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User Reviews and comments on J. S. Bonbons

From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Excellent chocolate. Their chocolate caramel truffle is outstanding.

From: Jana on May-03-2003
I really didn't like these chocolates at all. I didn't even eat the box I bought because they weren't worth the calories. There are much better options.

From: Brenda on May-23-2003
I had the pleasure of discovering JS Bonbons recently and what a fantastic find! To chose a favourite would be almost impossible, but the lavender, lime corriander and the lemon tyme are really outstanding...the store itself is lovely, cozy and filled with treats-an absolute delight start to finish...i will be back!

From: Paul Riss on May-28-2003
I have used J S Bonbons for as long as she has been open for both my business and personal gift giving. And i can't say enough about how happy everyone has been with her chocolates. Thanks Jenn you are a genius!

From: Lorraine on Nov-13-2003
Fantastic! By far the best chocolates I have ever tried...definately worth a visit. Lorraine P.

From: Lilita on Nov-15-2003
I just tried these truffles today. Incredible value even though they are a little smaller than what you will find elsewhere. Personally, I prefer that since it allows one to try a greater variety of flavours. I just savoured the coriander lime truffle and was surprised how well the subtle flavour blended with the high quality chocolate. I have already recommended J.S. Bonbons to friends and family.

From: Michelle on Nov-30-2003
I stopped by this tore to try their truffles, which were alright in taste. A little waxy, but some interesting and sort of weird flavours too. However, the cream in these chocolate had gone bad and they made me very SICK! I would not recommend this store, because of that unpleasant experience.

From: Lionel on Jan-06-2004
Sorry, but I highly doubt that the truffles sold at this store stay on the shelves long enough for the cream to have time to go bad...

From: helen s. on Mar-03-2004
Jenn's chocolates are beyond amazing! We use them both at work and for gift-giving. I've turned dozens of people onto Jenn's store and would recommend it to everyone. Her flavours are inspiring, my favourite being the white chocolate truffle with the lemon/thyme filling!

From: thomas haas on Mar-11-2004
Consider the truffles at JS middle range wholesale quality. New comer SOMA chocolates at the distillery is the one to watch out for. Besides their truffles, taste their amazing spiced hot chocolate drinks! Blew me away.

From: cheryl p on Mar-17-2004
i received from a friend of mine last week the most beautiful and tasty gift i have ever received. it was a chocolate bowl filled with huge chocolate covered strawberries. the whole gift was wrapped in cellophane and delivered in a gift bag. the strawberries were huge and delicious and the chocolate tasted incredible. what a nice change from receiving flowers or gift baskets. i will definitely be ordering gifts from them when the need arises. YUMMY!!! and i am a true chocolate lover.

From: leslie on May-08-2005
store looks good, truffles look good, website looks good....but the quality of the dark chocolate and flavours are only so so. there are definitely better options.

From: Christine Baker on May-25-2005
I received an assortment of JS Bonbons for Valentine's Day - a bowl filled with the most fantastic truffles I have ever tasted. The salted caramel was my absolute favorite. I went into the Queen St. store to put together a similar gift for a friends wedding shower and was thrilled. Not only are the truffles amazing, but there are so many other things to give (and keep :) And my friend loved her gift...two more devotees!

From: Anna Goodman on May-26-2005
I used JS Bonbons as favors at my May wedding...they were a huge hit! What a yummy and beautiful touch. Jenn and her staff were lovely to deal with, which made everything so much easier. Thank you!

From: Clara on Mar-09-2006
I stopped by the store on Queen Street. They've got a few interesting products and lots of herb based truffles. I bought 9 to try out, the cardamom caramel was ok the rest of the truffles were not so great. I don't know whether it was the cream in the Rosemarry truffle or the taste itself, but I felt sick fo hours afterwards. The chocolate covered toffe was really good though.

From: tina on Aug-29-2008
both stores are closed. the queen st store closed in 2006. the dupont street closed in summer 2008. one of the truffle makers is now at xococava.

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