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User Reviews and comments on Cheese Magic

From: Lisa on Aug-10-2007
Every Saturday I spend between $10-$30 in this store. The staff are friendly and helpful, the cheese is of great quality (keeps longer in the fridge than your regular store bought cheese), and the breadth of choices keeps me coming back for more each week! A+++

From: Gourmand Queen on May-09-2008
The staff are great; both knowledgeable & friendly. Don't let the small size of this dairy trick you because the selection in the store is excellent.

From: morgan thomas on Oct-10-2008
I don,t know why or even how people can be so flabergasted by such a filthy place. Not only were they convicted of selling cheese that contained listeriosis but they were proven on tape to be very unsanitary. The latter is taped by a news crew the same day they were shut down. Mice droppings and even old cat droppings were gross! Are they open for business again?

From: anne-marie on Jun-05-2009
I was in there the other day, and the guy was OPENING DELI MEATS ON BOARDS THEY USE TO CUT CHEESE. Cross-contamination much! I didn't see one person wash their hands. I know it can get busy in here sometimes, but its still no excuse to practice basic sanitary practices with the food.

From: Jax on Jun-21-2009
I've noticed that recently all the people who work here KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CHEESE, except some real basics they were probably told by formers, and even then they don't seem to sure of themselves. Whatever happened to the former employees, the fair skinned cute blonde guy, or the darker skin short guy with the glasses. Those cheese guys actually knew what they were talking about. This place has increasingly gone downhill, the owner really needs to do something, and soon.

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