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User Reviews and comments on Ten Ren's Tea & Ginseng

From: Karen on Apr-23-2003
The official website for Ten Ren�s Tea in Canada would be I recently visited the Toronto Chinatown location, and was greeted with friendly smile and a hot cup of tea. They carry large varieties of teas and tea wares, and I was very happy to find what I was looking for. However, I don�t live in Toronto, therefore now I have to purchase online for Ten Ren products. The online store provide excellent service as well�..great pricing and shipping is convenient.

From: TenRen.Com on May-05-2003
I think TenRen.Com is the official website for TenRen in Canada as well. TenRen.Com lists all the TenRen locations in Canada including Vancouver and Calgary. Also, they have a 5 Star service rating as well as Hacker Safe protections. Shipping is very reasonable for customers in the United States as it is by the weight of the order.

From: Richard Evens on Jun-20-2003
Great website I visited this store at Toronto last month went around China Town with my friends. I have never heard of TenRen's Tea before, they had great friendly service. I brought some of their teas which they requirement me to try. I have loved it ever since. Now i purchase all my tea needs at The online store provide great selection of teas. Also great pricing =) Richard Evens, [email protected]

From: Scarlett on Jun-21-2003
I have had a great experience with I wasn't too sure about a few of the kings teas, but the staff really helped me out. I emailed them and had a reply within minutes. I recommend trying the 913 kings tea for anyone who has not. Simply great selections and prices.

From: Stephanie on Jan-26-2005
LOVE IT!!!! BBT is THEEEE best there!!! nothing comparable!!

From: J chan on Oct-29-2005
great products, lousy service, too bad.

From: Sharon on Nov-25-2005
I've recently visited the Ten Ren's Tea store in Chinatown, because it was recommended by Toronto Life Magazine. I was looking for good quality green tea, and the helpful staff suggested that I try their premium green tea. It was, I'm going back in Dec. to buy some x'mas gifts for family and friends. Maybe next time I'll try their oolong tea too.

From: Martin L. on Nov-01-2006
Ten Ren's Tea store offers lots of different teas. I visited the store last weekend and was offered to sample two types of tea. I love the eight treasure chrysanthmum is very tasty and it is all herbal. I also love their premium white tea, excellent aroma and taste. Well, maybe next time I'll try their BBT too, I heard it is good.

From: Mae on Dec-07-2006
I was at Ten Ren's tea shop yesterday. In contrast to the other two reviews, I found the staff not helpful at all. I asked them to recommend a tea, and the lady (wendy) told me to go look at them myself and let her know when I was ready. When I asked her what some of the differences were between the types of teas, she was very vague and told me they all have good flavour, but she can't really describe any better. I asked her if I could sample the tea before I buy it and she said it was not possible. I found their website to be more informative about different teas than Wendy. I had a very unpleasant experience in that store.

From: Kin Yo on Dec-18-2006
I purchase my Tea from the new Ten Ren store up on Hwy 7. They have lots of different teas and good service too. It also have a tea house area, where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.

From: Peter Cam on Feb-27-2007
Love the TEA and friendly service.

From: mia on Oct-13-2007
Try visiting them on line, they list all of the teas they sell as well as explain the different ingredients and properties of the teas. I love the poeticness of their teas, and I feel decadent drinking tea scented with rosebuds.

From: Rachel Ryan on Dec-07-2007
I love going to Ten Ren's on Hwy 7, it has everything I need. I just got some very nice tea gift sets from Ten Ren as x'mas presents for my family. OH>>> btw, they carry the BLOOMING TEAS~~it is soooo nice. I love watching the steeping process of blooming tea ~~it is beautiful.

From: larry on Jan-18-2008
i,ve walk in for a tea style came out with the best of dark green with white formosa ,best tea {intack] for a strole 4 time daily. in futur for those who like tea great with irish morning tea && jaasmen black{orange canister}.

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