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User Reviews and comments on Dessert Lady

From: Jenny on Aug-02-2005
Awesome cookies -- apricot biscottis are the best.

From: Sally on Aug-30-2005
I tried their candied ginger ice cream (recommended by the lady at the store) it was really good. I also brought the white chunck macadamia cookie - a bit too sweet for me, but I still like it. Also tried (well, they have this promotion that I get a free dessert if I purchase over $10!) their walnut short bread .....very yummy. I love it! and the best is the rice pudding with raisin. It's got a special creamy taste and it's not too sweet. I will definitely go back there. The price of their products are not very expensive, consider the location and neighborhood.

From: Mariette Gomez on Oct-27-2005
With the recent opening of Montreal Bakery Company in the Yorkville area, I hope you will continue to make beautiful and delicate desserts to match! Please have more seating area in the future!

From: Phil on Apr-19-2006
Awesome quality & service. Their cookies rock but they could make smaller ones too.

From: PNF - Fine Foods Boutique on Apr-28-2006
We carry Dessert Lady's biscottis and they're amazing...great quality and freshness. Best of luck in the future.

From: JT on Jul-18-2006
I loved their apricot & pistachio biscotti. They were so delicious! Also liked their white peach sorbet ~ an excellent treat in the hot summer afternoon. :) Keep up the good work.

From: Jennifer on Aug-24-2006
I love their new Freezini drink especially the "Pink Bikini"!!! Love the combinations! I also love the names of their drinks! Very unique!! Way to go!! Keep up the good and surprising work!

From: Stephanie on May-09-2007
Dessert Lady has become my go-to place for special occasion cakes. They do a terrific job and their prices are reasonable for the excellent quality. Don't feel restricted by their cake list either. When I last ordered from them, I told them the flavours the birthday boy enjoyed (chocolate and hazelnut). Nothing on the menu quite fit the bill so they happily created something new for me. I wish there were more birthdays so I would have reason to order cakes more often! Highly recommended.

From: Sara on Jun-12-2007
I love Dessert Lady! They have the most decadent Mango-Coconut mousse! Their ice creams are lovely too, especially the zingy candied ginger (my fave!) They even have chocolates, nice home-style apple pies, and french macaroons & langue du chat cookies too! And on top of all that the staff are super nice. If you've got a sweet tooth this is a very happy place indeed!

From: :Lisa Sousa on Dec-30-2011
The Dessert Lady is amazing. I love their cupcakes and strawberry shortcake.

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