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User Reviews and comments on House of Tea

From: Judy on Mar-10-2003
Aside from the incredible selection, one of the best things about this place is the owner-she's the nicest lady imaginable, and really knows her stuff. A friend and I came by as she was about to close, and she stayed open for us, without ever giving us the feeling that we were expected to buy something. Although we did, of course. She also has the uncanny ability to measure out the exact amount of tea, in one try.

From: Scott Treleaven on Mar-26-2003
Without a doubt, the best place in Toronto (perhaps Canada) to buy tea. The proprietress is extremely knowledgeable and charming, and whatever the tea, it is always delicious. I simply cannot recommend this shop highly enough.

From: Liam Walshe on Jul-08-2003
Marisha, the owner can match you up with the perfect tea. Before I visited the House of Tea, I never liked tea, that is until I tried the Bora Bora!!!

From: J�rgen on Dec-29-2003
Moin Moin, ich war zwar noch nie im House of tea aber eines kann ich best�tigen. Michael (Marishas Ehemann) versteht eine ganze Menge. Zumindest hatte er fr�her viel und gerne Tee getrunken. Wenn er mit mir unterwegs war, dann auch schon mal andere Sachen. Naje, nur soviel noch: Wenn ich mal wieder �ber den Teich komme, dann nat�rlich auch um Michael zu besuchen. Vielleicht gelingt es mir dann auch Marisha kennen zu lernen. Den Kommentaren nach zu urteilen scheint es sich ja um eine tolle Frau zu handeln.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
My wife and I have been regulars since the House's opening. Best tea shoppe in the city hands down, and completely free of trendy, new-age nonsense. Marisha, the proprietor, is a vast storehouse of tea knowledge and can give advice down-to-earth advice to any palate.

From: KSB on Oct-28-2004
The House of Tea has a very special place in my heart. I had been corresponding with my "e-pal" and mentioned that Genmaicha was one of my favourite kinds of tea. On our very first face-to-face encounter, he gave me a gift. It was an epic odyssey for him to obtain this offering of tea from the House of Tea. It was a great ice-breaker and the beginning of a one-of-a-kind friendship that evolved into our blissful marriage!

From: gruuvy on Oct-29-2004
The owner was absolutely lovely! She was pleasant, thoroughly knowledgeable and engaging. How refreshing to meet someone like that without attitude or snootiness. Tried: O'Connors Cream = YUMMY black tea scented with nuts & cream - not overpowering but perfectly fragranced (great with some whipping cream and sugar). Can't wait to try: Rooibos Chocolate Truffle/Rooibos Creme Caramel. They were all sold out. Superior customer service, extremely knowledgeable owner.. thank you so much!

From: mary walsh on Feb-15-2005
I cannot say how much i love your tea. Your's is the best in town. i just love your store and especially your tea.

From: Mariette Gomez on Oct-27-2005
Visited the store recently, some of the products are over priced! Take the medium size German Finum strainer, she is selling at $24! Other place sell it for only $12... Their Chai Teas at $12.95 per 100g is also quite pricey. You can get the same quality at either The Tea Emporium or Capital Tea for less. One suggestion, they should have a price list displayed for the customers for all the teas. I hope the owner reads this!

From: Elisa on Nov-01-2005
A very strong smell is evident once you enter the store, it is not natural and not pleasing at all! It smells like incense burning...the space is cluttered, and the way the teas are being stored is not ideal. Once you have loose teas in half empty containers, then the air space will destroy the flavours quicker! They should have airtight bags inside the containers and take the tea as needed.

From: Hailey M. on Nov-26-2005
The tea in this store is extremely overpriced. The owner was friendly, but it just was not worth the money.

From: David on May-29-2006
The best, most knowledgeable, and friendliest place to buy tea in Toronto.

From: emma on Aug-30-2006
i love the place, the people who work there are friendly and took the time to teach me about the tea,(even taught my friend who came in with me another time) sure not the cheapest place but i rather pay a little more to get the better service.

From: Debbie on Apr-29-2007
I absolutely love this shop!! The service is by far the best in the city. The tea is fabulous. The delightful lady working that morning was willing to teach me everything I could ever want to know about tea and the proper way to brew it. The whole experience surpassed all expectations, I will be a regular shopper at House of Tea. ( I live two hours away, but this is worth the drive )

From: frank on Mar-01-2010
This place is amazing.The service is very friendly and professional.The clerks are very knowledgeable and showed me how to brew tea the right way,so you can enjoy its pleasures to its fullest.They have a large assortments of tea from all over the world, I dont mind paying a little more for these products because they are the top of the line.

From: Marysia on Mar-19-2010
I have been a client at the House of Tea since the earliest days - The House of Tea is one of the finest epicurial complimentary establishments in Ontario. Each visit is a journey into the wonderful world of tea and the proprietress is most cordial, welcoming and knowledgable - a once in a lifetime experience that can be revisted again and again -

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