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La Maison du Chocolat

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1018 Madison Avenue   Map it!
New York , NY   10021
212 744-7117


La Maison du Chocolat is based in Paris, and its chocolates are consistantly recognized as some of the best in the world. Most chocolates are dipped rather than molded, producing a very thin chocolate cover that melts perfectly with the filling in the mouth. The filling of choice at La Maison du Chocolat is the ganache (a mix of dairy cream and chocolate), here elevated to a rare perfection of taste and texture. Ganaches are subtly flavoured with a large variety of ingredients (almond, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, coffee, fennel...) that blend perfectly well with the taste of the chocolate. The couvertures used are from the famous French producer Valrhona. As often, exceptional quality comes at an exceptionnaly high price: above US$60 per pound.

The pastries offered at La Maison are also exceptionally fine, on a par with those made in the best patisseries in Paris. All have of course a powerful chocolate taste. Try for example the Bacchus (layers of chocolate cake and chocolate ganache), or the Andalousie (chocolate cake, with lemon zest cream and truffle mousse). La Maison du Chocolat has another store at 30 Rockefeller Center (tel. 212 265-9404) as well as stores in Paris, London and Tokyo.

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From: Kat
I love the chocolates, and Madison Avenue location tea room in the back is nice. The service when you are sitting down ordering tea and chocolates is always gracious. HOWEVER, the service at the store part, or lack thereof, when you're trying to ask them for help is HORRIBLE. Even though you enter the store and wait politely, (usually there are 3-4 employees standing around) no one even approaches you. You always have to wait, and get their attention, even if you're the only one in the store. And the employees seem to be arrogant. One time I called ahead to ask them if they had a certain product, and told them I would be there that evening to pick it up. I rushed across town after work, only to find that they did not have that product. One of the workers said they had sold out the day before. I told them I'd called 30 minutes ago, and the only explanation I could think of was that the man who answered the phone meant they do sell the product, but failed to tell me that they did not have it at the moment. I was very frustrated that I had just rushed across rush hour traffic, because it was a gift for a friend that I was meeting the next day. I had also double checked over the phone to make sure that they carried it. The employee's response was extremely 'I could care less' attitude, and just kept saying they never know when they will sell out of a product. I gave up trying to explain that she was missing the point, the point being when I called the man said that they had it, while she says it wasn't there since the day before. There was no apology, no 'I'm sorry you had to rush down here for nothing, that's too bad'. Nothing! Either way, although I love their chocolates, for gifts, I might just go somewhere else because it's not worth the aggravation. I ended up going to Godiva, their customer service was soooooooooo much better. (actually wait, they actually had customer service)

From: anon
the macarron were fantastic. the quality of the choclat is top quality. the flavours of the bonbon are very well thought out, perfectly delicate and delicious. The cake selection although small is of very high quality. Both the milk and dark hot chocolates were smooth and rich. Would have preffered if they were made with milk instead of water but it is the french way and this is a french house. highly recomended and worth the price.
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