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User Reviews and comments on Summer's Ice Cream

From: David on Jul-27-2006
Summer's offers luscious, truly homemade ice creams using the finest ingredients. I go there as often as I can manage to enjoy their made-before-your-eyes waffle cones (chocolate dipped if you wish) and amazingly creamy ice creams. They also have great frozen yoghurt and sorbet. Other Toronto ice cream makers beware: Summer's puts them all to shame, including a certain well-known Bloor Street competitor!

From: ron on May-09-2007
simply the best!! classic as well as unique flavours. ice cream does not get any better/ creamier.

From: Scott Wilson on May-15-2008
I stopped by after a friendly local Musashi sushi on Yongue Street in Toronto. Summer's was amazing. The son of the founder, Ron, was there and he was as friendly and inviting as they come. He was personable and shared his story and his belief in his product. He gave great tasters and their homemade product is amazing. The flavors were unique and their chocolate covered waffle cones were amazing. I am a fan. Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles...but I will be back!!

From: rae on Feb-01-2010
i really want to go here! I've heard that the ice cream is amazing! but i mostly want to go here because taylor lautner was here !!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to stand in the very same spot where he stood!!

From: Robert Mitchell on May-18-2010
Staff was rude. Will never go back. Manager was rude and just stood there talking to her friends. Seems like the manager had more important things to do than serve customers.

From: Jenn on Apr-15-2011
@Robert - ya, that Manager didn't last there. She's LONG gone! Customer service is really important to them, they know when to let go of bad counter staff. I am a regular, been going there for like 17 years and have watched them come and go .... but the owners are awesome. Ice cream - even more awesome.

From: NY on Feb-11-2012
WJK2BO Current blog, fresh information, I read it from time to time!!....

From: NY on Feb-11-2012
DD1d1v Edidn`t think about that. I'll tell my mother, she won`t believe it..!!

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