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User Reviews and comments on Govinda

From: Sherry Conisbee on Mar-09-2007
The folk and the food at Govinda are great! Everyone should try it... and what's more, GOVINDA are kindly sponsoring the vegetarian finger food for the media launch of our charity store... ReTails 'Pretty New' Store, on 29th March. All profits from ReTails go to support the animal welfare volunteer group called SOI DOG RESCUE who work every day to help the stray, abandoned and abused cats and dogs of Bangkok. What more can I say... ! Support and try GOVINDA! Sherry Conisbee President & Co-founder SOI DOG RESCUE

From: elise le fay finney on May-06-2007
it's my favourite restaurant & I like to go every week. I'm happy they like animals like I do. We even found out cat outside the restaurant. By the way, I am eight years old. Meow! dONT EAT ANIMALS!

From: Lance on Aug-22-2007
This has to be one of the best restaurants I have been to, anywhere, and I count myself as being picky about good Italian food. The salads in particular are to die for, generous, well-prepared using fresh ingredients, and not overly dressed. Give the avocado salad a whirl, you wont regret it. As a vegetarian, its amazing to find a place where everything is fair game, and Italian to boot! The soy meat products are deftly woven into the various dishes, and the homemade bread is superb. Give the integrale (whole wheat) a try, it is stunningly good, served at just the right temperature...this place is a winner, all the way around, much better than the much pricer Italian cafe just down the road...

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