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User Reviews and comments on Gateaux de Paris

From: * on Aug-08-2003
this shop is close and become another cake shop:-----(

From: lisa woods on Jan-16-2005
Amazing cakes. looks good and taste good

From: susan kim on May-18-2005
I have never seen such beautiful ice cream cakes before. I love the green tea ice cream cake and the chocolate ginger. wow!

From: Bug on Oct-05-2005
It's nowhere near to as good as it used to be when it first opened. The guy doesn't make everything himself anymore.

From: Rhonda on Oct-25-2005
Great pastries and the weddings cakes are to die for. Two of my friends ordered their wedding cakes from here and they were absolutely beautiful and delicious. Now its my turn to order one. No second thoughts.

From: Mariette Gomez on Oct-27-2005
More like a whole sale cake shop than a good patisserie that serves fresh desserts...wonder what the turnover rate is for the desserts in the display case? Doesn''t look that great....sorry.

From: ting on Sep-10-2006
I dunno, never thought it was that good. I know that store since few years before when it first opened. The cake looks good, but the taste are dissapointing. Is this place reall worth 3 stars?

From: sarah on Nov-06-2006
Nice bakery. its excellent the cake taste good but its too sweet

From: tiffany on Nov-06-2006
your cakes taste the best i love greentea its made with real tea flavours. you have the bestcake in the world . i would rate you 10/10 becuase you cakes arnt really sweet. whut kind of cake would you requre for my grandma since she has diabetes?

From: Thomas & Cindy on Aug-05-2010
Thank you so much for a beautiful job on our wedding cake and your sweet table. We will definetely recommend you to our friends.

From: Owner on Dec-01-2011
We no more longer in Pacific Mall. We moved to our new location to serve you better Oriental Center 4438 sheppard avenue east.Scaborough.On Richmond Hill 176 west beaver creek.On (647) 818 7310

From: Pacific mall hair salon on Dec-31-2011
The flower I bought is not fresh it dead after I left the shop for my girl friend graduation day.

From: Tommy on Jan-11-2012
The blue roses I bough on the New year Eve also die in 1 hour

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