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User Reviews and comments on Ma Maison

From: The Mann Family on Dec-12-2004
What excitement we felt as we drove across Dundas Street some months back to discover that finally at long last a French patisserie had arrived in our neighbourhood. From the moment we walked through the door we were delighted by the wonderful smells that filled the air and the beautiful pastries and prepared foods that were on display. We also realized that Michel Longuet had worked at the only other French patisserie in the city that made us feel like we lived in a tiny village in the south of France - once we saw his face we knew we were in for a treat! Each and every time we go we always end up reminiscing about our trips to France. Ma Maison has a wonderful atmosphere, authentic French pastry bags(!) and pastries, baguettes and prepared foods that will transport you out of the city of Toronto and straight to a caf� in France. A lovely addition to the neigbourhood, and a neighbour we hope to have for years to come!

From: Mike S on Feb-04-2005
I love this place! I travel to France annually, and this is the only place I have found in the city that replicates the flavours and sensory sensations of the finest Parisian patisseries. The croissants litterly dissolve as you bite into them. Also their selections of pates, breads, pastries, and take-out meals are without compare! Even though the location isn't very sexy (Between a large drycleaner and a local pizza shop), it is worth the drive to go check it out. I can't believe my good fortune of only being a five minutes away. Between Ma Maison, and the new Alex Farms opening around the corner in Humbertown Plaza, Etobicoke is now the new "foodie" heaven.

From: Marc P on Mar-23-2005
Venture into this store only if you are prepared to leave with LOTS of incredible food!! About one year ago my wife and I dropped in "just for a croissant" and now we're back 2 - 3 times per week for wonderful freash bread, pastries, prepared foods, home made pate, great coffee and terrific atmoshphere. The bakery smells delicious any time we visit. The cakes are way too decadent - but we can't get enough. And now we've used Ma Maison for catered events and the talents of Chef Patrick shine through. He prepares exquisite creations, some more like works of art that are almost too beautiful too eat. There's nothing quite like Ma Maison in our neighbourhood. Visit once and you're sure to be back often. Salut!

From: KaKa on Feb-08-2006
I've just been to Ma Maison twice in a month. They have excellent pastries ~ so yummy!!! I also took my boyfriend to the place, and how his family is also a fan of the store. :) By the way, I've also tried their fois gras mousse. It's so creamy and smooth. Be sure to try it too.

From: Jacqueline on Jun-07-2006
For a French baker he sure over bakes quite often! Nothing worse than a croissant or other baked goods that are over done! For what you pay, you want it done right! Just to remind the owners they are in Canada and not obnoxious France!

From: quevin on Oct-29-2007
Ma Maison is a welcome addition to the West End. Recently, I bought an Opera cake and it was one of the best 'store-bought' cakes I have had in a very long while. Bravo, Ma Maison

From: katherine on Jul-18-2008
I must agree, the pastry was over done, and it was also greasy, it was very disappointing. Also when I went in there the help was on the phone and seeping the floor, I had to wait for awhile until some french guy came around to help me. Also there was not any prices on anything, so i had to ask him how much everything I was interested in was, what a pain.

From: Antoinette on Oct-22-2008
Excellent service and well-versed staff. Was impressed with the kindness and politess of the servers and thw quality of the food. They are not a chain and I love endorsing and supporting family businesses. Their food is always fresh and tasty. Excellent work Ma maison! I don't mind that the prices are not listed. With a menu that changes so frequently, I don't find it a bother asking for the prices! I always find the staff busy but helpful!

From: Christine on Mar-05-2009
I must admit I was so disappointed by this bakery. I bought an eclair au chocolat and an opera, they were fresh 3 days before !! The baguette wasn't too bad, the pain au chocolat was dry and overdone. I also bought a blueberry jam, I wonder if they add cherries in it, the taste is funny. However, the rabbit pate was excellent. I'm french and I was looking for the taste I remember from my country, well, I'll try another bakery.

From: Rodney on Aug-22-2009
Madame, it is very interresting what you say about the freshness of the desserts. Our rotation is everyday. But i would if you have the desire to drop by again have the pleasure to meet you in person so we can discuss and fix the matter. I personnaly garantee the quality of my products. and all feedback is good for us

From: James McKernan on Oct-23-2009
I find Ma Maison Delightful! I have never had a problem with the freshness or the taste. This is the best French Pastry in the city. I am a regular customer, they have even catered for me, always with great success. If you have never been please go and enjoy!

From: Jackie Samuels on Apr-12-2010
I felt that their cake were horrible, because for one it tasted very dry and i feel its true it was probably old who know probably more than three days old. But other than that everything tasted fantastic, however the croissants where too oily and over-baked. I feel they need to fix the place up a bit more.

From: Daniel on Mar-28-2011
Without a doubt this is the best place in the west end of TO & all of Mississauga for patisserie. The boulangerie rocks here also, their croissants are one of the best in Toronto, great taste, beautifully baked, unlike most places that sell anemic under baked croissants, and there is no unpleasant pasty feeling in the mouth (butter melts in the mouth, margarine leaves a pasty feeling in the mouth). The few cakes I�ve purchased have all been perfect. Heck, even the coffee taste like coffee. If you think that pastry is just sweet and has no flavour, then may I suggest Tim�s version. But if you want pastry that has flavour and is baked right, with a cup of good coffee, then this is the place in the west end!

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