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news [nju:z] n.
everything new happening on this
web site
[From Old English nîwe]


We have created many original ice-cream recipes!

Check out our gourmet ice cream recipes with flower, spice and herb flavours!

We now have mapped all our Toronto stores & restaurants!

Check out the Toronto neighbourhood maps page or even the map of the whole city!

We now review Toronto restaurants!

Check out the Toronto restaurants page and bon appétit!

You can browse Toronto's stores by neighbourhood!

Check out the Toronto neighbourhoods page and start exploring!

You can now leave comments on any store!

Just click the "Add a comment" link on any store page. And sure enough, to read other user's comments,
click the "Read comments" link!

We have expanded our resources section!

Clicking on resources at the top of every page will take you to an expanding collection of information
on your favourite foods and food stores: a glossary, a chocolate, pastry and baguette buying guide,
and the top 20 user-rated stores, with more to come soon.

Listen to the Yummy Team on the radio!

The Yummy Team has a regular feature on Saturday mornings in Claudette Gravel's show
Enfin Samedi, on Radio Canada (CJBC, 860 AM in Toronto).

And don't forget... you can see all the store pictures at once!

Clicking the "see the gallery" link at the upper-right corner of the baguettes, pastries, chocolates...
listings pages will display all the pictures we have of the stores in that category (Toronto only).
For example, see our pastries gallery.

And don't puts YOU in control with our new voting system!

Go ahead, make your voice heard if you do not agree with our 3-baguette ratings (or if you do, for that matter)!

You can now give a grade from 0 to 3 to any store we list on our site!
So people can now have our opinion AND that of other yummy enthusiasts in town!

But rest assured that cheaters attempting to vote multiple times will be caught and dealt with rightfully!

We have many more surprises in store for you... but they are not for just yet.

Now go enjoy our web site and let us know what you think!

       The Yummy Team