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User Reviews and comments on La Decadence Gourmande

From: Aekara on Oct-14-2006
tre bein! as close as you could ever get to the european experience!! thank you chef bruno, for bringing your talents to pickering!! i am a devoted fan of your culinary art, a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy! your warm personality, european flair...i love it! all the best to you and your family!!

From: frank horemans on Feb-09-2007
Good serious Belgian fare! Besides the bread and pastries, the quiche are great to take home, lunches with unique soups, and of course the stuff like muscles, frite, stews....lastly occasionally he makes bread from my favourite beer "Leffe" ah. p.s. Chocolate truffles I try to keep under control!

From: john philips on Feb-26-2007
Wow, you all have to get out here. This is the most wonderfull experience I had in my life. Talking about decadent food, this is the place to be. Real bread and coffee, great croissants (beside Rahier the best in Town), the best danishes ever. And you will have to try to stay for lunch with dishes like Beefstew, Chicken Waterzooi and Grated Hamrolls with Belgian Endive. And than I am not even metionning the greatest mussels with those succulent handcut fries. The really really ones, just like the waffles and the crepes. For such a tiny place, I can tell you this is the greatest food ever

From: martin tompson on Mar-13-2007
Great store, wonderfull food, animated service. A European downttown experience out of the GTA. Worth driving all the way from Cambridge, too bad it is not closer home. Way to go Chef Bruno, we hope you will stay in business for years, because we are definitely hooked to your kitchen. Thank you for creating this wonderfull experience.

From: Jake on Aug-22-2007
Food that goes far above and beyond anything like it in Pickering. Their wide array of danishes, custom breads, quiche and desserts keeps me coming back again and again. Belgian waffles that blow your mind!

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