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User Reviews and comments on Melewa Bakery

From: Richard So on Apr-13-2003
I have to say, Melewa Bakery is the most friendy bakery in downtown Toronto. There is always an adorable old gentleman to greet you with a smile, and assistance is constantly on hand. But most important, their pastries are soo tasty! Lots of variety, for those with sweet tooths or those whom just enjoy light deserts. Their respectable service and fine foods have brought me to their store week after week.

From: Todd on Nov-18-2003
I am from kingston and everytime I go to Toronto I always have to stop at the bakery to get the Chinese Buns , they are sooo good. Everybody back here at home just love them. Very friendly people to help you as well.

From: Adrienne on Feb-01-2004
I'm frequently in Chinatown and this is my favourite bakery. Lovely sesame balls, cookies, savoury buns. Beautiful cakes are on display in a round case near the door; they are always decorated with fresh fruit and can be had with your choice of chocolate, chestnut or durian filling. All sorts of sweetened bean-filled buns and cakes too; for the uninitiated, sweet bean desserts are rich but not fatty. Rock-bottom prices of course- better than some nearby bakeries. Always fresh stuff. Why not intrigue other guests at a potluck by bringing a selection of their sweet and savoury buns to dinner?

From: Debbie on Oct-27-2004
Oh comon, This place is two thumbs down. I'd have to say "Furama" is great, for chinese pastry! This place, Huh, jokes.

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