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User Reviews and comments on Gelarmony

From: Jarek on Aug-07-2003
I can't wait till my next visit to Vancouver. I am ready to take a plane today to be able to try their ice cream again. Mondo Gelato is for sure on my list while visiting B.C. and should be on yours too.

From: Gary on Apr-16-2004
There is no gelateria that I have found better than Mondo Gelato. The owners have an outlet in Rome, and their gelato's better than anything I found in gelato's homeland. Not only a destination when you're in BC, but a reason to go to BC.

From: Kelly on May-17-2004
You have the best Indian Mango Gelato. Yummmmmmmm

From: mickey on May-01-2005
great taste! trust me! best i ve ever had!

From: J in TO on May-24-2005
Mondo is by far my favorite gelateria in North America so far... Try the pistachio (made with imported pistachios from Italy) and nociolla (hazelnut) for a traditional killer combo... The only thing I can think of that kind of hinders it from being truly authentic IMHO, is that as far as gelato consistency, it leans a little more to the firmer side than the really creamy side like you would experience in a gelateria in Italy. However, that's just being really nitpicky, who knows, maybe it has something to do with Canadian dairy being unable to reach that same creamy state. Why oh why isn't there a Mondo in Toronto?!

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