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User Reviews and comments on Kim Moon Bakery

From: Joan L. on Mar-14-2004
I always order birthday cakes from this bakery because they make the best cakes in town. When you bite a piece, its soft and not too sweet, the cream and fruits are fresh. Above all, the price is excellent. I think i will order my wedding cake here too.

From: Michelle on Apr-02-2004
My family and I have been buying cakes from this bakery for as long as I can remember. We found them after our regular bakery Maxim's on McCaul Street went out of business. And they by far are the best bakery for fresh cakes for every occassion. It's always a delightful experience, and we tend to always get a half slab for every birthday. Everyone always wants to take some cake home. If you haven't tried them before, you really should. They're amazing. Especially if you have children and want to stay away from sweet sugary cakes. Kim Moon's cakes are a light cake with fresh whip cream frosting and fresh mixed fruit throughout the center! Once you try them, you'll always go back for more.

From: Emile on Jun-07-2006
I've also been visiting the Kim Moon Bakery since I was a child and it's always a must on my destinations list whenever I visit China Town. When it comes to Chinese pastries, no other place in Toronto can match the taste and variety at KMB (believe me, I've tried a lot). I'd recommend their fried sesame balls, winter melon cakes with flaky crusts, white sugar and rice spongy cakes, egg tarts,... oh heck, pretty much everything. I always buy a large box full of an assortment everytime. You can't go wrong with whatever you choose. You can also dine in for some Hong Kong tea with milk along with all your favorite pastries as well as some hot food. They've recently renovated their store, so it's now a little more spacious.

From: Weez on Jul-26-2006
An excellent spot for a reasonably priced lunch - they have soups, Dim Sum and lots of sweet treats, as well as sub sandwiches for $1.25 and very tasty oversized stuffed buns filled with pork, beef, chicken or cheese available two for a dollar.

From: Fiona on Jan-31-2007
I always order birthday or occasion cakes from Kim Moon. The fluffy cake is nice and light and the fruit filling is delicious. They use a frosting similar to real whip cream, so it's not sugary. The cost is also very good. A $30 cake can easily feed 12 people.

From: mindjudo on Jun-12-2009
Ham Siu Gok (sp?) here is to die for. Many ymmy buns including the inevitable Cha Siu Bao

From: Kim Gertler on Sep-15-2009
My current fave dim sum in downtown TO. You have to walk to the back, past the long bakery counter to find the dim sum area. Once you are there - check out the dumb waiter that delivers the delicious dumplings and other delights. Plump yummy har gow, excellent chung fun and a decent variety of steamed dumplings. I'm heading back right now!

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