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User Reviews and comments on Leonidas

From: chocoholic on Jul-15-2004
I love these chocolates, but only endulge once a year - every valentine's day! (my husband knows I won't forgive him if he doesn't get the Leonidas)

From: Daisy on Nov-26-2004
The fresh dark chocolate truffles are a favourite of mine, and very reasonably priced. If you're at Holts, cross the walkway and compare the value.

From: daina green on Feb-21-2008
While in Belgium, I was told that the founders of Leonidas and Godiva are brothers, use the same recipes and quality of ingredients, but appeal to a slightly different segment of the market. if you like nice wrapping, go with Godiva! I love the chocolates at Leonidas.

From: CHOCOLATIER on Apr-17-2009
LEONIDAS has a nice store set up and a good variety of chocolates. But if you are a chocolatier ;) and really pay attention in details humm there are a couple ofl moulded truffles that are covered with air bubbles. Air bubbles usually show when the moulds are not vibrated enough before chocolate shells are set or the chocolate is already too cold to pour into the chocolate moulds. That should never happen. Overall its nice store.

From: Beau on Jul-29-2010
@Daina Green, I do not know who told you that fairy tail but the founder of Godiva was NOT the brother from the founder of Leonidas. The founder from godiva was Joseph Draps and the founder from Leonidas is called Leonidas Kestekides. There is no way they can be brothers. Godiva is also NOT considered (any more) to be fine belgian chocolate.

From: International Chocolate Traveler on Oct-01-2010
Chocolates to cry for. In Vancouver we have remarkable chocolatiers (thomas hobbs, for one) but I have traveled the world over and Leonidas wins, hands down. On the streets of Belgium I watched to see where the visitors went for chocolate (Godiva) and where the locals went (Leonidas). There is a reason. Godiva is all marketing, Leonidas is all chocolate and ganache fillings. YUM! Even the no sugar added varieties are delicious. Go Leonidas, Go!!! Thankfully, Chocolate Planet (online) takes orders and delivers. Now to get a retail shop here....

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