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User Reviews and comments on Riviera Bakery

From: anonymous on Mar-14-2003
It's expensive!!

From: Nora on May-14-2003
The most fantastic 12-grain bread on the planet (as long as you eat it the same day)....this is the delicious bread they serve at Bertoolee's on King Street too!

From: unhappy on Jun-28-2004
not fresh!!

From: anonymous on Jul-11-2004
By far the most authentic and delicious Italian bread and pastries you can find on College Street...And the coffee is the best you can get. Quality is paramount, but the genuine character of its staff is "icing on the cake" in this bakery. Love it.

From: mixed review on Mar-13-2007
great baked goods, terrible service.

From: Lisa on Mar-20-2007
The best latte I have ever had, and at a great price! Nice cheesecake as well. Bellissimo!

From: aidan on May-14-2007
i used to buy my lunch there same thing everyday and then they raised the price- rude! seems packed a lot. never tried the coffee i would be shocked to hear it wasn't good. the service is not the greatest. very soup nazi style: order what you want take it and go.

From: Sherry on Aug-13-2008
The plump woman that served me the other day was very rude and my purchase was far from fresh. I don't need someone to jump through hoops for me, or even smile, but when you have someone glaring at you like you're an idiot when it isn't even busy while you're peeking at what's for sale it's not exactly comfortable. Will not return.

From: Ashley on Dec-31-2008
Great bakery..The lattes are the best i can find.. Food is also good and sweet goods are awesome.. Recommend

From: Sam on Jun-17-2009
I find the service here to be pretty arrogant and the bakery product rather passable.

From: Lucy Steinbeck on Jan-04-2010
Riviera Bakery has the best cannolis on college street. Walk past clinton street to this little mom and pop bakery and get ready for the best italian pastries in all of toronto. My favorite spot is sitting right beside the window watching people walk down college street. I always smile and hold up coffee when I see them.

From: Monica. on Jul-22-2010
Great Bakery! Each item I have tried from here is excellent. The pastries are wonderful, extremely fresh, very delicious, and authentic. In regards to the food-I have tried the rice balls, and pizza-both were wonderful as well-fresh, authentic, and delicious. The service was friendly, and quick. I recommend this place. The next time I'm in the area-I will come here for sure.

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