quite like this. This Le Gourmand as its called, just blew me away. Oh my God, how does this guy do it. Whats his secret?He must be of made a deal with the devil. You have got go there. I tell ya, It was like their was a party in my mouth and you were all invited. Push over Le French GUY, MISTER GOUUUURMANNNNNNNNNN IS HERE! to whip your souffle

From: Shane Right on Feb-28-2005
I just want to say that the service was excellent and the coffee was amazing! The setup in the store (like all of your stores) was clean and uniform, just as I like it. The baristas were pleasant but efficient, saving me from awkward small talk. I also liked all of the additional merchandise you have for sale, including your variety of coffee beans and your after-coffee mints (although, because I was only ordering a Frappucino that day, I didn't need them). In short, thank you for creating the coffee "experience" for me, that you claim fame to. By the way, would it be possible to get some kind of Starbucks voucher for being such a loyal customer? Just kidding! Keep it up!

From: Joshua Marchand on Feb-28-2005
Just saying, stopping though the T-O is a must on any long road trip in my convertible. Besides the eclectic buzz of downtown, your little shop is a beacon in a concrete wasteland. And the drinks!! I had cosmopolitans until I couldn't stand! I was eager to try the wine list because it was very impressive, but there'll be time for that in the future; I have to visit New York soon and redecorate my studio! In the meantime, I'll make sure to recommend you to all of my friends as one of the nicest bars I'VE ever been to :)!!

From: Joseph on May-20-2005
Moved into the area, was told it was good food, but outrageously priced. I just went, got a nice salad. 12 dollars!!!??? It wasn't *that* big... Sorry La Gourmand. That's nuts. J

From: Milton on Aug-26-2005
Hey Joshua, sorry but you don't have the right Le gOurmadn. Perhaps you're reffering to the Le Gourmand in Saettle. No alcohol at this Gourmand, nevr has, never will. Hmmm I guess one should never say never...

From: Milton on Aug-26-2005
J, we take pride in giving our customers tones of great ingredients with their salads. We basically have two types: A la carte where you order a salad from the board and we pack it with tones of fresh toppings and home made dreessings and then we have Bulk salad from our salad bar which you pay for by weight. Compared to similar establishments that make everything fresh on premises and charge by weigh (Epicure cafe at holt renfrew, Pusateri;s, Dish, Alll the best...) our prices are very reasonable. We give you the good stuff, unlike other establishments that make you believe that your getting a good salad but instead all you're really doing is EATTING LETTUCE! Milton

From: Antonia on Mar-08-2006
I was looking for a nice place to have desserts with some friends close to Queen and Spadina and found Le Gourmand. We tried two of the cakes: a mocha cake and a strawberry mousse cake. They looked lovely but sorry, we were disappointed in their texture and taste. There were only three cakes to choose from that day as well. I decided to try their pastries instead and the almond croissant turned out to be pretty good. I liked the flaky pastry they used for the croissant. I don't think I'd go back however. I found it to be a bit overpriced for what it is.

From: Marc on Apr-05-2006
Great place for an afternoon coffee and pastry!

From: Friend on Jan-11-2007
The Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe is looks great and good food. The coffee is smooth and good, I tryed it today. I am happy. Thank You

From: mmmmmGOOD on Jan-30-2007
very good food MMMMMMMMgoodMMMMMMMM

From: Navdeep Gill on Apr-03-2007
I am so glad there is a location at Yonge/Bloor. Hits: cafe au lait, coffee, and the croissants & cookies and the reasonable prices. Misses: opera cake

From: New Yorker living in Toronto on Sep-04-2007
As a homesick New Yorker now living in Toronto, I have to thank Le Gourmand. The quality of the food is excellent. My faves are the Cobb salad, meat loaf, chocolate chip and Nookie cookies. Most of all, I don't have to travel to Soho to get Dean & Deluca products anymore! Thanks Milton!

From: Jo on Dec-19-2007
I am a daily at the Yonge and Bloor location. Butter croissant and small coffee for $2.49! I always have exact change (well... $2.50) in my pocket ready to go. Though sometimes I switch it up with a pain du chocolat or berliner. The staff at this location are excellent - friendly, efficient and very accomodating. Last week, I enquired about the Bonania cocao mix you have on display and the server informed me that it's not for sale. Milton, can you tell me where I can get my hands on a few boxes? Thanks. Also, might you consider bringing your storefront out of the dingy Hudson Bay foodcourt and onto the Bloor street level? And perhaps add cafe style seating? None of the other cafes in the area compare to your quality of food and service - not Cafe Supreme, Cultures, or Piazza Manna. Thanks for making my day! Jo

From: Marc on May-26-2008
I got a stale custard tart today, usually they're fresh. Hope it will be only one time...

From: Denise on Jun-11-2008
I really loved the sandwich I had Monday, It was great. I have lots of friends who love the place to.

From: Martin Riggs on Jun-22-2008
I absolutely love this place, I can't find a single thing wrong with it, the food is out of this world and the quality of service and professionalism has improved greatly over the last month or two - must have been a change in management, will definitely recommend this store to all my friends

From: Amanda on Apr-29-2009
i love this place. i have been a regular customer for the past 3 years and I have always received friendly service form the staff. The quality of the food is never questionable and the ambience can't be beat.

From: Rodney on May-02-2009
Finally, a place that serves up good food at reasonable prices. I am so happy that i work close by. Awesome!!!

From: Sam on Jun-25-2009
This is my favourite place to have a coffee and relax. It's a great place to grab a light lunch and just sit back and people watch.

From: Marcia on Jun-25-2009
I love le gourmand. The pastries are baked throughout the day and are amazing and allways fresh and they have excellent espresso.

From: Dominic on Nov-02-2009
this was in fact, love at first bite! Initially intrigued by the superior flow of customers in comparison to the Starbucks two doors down (Spadina and Richmond location), my first visit converted me to a full time LeGourmand customer. From their amazing coffee to their wide range of pastries and delicacies offered on the lunch menu, LeGourmand goes above and beyond the expectations that we as a society have been forced to submit to. The lack of substance provided to us by these corporational competitors who neglect quality in order to further fill their pockets are no match for what LeGourmand has to offer. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that the expansion of more LeGourmand locations would be a benefit to us all!

From: james on Mar-05-2010
Obviously you dont know the owners or management, if so you would know they expanded and failed, and the owner blames it on the customers. However the customers will tell you otherwise.The place is lacking in many ways, and is in line with corporational values in the lies and deciet they promote.They are not much better than starbucks, and in fact play a cheating game of offering starbuck drinkers a voucher for free coffee. They hire people to stand near starbucks to give them a le gourmand voucher, while not offering this to non starbuck drinkers. They prefer you cover you starbucks cup too if you walk into their business.Their food is not overly healthy, if you were to eat the deserts you would surely aid yourself into a heartattack. The place lacks service, honesty and many other thing. The staff is lazy, inconsiderate, and rude,the management is selfish and immature and so is the owner.

From: James on Mar-05-2010
read the toronto life review for more recent customer reviews and Mr. nunes take on things. Its funny.

From: anonymous on May-10-2010
James, seems like you went through alot of trouble to write your comment. Le Gourmand has expanded and done extremely well doing so. The Eglinton location was closed not because the business model didn't work but for reasons that you are not aware of. As far as the management and the owner your comment leads me to believe that you know them personally, do you? I live in the Morgan building and Starbucks constantly stands in front of Le Gourmand sampling their drinks so its fair that Le gourmand try to play the same game. Its is common for any restaurant not to allow outside food or drink, so why should you be allowed to take your starbucks beverage into Le Gourmand? The food is healthy and the desserts are all made with quality ingredients. You obviously have a hidden agenda.

From: Sarah on Jun-28-2010
Anonymous???Hidden agenda??Anonymous???Hidden Agenda??? Hmmm...expanding le gourmand??? They just shut all their doors for every location due to poor business planning!!

From: Charles on Apr-21-2011
Good cookies. Terrible service. No system for managing lineups. Total chaos. If you order lunch to stay, they sometimes (if they feel like it) give you a number and bring your food (good idea) but sometimes just leave it on the counter and YELL, (um, bad idea) which you can't really hear from your table over the general din. Have been putting up with the terrible service for years, but I'm over it. For what their cookies cost, I can just learn to bake.

Comments on store: Smalltalk Bakery Cafe & Restaurant

Comments on store: Sun Valley Fine Foods
From: WCD on Jun-30-2007
Frank helped me a lot on my aimless food journey to Sun Valley, i found everything i needed for my mothers dinner and she loved it! I went in there thinking it was hopeless but he helped me, the employers there are great!

From: John on Jun-19-2011
Very nice food shop on the Danforth.

Comments on store: Alchemy Baking
From: Alex on Feb-19-2005
Alchemy Baking has moved! It is not posted on their website yet, but on the front door it says it has moved to Augusta Avenue between College and Oxford streets.

From: Leah on Aug-31-2005
Alchemy Bakery has moved to Kensington market a better location. They are on Augusta one block south of College, You have to try their ginger and chocolate shortbreads! yum yum

From: Hal Swann on Jun-04-2007
I just wish Brian would make those delectable lemon squares again.

From: Ken on Nov-04-2007
Sadly, Alchemy Baking (at 287 Augusta in the Market) has now closed down. We'll miss their sourdough loaves, their flavoured meringues and curry shortbreads. There's a sign in the window which says that Wanda's Pie in the Sky will be opening at that same location.

Comments on store: Dessert Trends
From: #1 on Feb-11-2003
Very nice, everthing sounds so delicious!!!

From: louise on Feb-16-2003
We sampled their chocolate raspberry and pecan tarts at the LCBO at Royal and Bloor--outstanding!! I can't wait until they open a store of their own.

From: mellany on Apr-12-2003
I recently purchased the Opera cake from Dessert Trends and the presentation was beautiful and sophisticated. Each of the decorative elements were made of the highest quality products and equally delicious. Now to the cake, each bite was savoured and enjoyed by all who had a piece. The only draw back is that Dessert Trends does not have a fully functioning retail outlet, as of yet. In spite of this problem, you can call ahead to order a cake for pick-up.

From: Happy Bride on Jul-10-2003
Dessert Trends is amazing. They recently did my wedding cake and everyone says it's the most beautiful cake they have ever seen. Our caterer said that "it's not a cake. It's a sculpture". And that's exactly what it is. We had a 3 layer white cake with raspberries and buttercream that was wrapped in ruffled white chocolate. It was absolutley amazing. Not only did it look great, but tasted awesome as well.

From: Catherine on Nov-18-2003
Definitely the place for best pastry & cake in Toronto! Only best quality material used.

From: cynthia on Jan-06-2004
we had just ordered a baptismal cake , the christening was sunday jan 04/04, my guests were impressed. the cake was beautiful. i don't feel i couldv'e asked for better. it was beyond what we were expecting. my grandaughters baptism was a great success. i highly recommend the bakery to everyone. if you want something different and outstanding this is the place. don the owner was a pleasure to work with.

From: Guillermo on Jan-15-2004
We used Don for our wedding. Aside from us, the cake got the second most attention. It was stunning to look at and delicious to eat. We had children and adults alike coming up to the cake and asking if it was real, then taking pictures of it. After a lot of looking around for cakes we found the pricing to be extremely competitive and Don and ease to deal with. I would highly recommend any one shopping around for special occasion cakes (or any for that matter) to make this place one of your can not go wrong.

From: saman on Jul-07-2004
I've had Dessert Trends cakes over the last 2 years. They are absolutley incredibe! I finally visited their shop and its a small artisan-style bakery where the bakers make the whole cake - no factory style baking. The bakers do everything from cracking the eggs, mixing the batter to taking it out of the oven. I definately recommend them.

From: anonymous on May-30-2005
Excellent - best cakes in Toronto. I wouldn't go anywhere else for birthday cakes or cakes for celebrations.

From: Daniel on Sep-09-2005
I've had cakes and pastries from Dessert Trends for years now. Their wedding cakes are the best in Toronto! It's not full of fake ingredients like some factory stores, but hand made with genuine imported ingredients. Now that they've finally opened a retail outlet I can't be any happier. I highly recommend that you at least try it out before deciding.

From: Bug on Oct-05-2005
I had a Tiramisu last year for my beau's birthday cake and went back again this year. We've been having tiramisus in all the Italian restaurants we've been to this year, and nothing compares. They filled my order within 24 hours (my bad, last minute arrangements). Staff was super nice, though finding them was a bit difficult. It is such a deal buying from them directly. Highly recommended.

From: Ming on Jan-17-2006
Is this the same Dessert Trends that recently opened at Harbord and Brunswick?

From: Terry-Anne on Jan-17-2006
Wow ... I was at Dessert Trends Cafe at 154 Harbord St (at Brunswick) on the weekend and was amazed with what I saw and tasted. Chef Don is incredible ... his pastries are to die for! The lunch was awesome ... possibly the most delicious and wholesome meal I've had in a real long time. The place is quite busy from noon till 2:00 ... so i'll be going after 2:00 in future weekends. It is the same business as the Weston Rd location. It has been nicely written up in several newspapers recently ... but it took me a couple of months to make the little trip there. Chef Don got the top prize at the Culinary Olympics in 2004. Fresh pastries and croissants come down to the Harbord location in the morning. Things are going so well there that I heard talk of another Dessert Trends location in a few months. I lived for six months in Paris ... and feel that being at Dessert Trends is like a fast trip to Paris.

From: Lisa on Jun-01-2006
I picked up some assorted pastries and a 7" cake (chocolate passion !) on Sunday morning for a suprise birthday party. They looked amazing and tasted even better. Everyone raved about them. I now where to get a great whenever I need one. thanks Dessert Trends for making the party memmorable

From: Beth on Nov-11-2006
My husband and I have heard so many great things about your cakes, pastries and weekend brunch. We were amazed with your brunch last Sunday ... we don't know of a better place in town for brunch. Two days later we just had to try your place for dinner ... and to our surprise it was even better than the brunch. We can't wait till you get your liquor license. We'd be a lot happier if you were in the north part of the city. Thanks for being here!

From: Pierre on Mar-07-2007
Awesome!!! The lunch and brunch at DT Bistroare amazing. I'm really looking forward to them openning in late March for dinner. Hopefully they'll have their liquour license and corkage option soon. The exceptional pastries, bread and biscotti (the best in the GTA) were originally what brought me there in January ... but it's the lunch and brunch that I enjoy the most now. It's a real unique culinary delight that we Torontonians should be extra poud of! Thanks DT!

From: Angela Darling on Jul-23-2007
Dessert Trends does offer some of the loveliest treats to be had - but be prepared to shell out $15 -$20 for a small smoothie or latte and dessert. A bit too pricey for what you get. The staff was courteous but kept changing the price of the smoothie which was advertised at $4 and ended up costing $5 plus tax. The desserts were yummy but again - at $8.00 a pop - they should be. Not for those on a budget.

From: Sandra on Aug-27-2007
10+++ Wow ... what a place! I live in Oakville but have heard many great things about Dessert Trends in the past year from several good friends ... but it wasn't till yesterday that I was finally able to truly 'experience' the place. It was quite busy in the afternoon but quieted around 3:00. There is so much to experience there. The French Toast is definitely the best I've ever had in my life (and I've tasted French Toast at over 50 places in US, Canada and France). To my delight the Chef has recently introduced gelato and ice cream ... which is equally impressive. The Chef lived in Italy a few years ago and created some amazing new flavours there. We also tried the apple galette and raspberry tart (mmmm!). I saw the Gold Medals that the Chef won at the most prestigious culinary cometition in the world ... the 2004 World Culinary Olympics. Not sure why the papers haven't discovered this place yet. The servers were friendly and quite helpful (for such a unique Patisserie/Bistro). When they're licensed in October I'll certainly be going there for my monthly ladies night out dinners. Thanks DT ... please consider opening another store in Oakville ... we'll welcome you with open arms!!!!!!!

From: Ioana Bertrand on Nov-04-2007
We went for a late lunch on a Friday, attracted by the desserts. Although the food and desserts are in general delicious and very beautifully presented, the waiting times and poor service make the prices seem expensive. It's really a shame, the food deserves better treatment - surely even young staff can be trained to be faster and aware of their customers. [We waited, standing, for 10 minutes to be seated, although 3 tables were unoccupied, because the staff would not clean them up, then we were left for another 13 minutes to languish without a menu, and there was a 25 min. gap between the meal proper and the desserts!] The onion soup was great, but looked mangled from having been spilled all over the rim of the bowl in its travel to the table. The mushroom soup tasted good but was too thin, not creamy enough, and the added oil made unpleasant puddles on its surface. The poorly designed porcelain soup spoons should be replaced with normal cutlery a.s.a.p.! The sandwich was generous and interesting, the peppers with goat cheese just right, and the fresh, fragrant salad dressing made the unusual/ decorative sprouts all the more enticing! The desserts are a delight, in both presentation, taste and originality, and worth the visit on their own merit, although the sterile, spare, modernistic decor does not prepare the patron for how noisy the whole place is... Kudos to the chef - but train your staff!

From: Marc & Ren�e on Feb-08-2008
We took our mothers to DT Bistro yesterday for lunch and we all just loved it. We got our wedding cake done by Chef Don in '06 and people are still talking about it. The Bistro/Patisserie is so clean and well decorated. We each chose a different item for lunch, which was smart, since everything there is great and reasonably priced. We even tried some gelato flavours on the wintery day and enjoyed it as well. We'll be going back on Sunday to try out their Brunch which we hear is also exceptional. The servers Jennifer and Laura are pleasant, fast and appear rightfully proud of to be working in such a unique place in Toronto. We're looking forward to trying their dinner in April when they'll be licensed.

From: Marc & Ren�e on Feb-14-2008
As planned we did return on Sunday to try out the highly acclaimed Brunch. Wow! Unfortunately we arrived at 1:00 and had to wait fifteen minutes to be seated. The wait was well worth it. The four of us again tried different menu items and were extremely pleased with everything. We've concluded that everything the Chef makes is impressive. The croque monsieur and French toast were our favourite but we will be back to try other options. We have no idea how one Chef can be so talented making so many pastries, cakes, gelato, lunch, brunch and dinner and many other things. We couldn't help but look around in the bright room to see so many innovative dishes and grateful customers and to discover why this place is becoming so popular. If we didn't get our wedding cake from Don we would likely never have discovered the place. If you go on the weekend we suggest you go before noon. Thanks Chef Don and thanks YummyBaguette!

From: Mathew on Jul-19-2008
It's great to see that DT Bistro finally got their liquor license. They have a nice selection of wine and beers. The place is a great place at night to bring friends, since I always know that whoever I bring will be equally impressed with the charm, pastries, gelato and whatever may be on the menu. Hopefully they'll starting serving complete dinners soon since their lunch and brunch items are all awesome. I've never tried their dinner menu but have heard from others that it is where the Chef can best expose his incredible talents. I was told that he's moving to NYC next year to run a Patisserie/restaurant but hope that he will not go.

From: Melissa on Aug-18-2008
Princess for a Night On June 29th, Dessert Trends made my 40th birthday wishes come true! As a gift to family and friends, I rented out Dessert Trends to celebrate my 40th birthday in style. And what style it was! From the three-plated appetizer to the extraordinarily superb entrees, to the best gelato I've ever tasted, the event was seamlessly orchestrated. And, in true Chef Don style, the cake was a masterpiece--designed and decorated to fit my personal tastes and style. It was my dream birthday party and DT made my dreams come true. From beginning to end, Chef Don, Wayne and the whole DT staff made me feel special, and I know my guests felt the same way. I will be forever grateful!

From: Linda on Dec-04-2008
I Had my annual luncheon party yesterday and I have to say that the highlight of the event was definitely the Yule Logs (B�che de No�l) that Dessert Trends made. They make the best Yule Logs in Toronto � or any city that I have ever lived in. I was surprised to hear that they have been making such for over ten years. I seemed to be the only person that had never heard of Dessert Trends. The selection of mini-French pastries were divine and the specialty cookies and biscotti were equally exceptional. I�m looking forward to visiting their Patisserie over the holidays. Kudos to the Pastry Chef for doing such an impressive job and thanks for getting us into the festive spirit.

From: George on Dec-27-2008
My family just love everything that DT makes ... and our holiday festivities were enjoyed more because of the many pastries, cookies and treats that we had. Thanks DT and Best Wishes for another great years!

From: YumYum on Jan-02-2009
Just got a raspberry cheesecake from the retail store on Hartford (downtown Toronto). It was delicious. Not only that but the presentation beautiful, cost $30... which i thought was quite reasonable for a 7" cheesecake. Anyways, will be going back, service is exceptional, offered complementary snacks and coffee/tea.

From: Caroline on Feb-27-2009
the best winterlicious in Toronto Four of us had an absolutely amazing dining experience earlier this evening. We had dinner at DT Bistro and all agreed that it was the best Prix Fixe meal in years. I'll be back again, perhaps each week, since the incredible price of $25 is has been extended till the end of March. We came knowing how great the pastries were but were amazed to discover that the dinner menu items were all of the same caliber too. There are so many choices for each of the dishes. Thanks DT for treating us so well ... and to Julia for choosing the location for dinner!!

From: Tim on Mar-01-2009
I agree - the food at DT Bistro is awesome. The main dishes were a pleasnt surprise (especially the lamb shank and steak! Wish I knew about this place a year ago.

From: complainant on Sep-19-2009
i just got a cake from there and the servers there were very polite, but the owners wife, jiajia or something lacks any customer service skills or social skills for that matter. My complaint was with the writing on the cake, it was not to my liking and i asked if it could be redone. Jiaja said that's the way it is written. I said i didn't care what the excuses were all i wanted to know is what can you do about it? Then a kind server mentioned getting another chocolate card but jiaja glared at her and said "can i help you" in an rude and arrogant tone. BUT the server made a great suggestion and jiajia neeeds to stay out of sight of the customers because her poor attitude and smug demeanor makes me want to boycott. aside from this stupid stupid woman, it has good servers and good food. keep up the good work chef Duong but keep your wife away from the customers!

From: complainant on Sep-19-2009
sorry i forgot to mention that from the time i got the cake jiajia was rude and defensive that i disliked the cake. her overall tone from start to finish was ridiculous.

From: Happy Susan on May-19-2010
Best place in Toronto for Bridal Showers. Thanks to a google search last month my girl friend and I discovered Dessert Trends. The servers were friendly, the place/atmosphere amazing, the price very reasonable and the food spectacular and beyond our expectations. The weather was nice and so all of the doors were open. The bride to be felt like a real princess ... and she deserved to have such an experience. We went with the Afternoon tea option and were very pleased. One of the ladies has already booked ahead for a baby shower party for a similar experience since it's hard to get a group booking. Thanks DT - Susan!

From: Ruth on Dec-26-2010
I heard that Dessert Trends was open on the morning of Christmas and so was able to pick up some last minute pastries. To my amazement I was shocked to discovered such awesome place. I bought over ten pastries ... there must have been 30 to choose from and my guests were thrilled as to not only how wow they looked, but how well the pastries tasted. I also bought a beautifully decorated Yule Log (Buche de Noel) which was equally impressive. Only a couple at the house had ever heard of Dessert Trends before ... but now we're all fans of DT! Thanks DT for the unexpected touch to our Christmas!

Comments on store: Phipps Desserts
From: Mike Shine on Feb-23-2004
I was in vacation in Toronto and I went to Phipps Desserts and wow! It was so good!!!! I wanted to taste everything! The staff is very nice too! Go there! Your stomach deserves it!

From: Janet Schreiber on Jul-09-2004
I am the owner from Phipps and I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to read all the comments about our place on your website. Thank you. You made my day!

From: fraser short on Apr-12-2005
HI! i Love phipps and i get many desserts from there and i know the owners and they are great people and the store is a great place to be with great foods and great stuff.You can never get anough phipps is all i can say

From: anonymous on Apr-20-2005
they have the most delicous pasta salads and the most amazing desserts!

From: anonymous on Apr-20-2005
They have the most delicious pasta salads and the most amazing desserts!

From: Brooke Knight on Jun-11-2006
I acquired your wonderful Bran Muffin recipe when the Toronto Star's TV Guide published the recipe many years ago. I laminted it so that it would last me through the years turning to it every time I want to bake a "heart healthy" Bran Muffin. It also gets the "thumbs up" from my family especially when I add blueberries or frozen cranberries! B. Knight Bradford, Ontario Canada

From: michelle on Jun-03-2007
yummy but pricey

From: Sandy-Toronto on Mar-23-2009
Phipps is one of the most wonderful jewels in the city of Toronto. It is so homey and charming as is the staff. The products are all made from scratch and delicious and the salad bar is the best deal in town. We love how kid friendly the owner is as well as they can accomodate the needs of both adults and children. I have never left there without buying a little treat to go as well. Phipps, you are doing everything right !! Please stick around forever.

From: Roxanne on Mar-18-2010
I am fortunate to live near Phipps although shops like Pusateri's carry many of their baked goods. The absolute house specialty has to be the Apple Divine cake that I serve in the morning with coffee or after a meal with icecream. Truly amazing! Phipps ratatouille is the best in the city and no need to spend hours making it when it won't surpass theirs. The cookies, the butter tarts, the delicious cakes and pies are outstanding.

From: George on Mar-27-2010
I never write reviews but what I ate there today was so revolting that I felt I had no choice but to write this review. This place is an absolute joke. We bought some croissants there and they were so aweful that after two bites I threw them in the garbage (after one bite I couldn't believe a croissant could taste so aweful so I had a second bite just to confirm my initial impression). Although I have heard their pies may be good, the simple fact that they would sell this refuse to people speaks volumes - you are better off with two-day old baked goods and pastries from a grocery store chain.

From: Maria on May-03-2010
I am a frequent-er of Phipps Bakery Cafe. I live in the yonge-eglinton area and it's my favourite cafe to visit. The atmosphere is absolutely charming. The staff are so friendly and kind. The interior decorating is delightful, full of colour and creativity! And of course, their goodies are delicious. My usual order is a coffee and a muffin. They have great coffee, in perfect mugs (according to my taste); and their muffins - well, let's just say - as one who has tried the muffins of almost every other coffee shop in the area, theirs are definitely my favorite. I've also tried some of their cookies and tarts and pie samples in the past and they have all been so tasty. They have a great salad bar too with a plethora of healthy choices! I love Phipps and will continue to be a regular visitor. I would recommend this cafe to anyone and everyone for breakfast, lunch, or a snack at any time of the day!

From: Mackenzie Family on Feb-11-2012
Phipps...Phipps...we just cant get enough of Phipps! Everything there is just fabulous from start to finish and they have the best value in a salad bar anywhere in Toronto. We go there on a weekly basis and we dont even live close by, our whole family is just addicted and in love with Phipps! Great variety of goodies, cakes, pies, cookies, etc..., home made soups , entrees and freshly squeezed juices .Who needs to spend a fortune on Charbucks or Second Gunk when you can get a wonderful cup of coffee at Phipps, in lovely mugs and served by a wonderful staff. We wish that there were more shops like this in the city but as long as Phipps is around , there is no where else that we would rather be. We have started buying there new gift cards so that we can spread the word about Phipps in our own way. Once you go to Phipps, you will never want to go anywhere else!. No Quipps about Phipps, its #1 with our whole gang of seven.

Comments on store: Kubata
From: John on Mar-15-2005
I recently visited Kubata and noticed that they dont sell good coffee anymore. Their Kubata blend is just not as robust as I was accustomed to.

From: Aaron on Jun-01-2005
They dont make Truffles anymore :(

Comments on store: The Tea Leaf
From: Cyndy A on Mar-18-2003
I found the Tea Leaf a wonderful experience. From being greeted with a cup of tea - to all their helpful advice and amazing customer service The Tea Leaf will be somewhere I'll return to.

From: Marc C on Jun-25-2003
I had no idea about loose leaf tea until I walked through the door of the charming Queen Street Store. The staff, filled with knowledge, was helpful and friendly. I am hooked on the Tea Leaf.

From: Susan McLennan on Jul-31-2004
A charming store run by friendly, knowledgeable people. A polished jewel in Toronto's crowning neighbourhood.

From: Chris L on Nov-06-2007
Very, very fussy about my tea. Who knew that there is a 'tea somelier' in Toronto. The tea here is chosen with as much care and attention as the finest vintage wines. Would follow this shop and its owner anywhere.

From: Pianita on Mar-22-2008
Sadly desapointed, no pastries ready and was hoping to experience the matcha lattes and were not prepared or to be sampled....Staff was unenthusiastic. Hope they do well for the future.

From: Mad Steepster on Feb-11-2010
RUDE TERRIBLE SERVICE. The owner of this store was insensitive to my vision and my method of ordering tea (writing down names and quantities) she rudely told me to stop and took the menu away. I told her what for a left. I was recently angered by the owner of The Tea Leaf who was incredibly rude to me. I have vision problems and cannot read the tiny cards placed in front of the tea bins. So I was reading their menu instead, I saw some teas I wanted (common teas) and I wrote down the name and how much I wanted. It was going to be an order. The indignant presumable owner came over to me and said she didn't want customers writing down all of her prices. I said I was making an order, I had already listed 3 teas with quantities AND NO PRICES. She rudely rebuffed me and took the menu away as I was holding it. Read this, she took the menu out of my hands. What rudeness, what audacity! I was very angry, told her so and left. Absolutely the worst service imaginable. How rude!

From: Miki on Feb-16-2010
I was so shocked to see the negative comments posted about the Tea Leaf! While I've only been to the store twice, I'm impressed by their staff's positive attitude and in-depth knowledge of the teas they serve. I stayed to enjoy some scones and a Rooibos Pear tea on Feb 10 and would say that their service was impeccable. I definitely won't hesitate to recommend the Tea Leaf to my friends!

From: BayviewVillage Res on Mar-29-2010
We go to the tea Leaf all the time. The service is always pleasant. The teas are truly of the highest quality with the staff eager to discuss the various ways to brew and serve. Food service is light - scones (with real devon cream and jam) and an assortment of desserts and quiches. The only place in the area to go if you are looking for a great cup of tea and serenity. Note to others: It does get pretty busy on the weekend but you can almost always get a table.

From: Christine on Dec-27-2010
This is a fucking ridiculous institution. I arrived with a party of 9 adults and this Nazi like place kicked out my 2 year old for having juice. This place had no juice to offer us in return. As a parent this was an incredibly inconsiderate situation and I strongly encourage people win hearts to stop frequenting this establishment. That and that fact that their tea is overpriced.

From: Catherine from Toronto on Dec-27-2010
I sympathize with your situation. Policies like that should be flexible for babies and toddlers. It would be perfectly acceptable to kick out a 10 year old with outside food as they are old enough to understand but a 2 yr old drinking juice would be ludicrous and a sign of awful customer service especially given the holiday season. To top it off Bayview Village is a very stroller and mom friendly mall so for a single tenant to be so unreasonable towards families is very disappointing. I will be sure to avoid this place alon with any recemendations to it.

From: horrible service on Feb-08-2011
I was in Bayview Village with my mom, having a nice time. We stopped for a bite at the cafe next door. I bought a tea there. Then my mom told me that there was a tea place next door (the tea leaf) that she wanted to check out. I had already bought my tea, but I figured if she liked the store, I would buy mine there next time. I am a huge tea lover and would have potentially brought big business to this store. So when I came to meet my mom, she was sitting in the seating area outside the store. My mom got her tea and was drinking it. I sat next to her to keep her company. Next thing I know, a staff member comes over and tells me that I cannot have my tea in their seating area. I told her that I was unaware of their policy. I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she said I could put it awaqy behind my coat or something. So I did, and told her I wouldn't drink it while sitting there, but apparently that wasn't good enough. So she asked me to leave. I was appauled. This is not how you treat customers or even potential customers. It would have been more courteous to advise me of their policy and ask me politely to uphold it the next time...not kick me out like a common criminal. My mom sat there by herself finishing her mediocre tea, by the way. I don't know what the owner of this store is so afraid of, but I do know it cannot be a good vibe she's sending out. What goes around comes around, so I'm not concerned. Just hope people are smart and stand up for themselves. This is a capitalist country with lots of tea stores. Stores should be going out of their way for our business, not making us feel like their doing us a favor. Never been so rudely treated in my life. Will take my business elsewhere, like David's teas in Promenade, for example, excellent teas and service, even filled my mom's thermos with hot water without charging her as I bought my tea there and she had her own. Now that's service. Nice to know we have a choice.

From: Carol on Mar-22-2011
RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE ABSURD POLICY My husband and I were shopping at Bayview Village Shopping Centre on Saturday, March 20th, 2011 and as I am a tea drinker we stopped in at The Tea Leaf. We noticed that they had a lovely looking salmon and dill quiche and decided to each order a slice of quiche and sit down for some lunch. My husband asked for a coffee and was told they didn�t have any. He turned to me and said he was going to get a coffee and he would be right back to join me for lunch. The young woman behind the counter asked me what kind of tea I wanted. I wasn�t sure as I had not yet had a chance to peruse their selection which is kept in tins on shelves behind the counter. The tins are labeled with small labels and I was having a hard time seeing the names of the different teas. The woman behind the counter told me she needed to know what type of tea I wanted; green, black or herbal as she needed to ring in my purchase. She never offered to help me select a tea or to tell me about the different types they sell. There was another woman on duty that just stood there and also didn�t offer to help explain all the varieties of teas available. I felt pressured and finally said I would have a black tea. The woman then told me how much my bill was and I was starting to pay she advised me that my husband would not be allowed to join me on their patio if he was going to drink an �outside coffee�. I asked if they would give him a cup to pour his coffee into so we could have our lunch on their patio and was again told that they do not allow �outside coffee�. I told her that was ridiculous and that we would just go elsewhere with our business. She responded that I could do whatever I wanted and The Tea Leaf would follow their own policies as well. Of course we left and had a lovely lunch and courteous service on the Oliver and Bonacini patio just down the mall. As we were sitting at the Oliver and Bonacini patio I looked over several times to find that The Tea Leaf had no business at all on its patio and very little takeout business as well. All the other restaurants in the mall were extremely busy. I guess I�m not the only person who has been treated poorly there and will never go back.

From: anonymous on Mar-23-2011
I too have had lacklustre service from the employees at The Tea Leaf and have found that their teas are completely inferior to the teas found at Teaopia. The staff at Teaopia is delightful and helpful. I have completely stopped frequenting The Tea Leaf and have also turned many of my friends into fans of Teaopia instead. For every person that writes a review or a complaint letter there are probably one hundred people that don't bother...they just quietly take their business elsewhere. I guess that's why The Tea Leaf at Bayview Village Shopping Centre is always empty of clientele.

Comments on store: Petit Paris Bakery
From: Elyse on Sep-18-2004
Best strawberry rum cake in the world!

From: Lindsay on Sep-28-2004
I've been here, and must say, its worth sitting in the squishy store to eat - you'll keep wanting to 'sample' all of the treasures you find in the store front window! My girlfriends and i salvate just talking about this place!

From: Cora on Mar-19-2006
I visited Petit Paris today to sample their apple danish; although the dough lacked flavour and freshness, and obviously contained shortening, the apple topping tasted fabulous--perfectly crisp and tasty. Petit Paris also sells a variety of tiny cakes, which look messy, and truffles, which have appealable names, but do not look appealable themselves. I think Petit Paris is a perfect place to pick up pastry in a rush, but if you have the time, go somewhere else for quality!

From: Masta on Nov-16-2006
it's a nice touch of Dutch class in gloomy Toronto - the best pastry in the High Park area . One day I spotted a real wolf there - he swallowed his tail since he couldn't wait for cakes!

From: aquaholic on Mar-26-2007
A huge disappointment. The staff was rude, and non-attentive. I stood for a good 20 minutes before getting someone's attention, and it wasn't even busy! I felt like a bother, rather than a customer. Quality? No. I bought a few cute little items, all of which turned out to be stale! Go somewhere else. This is a fast food version of a 'specialty' bakery.

From: chocoholic on Jun-05-2007
One of my favourite places in the whole Etobicoke, the sweets are to die for and the atmosphere is warm and friendly, like in your grandma's kitchen on a snowy day. The little European touch combined with the kind owner and staff makes it just a perfect place to start your day.

From: scrdwlt tnmavc on Nov-16-2007
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From: defygravity on Jan-14-2008
definetley the best little cafe in the whole toronto area, the staff were amazing and kind and helpful the owners are amazing its like family...and to the person above me i really doubt you were waiting 20 minutes to be served so stop lying

From: lovefood on Apr-04-2008
Sorry have to agree with the prevoius post about poor service. Even got to witness the staff squabbling with each other. Pastries were stale and our cake was previously frozen. A must not!

From: Vyvianne on Aug-25-2008
I bought a specialty chocolate cake from Petit Paris for a work colleague's birthday. Everyone in the office loved it. There were a few truffles on top of the cake which delighted the birhtday girl. I bought the cake on Saturday and served it on Monday. It was still fresh and tasted like heaven. As an individual who purchased cakes from various places for our work I would highly recommend this Pastry shop. I'm going back this week to pick up another cake.

Comments on store: Patachou
From: vils m. disanto on Sep-24-2003
i love this place! the pastries and sandwiches are splendid, the service friendly, and the prices reasonable. i always look for an excuse to stop by!

From: jen on May-06-2004
Cake was not fresh - icing was hard butter that fell off in pieces when cake was cut.

From: anonymous on Nov-14-2004
I was not impressed. The service was LACKING. It was crowded early on Saturday morning and for some reason there was a "tall" cafe table practically blocking the entrance (no chairs just a table). Overall, tables were not cleared and we were told to sit anywhere. We were hesitant because tables were labelled as reserved for 3 or more and when we asked we were given a wave by a server in the general direction of the tables. We found a vacated table but it was wet and still not clean. Food was fine. We had croissants, an apple turnover and a tart Nicoisse. Clientele is very true to the location. I much prefer Bonjour Brioche (friendlier atmosphere/better service) allthough, Patachou has a wider selection of foods and pastries.

From: Tim H on Jun-13-2005
Great patisserie! Wonderful lattes to accompany the pastries and sandwiches we had for lunch. This is not a place if you're looking for bells and whistles. It was just wonderful, French food. Next time I'm in Toronto, I will definitely stop by. It was also extremely affordable which makes it an especially great find in Toronto.

From: Cora on Mar-19-2006
Great service--friendly staff (but expect a line-up on weekends!). Wonderfully bitter hot chocolate--obviously of high quality. Tried the Tart aux Orange--beautiful to look at, as if a piece of artwork, and tasted like fresh oranges. Tried the Quiche Lorraine--aromas of onion and ham. Would definitely go back for more!

From: anonymous on Apr-08-2006
An unfortunate visit to the Patachou on St. Clair. The manager, completely in error over over a small cup of coffee she wrongly thought had not been paid for, yelled so fiercely at her two young helpers that one of them started to cry. This, as you might imagine, rather spoiled the mood for everyone present.... Careful if you visit - don't make the manager angry....

From: Marcella on Dec-14-2006
The best "Butter Croissants" in T.O.!!! Flaky on the outside, moist & buttery inside and all around goodness... Forget the diet, there's no such thing here!!

From: pasty on Apr-05-2007
i stopped coming here because i paid 7 bucks and change for a drip coffee and a little pear tart the were both fine but 7 bucks?

From: bill on Jun-19-2007
this french patisserie on st.clair has a poor excuse for a manager, not only is she cold towards the staff and customers she neglects food safety and health standards. as she made my sandwich her long hair dangled over my food. i witnessed no hand washing after dealing with money and sanitizer. i had also witnessed the manager drop food on the floor and then later pick it up and serve it to others. i will never go to patachou again because of her. the counter staff there are very pleasant but she is disgusting.

From: Sally on Aug-21-2007
The ladies of Rosedale love to think that they are oh-so-European by paying 20$ for a tiny quiche and a glass of mediocre wine. The atmosphere is pleasant enough and the chocolate cake is delicious but mostly it's just over-priced and only okay.

From: Nadya on Sep-16-2007
I was so excited to get there and more than pleased to leave as soon as possible. I had an eclair and a friend had a tart and both were stale and tasteless. Totally over rated!!!

From: Dorothy on Sep-30-2007
What will it take for the owners of Patachou on St Clair to consider hiring another manager. Current female manager has been there for too long and is sullen and cold to customers who might ask questions. Customers should not have to cope with her moods. Good bakery. Terrible public relations from manager. Assisting staff are always more than pleasant.

From: Mark Evanshen on Jan-10-2008
I really enjoyed Patachou and looking forward to visiting Toronto again soon. Hi Camille! MARK EVANSHEN

From: anonymous on Feb-11-2008
I have gone here for years- and always LOVE it. Busy on weekends, but always well worth the wait! Delicious deserts and meals! (Get them to go for a dinner party, always very well received!)

From: DISAPPOINTED on May-06-2008

From: jeremy on May-21-2008
I love this place, though it always annoys me that it's closed on Sundays. Most everything is delicious, but my particular favourites are the apricot tart, lined with homemade applesauce, the tarte Nicoise, which is like a ratatouille in a pastry shell, the pisaladiere and the prosciutto sandwich, crammed full of the most delicious caramelized onions. One let down are the croissants, which I though would be superior, based on the rest of the menu, but which aren't quite autthentically buttery enough, in my opinion. The wait staff are generally run off their feet, as the place gets busy on weekends and at lunchtime, but they are pleasant and efficient. In all, highly recommended.

From: OVERCHARGED on Oct-17-2008
I always get charged inconsistently at the St. Clair location, and sometimes the totals don't add up, I bought 3 pain de chocolate at $2.10 each and got charged $7.12 for them, how did THAT work?

From: Ray Bedard Ottawa on Oct-20-2008
Not the Patachou we remember from the 80's. We were looking forward to the Babas, but were informed they were too labor intensive to produce without being pre-ordered! I think all these people who say this is a piece of Paris in TO have never been to Paris. Overpriced tourist trap for the self-important.

From: Overcharged, you\'re an idiot. on Jan-30-2009
I've never been to Patachou before but... To the dumba** who says they were OVERCHARGED? Learn some math, and do the taxes correctly. You would find they charged you the exact amount they should have. Or did you forget the taxes dips**t?

From: Oct 17, 2008 on Jun-16-2009
To: FROM: Overcharged, you're an idiot. Tax is 5% so NO, it doesn't add up, YOU are the idiot.

From: A Fan on Jun-16-2009
The best almond croissants. Delicious croque monsieur but very tiny for what you pay.

From: Matt Tolan on Jul-03-2009
I previously lived in the Rosedale area. This was a regular stop for me. The cheese sticks and pastries were to die for. Lunch was special, too. The next time I come to TO, I will make a point to stop by.

From: fr�d�ric on Jul-28-2009
a friensd and i went there for a light lunch for the fisrt time was ok but really expensive for what it is. the great thing there is a nice seating area. i generally go at la bamboche for light lunch nice jambon-fromage croissant and a lavender/strawberry mousse cake

From: JStclair on Oct-24-2009
Underwhelming pastry with rude condescending staff. I don't usually review or complain, but this was ridiculous! I will never go there again. Check out Pain Perdu instead!

From: AHAHA on Feb-17-2010
TO: "Oct 17, 2008" If tax was ONLY 5% I think people wouldn't complain so much about it. What f***ing planet do you live on where the tax is less than half of what it is on earth? Or at least what area of earth, because clearly it isn't Toronto Ontario Canada.

From: luv_macarons on Aug-18-2010
I was, and I stress was, a loyal customer of Patachou for over 10 years but my recent experience has put me off the place completely. The staff were rude, which I can forgive, if the pastries are of a good quality, however their chocolate cake was tasteless and their macarons are very poor indeed. A waste of time and money... there are better patisseries out there where you can spend your hard earned cash when you want a treat.

From: Jazz on Sep-03-2010
I ordered by son�s birthday cake from here and was quoted $80, however when I went to collect it had changed to $110. I was told that the manger had left a message with the price increase�.that would have been fine if I actually had voice mail on my phone!!! Beware of the awful service and underhand tactics of the bakery to extort money from innocent loving parents!! I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS BOURGEOIS BAKERY AGAIN!!!

Comments on store: Summer's Ice Cream
From: David on Jul-27-2006
Summer's offers luscious, truly homemade ice creams using the finest ingredients. I go there as often as I can manage to enjoy their made-before-your-eyes waffle cones (chocolate dipped if you wish) and amazingly creamy ice creams. They also have great frozen yoghurt and sorbet. Other Toronto ice cream makers beware: Summer's puts them all to shame, including a certain well-known Bloor Street competitor!

From: ron on May-09-2007
simply the best!! classic as well as unique flavours. ice cream does not get any better/ creamier.

From: Scott Wilson on May-15-2008
I stopped by after a friendly local Musashi sushi on Yongue Street in Toronto. Summer's was amazing. The son of the founder, Ron, was there and he was as friendly and inviting as they come. He was personable and shared his story and his belief in his product. He gave great tasters and their homemade product is amazing. The flavors were unique and their chocolate covered waffle cones were amazing. I am a fan. Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles...but I will be back!!

From: rae on Feb-01-2010
i really want to go here! I've heard that the ice cream is amazing! but i mostly want to go here because taylor lautner was here !!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to stand in the very same spot where he stood!!

From: Robert Mitchell on May-18-2010
Staff was rude. Will never go back. Manager was rude and just stood there talking to her friends. Seems like the manager had more important things to do than serve customers.

From: Jenn on Apr-15-2011
@Robert - ya, that Manager didn't last there. She's LONG gone! Customer service is really important to them, they know when to let go of bad counter staff. I am a regular, been going there for like 17 years and have watched them come and go .... but the owners are awesome. Ice cream - even more awesome.

From: NY on Feb-11-2012
WJK2BO Current blog, fresh information, I read it from time to time!!....

From: NY on Feb-11-2012
DD1d1v Edidn`t think about that. I'll tell my mother, she won`t believe it..!!

Comments on store:
From: anon on Aug-21-2007
pretty atmosphere but the quality of the pastry and bread was surprisingly poor for a place whose claim to fame is bread. The tartines are bland and ordinaire. The price point is really high which leads you to expect a much higher end product. woul not recommend.

Comments on store: Balthazar
From: Bual on Dec-30-2006
I dream of a "Chauson au Pomme" from Balthazar... even better than *most* of the ones I've had in France... a fabulous flakey butter pastry... and real apple... (not the standard apple-sauce schmoo). yumm!

From: NY on Feb-11-2012
k0Daew Informative, but not convincing. Something is missing but what I can not understand. But I will say frankly: bright and benevolent thoughts!....

Comments on store: Ceci Cela
From: Snappyjake on Nov-21-2006
I cannot speak on the service of the wait staff, but I can say that the delivery service is terrible. In addition, the manager does not understand customer service. I would NEVER order from them again! I called two weeks in advance and placed an order for a cake. The cake was for my husband's birthday and was to be delivered at 5pm. I was charged a significant delivery fee, so I expected the cake to be delivered on time. The cake was delivered 30 mins late. When the delivery woman got to my door, she was not apologetic. When I told her that the cake was suppose to come at 5pm, she simply shrugged her shoulders and acted as if that's not her problem. The uncertainty of whether the birthday cake was coming was very stressful and almost ruined the birthday celebrations. So I called the bakery to complain. The manager agreed to refund the delivery charge. However, the next day, the manager called and was extremely hostile. He got the delivery girl's version and implied that I was lying. He treated me as if I was a criminal. What ever happened to the customer's always right? The manager concedes that she did not deliver the cake at 5pm, that she arrived only 10 minutes late. Last time I checked, 10 minutes is still late. Regardless, she did not deliver the cake to me until 5:30 pm. I am now sending him phone records and a letter from my doorman as proof that she was "extremely" late.

From: Michael in Soho on Aug-29-2007
The place is tiny and the decor is modest but this is one of finest pastry shops in New York City, and the closest one to a true French patisserie that I have seen outside of that country. All of the pastrys are buttery and perfect and the coffees are excellent. Note that you will see true Nolita and Soho locals here in the morning, when beat cops rub shoulders with fashion models and web content professionals at the take-out counter in front. If you have time to linger spend it in the back room. And remember, the name Ceci Cela means "this and that" in French... so expect things to be a bit more relaxed than you might normally expect in NY.

Comments on store: St John's Bakery
From: Robert Lampard on Aug-06-2003
I go to their location in the St. Lawrence Market and have fornd all their goods excellent. especially their chala and kaiser buns.

From: roberto on Jul-05-2004
i find their bread the bread os st.john's the only bread i eat in toronto. its what bread should taste like it leaves a taste in you mouth that only good bread can...when i was growing up in france i remeber bread tasting just that way... few people know what bread real french bread should taste like that is why they keep buying the baquettes and think that they are good... love their bread just plain love it thank you

From: lucy on Jul-06-2004
wow just discovered this bakery inmy part of town best bread i remember ever eating great bread!!!

From: lucy on Jul-06-2004
wow just discovered this bakery inmy part of town best bread i remember ever eating great bread!!!

From: john on Sep-27-2004
their natural levin bread is truly the best bread i ever have eaten and certainly the best in toronto ace move over please!

From: Julie on Oct-15-2004
I bought two kinds of sour dough bread from St. John's Bakery. I lived near San Francisco for years and ate a lot of great sour dough bread there. You may find bread as good as that from St. John's elsewhere in the world, but I can't imagine any better.

From: donny on May-28-2007
st.john's bakery has some really talented bakers there thats for sure

From: Paul on Jul-05-2007
I live in the neigbourhood and always love to support a small business like St. John's Bakery. I visited the store three times and each time I had found that their products are mediocre, inconsistant. I was also found that their staff are not really friendly. It seems to me that they are not really care much about selling anything much at their retail store. I think they focused more to supply their products to bigger store like Big Carrot etc.

From: joyce on May-26-2008
wow i just discovered this new bakery on my street!! its great best bread adn french cakes ever had this side of the big pond. the staff is super nice and they love what they are doing ,plus it helps people get off the street into real work ...this bakery doesnot make bread they make art!!!

From: Standly Wellington on Dec-23-2008
The first time I walked in to St.Johns Bakery I could not even contain myself.I fell right in love with the bread.The crumb was the best that I have seen in many years, very nice lots of holes ( bubbles ) chewy and the crust wow great color lots of blistering and very crunchy.I was also pleased to see Red Fife making a come back, not too many bakery's know how to make Red Fife properly but the Red Fife at St.Jonhs is well worth the price.

From: Gordon on Jan-26-2010
I have worked at the bakery for 5 years plus. I bake the baguettes 4 mornings per week. I believe we have a product that is in the top range of artisanal bread in Toronto. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with being near the top!

From: NY on Feb-10-2012
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From: NY on Feb-11-2012
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