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User Reviews and comments on La Bamboche

From: Ting on Sep-05-2006
I went to this bakery in excitment because i always admire japanese style European pastry, they are mostly very well designed and assembled. However, I went there today, on a weekday , in the afternoon all the way from Scarborough to Downtown to try it out, it has nothing. I mean, it has like 4 kind of cakes, that was it. And i don't think that's because it is popular and all sold out, i asked the waitress, she said they have very little selection b/c she's waiting for some ingredient to be shipped from Europe or something. Such a dissapointment! I don't understand how they stay in business with literally no product to sell. If you are in the neighborhood and want to check it out, be my guest, however, if you would like to seriously try some good pastry from this bakery, u better call in first to see if they have any.

From: mika on Oct-24-2006
I went to labamboche patisserie on a tuesday. After reading the only review from this site, i was pleasantly surprised to find a large selection of meticulously prepared cakes and cookies. I tried the matcha chocolate chestnut mousse and the pear caramel they were both as delightfully tasty as they were presented. I will definitley be going back.

From: Jean on Oct-25-2006
I arrived in Toronto a month ago from Paris, in search of a fine patisserie. I heard alot of people talking about LaBamboche. When i arrived it gave me a feeling of france. I spoke with the service who told me of the connection with tokyo. The patissier who was apparently trained in Japan brings the precision and elagence to the cake that the Japanese patissier is known for. The presentation and the depth of flavour is definitley comparable to Patisserie Pierre Hermes in Paris. I definitely will be a full time consumer.

From: anonymous on May-02-2007
I have never been to the location but last night I had a piece of wedding cake from La Bamboche, and, let me say, it was to die for!!! It was so light and the taste was out of this world! I highly recommend their wedding cakes, not only was the taste incredible but the presentation was extremely beautiful!

From: Frederieke on May-30-2007
I visited on friday 25th of may 2007 and found only mousse-cakes available (9 varieties). They were nice enough, but nothing to the Fleurdelys pastries. Disappointed !

From: Tory on Jul-24-2007
La Bamboche is an amazing little shop that every North Torontonian should visit when they get the chance! The food is prepared fresh daily and the desserts are out of this world. Everything I have tried has been delicious! I would definalty reccomend using their deserts for all of your entertaining purposes as your guests will be both suprised and delighted by the quality of the taste and appearence of the food.

From: Suzanne on Aug-11-2007
I like the place. The patry chef makes a good Sacher Torte (which is very difficult to find) in Toronto. It tasted similar to the one I had at the Sacher Hotel (the original torte) in Vienna. I had the brunch today (poached eggs) and it was delicious. Others sitting with me agreed it was very good.

From: Linda Ngo on Jul-18-2011
I've been going here for years, and the croissants have been getting smaller and smaller, while the prices have increased. Sometimes, they are even borderline burnt, which is quite off putting for something that is supposed to be buttery and soft. Their macarons have a 50/50 chance of being good or really bad - the shells taste stale, and you can't taste the almonds. I've purchased cakes from there in the past, and some of them were still frozen, even though they advertise all their products as being fresh. I guess "fresh" is a matter of opinion. Their espresso is overpriced and tastes burnt, which hurts especialyl since a alrge latte comes to nearly $6 after taxes. Their coffee is Van Houtte, tastes watery and is never fresh unless you arrive bright and early in the morning. The ice cream is the best thing they sell there - and it's Greg's ice cream. La Bamboche used to be amazing, and it seemed like they used to care, but now it just feels like they are only after making a quick buck with overpriced stale products.

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