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User Reviews and comments on Niche Coffee & Tea Company

From: RS on Dec-16-2006
Niche is my favourite coffee shop in the city. The coffee is excellent, the food is tasty, and the both the staff and atmosphere are friendly. It is now a neighbourhood staple.

From: Henrietta on Sep-12-2007
The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, but the products were gimmicky the food uninspired. This place is pretty faceless, on the whole, but it looks like they're maybe going for that.

From: GW Teller on Sep-16-2007
I loved Niche when it first opened, but it's faceless now. I used to come in for the lovely staff, but it's utterly corporate now.

From: Nadya on Sep-16-2007
Too prissy, cold interior and the coffee is not that great. Try Beanies for a neighbourhood coffee shop Coxwell and Danforth.

From: padma on Sep-17-2007
i told the owner that i was lactose intolerant and ordered a cup of tea. she tried to upsell me to a drink that was five times the price and full of heavy cream. jerk must have dollar signs for pupils.

From: Pleasantly Surprised on Dec-10-2007
Despite what the other users have commented, I have nothing but rave reviews for Niche. It is a wonderful alternative to busy-busy Starbucks. There's no WIFI, so therefore no "campers" taking up all the tables with their laptops and stuff. They support local artists by showcasing their work on their walls monthly. The coffee and tea is delicious, and the desserts are to-die-for. I definitely recommend Niche!

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