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User Reviews and comments on Harvest Wagon

From: Bailey on Oct-29-2003
I never have to worry about freshness or quality when buying produce here... very reliable... worth the few extra cents... good service.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Produce of the Rich and Time-constrained.

From: Shauna on Feb-13-2006
I have never experienced such terrible service in my entire life!! I recently went into Harvest Wagon on Yonge Street to pick up a few fruits and vegetables for dinner and was shocked to see the two young cashiers shouting, laughing, carrying on like infants and showing complete disrespect to the patrons in the store. I have never been so angered and insulted while shopping for produce in my life. Considering that this is the most expensive fruits and vegetable market I have ever shopped in, one would imagine that the owners would be able to afford staff who have half a brain. I will never set foot in this store again!!

From: Dini on Aug-03-2006
Buyer beware! You are about to experience the worst service in your entire life...that's unless you like to be completely ignored while standing at the cash...while the older unfrienly woman cashier tends to something way more important, a personal phone call. All this terrible service in preparation to spend a whole lot of money for nothing special. Not to mention the WORST biscotti EVER. They were so stale and disgusting...they were probably there for weeks. I had to throw all of them out. If its just out of convenience that people shop at the store on Eglinton and Chaplin....I would rather drive someplace far far away.

From: Lee on Oct-25-2006
Harvest Wagon on Yonge = The BEST produce ever

From: Katie on Nov-08-2006
the fruits and vegtables at the harvest wagon on Eglinton are simply the best that i have had. The staff are very helpfull from picking the perfect melons to helping you with your bags to your car. The cashiers are always friendly and greet you with a smile..

From: anonymous on Nov-08-2006
the hottest staff in canada is in harvest wagon this tiny grocery store you will find three volumptous exotic beauty with short hair and dazling eyes...and one asian doll with adorable green hard as it is for me to say(im not Gay) the guys that work there are are just as atractive. with their friendly smiles it makes grocery shopping more enjoyable.

From: Talisker on Mar-04-2007
Loved it -- had exactly what I was looking for and more besides.

From: trevor on Feb-04-2008
harvest wagon is fresh obsessed not dominions.... both stores are great but i find that the eglinton location has better quality

From: Robert on Nov-21-2008
I live jus around the corner from their Yonge Street store. I find their staff have a blase attitude and seem to take the clientele for granted. The quality of their produce is good but the prices are exorbitant. Just bought a pomegranate at No Frills a few days ago for $0.99. It was delicious. Loblaws is selling them for $2.50 each and Harvest Wagon for $5.00! I guess they realize their clientele (mostly the Rosedale set) is entirely price-insensitive and they take advantage of that.

From: Roz on Dec-05-2008
For those of you who don't understand the quality and service we get from shopping at Harvest Wagon may think we're paying too much, but in actual fact we pay for what we get. The owners of both stores are up very early in the morning to pick and choose the freshest and best produce out there. I don't throw anything out, I mean everything is so fresh and the staff is very helpful in choosing the right fruits for any customer needs. They don't try to sell you things that have no flavour, just walking in the door makes you want to eat everything in sight. You have to visit them and see for yourself. I live in the Forest Hill area and I shop at both locations. You cannot compare "Harvest Wagon" to "No Frills" . The owners of Harvest Wagon buy fresh everyday...and I know it because I see their truck unloading everymorning and you can see for yourself in their display. I would much rather spend $5.00 on a pomegranite from them then a 0.99 from who knows when and where.

From: Preppy Cuisine on Mar-18-2009
They are pricy but the quality and selection can't be beat. The produce is perfect, you don't need to sort through dreck, it tastes superb, and it lasts much longer than what you get from a regular grocer. Lots of hard or impossible to find produce and staples are comparatively priced to big chains. Fresh shelled peas are great for so many recipes and make for amazing salads, something you can't do with frozen ones. Not advisable to feed a family of 4+ unless you're on a Bay Street salary but great for 1 or 2 people or special occasions. Staff's attitude is understandable when you see many of the "interesting" customers they deal with and the size of the store. They do a hard job well for a very demanding clientele.

From: Top Notch Produce! on Jun-08-2009
Harvest Wagon is by far the greatest produce store, not just within Toronto but I'd say Canada too! The vegetables are just superior to everything else I have ever tried, so fresh and flavourful! The Owner is also charming as well as the entire staff which consists of multiple cute and delightful ladies. The fruits are the greatest, they have the widest variety of fruits and they make you want to eat them as soon as you walk in. Everything is presented so beautifully. GREAT JOB HARVEST WAGON!

From: FRESH on Nov-07-2009
I can't wait for Harvest Wagon to open up in it's old spot (it's soon to be new home). I was talking to Danny about the different packaging and lettuce displays but he assured me that there is no choice and that this set up is only for this temporary store. The space is too small to fit everything out at one level so they had to use different methods to run the business. But everything looks so colourful, fresh and inviting no matter how tight the space is. When you walk in those doors there is not one empty space. Picture this, you are walking into a painting that is alive. Harvest Wagon does a great job at hiding the cold and plain looking temp. store. I feel like I am in some mercato somewhere in Europe, and especially their fresh flowers right when you walk in, ah it just makes me feel special to shop in their store. I always loved them for their originality. Their displays are gorgeous, inside and out, although I have to say that I haven't seen so many flowers and plants outside this fall. Anyways, I love shopping there and will continue to do so, as long as there is parking.

From: smile for a mile on Jan-26-2011
great looking store on yonge produce never looked better, staff the goldlen boys are still around the new..?????? just keep the wagon the wagon and don't turn the big box way,, ps the prepared food is great ... as the italians say a mouth of the wolf.... love it

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