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User Reviews and comments on Phipps Desserts

From: Penny on Mar-21-2007
I find the desserts at Phipps to be too sweet with the cakes covered in way to much buttercream. The cookies are very oily and the buttertarts end up being overdone with caramel or chocolate. I wish they could make something a little simpler and not so oily.

From: John J on Jan-14-2009
I found the cakes to be absolutely amazing in both design and taste. I will never for get the impression that Phipps had on my wedding and all the guests. I can see now why they cater to the stars.

From: Marcella on Feb-08-2009
I have been going to Phipps Bakery for over 5 years now and throughout that time they have consistently remained high on quality and superior in taste. I adore this bakery for all the great things that they create.

From: Joyicle on Mar-01-2011
Love your cakes and deserts but cannot eat them. TOO MUCH SUGAR!!!! I would like to see your cakes and deserts reflecting our healthy eating habits of the 21century. Less than 1/5 of the sugar if used, your cakes and deserts would be very enjoyable. Or at least I'd like to see you offering choices of the same type of cakes and deserts with much less sugar.

From: Liberal Cabrera Raya on Oct-31-2012
I'd have to go along with with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

From: Charlie on Dec-08-2012
Are you talking about the Phipps Desserts on Leslie (not the on on Eglinton) who sell at Pusateris etc? I LOVE their stuff, and disagree about too much sugar, they are well balanced and far less sweet than many other big brands I have tried.

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