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User Reviews and comments on Brick Street Bakery

From: Christina on May-01-2007
All I can say is that Brick Street Bakery is the finest place to go for sandwiches. Everytime I go in there I am greeted warmly by the staff, I have to say the Girl who goes by Alicia is really good at her customer service skills and treats everyone as an equal. Keep up the great work!

From: sara on Aug-06-2007
what do ya mean "no baguettes here"??!!! three different types: classic french white baguettes delicious multigrain baguettes and the all new purple grapeskin baguette! definitely worth lookin for next time you go by for lunch...

From: Danielle on Aug-09-2007
The bread cannot be paralleled! And so many baguettes! The staff is awesome and the product really can't be beat!

From: don don on Jun-09-2008
i walked in to brick street breads at logan and queen and found my bakery for life ......................................such great bread!

From: santos on Dec-24-2008
Is it just me or do the cookies and pastries taste like garlic or onions? not good at all .

From: santos on Dec-24-2008
Is it just me or do the cookies and pastries taste like garlic or onions? not good at all .

From: rl on Mar-06-2009
I had the most awful service today at this restaurant. A friend of mine was kind enough to take me for lunch, and I ordered the vegetarian lasagna which was not lasagna at was more like a nasty mess of mushy noodles, slimy eggplant and a lot of chili powder...yes...chili powder. It was cold and so was my coffee, and we had already paid for this unpleasant food. I returned to the counter to take back the lasagna, as it was not really lasagna, and I asked if I could return it and get something else, because I had never had lasagna with chili powder in it...ever. The menu did not indicate the ingredients in the lasagna, so I did not expect it to stray from what I would consider to be a standard vegetarian lasagna. I made the suggestion that I would prefer to have one of their olive pretzels instead, which I might add was equally as horrifying as the lasagna, and the woman at the counter agreed. Now we paid for the lasagna, which was $6.50 and the olive pretzel was $3.35-ish. We thought we had a couple of dollars credit at this point, so we decided on a couple of cookies. We went back to the counter to get a few cookies and pay the difference over the $6.50 we had already spent (thinking that we returned a product which was not what we expected it to be) and the woman refused...she wanted us to pay more for the cookies. The woman's logic was that we bought and returned the lasagna and that she gave us a free pretzel. I would not recommend this place to anyone, ever. In fact, I do not recommend it at all.

From: Laila on Mar-26-2009
I had the most delicious vegetarian sandwich today, the way that the mushrooms and zucchini were roasted and seasoned and that stilton mayo all on their very own baked bread. It was just delicious. From the moment I walked into the bakery it was full of energy from the music they were playing to the smile on the counter girls face. I highly recommend trying this sandwich, and I find it barbaric to read the last review, it sounds to me like you are a very uptight hard to please person. Not everyone has the same taste!

From: AvidBready on Sep-30-2009
I love Brick Street Bakery! They just opened up a new location in my neighbourhood (The Beach) and it has been incredible. Every morning I wake up, go get a coffee and a warm blueberry scone from one of the lovely girls. The word on the street is what is going to make this place a huge sucess! The beach has needed a bakery for years and I hope you will all go and try their lovely products! (And as a bonus its all organic!!)

From: Jay Holdensteen on Dec-07-2009
Only the flour is organic and sometimes not even that .I'm not pleased with this place I like Zane better between Woodbine and Kingston rd. on Queen

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