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User Reviews and comments on Cheese Boutique

From: Cheese lover on Jan-21-2006
Great place. The owners really go out of their way to help. Friendly staff. Great selection. First class all around. Highly recommended, not just for the cheese but even the bakery items and produce and specialty items. It can be pricey, but worth it.

From: Stephen on Mar-27-2006
This place has an excellent selection of cheeses, including a walk-in cheese vault. They aren't the cheapest but there is lots of choice and the staff all know their stuff. Pastries and other food are also pretty good (try the pot pies!).

From: Bill on Jun-27-2006
I have heard of the place but only after I was there did I know what they meant. What a paradise for food lovers! Not only is the cheese top notch but they also have a very impressive produce section.

From: ting on Sep-06-2006
I was there once 2 years ago...the selection of food was amazing, including wholesome foie gras and truffles , morels, and other specialty food. However, the service really went down the drain, when you call to ask for avaliabality of the food the receptionist simply ignore you and answer "no " to every of your questions. ......... wasn't that impressed for such a high priced grocery store

From: cheese LOVER on Sep-13-2006

From: foodie on Oct-24-2006
Receptionists/phone lines are generally really busy. Best to go into the store to find out about food availability. Their products are unbelievable, such a wide selection from all over the world. I wouldn't shop anywhere else for specialty items. Store staff are all very friendly and willing to help, especially those of the Pristine family. I love it!!!

From: Ben on Dec-11-2006
Not us good meat us they say! I thik their cheese and produce is of better Quality

From: Julie on Jun-01-2007
I loved the store when it was located on Bloor. It was exceptional all the way around. I have left Toronto but when ever I am back visiting, usually 3 times a year, I stop at the new Cheese Boutique. I do feel that the quality has gone down. I think the introduction of meat and produce has affected it. I am not as impressed as I was years ago. I think in their expansion they have lost something. I do not find the service as good. Although, there are still two women from the Bloor shop that are just great. The younger staff should learn from them.

From: Norm on Jun-29-2007
Lived in high park for while and the cheese boutique was a sure visit and with there new location on 45 ripley ave it continues on the same tradition from the previous bloor location with a flair like no other. They have replaced the wine franchise for a newer pasta section which is just fine as we often find ourselves searching for this. Same europeen atomosphere as before. .....hurrah !

From: Heather on Aug-23-2007
Very disappointed in quality of meat at Cheese Boutique-bought kielbassa Wednesday evening-went to make my lunch for work Thursday morning and the meat was rotten! Rye bread that I had bought was not very fresh-certainly does not have the quality products that it used to on Bloor St. I will not be back again-I had given my dog a little piece of the kielbassa on Wednesday evening when I brought it home and could not understand what had made him sick-now I know. The prices never went down but the quality certainly has.

From: Franscisco Guerras on Sep-17-2007
What a lovely suprise! I was across the street visiting a client and across the street (45 Ripley Avenue) sat a place named Cheese Boutique. I walked in and was bowled over by what a selection of food they have. More than just cheese let me tell ya. Anyways, i was there for about half an hour and picked up a couple of great goat cheeses that went over swimmingly at a client meeting. As well i found some really interesting peppers sitting at the cash. i had to run but i talked to a couple associates and they swear by their steaks. i'll have to try one next time. i'm defintely going back. a neat little jem in the toronto foodscape.

From: Jennifer S. on Sep-17-2007
How i love this place. Was there this past sunday and one of the servers helped me out with a book club party i was having. the book was a spainish theme so she helped me out with four different spainish cheeses, some olives, some spainish olive oil, and other goodies. anywho...the book club loved all the treats i picked up. we ended up forgetting to talk about the book and just talked about the food! I want to thank you cheese boutique. you made our party a smash! hugs and kisses, jennifer s.

From: shaun on Sep-27-2007
I had recently gone back to cheese boutique to pick up some of my favourite cheeses when I was served by a young girl who looked like she hated her job and also hated the world they don't need people like that working there because going to the cheese boutiqe is supposed to be a experience you should not forget.

From: Ihor on Dec-11-2007
I Love this place. Fabulos food,exilarating Atmosfer,and for what you are getting wery reasonabel priceses

From: mike on Feb-28-2008
Love the place!! amazing, If I lived in the area i would be by there almost daily. Keep up the GREAT work

From: maie on Sep-15-2008
went to the cheese boutique for the first time,it was great the staff treat you nice .cant believe the wide variety if cheese and other products from all over the world,i cant wait to go back again...

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