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DESSERT RECIPES | ICE CREAM RECIPES is the brainchild of two lovers of all things yummy. Just like you. Or else you would not be here reading this page. is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our objective:
Letting you know what your options are when you want, say, a croissant, so you can make informed decisions when faced with a choice.

Because restaurants are often reviewed by many other sources, we decided concentrate instead our efforts on shops that make their own gourmet foods for take-out, with an accent on the sweet and European stuff (in one word: "yummy"): breads, desserts, pastries, chocolate, ice-cream, and other gourmet foods.

There are hundreds of bakeries, pastry stores, chocolate stores or ice-cream parlours in Toronto. We have visited and tasted the products of many of them, and we have deemed only a few to be worthy of your taste buds: those are the only stores featured on (more information on our selection and rating criteria here).

You can trust our judgement. All because of one very simple thing...

We're French. We know better.

And now, let us eat cake!

The Yummy Team
Yannick Lallement & Lionel Tona

Please check out PictureDish, a user-contributed database of restaurant images.

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