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User Reviews and comments on Frangipane

From: jenn on Oct-29-2005
Overall nice store design, but dessert offerings are just so so quality.

From: Gloria on Feb-18-2006
The prices at Frangipane are outrageous and totally undeserved! With their competition - Patachou, Rahier, Celestin, La Cigogne, Fleur de Lys, etc. - all offering far more variety and sophistication and prices that are commensurate with the market - I can't see how they can survive. They should wake up and come down to earth. They're nothing at all that special.

From: Terry on Jun-07-2006
The most over-priced bakery in Toronto and the most snobbish attitude! They cannot justify charging such prices! I know what it costs having been in the bakery business. There are other more reasonable bakeries in town.

From: Jennifer on Jun-07-2006
I agree, they are way overpriced and not THAT good! I would stay away, it's not worth the price!

From: susan on Jul-06-2006
Don't agree - their Raspberry Chiffon cake is worth every cent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: marny on Oct-13-2006
I've had two amazing birthday cakes from Frangipane and they are totally worth the price!

From: foodie 123 on Feb-06-2007
I ordered a custom birthday cake for 50, two tiers, of different flavored cakes - Claudia and her team did an AMAZING job, matching the design of the invitation. The cake was outstanding. I would HIGHLY recommend Frangipane for all your patisserie needs!

From: Tina on Nov-15-2007
I used to love her Gruyère tarts but then she changed the recipe and cut corners on the quality. The pastry is different... cheaper, even, and made from a mold instead of the way it was before. The cheese tastes watery or just not as good. Maybe she changed the cheese. It's more disappointing than ever. The last tart I got (the just cheese, not the one with prosciutto) tasted like it had been contaminated with meat (I'm assuming the prosciutto). Vegetarians, vegans or ex-veggies know what I'm talking about (the taste of meat juice). That's totally not acceptable. The service is friendly for the most part, and the chef seems to be really nice. Unfortunately I've been disappointed with the Gruyère tart to the point I can't go back there unless I want a cake. The frangipane tarts they specialize in are very good though, much higher quality than their Gruyère tart, I just hope they don't change that recipe too otherwise I'd really have no reason to ever go back there.

From: Tina on Nov-15-2007
I forgot to mention that their cakes are very well done! I wouldn't go to Frangipane for croissants, except maybe the almond filled ones (as Ezra's Pound across the street makes better ones by far) but I'd definitely go if I needed a good quality cake.

From: Amalia on Oct-01-2008
Frangipane's chocolates, petits fours and assorted sizes of tarts are top quality, I have been buying them for family and friends over the years and will keep doing so. The chocolate covered almond Christmas trees have become tradition in my home. In this day and age of fast food a pâtisserie like this is a treasure.

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