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User Reviews and comments on Little Tibet

From: Shakti on Jun-30-2005
Little Tibet is such a cute lovely restaurant. I love being there. I go there often. Once you enter the restaurant you feel like you are inside a Tibetan family home. The two ladies there are not only lovely and classy but so warm and friendly, the gentleman is so warm as well. I have been going there a lot as to top it all the food is adorable. The momos are the best I have eaten outside of Tibet, they have the same authentic taste . The lunches are rightly priced and delicious..The tea is great. The restaurant is painted inside with that lovely traditional Tibetan blue wall mural and the walls are decorated with stunning photographs of Tibet . Another tip the food is cooked in a healthy non vegetables and meat. My favorite dishes are tse sha chicken/ hope I spelled this right , and yummy momos and of course the spicy hot but oh so delicious potato dish.. mm all that writing got me hungry , I am off to lil Tibet now.....

From: matthew on Oct-06-2005
if you simply must do something with a tibetan theme i can sort of understand going here. Although, you will feel pretty silly indulging your Orientalist fantasies in the company of the good people of Ancaster and St. Catherines. Most importantly, the food is simply not very good. there are several reasons: the ingredients are recognizably from loblaws so the very simple methods of cooking feel like you are eating something you have had many times before. second, tibet is an isolated, many might say decimated, land hardly known for its natural bounty or sophisticated gastronomic culture. it reminded me a lot of north chinese street food. its just not resteraunt food, i suggest they move the place to kensington market....

From: meaghan on May-19-2006
it's okay food. the guy above is a prude. i'm going to order vegetarian dumplings from the now. if you are looking for a light, clean feeling meal... this is it.

From: viktor on Aug-15-2006
i hope people like mathew know that ingredients for any meal would be available at loblaws. i've tasted tibetan food in france, austria and india, and food served at little tibet most definitely is up to the mark. the bottomline is: being ignorant and stupid is just not an excuse.

From: Angela on Jan-29-2007
Good food,nice and relaxing athmosphere.Can't say if the food has anything to do with the original one,but thats the problem with a lot of restaurants in Toronto even expensive ones.For that price its definetly worth to try.I would not go there for a big day but for casual dinner its fine.Loved their bread.

From: Rachel Smith on Jun-25-2007
I went to this restaurant for the first time this weekend and found it amazing. It was reasonably priced, had a nice ambience with spacious seating and a relaxing atmosphere. The food was fresh, flavoured perfectly. Not too greasy, salty or spicy but had a great flavour and aroma. The tea selection was amazing as well and the momo balls were great. I usually find stir fries very boring but these were so yummy we ordered tibetan bread to sop up the rest of the sauce and did not waste one morsel of food. This place is a great find.

From: Carmel on Sep-13-2007
The atmosphere is so pleasant. The soup is loaded with good things and totally delicious, and the Momos great. A good meal at a good price.

From: alex on Oct-26-2007
matthew , has no basis in fact and his loblaws comments are way off base having a family member who use to do product development for the same company. Little Tibets food is excellent, simple and good. The staff are never in a hurry and they are polite to the point of painfulness.

From: Bruce on Feb-15-2008
Alright already, can we get past the fact that Matthew didn't enjoy his experience at Little Tibet. I, and obviously a few others, enjoyed it immensely. As soon as you sat down there was an ambient Tibetan mantra style of music playing that emitted and energy that you sensed immediately and put us into a very relaxed mood. The waitress arrived with menus and a huge smile and was very informative of the dishes seeing she was raised on them. Her opinion was valuable only as far as her favorite things on the menu were concerned, which were mainly meat dishes. Being a carnivore myself, I found that a great help. We started with the momo's, a Tibetan staple. Pan fried made them slightly crunchy and added a nuttiness and texture that you didn't get with a regular steamed dim sum style dumpling. The main course was tsik-sha($13.95), pork ribs in a sweet Barley red wine and Eastern spices sauce with spring onions,carrots, celery, green beans and mushrooms. Almost a tomato based sauce that was lightly spiced for me so I added the hot Asian paste that was on the table and that heated it up nicely. If you're a bread fan, then the t.momo, which is steamed so it's more like a big dumpling that a regular side of baguette, might not conform to your norms, but is a tasty change and authentically Tibetan. Next the shap-ta(14.95) ruled. Beef strips in a garlic and, for those who love it, a really gingery sauce with onions, green beans, carrots mushrooms and t.momo. I couldn't get enough of that ginger flavor, which went quite well with the glass of Inniskillan cabernet savignon. Okay, two glasses, but who's counting. This was actually quite filling and we didn't want to overdo it so we opted out of the desserts that included my favorite, green tea ice cream. All in all, a truly enjoyable night out that, at $71(and probably a third of that liquor) would definitely do again. And if you're still up for a nightcap, head directly across Queen Street to Squirly's for the best pint of Mill Street Tankhouse Ale anywhere in the GTA. Cute little setup with a retro vinyl back bar like the material my Aunt Bessie's kitchen chairs were made of. You know, with the patent leather sheen that your ass stuck to in the summer?

From: brian hughes on Mar-28-2008
we dined as a group (about 12 of us, plus a couple of babies under 1 year) and were very impressed, not only by the food, but also by the service. delicious, authentic meals, and my only complaint would be that there wasn't too many options on the beer menu. just your standard imports, but thats not the reason to choose little tibet. go try it out!

From: Oksana on Feb-11-2009
All I can say is the food is fantastic. To me Tibetan food is Asian with a European influence. I love this restaurant as the atmosphere is warm, the servers are polite, the owners are gracious. I would give this restaurant and 4.7 out of five. You have to try the food as you will not regret it. They have an incredible rice dessert that you cannot miss.

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