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User Reviews and comments on Dutch Dreams

From: [email protected] on Apr-22-2003
Love "DUTCH DREAMS" if you need more art Theo, email me or call (416)698-2833, we live near the Beaches now. Will be in for ice cream soon! *CAROLE*

From: MAYPOLE DAIRY COMPANY on May-29-2003

From: Kevin on Jun-30-2003
best ice-cream I ever had!!!! Wonderful!!!

From: Linda Saslove on Jul-20-2003
My friend Carole who did amazing art work for your dreamy store sent me to you. I almost flipped. My fave dessert is icecream. I just recently got Stoney Creek. It was really good. Strawberry was the one I tried. In Ottawa, I used to get Cows in the Market or Lois and Frima's - fave flavour was coconut. Laura secord used to have a great pina colada but stopped making it. Greg's is okay. But yours is outstanding. Nothing like it on earth. The best by far. I sampled black cherry with huge cherries, strawberry, pina colada, expresso, banana. Couldn't make up my mind. Finally bought 1/2 litre of banana and pina colada. But honestly, the others are fabulous. Going back for more. The store is so cute, can't wait to take friends there. Can't wait to try baked alaska, sundaes, everything. All the best. xoxoLinda

From: mwhahahah on Jul-23-2003
Nice clean floors as usual

From: Joanna on Jul-23-2003
Nice, happy staff

From: Jill Dawson on Jul-23-2003
The more you tip the more ice cream you shall recieve at that joint

From: john wayne on Dec-31-2003
the ice creams are not sealtest & you'll find out that its their parlor premium line!

From: Becky Halsworth on Jun-09-2004
I was disappointed with this ice cream. I had the cherry cheesecake which tasted synthetic and the mint chocolate which tasted a bit like soap... not very good at all...

From: Heather on Jun-22-2004
hi, just wondering if you have Cake Batter flavour ice cream, i just came back from new york where i tried it for the first time and it was the best ice cream i've ever had!! thanks.

From: j. Smit on Nov-15-2004
During the summer of 2003- I had taken a friend to the store for ice cream. Being of Dutch descent I loved (note the past tense!)taking my friends there so I can show off some Dutch items, that I grew up with. While there I usually pick up some treats for my self and my parents that we can't get in any store. Example: Choc. sprinkle-the best on toast! King Mints, and white sugar powder that tastes like licorice- again GREAT ON TOAST! Upon arriving home- and tasting this white sugar powder that tastes like licorice(it is normally the consistancy of icing sugar in your mouth)it didn't have that same feeling- it was more crystallized- abit like white sugar. Upon reading the box- the BEST BEFORE DATE: 09/1999. the stuff had actually expired 4 years befoe I actually bought it. I phoned the store ( I live an hour east of Toronto-not worth a specific trip in!) and I spoke to an employee and explained this situation- I asked her to have the manager call me when they came in. They didn't, but the employee did and told me there was nothing they would do as they could not prove that I bought the product there. A little ridiculous, do they think that I may have had this in my cupboard for years and that I am going through this to get my $3.00 back. For the most part I wanted to tell them so they would take it off the shelves so nobody else buys it and second_ I thought the may say thank you and we will keep your name on file- so the next time you are in-we will reimburse you or something to that effect.. Instead I am made to feel like a "sugar con artist " or soemthing like that. I just came upon this website and to this day (Nov.15) it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth- I have never gone back even though I frequent the area at least 1x per week. I am glad I could share it! It makes me wonderif these owners are really Dutch!!!!!!!!!!! You know what hey say- "If you ain't Dutch-You ain't much!"

From: Victoria on Nov-26-2004
Never got a good feeling from the place. The product is lousy, unless you're impressed by a few stale doodads thrown on an icecream cone. Stick with Greg's.

From: Stephanie on Jan-12-2005
I absolutely loved this ice cream!The flavours were so unique and delicious. The atmosphere is wonderful and the staff are amazing. The person who served me was so helpful and kind, she didnt get upset when i asked to try some flavours and she made my ice cream look really pretty! THANKS! Since then Ive returned and I brought my boyfriend, he was impressed! We ordered a dutch pancake which tasted really good and had all the toppings on it. Ive read some of the other comments on this page and I just wanted to addree the lady who wrote about the expired licorice. I am a fan of the dutch candies and syrop waffles as well and I know the owners and they are very kind and freindly people. Im sure that if you told them they sold u expired merchandise they would apologise profusely and replace it! Anyways its a great place so be sure to try it out! Vaughan road and st clair!!

From: CC on Jan-07-2006
Dutch dreams has by far the best ice cream and frozen Yogurt in Toronto. I am originally from a small town and when I first moved to Toronto over 5 years ago I stepped foot in Dutch dreams for the first time. I couldn't believe my eyes. The atmosphere alone is something to see. It's like you've stepped out of reality, and onto a movie set. So many unique items are avaliable that it's hard to decide what you want, but trust me on one thing... You will I guarantee remain a faithful customer of Dutch dreams from the first time you step foot in that door. I have been a customer there for over 5 years, and am known on a first name basis there! I guess not something I should be totally proud of I guess, but at the same time I always think if I am going for ice cream I want it to be the best. At dutch dreams everything is huge and laced with fresh fruits, whipped cream, sprinkles and lots of other toppings. They also do birthday cakes and I have to say they are an amazing site! The staff should be commended for the work they do. They serve so many to perfection every day and night. The owners are really nice people and they are why Dutch Dreams is what it is today. Thanks Theo jr and SR and Dina!!!! CC

From: Theo Aben on Jan-07-2006
To Mr. J. Smit, I want you to know that I am extremly sorry about the product that we at Dutch Dreams served you. I was the one that spoke to you regarding your cicumstance and later went ot look at eh product that we served. Just so you know the product we served you was not expired. The company that supplies the Anis product to us puts the date of packaging on the box not the expiration. Please come into the store and we will reimburse you for the product and make it up to you. Thanks for your understanding, Theo Aben

From: sarah on Jun-21-2006
went there this afternoon its an awesome place i can't believe i never knew about it!

From: CC on Jun-26-2006
To Heather: You asked about a cake batter flavored ice cream. They have a really delicious flavour that is called birthday cake. That should be what you looking for try that.

From: CC on Jun-26-2006
visit the dutch dreams website at!!!

From: C,J&T on Jul-08-2006
Best Ice Cream in the WORLD!!!!

From: Bad ice Cream on May-08-2007
I had the worst ice cream experience of my life on May 8th 2007 at Dutch Dreams in Toronto. Not only was the service terrible but when I did finally get my cone the girl at the counter tipped it on me covering me from head to toe. No offer to help me clean up was made. I paid 6 dollars plus for my cone and left. I took of few licks of some freezer burned ice cream and walked home unsatisfied.

From: Josh on Jun-14-2007
I get off on Dutch Dreams...hehe hahah ho ho

From: Tunde from Hungary on Jul-03-2007
I used to live in the Vaughan road. With my boyfriend we used to go sometimes to the Dutch Dreams. We loved it, and we miss so much.

From: bheret on Jul-15-2007
this is such i nice store i used to go there a lot... now im in veenzuela and i miss the icecream from there it was the best!

From: maine girl on Aug-12-2007
Coming from a very small town, Dutch Dreams felt like a small town ice cream shop in the middle of a huge city. It's friendly workers and its eclectic decor made visiting a blast. My suggestion - Save some room and go for the two-scoop waffle cone.

From: upset costomer on Sep-26-2007
Although I agree that Dutch Dreams is the best in home made ice cream, I would consider the staff selection to be revised. I had asked my mother to order a birthday cake a few weeks ago and being the 3rd cake we ordered this summer I was quite confident it would be a hit like the rest. My mom placed the order with the store owner and left the $40 with the owner. On the day of the pickup when I asked for my cake the few kids behind the counter looked at me as if I were crazy. When I told them I had ordered cake days before they looked around as if stalling for time. Close to half an hour later after being on the phone (again stalling) one of the staff approaches me and tells me theres been a mix-up and that my cake was given to the wrong person and they had mixed orders, I than asked for them to give me the cake from the other order they had, they told me there was no other cake. Evidently the staff neglected to make a cake and was trying to cover up their mistakes. When I asked where the owner was they told me he was on vacation. Rather briskly, they told me all that could be done was to give me my money back. I agreed and took the $40. In the end I arrived to the surprise party late with a small last minute cake from lablaws in hand.

From: Brian on Oct-27-2007
It made me feel like I was living on a dream. A dutch dream. If I closed my eyes whilst eating the banana split from the highest level of heaven, I could hear the music of flutes calling from the sweet hereafter, as though beckoning me home. You must go!

From: serious_eater on Oct-31-2007
ice cream is great and the decor is very psychedelic coolio but the place could use a cleaning. floortiles stick to your feet and the last time i was there this summer, a few of the floor tiles wanted to leave with me on the bottom of my sneakers.

From: katierose555 on Dec-14-2007
absolutely delicious, i took some of my friends there and we all agreed it was absolutely heavenly!

From: monica on Mar-02-2010
I dont think that Dutch Dream has the same owner anymore. I love the Jamaican Grapenut flavour. I am living outside of Canada now, and I plan to go visit Dutch Dream when I visit Toronto in May 2010. I hope that they will be open the day of my visit

From: Dina Aben on Jul-21-2011
Thank you to everyone that has written such wonderful things !! I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still the same owners of Dutch Dreams for the last 27 years!! Thank you Dutch Dreams

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