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User Reviews and comments on K & K Tropical Fruit

From: dominadella on Mar-24-2003
Your best bet for all the tropical goodies you may miss from back home.If you can name it then chances are that it's there.Worth the trip to Chinatown...It is a tad

From: Connor on Nov-25-2003
Fantastic selection, worth trying to barter as the first price is usually on the high side.

From: Adrienne on Feb-01-2004
A stop here is a must for me every time I'm in Chinatown. They have stuff I thought I'd never lay eyes on. Always quite busy; service is brisk, someone is always moving through the shop with a dolly and locals may cut in front of you in the line-up as if you were a ghost. This is simply part of the experience. Forget you're in North America and go for the colourful heaping displays, the penetrating, sweet-musky smell of sappy young jackfruits and of course the delicious stuff you end up taking home. The uninitiated should take a friend who knows their fruit, or they will either miss the best stuff or eat something improperly.

From: Jacqueline on Apr-02-2004
I am so surprised you have found this little jewel. The street around it does tend to get a bit messy and dirty at times, so be careful not to slip. But oh yes, so many tropical fruits that you can't find anywhere else, you can find it here. Believe me, I've tried. The quality is superb compared to other Chinese supermarkets (I'm Chinese). Everything I've bought so far is very good, almost like a trip to a market in Asia. P.S. Mangosteens are known as the king of fruits, while the durian is queen, so try them both.

From: Bjorn on Dec-01-2004
this place was awesome. i luved it. i think that they should sell coconuts here. it would make it so much better. i wish i could liv here is was so good. i had so many orgasms here.....weeeeee

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