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User Reviews and comments on Ace Bakery

From: [email protected] on Mar-03-2003
This is the best bread(s) to be made in the Toronto area for 15 years!

From: Loucious on May-09-2003
Nobody makes a better baguette than Ace bakery.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
As good as any baguette that I've had in the city.

From: Tom on Feb-09-2004
Sadly, unless you buy the ACE baguette directly from their bakery or in a hotel, you will instead be subjected to the "par-baked" baguette... This is a cost cutting move on ACE's part, and unfortunately it is NOT the same baguette you used to enjoy. It only resembles the original baguette if cooked exactly according to ACE's instructions, but unfortunately this is not being followed half the time at the various par-bake locations (such as Loblaws). Par-bake is a great idea for towns outside of ACE's bakery delivery range, but for within Toronto, it is not. Maybe its great for ACE's profits, but not for the discriminating consumer! Check this link for ACE's own claims regarding its par-bake process.

From: ashwina on Nov-29-2012
I love the Ace Organic White Oval Bread, unfortunately I have a sulfite issue but can safely eat this bread BUT BEWARE of buying it at Longos or any supermartket where they are baking the par baked bread from ACE bakery, its not the same, they shrink the loaf in half size and you pay the same amount of money! Also does not taste fresh at all and has a weird taste. Wish they would just supply Fresh Baked Bread Toronto area, not hard to do. I am sure they would make more money and customers would enjoy their producss

From: [email protected] on Mar-09-2013
We discover your baguette at Loblav Montreal, we can tell you, that you produce the worst one in Canada. We suppose your bakers are former plasterers.... Congratulation for your "professionalism" !!!!!! Ivan.

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