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User Reviews and comments on Gelato Fresco

From: Leticia Siasat on Jan-25-2004
In my opinion, Gelato Fresco is the original. Others try to replicate just what they have dicovered. From the fruit based to the sinfully creamy, you will not be disappointed. I've been working at an establishment that has been making their clients happy for years because the food is amazing and our desserts include several selections from Gelato Fresco. The favourites being: Chocolate Raspberry Tartufo; Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Tartufo; Mango Gelato; Raspberry Gelato; Hazelnut Gelato and of course, Devil's Chocolate Gelato. You must try all of them. If Teuscher is the true undisputed champion of chocolate, then Gelato Fresco is definitely that of ice creams. Sincerely, Leticia Siasat

From: iceyhotcake on Mar-14-2007
TO: Gelato Fresco Manager (in toronto,ontario) Good day! its been 8 months since my husband starts working in your company,how come he's not having any benefits from you??? God have mercy!!! The Icecream is Good but we need cash....LOL!

From: bilton on Apr-08-2010
I visit gelato afew time andit looks likethey always have party i wonder what kind a manager is there the laughing and the squealing this is no joke you posted a haccap paper but is it truly what they say when i say several times i was tempted to as for the boss but then i say what the hey let others find out for themselves

From: Scott on Oct-14-2010
Went there on a friend's recommendation that I needed to try the fresh pumpkin (seasonal flavour). It's a factory outlet so when you wander in the front door you're coming to a very informal reception area. I mentioned I was there to buy ice cream and I followed a lady through the office to a side room that looked seldom used and fairly disorganized. We went over to a chest freezer, she opened up the lid, and there were about 6-8 flavours to choose from, all in pint size (500ml) for $5. I grabbed a couple of pumpkin and as I was making my way out I noticed another freezer (more like one you'd find in a convenience store with the glass lid that slides) that was marked clearance. Those ones were $3 and just had a sticker on the top instead of a properly labeled lids. The lady informed me that those were flavours that weren't officially out. I found Lindt 70% and Citrus Ice Cream too tempting so I grabbed them. Fresh Pumpkin is amazing. Very smooth, very flavourful, with a nice blend of spices. Lindt 70% is a very tasty dark chocolate (nice change), and Citrus (orange and lemon peels) was not as bursting with flavour but still very good. I settled up in cash (no tax). I found the staff is very friendly (emailed me a list of places I could find their products in). Remember it's takeout only, and don't be thrown off from the very non-retail experience.

From: angie on May-02-2011
I have been buying sicilian lemon for years abd it was very refreshing recently i bought a pail of sicilian lemon and the taste is different it not very tasty and it taste of more watery i am just wondering if the recipe change if so i like the old one better

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