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User Reviews and comments on Carole's Cheesecake Cafe

From: Jenny Simpson on Mar-23-2008
This place is great! A perfect place for a healthy and hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner, no matter who you're with. And don't forget to try the unbelievable cheesecake.

From: Mando Youssef on Dec-11-2008
Looking forward to visit you cuz i heared alot about the cafe ,hope u doing well

From: sandra on Sep-11-2009
I must be honest and admit that I was not impressed with Carole's Cheesecake Cafe in Yorkville. I think it started off with the very uninspiring smoked salmon sandwich. The bread used for this open faced sandwich was far too bland tasting and much too soft to support the sandwich. Absolutely no imagination went into its preparartion. However, even more disappointing was the piece of cheesecake that my daughter and I shared. It too was bland tasting and at par with what one would expect to purchase at M&M's or from Loblaws frozen foods. This owners would be wiser investing in serving better quality food rather than a Yorkville address if they want to maintain an ongoing clientele Sept 11/09

From: Sam Decaprio on Aug-04-2010
Went back to Carole"s. It is so much improved over last year. Great wraps and salads, and the cheesecake is the best. Greg's ice cream too. The breakfast specials are delicious. I keep going back.

From: Julie on Jan-17-2011
The service from our waitress was horrible. When we received our Rocky Mountain cheesecake slice, we thought she had heard Rocky Mountain Ice Cream. The waitress (with braces) had the nerves to say 'you never asked for it..' She dropped the rest of our orders and took the plate in exchange for the ice cream. A small dessert boutique should have great customer service along with great food for customers to rave about and certainly return. I would never step foot in there due to the poor customer service we had received along with the poor quality of food that we considered overpriced. Even when we left, we didn't even get a thank you, enjoy your night. We work and reside in the Yorkville area and by word of mouth will advise others not to tend to this cafe. The Iced Cappuccino was horrible - watered down beverage with a packette of sweetener. ($4.50!) The Rocky Mountain Ice Cream was distasteful along with others we had sampled. Even Starbucks down the street would have been a much better choice!

From: chamie on Apr-21-2011
I love the place and food but the manager ( the semi blond hair woman) so annoying, keeps on screaming and yelling to her workers during busy times in the store...she should watch how she treat her employees,its not good.I'm always there and I see that attitude of her.

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