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User Reviews and comments on Le Marche Movenpick / Richtree Market

From: jennifer on May-11-2006
My friends and I love Richtree Market. It is a restaurant where we don't have to worry about splitting the check, and everyone can be satified because of the huge variety of food. Everything we've tried there so far is great.

From: Edy on Jun-21-2006
I've been many times at Marche downtown and every time I liked the food, music and atmosphere. It has a very european flavor. On Friday and Saturday evenings there is usually a lineup. However the lineup is not as slow as other popular restaurants. Now regarding the other Marche at Bayview/York Mills it's a totally different story. I was twice and both times I disliked it. Last time I promised never to go again to that location. My impression was that the place is dirty and poorly managed. As an example we couldn't find clean trays - but instead you could use dirty trays who were placed in the same spot normally you find the clean ones... Also trying to find a clean glass for water can be a challenge... All kind of employees were walking around without any purpose except moving some trash bags. Edy from Toronto

From: jasmin imsirovic on Nov-27-2006
i love this resturant the food, and the types of foods you can purchase aswell, i havent been in any resturant so amazing, and so fancy, and filled with surprises. Today i tryed the crepes and they were really amazing, and i love the way you guys prepare it, you guys do it infront of our eyes so we see if you put anything good or bad. The prices are a bit expensive but no wonder the foods are good, and you get a huge purtion of it. I love the fact of the credit card, and how you swipe it.Keep up the work guys i give you a 10/10 rating on cooks, and 10/10 on the look of food, 10/10 on taste,10/10 on amount of choices, 10/10 the way it looks. Good luck guys ,and im gonna pass it around to friends casue this resturant is awesome.

From: Anne Armstrong on Mar-06-2007
Just after 10 AM this morning, I was passing by the Marche in the lower level of the BCE location and watched one of your head office people (David) handling the box of buns with his bare hands. I immediately told one of the staff what I just witnessed. While I was speaking to her, he happened to look my way and I made sure he knew that I had seen what he had been doing. I asked him why he was handling the buns with his bare hands and his excuse was "I washed my hands". I then said "how come the workers are wearing disposable gloves and you're not." Again he said he had washed his hands in a rather "smart ass" attitude. When I returned from the Commerce Court area I stopped and bought a muffin and took a moment to tell Feriha what had occurred a short time before. I was advised to phone Head Officeand speak to someone there and put in a complaint. I had been a food handler years ago and I do not take lightly to someone trying to tell me that bare hands are OK for some, but not others?

From: Betty on Jun-11-2007
Marche was excellent, but now that it's richtree, the service is crap, the food is crap but the price still remained the same if not more...=( It just seemed like when it was Movenpick, the ppl who were cooking/making the food actually cared about what they were serving you. But now, it seems like they're just trying to cook it and give it to you....just very different.

From: Laura on Jul-22-2007
It really is just a glorified cafeteria. What would be better is if they offered smaller portions and lower prices and then patrons could then have a variety of different dishes.

From: Rosana Richardson on Sep-04-2007
I agree with Betty, it's pure expensive crap. Nothing to do with Movenpick at all. The pasta dishes, the cornish hens, fish and meats used to be fantastic. Now they are just tasteless and expensive. Nice concept but I'm not going back :(

From: mia on Oct-13-2007
Where's the protein? Honestly why do they carb load at this place? Classic bait and switch sure it looks freshly cooked and delicious but most of their food comes with a miniscule protein portion. Makes me suspicious if they are cost-cutting on portions they surely are cost-cutting on the quality of their food. I wouldn't eat here, too many better places to try. This place appeals to the eye, but makes my stomach turn away.

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