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User Reviews and comments on Thuet Cuisine

From: David B. on Aug-11-2006
I have just arrived home from a lovely dinner at Thuet Bistro. It was fantastic, my Wife and I had the 60 day aged rib-eye avec frites, and it was perfectly grilled with incredible marbling. For dessert we shared profiteroles with a soma chocolate sauce and a chocolate banana tart, both we delicious. Overall, I had an beautiful night out with my wife and couldn't have had a better time. I heartily recommend Thuet to anyone. Great wait staff as well.

From: Michael on May-15-2007
Unfortunately, my experience Thuet was very negative. The person who actually made the reservations (not me) called approximately one month in advance to make reservations for noon on Mother's Day. She called back to confirm and was told that we were set for noon, but later received a call saying that our reservations had been moved to 1 pm. When she explained that she made the reservations a month in advance she was told that if she didn't take the 1 pm slot, the restaurant would not honor the reservation. Finally, we were instructed to arrive 5 minutes early or they'd give away the table. We arrived at your restaurant at approximately 12:45. The gentleman who was handling the reservations couldn't find our name on the list. Finally, he found it and told us we had to wait. About 10 minutes later he again came to us and asked for our name and we repeated the process of him having trouble finding us on the list. Eventually we were seated (a bit after 1 pm, but in fairness not by much) and he offered the excuse that things were a bit hectic but the food would make up for it. I have to say that contrary to our hosts assertions, I did not find that the food made up for all the earlier missteps. The smoked salmon w/ maple that I ordered was fishy. The bread basket was pretty good however. Our waiter was polite but was inattentive when it came to refilling coffee and cream. The 5 people at our table paid $30/each for brunch and the meal was certainly not commensurate with the cost (I don't mind paying for good food, but this place offered neither good food nor good service). All in all it was probably the most disappointing dining experience that I've had in Toronto, especially given that I had heard so many positive things about the restaurant.

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