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User Reviews and comments on Hollywood Gelato

From: Brian on Apr-09-2003
Absolutely the best tasting ice cream that I have ever experienced!!! The best and most unique range of flavours in the city. Try the Green Apple when they make it.

From: None of your business on Apr-23-2003
You're either a fan or you're not. Changing the name of one of your products from "Go Leafs Go" to "Golf Leafs Golf" just ensured that your business will never get my business.

From: Jeanean on Apr-30-2003
Hollywood Gelato has the BEST italian ice cream in all of toronto. they have so many amazing flavours that are absolutley to-die-for. Added Bonus: The staff are incredibly friendly, and the place is very well maintained.

From: John on May-26-2003
Hollywood Gelato has to be the best ice cream in the city. Oh, by the way the go leafs go thing was only a joke. Don't take it to seriously.

From: Gregory on Aug-01-2003
Absolutely the best gelato in the city. I am rather dissapointed with the 2 out of 3 rating that this website gives hollywood gelato but to each his own i suppose. The place is always clean (even when they have a line up out the door) the employees are friendly and the presentation is spectacular. I also suggest their Coffee bar because they make the best cappucino i have ever tasted in my life. PS the person who wrote the Leafs comment should get a life and stop commenting on insignificant details which have absolutely nothing to do with a spectacular product, besides he's probably one of those fathers who ruins little league hockey by taking it too seriously.

From: Food lover on Sep-14-2003
nothing particularly special about this La paloma wannabe.

From: anastasia on Apr-03-2004
this is the best ice cream place around toronto area!!! they have lots of flavours and they are nothing that you have tried before! if you havent at hollywood gelato already, u HAVE to go there for the experience!! this is one of mi favorite places!!!

From: Leo & Lucy on Jun-25-2004
A real delight. You have to try it to believe it. The mango is out of this world. Fantastic job.

From: VonVon on Jul-08-2004
Hollywood Gelato's definately one of my fav. spot for ice-creams n sweet treats! Not only will you love their ice-cream, but you'll also enjoy their friendly services there! My favourite icecream: the Coconut one...(i forgot the full name of it)..but it's absolutely the BEST COCONUT icecream, or better yet, the BEST ICECREAM i've ever had...the other icecreams there are also very very delicious!

From: Amber on Oct-22-2004
I'ts soooooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY!

From: John on Jan-03-2005
great taste!

From: k on Jan-04-2005
i love this place when friends come to visit from far away we take them to try it out and now they want to go there every time they are here.the best is the rocky rocher!

From: Yum on Jul-18-2005
Hollywood Gelato is an amazing place. They also won the best gelato in Toronto and it's the truth. Their best flavours are Green Apple, Hazelnut, Brownie, Lemon and Mixed Berry. Okay whatever, they're all amazing. I never thought gelato could be so good.

From: gelato fanatic on Oct-29-2005
Too sweet! No balance....

From: gelatolover on Jul-07-2006
had been a long tim fan until i returned, waited in a 20 minute line and tried the key lime pie flavour...tasted extremely salty and slightly like sour milk..i was disgusted and had to throw it away, get back in the car and go to mcdonald's

From: june warner on Jul-25-2006

From: Born Italian on Jan-06-2007
If you love plastic gelato this place is for you!

From: Christina Roy on Feb-10-2007
Nice clean cafe with great Gelato not quite as good as BELAGGIOS in pickering, but a close second.

From: Sean on Mar-28-2007
The gelatos here do not really live up to hype. Granted that the staff is friendly and the place look great, what should be considered is the texture and taste of the gelato. Their ice-cream base is a bit insipid and thin. Yes I know, gelato is made from milk, but other place do it better. What really annoyed me were the flavorants. The vanilla used tasted like it was flavoured with plain crystal vanillin and not vanilla extract, making it taste 1-dimensioned. The chocolate feels like it's been spiked with "chocolate flavour" and lacked the more robust notes from cocoa. It tasted like cheap choco wafers from Chinatown. Perhaps they do their other flavour better, but to me, when you don't build a good gelato base, and you skimp for the most basic of flavours (Vanilla and Choc) something is amiss. If it was 25 cents a scoop I wouldn't complain, but for what they are charging?? going back.

From: Happy Family on Jun-13-2007
One word to describe this establishment ..... FANTASTICO !!! Hollywood Gelato just keeps getting better. The quality of the gelato is outstanding, the service impeccable. They've even added an additional counter for quicker service. Thanks Hollywood Gelato.

From: Kelly & Mike on Jun-13-2007
We were visting Toronto from NY state and told that you guys made a great ice cream. One taste and told us that our friends were wrong, you make an INCREDIBLE ice cream. The staff is great. Thanks for making our visit so much more tasty.

From: Mia on Feb-18-2008
I wanted to like this place, but it seems to be all hype. First of all as other reviewers keep saying this is great "ice cream" I find that it's far too milky to be gelato. Also, I suspect they use lower quality ingredients and artificial flavourings. Their mango tastes a wee bit artificial. There are better places with cleaner natural fresh tasting gelato, unfortunately there are not many in Toronto for whatever reason. Overall the small take-home pack at $6.95 for 500ml is an ok value as it can feed 4. However despite their prices they are not offering a premium natural, organic, naturally flavoured product this "gelato" sat in our freezer for a couple of weeks and still maintained its flavour and texture which indicates use of preservatives and chemicals.

From: Candice Hearth on May-07-2008
I LOVE THIS PLACE! They have the best tasting gelato in the entire world. I have lived abroad for many years and have tried gelato all over the world- including Italy. Hollywood Gelato has the best GELATO I have ever tasted. All flavours are sincere to their names and will knock you out with a dose of reality! I have never had any other ice cream or gelato that compares to the richness, realness and quality of their product! It is always worth standing in line to be served by friendly kids scooping me my 3 scoops! To die for: Rocky Rocher Lemon Meringue Pie Peanut Butter Chocolate Wafer and Mars- Yes like the mars chocolate bar - only better!

From: Red89 on Jun-15-2008
I live in the neighborhood of this place and i just ADORE it, PEANUT BUTTER IS THE BEST FLAVOR OF ALL TIME. Go to this place when you got the munchies because the gelato and cappachinos will pack u good for the nite

From: nejla on Sep-23-2008
Hi, I love your store. I like to see if you have any other new store for sale. Or can we find a place to open new location for this business. I like to here from you. you can send emil to [email protected] (416)84-5153 Thank you

From: Stacy Meining on Nov-06-2008
I have never found such unique and decadent flavors that appeal to all crowds. They offer the traditional lemon, hazelnut and pistachio but also the unique- Key Lime Pie, Roasted Marshmallow and Skor! All their flavors explode in your mouth with intense, rich, and real flavors. I LOVE this place!

From: former hollywood gelato fan.... on Jul-01-2009
the ice creams are great, just don't show up without "CASH"....who knew?! 15min in line on canada day night, and my little son & i had to leave without our cones because they don't accept debit. would have been nice to have it posted on front door or above cash.....too bad...baskin & robbins, here we come!

From: Sara Toppe on Aug-25-2009
Delicious. Sincere, friendly, patient staff. I commend all the student staff and the bull they have to deal with. The gelato is also divine, creamy and true to flavour.

From: Angela on Aug-25-2009
As tasty as the gelato is, one must comment on how RIDICULOUS the size of the cups are. It's astonishing how they cram scoops of ice cream into those tiny fluoride cups. C'mon folks, you're busy enough, spend some dough on the packaging!

From: Dan on Dec-20-2009
Terrible customer service when I was there. Snobby person bud in front of line and staff served him first. The ice cream itself isn't as good as some other more authentic local places.

From: Amillia on Jan-27-2010
Delicious gelato. Hands down- quality product! The young staff serving were polite, diligent and helpful. Price Point= Excellent

From: Charmaine on Feb-24-2010
I was here on the weekend for a blind date. I had never heard of it before, and googled it to find out where it was. This was the PERFECT place for a first date! Its modern, fun, relaxed and comfortable. There were conversation starters with favorite flavors of ice cream, the selection of ice cream ect... The "Gelato" which I did not know was Italian Ice Cream was SENSATIONAL! Seriously, it was amazing. I have never had anything so good in my life. I will not be back with my blind date, but I will return with friends- Especially for the Key Lime Pie!

From: Jimmy on Feb-25-2010
I agree with Dan, terrible customer service... at least when I was visiting. need better customer service

From: Dave on Mar-03-2010
I agree with everyone that says this is the best Gelato in the city. If you appreciate real ingredients instead of artificial flavor, then you know what I'm talking about!

From: Saera on Mar-16-2010
Wow. So Good! I had Strawberry Shortcake, Almond (with lots of whole almonds in it) and Brownie mud pie. This ice cream....I mean Gelato (not sure what the difference is) sent me over the moon :)

From: Isabella on Sep-06-2010
Terrible, terrible customer service. I was there late Saturday afternoon and the girl behind the counter literally shook her head and laughed at my sister in law and I because we were discussing which flavours we wanted before we ordered. It was like nothing I've ever experienced anywhere. We just walked out and went over the the Mad Italian where we received much better service AND great gelato...

From: Jane on Sep-19-2010
BAD BAD customer service! the girls there are just rude when you try to order and pick flavors! I see them treat other customers rudely too...go elsewhere!!

From: Francis on Oct-01-2010
Amazing Gelato. Great Customer Service The lady serving me was patient with my indecisiveness, let me taste whatever i wanted, suggested complimentary flavors and even wrapped my takeaway gelato so that it would last my commute home. Thank you to that lady, I will be back.

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