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User Reviews and comments on Varsano's Chocolates

From: Jeffsma on Mar-18-2007
Simply the best home made chocolate I've ever had. I came in when he was making some nut paddies and asked him when they would be done. I bought a pound when I returned a half hour later and they were amazing, they didn't last 24 hours. Now I make a trip down to village whenever I get the craving, and it's often!

From: Wendy Madar on May-29-2007
I live in Oregon and my daughter lives in New York. On her birthday I did a web search for a chocolate maker in Manhattan who would deliver on the same day, and discovered Mark Varsano. He spent time talking with me on the telephone about types of chocolates and presentation. The federal building where my daughter works has tight security so the delivery person was to go to the staff door and ask that the chocolates be sent up to her office, but this was not allowed by federal rules. They tried to call her by cell phone but she was in a meeting. Mark called me back in Oregon to explain the problem while the delivery person stood by. Through roundabout means we managed to contact my daughter's supervisor, who came down to collect the chocolates, but had this failed, the delivery person was going to take them to another part of lower Manhattan to my daughter's partner. This was extraordinary service, performed cheerfully and wholeheartedly. Mark seemed as concerned as I was that the chocolates arrive on the birthday and not a day late. I did not see them or taste them, alas, but my daughter says they were beautifully presented and delicious--and what more could one ask of a birthday chocolate? I highly recommend Varsano's, particularly for anyone wanting efficient delivery in the city. Thank you, Mark!

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