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User Reviews and comments on MarieBelle

From: Chris H. on Jan-14-2005
Beware ! Order MarieBelle items from their website at your own risk ! Despite a whopping $24 for two day shipping, the items I ordered Dec 21 for Christmas delivery didn't actually get delivered until Dec 30th. They made no efforts to contact me about the delay, in fact, repeated phone calls to their office were never returned. Customer Service at MarieBelle doesn't rate as "crappy", it is simply non-existant.

From: Gail on Feb-26-2005
I visited MarieBelle for the first time in January. The Aztec hot chocolat with a zing of chipotle is divine! The little "paintings" on their chocolate squares were a huge hit as a college care pack to my daughter in Canada! Try the Earl Gray and the Passion Fruit! Packaging is four-star--it's like getting a little blue kid-leather suitcase with chocolate brown trim. All well worth the price.

From: anon on Aug-21-2007
ordered each of the macaron and was dissapointed after the first bite to realize that they were very hard and stale. told the man behind the counter and he pulled out a box from behind and checked the others and told me that they were all the same. Did not have to pay for them but then again did not eat them either. Both the hot chocolates were were very nice although not mind blowing. The chocolat bark with the crisps is definatly the best thing on the menu. Try both the milk and the dark, excellent texture and great taste. worth a visit for the bark if in the area.

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