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User Reviews and comments on Simryn Chocolates

From: dan on Feb-03-2004
this is a fantastic store that reminds me of those cute old fashioned ones. they have friendly help there to!

From: Vicky G on Aug-18-2005
The biggest, yummiest, most droolworthy rum balls ever.

From: vicci on Nov-28-2006
what has happened to this store! the owner Noni Fenby is the most miserable perso I have ever dealt with! the chocolate was ok but nothing special. The store has gone DOWNHILL!!!

From: Gwen on Dec-21-2006
I bought a large box. They were average - nothing stood out until i bit into a mouldy one.

From: Tina on Feb-01-2007
The chocolates are average but the cookies and cupcakes are devine!!

From: Ben on Feb-08-2007
Delicious brownies!!!

From: Sarah Linttre on Mar-13-2007
MY FIRST AND LAST TIME VISITING THIS STORE! The service was terrible. The chocolate was average at best (maybe the service impacted my opinion). The store was dirty and chocolate truffles tasted stale. I would normally give a store a 2nd chance BUT the service really lacked. Stay away, go to a store that wants your business.

From: Carolyn Davidson on Apr-10-2007
AMAZING store, I completely disagree with any negative reviews. A charming atmosphere that has a constant aroma of chocolate wafting through to the outside and the service was both knowledgeable and kind. I recomend this store to anyone looking for quality chocolate at an affordable price..negative people should not be so blunt in their analyses.

From: Zak Rosenberg on Apr-10-2007
Great store, awsome help, and really reminded me of the movie Chocolat with the owner and her young daughter both working there. Gives a familiar-type atmosphere with chocolate to rival the like of Godiva!

From: Laura on Apr-13-2007
After reading good reviews i decided to try the store out..i couldn't have been more disappointed with the service and the chocolates :(

From: Gillian Patel on May-03-2007
Read the mixed reviews and went to the store (its close to my home). I have to say that it really was a BAD EXPERIENCE. All i received was attitude and very plain tasting truffles. I asked about the blueberry taste in the blueberry truffle and after having my question passed over THREE TIMES, she finally told me that they use a BLUEBERRy FLAVOURING. That fake flavouring summed up many of the truffles in my box. The 'mother /daughter ' feeling in the store as mentioned by other reviews does not make up for the inferior product and dismal service. The Danforth is a small community, treat us a little better and WHO USES ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS??? in homemade style chocolates (i can buy those at the grocery store!) IF YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT QUALITY AND SERVICE, THEN THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU

From: C.D. on Jun-10-2007
I also live near this store. However, my experience was very different. The woman helping me was friendly and helpful. The flavours are not the most intense, but generally I find Simryn a great place for fruit-flavoured truffles. The Mimosa was particularly good.

From: Sara on Jun-12-2007
Simryn chocolates are delectable! I'm a truffle fiend and simryn always has something good for my chocolate fix, especially the truffles with the cherries mmm.... I've tried some of the other chocolatiers in the city, but I always come back to Simryn. I live close to the store too and the service is always good and there always seems to be a line-up mind you the store is teeny tiny but I think that lends to the sweet atmosphere.

From: Mary Laura Guilds on Aug-16-2007
My first time leaving a review for anything. The store is very cute,and that is what brought me in to try it. Unfortunately the chocolate is not good. In fact the flavours as described in other reviews are fake/chemical tasting in many of the chocolates. The champagne truffle was the exception. As for service, the owner needs to stop acting FAKE! it is obvious and makes the shopping experience dismall. I suggest the reviewer that is a ''truffle fiend'' get out more! Try Soma or Senses at yonge/queen. Once you taste what a real truffle is,i think you will never return to this average at best chocolate shop. The Danforth is losing its lustre and this store is an example of why.

From: Lexie on Sep-13-2007
I live near the store and I agree 100% with the negative reviews. Artificial chocolates and artificial owners. Try Soma or JS Bon Bons if you want great quality fresh chocolate.

From: Chaim Gold on Oct-16-2007
I just loved everything in this store..from the little gifts to the chocolate and of course Toronto's famous Greg's ice cream! I've heard a lot of negative reviews from ex-partners and employees so I woudn't read too much into many of the comments. Great store again!! try some of the cookies, very original recipes and the help is always welcoming

From: David and Sarah Dolemsis on Nov-14-2007
We have lived in the Danforth for most our married lives and have watched it transform. We have bought chocolate for many years from this store and it seems they are not concentrating on chocolate and it really is suffering. PLEASE STOP SELLING all that other stuff and get back to chocolate. The chocolate has suffered in flavour, we no longer will be going to this store. The truffles need to improve. Sorry but thumbs DOWN

From: marie on Jul-14-2011
This is my frist time writing a review for anything. The store is closed down but noni fenby still is making the chocolates. I would never suggest doing business with her. The chocolates were a major disappointment and noni fenby was one of the rudest people I have ever come across. I would never suggest doing business with her whether it be with her real estate activity or chocolate making.

From: Angie on Sep-02-2011
Hi, this is my 1st time writing an online review. My suggestion to all of you is the same as most of the reviewers here - NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS WOMAN. She can be the nicest person today but the rudest tomorrow. I have bought chocolates from the shop and kept in contact with her for real estate purpose. I end up working with another agent as my hubby and I could not stand her moody behavior.

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