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User Reviews and comments on Daniel Le Chocolat Belge

From: louise on Feb-16-2003
Very good chocolate bars and chocolates. Try the Gilberte and the Grand Marnier.

From: Robertson on May-09-2003
We located this place through the Yummy Baguette website. I do not know anything about "The International Festival of Chocolate", but the claim that he was the only north american to have won it intrigued me. I had eaten a Godiva dark chocolate truffle a few days previously and felt rather unsatisfied. I bought a few chocolates for my wife at Choc. B. Callebaut. We were amazed (she shared, of course :) ). They were the best chocolates we have ever eaten. They were pricey (so is Godiva), nevertheless I think anyone who seriously enjoys chocolate ought to try this place. It just isn't common to have chocolate that good available.

From: Michelle on Nov-30-2003
Someone gave me chocolates from this store as a gift and I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful they were. By far the highest quality chocolates you can find in Toronto and they use no perservatives so they're not fattening! Only fresh creams and cocoa butter, no oils. I really loved the Canadien Truffle and the seashells with hazelnut ganache. If you truly want to impress, forget Laura Secord, Godiva and all those other waxy chocolate stores.

From: Robert on Dec-30-2003
Right up at the top of the list. Consistent, rich and tasty. Now, how about a store downtown?

From: Corek on Mar-10-2004
I agree, a store downtown would be amazing...

From: Louise on Feb-02-2005
I just received a box of chocolates Bernard Callebaut as a gift. What a delight!!!! How come there is no store in Montr´┐Żal?

From: Belinda on Dec-30-2005
The store is nicelly decorated (mostly with chocolates) although why they have pottery baffles me. Chocoaltes are delicious, but a bit overpriced They don't make their own chocolates there, but fly them from Alberta, which is too bad. I much prefer the chocolate store on Lakeshore/Islington - Sweet something. Surprisingly they offer the same type of chocolates, except they actually make them on the premises there.

From: Susanna on Feb-09-2006
Love their chocolate. The top of the town, period. There is a new link to theri web site:

From: Lucy on May-09-2006
This was my first time trying their chocolate. I was really dissapointed - first of all they call themselves a Chocolaterie, but they do no make the chocolate there, so the name is misleading. It is made in Alberta in a factory by workers who work for 8 dollars an hour. So it is not a Chocolaterie, but actually just a business that these people bought to resell the factory made chocolates. Being a pastry chef I chould tell that the chocolates is of good quality, but some like gianduja was stale and the lavender cream didn't taste of lavender at all.

From: Donna on Jun-19-2006
The chocolate is exquisite. I had the priviledge of seeing the painstaking proceedure in which BC chocolates are made and loved learning of the quality of chocolates and ingredients. I was so glad to find out that even with new locations production is still under the watchful eye of Bernard Callebaut and hand picked supervisors.

From: Bonnie on Aug-13-2006
A correction for Lucy who posted on May-09-2006 Indeed, Bernard Callebaut chocolates are made in Calgary, Alberta. However, Bernard Callebaut does not make a small chocolate called "gianduja", nor one called "lavender cream".. You may have confused BC chocolate with the (quite good, but) much lesser quality, *Callebaut Chocolate. Not the same company. And that's right, factory workers make the chocolate according to Bernard and his wife's specifications, under supervision. After all, the chocolate has to feed a few more people than what one person can physically make himself.. If you're ever in Calgary, a factory tour would be enlightening. And fun! (By the way, $8 an hour is a normal and fair starting wage for labour and retail workers in Calgary these days). Each of Bernard's stores and the affiliated dealerships can rightfully be called Chocolateries. The chocolates are made in one location. But each store is responsible for sales of chocolate.. and the owners, managers and employees of each store are the ones who create the beautiful packaging presentations that make Bernard Callebaut Chocolate visually so appealing. As for the Chocolate, there are no additives, waxes or preservatives, and, despite common speculation, no child labour to produce the ingredients in BC products. Every one of the ingredients that Bernard uses (cocoa, dairy, nuts, fruit, liqueurs, coffee, etc) come from wherever he can find the utmost highest organic quality. The chocolate, itself, contains a very high cocoa butter content... Cocoa butter is a healthful fat (like olive oil), and is what makes an honestly decadent chocolate so YUMMY!. HTH!

From: Sarah on Oct-08-2007
The Bernard C store in Toronto has rebranded itself as Daniel, Le Chocolat Belge (pronounced "Danielle"). Daniel is a chocolate maker out of Vancouver. He uses the same Callebaut chocolate from Belgium. The address and phone number for the store remain the same. danielchocolates . com

From: Sarah on Mar-19-2008
To ammend my last post, the webpage for the Toronto store is danielchocolatestoronto . ca

From: Michelle on Mar-22-2008
The Bernard Callebaut store has closed and a new Belgium chocolate store has opened called Daniel Le Chocolat Belge. They have spicy truffles and organic chocolates and the milk chocolate is so much better tasting. They are using 100% pure Callebaut chocolate from Belgium and it tastes wonderful. Love the dark chocolate covered pretzels, the sea salt caramel and the Chipotle truffle.

From: Jean Pollock on May-22-2009
I received a box of Daniel Le Chocolat Belge for Mother's Day from my daughter in the B.V.I. They are exeptional chocolates! Having been to Belgium with my daughters, we enjoyed the real thing there. There are no better chocolates in the world and this company has been successful in reproducing them here.

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