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User Reviews and comments on Say Tea

From: Emily on Apr-07-2003
I received some loose Vanilla tea leaves from Say Tea for my birthday and the tea was absolutely delicious! When I finally had the chance to visit the location I was impressed by it as well. It was a quaint little shop with huge variety of tea, both loose and in bags. Not only that but they carry functional and beautiful tea accessories. Some examples are the "tea ball" to make tea from loose tea leaves as well as an assortment of china teapots and cups with gorgeous, classic patterns. They also sell preserves and other items that are perfect gift ideas. Bottom line: Quality products at a reasonable price. I can't wait to run out of tea again so I can try another of their exotic flavors!

From: Louise Ross on May-31-2003
I live in Ottawa and every time I visit Toronto, Say Tea is a must stop! Such a variety of teas to choose from. I have yet to find any teas anywhere that have such a full flavour. I love dark teas and Say tea easily satisfies this in so many delicious ways. Its a wonderful little shop and I'll always thank the day I happened to find it.

From: Big thomas on Sep-16-2003
the owner of Say Tes really rocks. The tea is great sure, however the tall blonde selling it to you makes it go down even better..I have never had a more pleasurable experience in my life...

From: Martha on Jun-17-2004
When I go to Say Tea, I say coffee - Morning Madness to be precise. This is the shop's house blend and it is wonderfully full bodied. The store owner is very knowledgable about her products and she goes out pf her way to please her customers.

From: Nikki on Jun-09-2008
Say Tea is a lovely, quaint little shop with a homey, cozy feel. The quality of their tea is very high, and the owner is very very knowledgeable. It is my favorite place to go to buy tea for myself and for as a gift.

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