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User Reviews and comments on Pierre Marcolini

From: ann on Jun-30-2005
so overpriced! Chocolates are average. Mostly marketing driven.

From: Chocolate spy on Jul-10-2005
Ann is so right!!!!!!!! there are much better the Pierre at half the price.......

From: Victor on Jul-25-2005
I seriously don't think you have tasted the right pieces then. Pierre Marcolini's chocolates taste magnificent. I personally recommend all the pure dark chocolate pieces and the tasting box in particular. The quality is well worth it.

From: Patricia on Nov-14-2005
I have to agree with Victor. Anyone who doesn't think that Pierre Marcolini's chocolates are spectacular has no palate. The man won the Prix du Monde, so I think he knows what he's doing without the help of marketers. As a very picky chocolate lover, I thought I would faint the first time I had the good fortune to try this stunning product.

From: Cheryl A. Smith on Dec-05-2006
My dear friend brought a lovely assortment of Pierre Marcolini Chocolates back from her European trip and so graciously gave them to me. What a luscious treat they are. I'm enjoying every morsel. Tastes so elegant, so subtle, so delicious! Too bad they are almost gone.

From: Michelle Steiner on Apr-19-2007
Msr. Marcolini was my "down-the-street" neighbor when we lived in Kraainen, Belgium. I can't begin to tell you what it was like to wake up to the smell of chocolate in the morning!!! My children used to stop by on their way home from school for a "bon-bon", for which Pierre was only too happy to oblige. Merci, Pierre---I really miss you!

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