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User Reviews and comments on Michel's Baguette

From: Melodie on Jul-23-2003
Went to the Baguette at Fairview Mall on Thursday June 12 for lunch. Have already filed a complaint to Baguette on Friday, June 13 with no response. Basically they got our order wrong, then the lunch counter woman proceeded to argue with us, insisting that we had ordered something else. Next she proceeded to discuss this with the cashier in another language so we could not understand what she was saying about us. The end result was that we did not get what we ordered and we paid additional money for each person for the meals as they were no longer considered the "specials" we had originally ordered. I complained to the manager who simply excused her employee by saying that it was loud in the store and therefore the employee could not hear me. I believe that if an employee cannot hear you, she should then ensure that she has your order right by reconfirming what she thinks you said.

From: Brian on Mar-10-2005
The Haz-Van Coffee was excellent!

From: YAZmin on Jul-20-2006
Tres Bien!!!! Can't get better than this! Your stomach will be happy after a visit to Michel's Baguette.

From: George B on Mar-13-2008
Yesterday, my 15 year old daughter and friend went shopping in Yorkdale. They were swarmed and beaten by a gang of teens. They broke lose and ran to Michel's Baguette to get help. They asked the manager to call security or police. The manager thought it was a prank and refused to call security. After all this, and receiving a back eye and 12 stitches over the right eye she will be left with physical and psychological scars. The reaction of this restaurant and its management should be looked at with a great deal of contempt.

From: angie on Mar-19-2010
I went to Michel's Baguette on march 19th, purchased an half of an 8''"cheese" cake, after i went home tasted the cake, there's absolutely no content of any cheese in there. Wayyy before this incident, i bought another blueberry "cheese" cake at the same location (fairview mall), and again, didnt taste even a single bit of cheese. I asked the cashier if they sell those tiny slice of cheese cakes as a whole cake, she tried to explain to me in her poor english and came back with the same type of blueberry "cheese" cake with no cheese content and trying to convince me that it's a cheese cake. I am so fed up with their definition of cheese cake, and the fact that their cashier's inability to communicate annoys me off even more.

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