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User Reviews and comments on Tournayre Patisserie

From: Joanne on Apr-04-2003
Forget flying to France. Indulge yourself in this tiny perfect replica instead. The sitting area is sunny and romantic. Relax and have one of the yummy sandwiches (basil and avocado is tops) before dessert. Quite the treat!

From: Victoria on May-17-2003
This is a delightful little place, with arguably the best croissants in town and the friendliest proprietors, something the people at Rahier should take note of.

From: Carla on Jun-06-2003
Not really a comment but more of a question: Has anyone ordered Croquembouche from Tournayre for a wedding? Please share your thoughts and experience if you have as I'm considering getting it for our early September wedding but have heard that it can be rather tempermental when it comes to humidity and the entire thing collapsing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

From: Michelle on Oct-24-2003
I love this place! They make the best croissants and pains au chocolat - buttery, flaky and light. Divine pastries, wonderful atmosphere and friendly service. What more could one ask for? That's why I was flabbergasted when I went there today and they were closed, with a sign in the window indicating that the place was under new management and would re-open under a new name. Does anyone know what happened?

From: Rob on Oct-25-2003
Also stopped by today after climbing the CN Tower looking for one of their perrfect danish pastries, and found it closed up. PLEASE anyone, where did they move to, may move there too!

From: Chris Knight on Oct-25-2003
I was flabbergasted to find the patisserie closesd this morning. I rang their number and the woman who answered said the shop has been bought out by a company called Komitor. She said it will be a Vienese-style bakery but they hope to keep something of the feel and some of the items of the former shop. They plan to re-open in a couple of weeks. All she knew of the former owners was that she thought they had moved back to France. So it doesn't seem as though Tournayre will be seen in Toronto again. A pity, as they had the best croissants in town. Second-best (in my opinion) goes to Bonjour Brioche, which is a little ways west on Queen, I think it's 818 Queen East or thereabouts.

From: Steve on Oct-25-2003
I went by today on my weekly trip to "Meat on the Beach" next door, to find the aforementioned sign in the window, and my heart sank. It was truly as close as you could get to France for pastries, and with "Meat on the Beach" next door, and "Sauvignon" at the corner, it was turning into a little East End gourmet block. I also heard they had moved back to France (who can blame them), so it's about 6000 miles for another pain au chocolat from them.... ;(

From: Alex on Oct-26-2003
Very, very, very, very, very sad that Tournayre has closed. It seemed so sudden--we were in there last weekend, and no one gave any indication that the place was about to close. That's the nature of the food business, I guess, but of the best things about our neighbourhood is now gone. I just hope that this "Komitor" or "Konditor" or whatever the hell its called isn't just some generic "coffee shop" with weak coffee, pre-fab sandwiches, and crummy pastries ordered from a giant commissary somewhere in Mississauga. God know we have enough of THOSE in this city! Sandra, Marc, and Michel, we'll miss you!

From: Vicky on Oct-29-2003
Unfortunately the Tournayre closed about a week ago...for good! I don't know what I am going to do....

From: Dave on Nov-01-2003
I also went by the shop today to see the closed window. I was very disappointed and so was my wife and daughter who were sitting at home expecting some treats. Very sad to see them go and I'm obviously interested in what would make them close up shop? A bit of a mystery. The moving back to France message on the shop does not really anwser the question. Maybe they could not stand another cold winter? It was great to see them be so successful when so many small businesses fail.

From: Marni on Aug-25-2004
Okay this has to be our little secret but I have the greatest news in the world! There used to be this fantastic bakery in the beaches called Tournayre that quickly and quietly closed down in the fall of last year. It was the best little bit of France Toronto had to offer. The good news...Recently I was out driving on Dundas west near Royal York road and noticed a new bakery that had opened. I went inside and just about cried when I recognized the baker from Tournayre! He has opened his own little patisserie called Ma Maison. I can promise that this place has got the greatest baguette in the whole city and that it is well worth the drive to the west end. In addition to baguette there are also wonderful pasteries and prepared foods that are magnificent! The address for Ma Maison is 4243 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke, ON M8X 1Y3 416.236.2234. Located on the south side of Dundas Street. Enjoy :)

From: Slappy Deaux on Jan-19-2005
The latest rumour is that Sandra & Marc return to France has not been succesful and may be considering a return Canada. We can only be hopeful.

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