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User Reviews and comments on Teuscher Chocolates

From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Good chocolate but far too overpriced for the quality. You can do just as well, if not better at Simone Marie, for half the cost.

From: rick satriani on May-02-2003
Excellent chocolates but definitely too expensive. Try The Chocolate Messenger instead; they have the best truffles in Toronto...period.

From: DiDi Dubois on Oct-09-2003
I am so sorry that you have closed your Montreal store ! ! ! Just to think that I will have to order them by phone from your Toronto office..... Your Montreal facade was a delight during the holiday season and I will miss you very much. Your Champagne Truffles are WONDERFUL ! didi

From: Leticia Siasat on Dec-02-2003
I've never settled for anything but the best when it comes to chocolate and you shouldn't either. Teuscher Chocolates are the best I've ever tasted. I can't wait to put in my order for my upcoming wedding in June 2004 at William Ashley's. My guests will be so happy to see that we've taken great care in making sure they enjoy the very best. I can't wait to stop at William Ashley's to pick some up this week. For any reason, treat yourself to'll feel a whole lot better. Sincerely, Leticia

From: anonymous on Apr-07-2004
i thought i lost you for ever.I have been buying your chocolates for years now i can order them on line thank god

From: Nancy on Nov-26-2004
The champagne truffles and dark chocolate ganache truffles are exquisite - flown in from Switzerland, but the price of them leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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