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User Reviews and comments on Patisserie D'or

From: Dave on Aug-27-2007
My wife and I discovered this hidden gem upon coming back to Oakville after our honeymoon in Paris. We searched the western GTA (including Toronto proper) for a source to fulfill our croissant addiction. Patisserie D’Or has the best chocolate croissants it the GTA. Their croissants are reminiscent of our favorite pastry shop in Paris (a little cafe in the seventh called Millet on Rue Saint Dominique at the end of Rue Malar – everything in this shop is a little bit of heaven). Like Millet’s, Patisserie D’Or’s croissants are a little on the small side and not cheap, but hey they are classic French croissants (the Owner/Baker is actually a Parisian baker) and the shop is in downtown Oakville. Their pastries (tarts, cakes and sundry French munchies) are delightful (and comparatively more reasonably priced than their croissants!). The décor could use a bit of an update (we always takeout) but the place is a bakery so who cares.

From: gail j on Dec-12-2010
I recently ordered a special birthday cake for a very old friend; when I picked it up, it was like a work of art. The dinner party included 17 very old friends, and when I brought it out at the end of the meal, it was the hit of the meal. I would recommend this establishment at time.

From: SDR on Jun-03-2011
Sadly the ownership has changed once again and now its disappointing. There is no longer the amazing brunch menu and the displays seem emptier

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