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The Tea Leaf

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Bayview Village Shopping Centre   Map it!
Toronto , ON   M2K 1E6
416 227-2276


Nearly 100 kinds of loose tea await you at the Tea Leaf in Bayview Village Shopping Centre. Green tea, black tea and herbal tea are all here. The Tea Leaf also carries a collection of tea-related items like tea- pots, tea-cups, and tea-infusers.

English scones and pastries from Zane Patisserie are available at the on-site tea bar - featuring the only Matcha tea machine in Canada, along with a selection of 5 daily teas.

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From: anonymous
I too have had lacklustre service from the employees at The Tea Leaf and have found that their teas are completely inferior to the teas found at Teaopia. The staff at Teaopia is delightful and helpful. I have completely stopped frequenting The Tea Leaf and have also turned many of my friends into fans of Teaopia instead. For every person that writes a review or a complaint letter there are probably one hundred people that don't bother...they just quietly take their business elsewhere. I guess that's why The Tea Leaf at Bayview Village Shopping Centre is always empty of clientele.

From: Carol
RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE ABSURD POLICY My husband and I were shopping at Bayview Village Shopping Centre on Saturday, March 20th, 2011 and as I am a tea drinker we stopped in at The Tea Leaf. We noticed that they had a lovely looking salmon and dill quiche and decided to each order a slice of quiche and sit down for some lunch. My husband asked for a coffee and was told they didn’t have any. He turned to me and said he was going to get a coffee and he would be right back to join me for lunch. The young woman behind the counter asked me what kind of tea I wanted. I wasn’t sure as I had not yet had a chance to peruse their selection which is kept in tins on shelves behind the counter. The tins are labeled with small labels and I was having a hard time seeing the names of the different teas. The woman behind the counter told me she needed to know what type of tea I wanted; green, black or herbal as she needed to ring in my purchase. She never offered to help me select a tea or to tell me about the different types they sell. There was another woman on duty that just stood there and also didn’t offer to help explain all the varieties of teas available. I felt pressured and finally said I would have a black tea. The woman then told me how much my bill was and I was starting to pay she advised me that my husband would not be allowed to join me on their patio if he was going to drink an “outside coffee”. I asked if they would give him a cup to pour his coffee into so we could have our lunch on their patio and was again told that they do not allow “outside coffee”. I told her that was ridiculous and that we would just go elsewhere with our business. She responded that I could do whatever I wanted and The Tea Leaf would follow their own policies as well. Of course we left and had a lovely lunch and courteous service on the Oliver and Bonacini patio just down the mall. As we were sitting at the Oliver and Bonacini patio I looked over several times to find that The Tea Leaf had no business at all on its patio and very little takeout business as well. All the other restaurants in the mall were extremely busy. I guess I’m not the only person who has been treated poorly there and will never go back.
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