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Ratings: Stores on YummyBaguette are rated by the Yummy Team with one, two or three baguettes on their food only (service, ambiance... are not rated). Ratings are achieved by consensus, and are solely based on the team's taste. Because your taste may be different, you have the opportunity to give your own opinion by rating stores yourself (see Users ratings, below).

  • One baguette () indicates a place that makes or offers good food.
  • Two baguettes () indicate a place that makes or offers very good food.
  • Three baguettes () indicate a place that makes or offers exceptional food.

Please note that:
  • Only the stores we like are featured on YummyBaguette. This means that no store featured on the site will receive negative comments; if we didn't like a store, it simply will not be on the site.
  • We don't know about all the good places everywhere; because a store is not featured on the site does not mean we don't like it. It could simply mean we don't know about it. That is why we welcome suggestions for new stores (tell us here).
  • We focus mostly on small independant producers, most often local, because they tend to offer fresher and better quality products than larger chains, and because larger chains are otherwise well-known anyway.
  • Very often, stores make several kinds of products (e.g. several kinds of breads and/or several kinds of pastries). The rating of a store is meant to reflect the average of that store's products, rather than any specific product.

Users ratings: Users of Yummy Baguette have the possibility of rating stores, from 0 to 3 (3 is best). We make every effort to ensure a user's rating for a given store is counted only once. The users ratings are reflected by the number of hearts on the page.