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User Reviews and comments on La Bergamote

From: Teresa Case on Jan-27-2005
Yuk, What a disappointment once you have had something from France to try this product was not what was expected. There are other New York eateries more tasty such as Ceci- Cela, Payard, Baltazar (in order according to best first).

From: Anton on Apr-11-2005
I think a croissant is the best I ever tasted, I used to live closed by La Bergamote at General Theological Seminary, so almost every morning I grabbed one of the best croissant, Chocolate Croissant or Almond Croissant.

From: Sonia Anso on Jun-27-2005
Great place!! This is a real french "pastisserie/boulangerie". Not only the pastries are beautiful and beautifully presented but they taste sooo good!!! Definetly recommend going. Perfect place for ordering deserts for a party and impress your friends!

From: Diane on Oct-07-2005
Can only go there a few times a week...thrusday absolutely have to be there in the afternoon.... The most amazin coffee ever tried... the croissants the best...the fruit tarts, truffles, and a few of the mousse-cakes, are just unthinkably delicious. The staff memebers, a few of them only are very helpful; the rest of them just total waste... all the time on the phone, and I do not mean they use the store phone, but using their cellular phone, and see the customers standing waiting for their help and just turned their face.... Not very good thing... LIke I said anything else is just great.. except that girl that think she is like the owner of the store and instead of help her coworker she is all the time in the phone. Overall rating as far as food excellent...staff members, like said, can give excellent reviews about a few of them.. the rest don't even bother saying anything.

From: LindaNYC on Nov-09-2006
The napoleon is a masterpiece!! There's no way to improve it, it's sheer perfection. Wow! Yum! Best in NYC!!

From: Louisa on May-03-2007
I love the place, but please take credit cards.

From: Ms. T. Juree on May-14-2007
I just had the best Chocolate Mousse Cake I've ever had in my ENTIRE life. We ordered it for my co-worker's birthday party and it was unbelievable. I highly recommend this place.

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