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User Reviews and comments on La Fromagerie

From: Karen MacKenna on Apr-05-2006
A very unfriendly addition to the neighbourhood. Good cheeses but not worth the snobbery and the price.

From: Michele on May-30-2006
This is a great little place that has amazing cheese and very knowledgeable and personable staff. I always let Hazel help me in my selection, she always gives me something new and wonderful to try. It's not cheap, but it's worth it if you enjoy unique, high quality cheese.

From: Paula on Jun-28-2006
Ask the proprietress what she recommends because she seems to have new and different stuff every time. Always a line up on the weekends, but worth the wait. Also good: the raisin pastries and jarred duck from Quebec. My mother-in-law can't get enough of the martini olives.

From: Stew on Jul-19-2006
Great place to find Quebec cheeses but Yummy Baguette has posted the wrong phone number on this site. Please change it.

From: Boo on Aug-18-2006
The discomfort the proprietress stirs within me combined with the ridiculous prices (1.75 for a shriveled little croissant?) make this place a no-go.

From: complicitytheory on Oct-05-2006
This place is absolutely amazing. I travel far and wide for good cheese, but I've always found the ones at the kensington and st lawrence markets just not good enough. La Fromagerie is pretty close to my house, 30 min walk there and back, and I walk past a number of cheese stores to get there, but I'd go twice as far. They know their cheese. They have real cheese. The cheese is amazing, AND the people working there are really friendly and community minded. it is like being in a real cheese stall in a market in provence, which is also a great place to get cheese, but my english is better than my french.

From: Fiona on Apr-06-2007
I've been trying out various cheese places in Toronto, trying to learn a bit more about cheese and develop my palette. I had high hopes for La Fromagerie. The person who waited on me today successfully made me feel like a complete loser and slimeball, even though I spent $40. Was there some sort of secret handshake I was supposed to extend when I went in? She first ignored me, then barely met my eye, and finally rushed me through the purchases (even though there was no one in the store besides us), and--worst of all--could not have been more condescending towards me and my questions concerning unfamiliar cheeses. It was so bad I asked her if I should come back another time, and she just stared at me like I was a crazy person. Yes, it's an expensive store. But if the service was any good at all, I would have been a repeat customer. Instead, I am recovering from a shame spiral. Who knew buying some cheese could have such toxic consequences? I recommend other independent shops for cheese in Toronto--although you'd never know if from the shoddy way in which the staff treats its customers, there are many other options in town. It's interesting to read the other reviews here and realize it wasn't just me; others apparently have had the same unfortunate experience. PS: yes, please change the phone number--it is not correct.

From: Sandra on May-19-2007
There are cheese shops with wider selections, but I find the smaller range here lets you focus in on the things you are really going to enjoy - and the bread they carry is lovely. I've made some real finds here.

From: Kris on Jun-25-2007
So sad, but true. The woman who works at the Fromagerie is almost always unpleasant to deal with. I live just down the street from this lovely shop, and spend quite a bit of money there on a regular basis. I find it hard to understand why she is always in such a rush. With the exception of a Saturday morning 'croissant rush', I'm ususally the only customer there. On my first visit, I was quite excited to learn more about her product since I had just returned from a 2 week vacation in France. I felt like a complete idiot when she looked at me like I was crazy to ask any questions about the French cheeses. I don't understand why people open up small businesses if they don't like customer service. I have to wonder if she has ever experienced 'la joie de vivre' in France. Shop keepers there are lovely to deal with and they LOVE to talk. I keep going there because it's close to my house, but the owners really need to do something about their customer service - it's TERRIBLE.

From: Robert on Jul-25-2007
For those who have had a negative shopping experience, please feel free to contact me directly and address your concerns. As a relatively new business there are obstacles and stresses that need to be addressed, and we are open to constructive criticism. I feel that the overall reception has been extremely encouraging and that la Fromagerie is a welcome asset to the neighborhood. Robert Burns Proprietor

From: Amy on Sep-25-2007
Well i went to La Fromagerie this past Saturday and didn't encounter any of the rude service that others have described. The young guy behind the counter was extremely nice and polite, offering small samples of the various cheeses. As for the prices, what do you expect? Good cheese is not cheap, if you want that, Dominion is down the street.

From: Lisa on Mar-19-2008
I have had similar bad experiences but it has only been with the woman who works there (or perhaps co-owns the place). I don't feel comfortable going in when she is there. I have also been made to feel like an annoying idiot simply for wanting to learn more about their Quebec cheeses. At least I now know that it's not just me. It's such a shame because I was initially very excited about the place and they have an excellent selection. Hopefully it will become a more comfortable and friendly place to sample and learn about unique cheeses. Fortunately, the young man who works there sometimes is very nice. I think I will try to go when he's there.

From: anonymous on Jun-11-2008
I am a regular at la fromagerie, finding it after having been to every other cheese shop in toronto. Though I'm not an expert, I buy a lot of cheese when in france, and I love to buy it directly from the shepherds where possible. I have to say that La Fromagerie is often better than what I can find in a good market in Provence. And while yes, the staff isn't what you'd expect at MacDonalds they are efficient, professional and knowledgeable, something I prefer to eager ignorant smiles.

From: gia on Nov-23-2008
i think there has been a shift in management. i have not seen hazel there in months. robert is always there to help me choose my cheeses, as are some other girls who are very nice

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