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User Reviews and comments on Aunties and Uncles

From: Amy D. on Mar-07-2005
I crave another Aunties & Uncles breakfast pocket for months after a visit to Toronto!

From: amanda on Jul-16-2005
food was okay but the restaurant was absolutely filthy. dead flies on the walls, dirt and grime everywhere. very off-putting. i don't know why anyone would choose to eat here. i live just down the street from this and don't know anyone in the area who goes here for breakfast. even sneaky dee's is cleaner - and better value.

From: Michael on Oct-28-2006
I had brunch there today and it was a really fun experience. The atmosphere is amusing. The kitsche value is awesome, with so much to look at. The food was excellent. I had the french toast which was some of the best I have ever had. The bacon was delicous and the side of pears were perfectly ripe. The fresh orange juice was great. I think that the value was good. The portions were generous. $35 for 3 people.

From: Anita and Maan on Nov-19-2006
The best breakfast we have ever had. Each and everything was special and amazingly yummy. Never had such delicious breakfast. Everyone in our family was wowed by the quality of the food. Now the bad part - wait for very long and especially if you are a large group as this restaurant is quite small an housed in a very old small house. But once we got our table and sat down and got the food, we forgot all about the wait.

From: connoisseur on Mar-05-2007
I must say that after reading these reviews and all the other reviews on the web under "Best Toronto Brunch", I was more than curious about this restaurant. To summarize our Sunday brunch experience: we had to endure a long wait to get a table (this on it's own is a good sign); the service was well below average (if the waiter could be any more bored he would have fallen asleep); the "retro diner decor" can simply be translated to old, dirty and not well-maintained; and the food was slightly below average. The French toast was anything but exceptional, and the poached pear garnish was soggy and bland. Never again. Oh well, at least it didn't break the bank. Ps: make sure you bring cash, as cards are not accepted.

From: Anthony Robinhood on Jun-08-2007
I just came back from an excellent lunch from Aunties and Uncles. The food fills you up cheaply, and you don't feel guilty about eating it. The all-day breakfast themed menu makes gets you excited. The decor is very much apart of the atmosphere. It has the feeling that it has been evolving, cozy and creative. It's casual, and cramped, but that's only because this place is popular for good reason. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there, I will return in the near future. The patio is also great.

From: elle. on Aug-02-2007
i love aunties and uncles. it is my favourite brunch spot in toronto. i have a crush on the owners.

From: Elee on Aug-15-2008
I live in the area as well and this place in known for being filthy. Yes the food is cheap and cheerful but you get what you pay for. No thanks

From: John on Jun-19-2011
Good food, good portions.

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